An Irresistible Bachelor

An Irresistible Bachelor CALL HER CRAZYArt conservationist Callie Burke isn t thrilled with her lucrative new assignment Restoring a masterpiece acquired by ruthless business magnate and politico Jack Walker should have been

  • Title: An Irresistible Bachelor
  • Author: Jessica Bird J.R. Ward
  • ISBN: 9780451230980
  • Page: 154
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • CALL HER CRAZYArt conservationist Callie Burke isn t thrilled with her lucrative new assignment Restoring a masterpiece acquired by ruthless business magnate and politico Jack Walker should have been the project of a lifetime But the problem is not the painting it s that the sexy owner is a perfect work of art in his own rightLL HIM IRRESISTIBLEThe attraction iCALL HER CRAZYArt conservationist Callie Burke isn t thrilled with her lucrative new assignment Restoring a masterpiece acquired by ruthless business magnate and politico Jack Walker should have been the project of a lifetime But the problem is not the painting it s that the sexy owner is a perfect work of art in his own rightLL HIM IRRESISTIBLEThe attraction is very mutual, but Callie knows mixing business and pleasure is a bad idea and not just because she isn t from his world of privilege She has a secret to keep one that must remain buried However, after she moves into Jack s Boston mansion to do the job, their undeniable spark becomes an all consuming passiond her hidden past threatens to destroy any possible future for them.As she brings the painting back to life, Callie knows her time with Jack is limitedunless love can somehow find a way to turn a hig profile committed bachelor into the husband of her dreams.

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      154 Jessica Bird J.R. Ward
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    1. Opening Line: "The woman came to him from the shadows and he knew her by the red of her hair."Written in 2004 An Irresistible Bachelor is the companion book to Jessica Bird (JR Ward’s) An Unforgettable Lady Each can easily be read as stand-alones however you’ll get much more out of this one if you read them in order. Having said that I should also tell you that while I loved Grace and particularly John from the first book, Jack and Callie’s romance here was a major disappointment and has t [...]

    2. Jack Walker was a longtime friend of Grace Woodward Hall from An Unforgettable Lady (An Unforgettable Lady, #1). It helps to read that story first. He makes his presence known several times in the romance and you get a fair glimpse of his character. Jack met Callie Burke towards the latter part of that story through Grace. He also, at the last minute and on a whim, offered marriage to his girlfriend of five years, Blair Stanford. She accepted even though she knew Jack did not love her. And he kn [...]

    3. Just a quickie on this one. I liked it, but there are some romance conventions that are annoying. One of the characters becomes so stubborn it gets very annoying, but that element shows up in so many romance novels it seems like it's almost a requirement. As a result there's a big misunderstanding. Another staple of the romance novel. But everything works out and there are some nice, emotionally evocative moments. Jessica Bird now writes as JR Ward and you can see her style in this earlier work. [...]

    4. An Irresistible Bachelor…WOW. Captivating from the start, I found this book entirely difficult to put down, a real and true page turner, and for the first time ever in reading a book, was rewarded with goose bumps within the story. An Irresistible Bachelor is one book that proved itself irresistible to enjoy.Callie Burke is a conservationist of art, a professional who restores paintings to their classic beauty through intricate handwork and cleaning. She is relatively new at this and nervous a [...]

    5. This book is my second Jessica Bird book and I found it a huge improvement over the last. The characters were much easier to relate to and the plot while basic was precise. Add in the authors trade mark love of cars and a character with a physical disability and this book was very familiar.In Irresistible Bachelor finds charismatic wealthy businessman Jack Walker hiring Callie Burke, an art conservationist, to restore an important piece of artwork in his Boston home. Along the way they fall in l [...]

    6. An Irresistible Bachelor is another wonderful book by Jessica Bird (a.k.a. J.R. Ward). It took me a little while to get into this book like I did with An Unforgettable Lady, the first book of the series. However, I eventually did get involved in the story, and I really loved Jack and Callie (despite her TSTL moment towards the end).I'm looking forward to reading The Rebel about Nate, Jack's older twin brother. He seemed pretty interesting and I'd love to see where that goes. And I hope that ther [...]

    7. Wow, I read this years ago (2004?) and no idea it was a JR Ward !?This is complete departure from JR Ward's Paranormal style of writing and demonstrates again just how versatile an author she is. Enjoyed this then and now as a nice spicy harlequin type modern romance book with the billionaire. Loved the realistic little details about art history and restoration; and business mogul tactics. (view spoiler)[ My heart nearly skipped a too beat when she "marred" the priceless painting! (hide spoiler) [...]

    8. Better than the first one. It was a good story. The heroine had some backbone and the hero, debonnaire and easy-going had some depths himself.The heroine, half-sister of the heroine of the previous book (the boring one ;) ) is working for the hero, on a old portrait. They fall in love. She cannot say who is her father, because her mother was her father's mistress. The hero had a fianceè (but he leaves her promptly) and a mother (unfortunately hard to get rid of). He wants to become governor and [...]

    9. I must say that it's never a good start when the hero was already engaged and leaning towards cheating when he lusted after the heroine. Because cheaters are not hot and neither are home-wreckers. Jack and Callie were attracted to each other from the start even knowing that Jack was actually attached at the time. I couldn't make myself to like Jack or Callie for that matter. They had a few stolen necking sessions like teenagers and decided to call it love. Too soon, by my standard anyway. Afterw [...]

    10. Reviewed for THC Reviews"4.5 stars" An Irresistible Bachelor is my favorite of Jessica Bird's contemporary romances I've read to date. It had a Cinderella story vibe to it with a down on her luck heroine who has no money and has just lost her job and a very wealthy but rather jaded hero. He hires her to restore a valuable painting of an ancestor that he has just purchased and returned to its rightful place in his family's collection. It doesn't take long for love to blossom between them, but the [...]

    11. viv-omundoencantadodoslivros.bMuitos são aqueles que nunca ouviram falar de Jessica Bird e que quando ouvem o seu nome franzem o nariz com uma expressão de completa confusão no rosto, quando na verdade este é apenas o verdadeiro nome de uma das autoras mais conhecidas da actualidade. Mais conhecida como J.R. Ward e pelas suas sagas A Irmandade da Adaga Negra e Anjos Caídos, Jessica Bird escreve também romances contemporâneos usando o seu verdadeiro nome, com uma escrita completamente dife [...]

    12. Hard to belive that this is written by my beloved JR Ward. As she states in the Forward, this was written pre- Black Dagger Brotherhood before she found her niche with darkness. I guess I expected more similarity to the Brothers characters but Jack was just missing the bad attitude yet vulnerable character I've come to love. Sure he starts off as the supposed ruthless businessman and womanizer in the beginning but transforms into a philanthropic, monogamist husband through the discovery of his t [...]

    13. Não li o primeiro livro desta duologia, mas depois de ler este tenho MESMO que pegar no primeiro. Li-o de uma só vez, adorei! Só não dei 5* por uma razão romance mmuuiitttooo rápido, os protagonistas começaram a declarar o seu amor passado um dia ahahah

    14. This was a good story, but not enough romance for me. Also a bit shorter than I usually like, not enough time for proper character development.

    15. Opinião do blogue Chaise Longue: girlinchaiselongueJessica Bird começou a escrever em criança, guardando os seus pensamentos em diários bem como as suas próprias histórias. Quando foi para a faculdade, tinha caixas e caixas de livros Harlequin e Silhouettes que estavam catalogados para o caso da mãe desaparecer com algum. Jessica terminou o seu primeiro manuscrito no Verão antes do seu ano de caloira na Smith College onde se gradou em História e História de Arte. Mais tarde, tirou Dire [...]

    16. Second in the Unforgettable Lady romance series revolving around a group of friends and their families on the East Coast. My Take Another warm and intelligent romance between two people one of whom combines the artistic with the scientific while the other is ruthless in business. It explores the insecurities of a woman fed up with secrets yet unable to throw off a lifetime of keeping them while it delights in a man's first experience with love. No real surprise there after reading of his parents [...]

    17. I thought I'd step outside the BDB for a little while. This romantic novel had everything necessary to keep me from putting it down - suspense, social conflict, the characters fighting their attraction until they reach their breaking point and a heavy dose of angst. Jack Walker made me swoon. When we first meet him he's engaged to a woman he considers a friend, someone comfortable, and someone who would look good on his arm as well as help polish up his playboy image before he decides to run for [...]

    18. La mia recensione sul blog ---> romanticamentefantasyQuesto romanzo è collegato ad “Una donna indimenticabile”, ha infatti come protagonista femminile la sorellastra di Grace (conosciuta nel libro precedente) inoltre, Grace e Ross fanno la loro comparsa più volte nel corso della storia.Callie è una giovane e squattrinata restauratrice alle prime armi, nel suo passato sono nascosti diversi segreti legati alla sua famiglia e questi in più di un'occasione influenzano la sua vita. Eccetto [...]

    19. An irresistible story.I must say I couldnt put this book down. It was so "irresistible". Jack is an attractive, smart, rich successful business man who falls in love with the unforgettable lady's sister Callie. Callie is the bastard daughter of a famous rich man and even though her father was wealthy she grew up in poverty and even after finishing school and got some painting, or art degree she is still very poor. So jack hires her to work on a families art work and they fall in love. Thing is h [...]

    20. Claro que o que mais gostei foi todo o processo de restauro do quadro. Primeiro fiquei muito surpreendida com a escolha do artista. Copley não é nenhum Monet, Vang Gogh ou Picasso. Dentro do mundo da História da Arte geral passa um pouco despercebido e confesso que a sua obra era-me totalmente desconhecida. Achei muito positivo a autora ter apostado neste pintor e não em nenhum dos outros grandes mestres desta época. Foi com grande atenção que li as páginas que falavam do restauro e fiqu [...]

    21. I could not stop reading An Irresistible Bachelor. It just had my full attention from page one to the very end. I read it before I went to work and I could not wait to pick it back up and start reading it when I got home from work. I found it a pure sexy page turner. An Irresistible bachelor is romantic, hot and sexy. I highly recommend An Irresistable Bachelor to all readers who love romantic novels.Callie Burke finds her self out of work and is now wondering how she will pay her rent. Calllie [...]

    22. Fuori dalla Confraternita, la Ward continua a deludere e a non convincere.Qui parte bene, sia come premesse che come personaggi, ma poi si perde per strada e tutto si sgonfia presto. I personaggi perdono mordente, e la storia comincia a fare acqua da tutte le parti. Si parte con lei, da mezza morta di fame, che vuole rinunciare a un lavoro ben remunerato per non si sa bene cosa; si passa a lui che, per l'attrazione che prova per lei e per non essere indotto in tentazione, vuole farle conoscere i [...]

    23. Quando me inscrevi para ler este livro ainda não sabia que era a continuação do livro "Diz-me Quem És". Quando o soube fiquei um pouco apreensiva porque o mais provável era não perceber a história. Mas estava enganada. Além de ser uma continuação este volume lê-se de forma independente, e ainda bem.Gostei de ler este livro. É um romance leve, com segredos à mistura e muita paixão. Não conhecia a escrita da autora mas fiquei fã. É leve, divertida e constante.Gostei da personagem [...]

    24. Leia a crítica completa no Blog Os Livros Nossos em:oslivrosnossos/201"Numa linguagem simples, com uma narrativa também sem grande complexidade, a autora traz-nos uma história bastante terna, envolvente, com personagens fortes e que nos conquistam com a sua determinação e força de carácter. Este romance traz-nos, acima de tudo, emoções, carinho e ternura em estado puro. Será facilmente do agrado de leitores românticos, e proporciona-nos bons momentos de descontracção ! A simplicidad [...]

    25. I had high hopes for this book and for the wrong reasons. I have read every one of her J. R. Ward books, and while I knew the writing style is supposed to be different, I didn't expect it to be so different that the story was almost bad. A good writer can write different with each persona (i.e. Evan Hunter/Ed McBain). Boy did she pull that off with this book! I think I will stick with her "other" persona and not read any more of her books written under her own name. Maybe I am being unfair but I [...]

    26. Acho impossível esta autora me desiludir. Seja qual for o género em que ela escreve eu fico completamente rendida. Gosto de que mesmo sendo histórias isoladas que podem ser lidas em separado exista uma ligação ao volume anterior e que não percamos de vista personagens que se tornaram queridas para nós.Neste livro gostei de o facto de o escritor escolhido ser um pouco obscuro, que não pertença ao conhecimento geral, o que nos leva a pesquisar um pouco mais sobre ele. A parte do restauro, [...]

    27. Faz parte da continuação do livro Diz-me Quem És, mas neste livro a a autora conta-se a história de Callie Burk e de Jack Walker. Tem muitas aventuras pelo meio, mas acho que o Jack foi um pouco forçado, lá por ser um magnata, que pensa que pode ter tudo o que quer e que depois consegue, mas o que me atraiu foi mesmo o lado romântico do moço. É verdade. E por isso que adorei ler o livro, o romance entre os dois começa de uma maneira engraçada, mas nota-se que é um pouco forçado.avic [...]

    28. The characters were continually annoying. He falls in love with her a very short time after he's become engaged to another woman. Our 'Hero' continues to pursue our heroine even though she rejects him and he's engaged. Then he's a pompous ass the whole time. High two low three stars.

    29. Love love love Jack! He is wonderful!Now I wanna read his twin's, Nate, story. I'm sure he'll have a crazy story to tell about falling in love with the right lady. Please???

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