Metro 2033

Metro Ihmiskunnan viimeinen selviytymiskamppailu k yd n Moskovan alla metrotunneleissa Ihmiskunta on kuolemassa sukupuuttoon On vuosi ja maa on raunioina ydinsodan j ljilt Henkiinj neet muistavat viel

  • Title: Metro 2033
  • Author: Dmitry Glukhovsky Anna Suhonen
  • ISBN: 9789520104993
  • Page: 437
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ihmiskunnan viimeinen selviytymiskamppailu k yd n Moskovan alla metrotunneleissa.Ihmiskunta on kuolemassa sukupuuttoon On vuosi 2033 ja maa on raunioina ydinsodan j ljilt Henkiinj neet muistavat viel toisenlaisen maailman, ihmiskunnan suuruuden ajat Mutta sivilisaatio on jo kaukainen ajatus, myyttien ja legendojen rakennusaine.Yli kaksikymment vuotta on kulunut siiIhmiskunnan viimeinen selviytymiskamppailu k yd n Moskovan alla metrotunneleissa.Ihmiskunta on kuolemassa sukupuuttoon On vuosi 2033 ja maa on raunioina ydinsodan j ljilt Henkiinj neet muistavat viel toisenlaisen maailman, ihmiskunnan suuruuden ajat Mutta sivilisaatio on jo kaukainen ajatus, myyttien ja legendojen rakennusaine.Yli kaksikymment vuotta on kulunut siit , kun viimeinen lentokone kiihdytti ilmaan Junakiskot viev t tyhjyyteen Ihmisen aika on ohi, mutta viimeiset henkiinj neet eiv t suostu uskomaan sit Parituhatta selviytyj jatkaa el m ns Moskovan metrotunneleissa tiet m tt , onko maailmassa j ljell ket n muita Unelmat on pyyhitty pois, suunnitelmat ja toiveet unohtuneet J ljell ovat vain vaistot henkiinj misen pakko Kun nuori Artjom saa kuulla sirpaleista pakolaisten valtakuntaa uhkaavasta tuhosta, h n tajuaa kauhukseen, ett ihmiskunnan tulevaisuus on h nen k siss n.

    Metro Metro Russian is a post apocalyptic fiction novel by Russian author Dmitry Glukhovsky.It is set in the Moscow Metro, where the last survivors hide after a global nuclear holocaust.It was published in in Russia and on March in the United States Metro has spawned two sequels, Metro and Metro , the Metro franchise, and three video games Metro Metro A Games It s been twenty years since the War started and ended It lasted for a couple of hours and did not end in a victory for any side There were no sides left after it ended. Metro Video Game Metro Wiki FANDOM powered by Metro has other uses Please see Metro Disambiguation for other meanings This is the article page for Metro For related articles please refer to the category page Metro is a Post Apocalyptic Survival Horror and First Person Shooter video game based on the novel of the Metro Moskwa i okolice, Powo e, okolice Morza Kaspijskiego, Wschodni Kazachstan i dalej na wschd. Metro franchise Video games A first person shooter video game titled Metro was created for Microsoft Windows and Xbox gaming platforms It was developed by A Games in Ukraine and published in March by THQ.A sequel, Metro Last Light, was released in May on Microsoft Windows, Xbox and PlayStation .Redux versions of the games were released in , featuring updated graphics and Metro Metro un videogioco d azione post apocalittico, che combina elementi dei survival horror e degli sparatutto in prima persona. Il gioco basato sul romanzo Metro dello scrittore russo Dmitry Glukhovsky stato sviluppato da A Games in Ucraina e pubblicato nel marzo per Xbox e Microsoft Windows. Nel marzo , A Games ha annunciato una partnership con Glukhovsky a Franchise Metro Steam Released Aug , It is the year Beneath the ruins of post apocalyptic Moscow, in the tunnels of the Metro, the remnants of mankind are besieged by deadly threats from outside and within. Metro Redux review PC Gamer Aug , Review by Jem Alexander For years Metro was used as a benchmark test for the latest graphics cards, so it feels strange to already be seeing a remastered version hit the digital shelves. Librarian Metro Wiki FANDOM powered by Wikia Librarians Russian are huge, quasi intelligent creatures so named by the metro dwellers due to their habitat the Moscow State Library.Only encountered in a select section of the book and later in the games, they are some of the most powerful and frightening enemies Artyom will have to face in Metro . They serve as the climax enemy for the Ranger Trainee in Metro Roman Metro ist ein dystopischer Roman des russischen Autors Dmitri Alexejewitsch Gluchowski aus dem Jahr Die Handlung spielt in einem zuknftigen Moskau, dessen oberirdischer Teil nach einem Atomkrieg unbewohnbar geworden ist, so dass die berlebenden gezwungen sind, in der teilweise ebenfalls zerstrten Metro zu leben.

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      437 Dmitry Glukhovsky Anna Suhonen
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    1. The Russians have a skill in writing apocalyptic, nightmarish stories. You only have to read the Strugatsky Brothers' "Roadside Picnic" (or watch the film version, "Stalker"), Gansovsky's "A Day of Wrath" or watch Lopushansky's amazing "Letters From A Dead Man" to realise that they understand what it is to live on the edge of the abyss.Claustrophobic, dark cul-de-sacs of danger and terror, "Metro 2033" is a world of uncertainties and fear, hung on the fringes between survival and death. Criminal [...]

    2. I really wanted to like this book. Everything about it promised so much! The setting is the Moscow metro system in the year 2033. Above ground, it appears that humanity has been wiped out by nuclear war. The survivors live entirely in the underground tunnel system; stations have evolved into microcosms of the old social and political systems of Russia. The inhabitants are now into the second generation, and Glukhovsky touches on some of the adaptive changes humans have undergone as a result of l [...]

    3. OH MY GOD.I can`t believe I`ve just finished this book.The best last stand for humanity I`ve ever readNowImagine this with meA guy walking in the streets of a post apocalyptic dead city when no one and (nothing) should be on the surface, And then he notices these dark things walking slowly behind him, He can`t turn around and shot any of them, If he starts runing he`s dead, and above his head in the sky he can hear this winged thing circling around, looking for a preyNow what should he do?Some f [...]

    4. Welcome to the post apocalyptic world of Metro 2033. It’s a grim and depressing existence, this. This novel conveys a claustrophobic atmosphere rarely felt. Everything in this underworld has a dreamy (nightmarish) quality about it. Consider: perpetual darkness except for signal fires and faint red emergency lighting at some stations. And if you’re travelling, don’t forget your pocket flashlight.So what’s the story? Well, the apocalypse has come and gone. Somebody pushed the button, and o [...]

    5. This is a cult-classic dystopia that managed to catapult high despite originally being given away for free a little more than a decade ago. It's a testament of word-of-mouth.I found myself curious even before having this recommended to me, but I'm only now getting around to reading it. For shame, right? This is very much a Russian tale with everything that implies. Post-nuclear survival tale within the metro tunnels, humanity becoming Morlocks and strange flying creatures preventing any egress. [...]

    6. Метро 2033 = Metro 2033, Dmitry GlukhovskyMetro 2033 (Russian: Метро 2033) is a post-apocalyptic science fiction novel by Russian author Dmitry Glukhovsky. It is set in the Moscow Metro, where the last survivors hide after a global nuclear holocaust. It was published in 2005 in Russia and on March 28, 2010 in the United States. In 2013, a nuclear war occurred, forcing a large amount of Moscow's surviving population to relocate to underground metro stations in search of refuge. Eventual [...]

    7. Surprisingly monotonous novel. Reading it it becomes obvious that postapocalyptic setting, strange events and bizarre creatures are not enough for a good novel. The structure is repetitive, there is no overall development of main character's psyche, except at the very end, too late, I'm afraid. Events are arbitrary, there are too many unnecessary descriptions of metro stations and reader looses himself in all the mentioned tunnels. Women play no important role, there is none, except for some hys [...]

    8. Are you tired of stupid Young Adult books with stupid protagonists who are worried about who they should kiss rather than how to survive? Then this is for you.Real survival, real struggle, and a very elaborated setting take Metro 2033 to new levels of "things went wrong here".This book won't try to babysit you, so don't expect an easy read.

    9. After reading Dmitry Glukhovsky's Metro 2033, I felt compelled to offer a review. Frankly it is the best post-apocalyptic sci-fi I have ever read. While some things may get lost in translation, and it has a lot of typos, for me it did not detract from Artyom's epic struggle to reach Polis from the subway station of VDNKh and deliver the message that the dark ones are invading the station and the future of the entire metro population is at risk.Set in the year 2033, it depicts mankind's struggle [...]

    10. I am unfortunately forced to put this book on hold.I'm not quite sure why. There was a point where I just lost interest entirely. It's not bad, far from it. The opening chapters were very interesting, and made the promise of a fascinating postapocalyptic setting in the Moscow metro. However, I just lost the thread at some point. I started reading other books on the side, and eventually I was no longer interested in picking this one back up. I tried a few times, but could never find the desire to [...]

    11. در سال ٢٠١٣،دنيا،در جنگ جهاني سوم و اتمي نابود شده است.پس از ٢٠ سال،اكنون در سال ٢٠٣٣ زندگي بر روي سطح زمين غير ممكن و كشنده است.هوا پر از تشعشعات راديو اكتيو است كه در صورت تنفس و يا تماس با پوست باعث مرگ ميشود.خورشيد ويرانگر تر از هميشه اشعه هايش را بر زمين ميتاباند.در اين شراي [...]

    12. The premise of Metro 2033 is excellent, and the ultimate conclusion of the story (the last 10 pages), though treading on an overused SF trope, could have added an excellent undercurrent to the plot. Yet, in-between the opening and the ending, there is over 400 pages of, well, nothing. After introducing the setting, the main character, Artyom, is sent on a quest by someone he just met, for reasons which are not elaborated upon, to the ultimate purpose of doingmething. That's a great way to start [...]

    13. This is one of the best post-apocalyptic novels I've ever read. It's got a fair amount of action, but it is by no means dominated by it. There is plenty of Eastern European introspection and philosophy here to balance out the monsters and fire-fights. Lots of suspense too. The story is top-notch and Artyom is a very identifiable protagonist who develops quite a bit throughout the story.I had to knock off a star for some really really sloppy editing. It seemed like every few pages there was a rep [...]

    14. I love a good dystopia, and Metro 2033 delivers a particularly interesting example of the type. Glukhovsky's vision of the remnants of human society huddling in the damp and eerie darkness of the Moscow metro while surviving on rats and carefully cultivated mushrooms is a fascinating scenario (Although I kept wondering how we would fare here in Melbourne where our subway consists of only four stations- we don't have much space for a post-apocalyptic microcosm of society down there!).After the su [...]

    15. Ovo je roman koji sam odavno hteo da pročitam, igrao sam i video igru. Ideja je sjajna: u budućnosti dolazi do nuklearnog rata, čovečanstvo biva zbrisano sa lica zemlje, a preživeli traže utočište u moskovskom metrou. Stanice su sada nalik na polise: neke su samostalne, a neke se udružuju i na taj način postaju moćnije. Gore, na površini, lutaju mutanti izobličeni radijacijom, a pojedini se čak nalaze i u mračnim tunelima metroa.Realizacija je, nažalost, nešto slabija. Radnja je [...]

    16. ŽIVOTOPISNA PODZEMNA ŽELJEZNICA KOJU VRIJEDI ISTRAŽITIMetro je knjiga o društvu koje nakon nuklearnog rata početkom 21. stoljeća živi u podzemnoj željeznici Moskve. Radnje se odvija, kako i naslov sugerira, u 2033. godini prateći glavnog junaka koji silom prilika krene na put po stanica moskovske podzemne željeznice s točno određenom misijom. Na površini vladaju mutanti, a ljudi su prisiljeni živjeti ispod zemlje zbog opasnosti od radijacije u metrou, koji je zapravo i izgrađen ka [...]

    17. Bei russischer Literatur fallen einem doch immer zuerst die vielen Klassiker ein, aber bei zeitgenössischer Genreliteratur bin ich völlig unwissend. Daher hat es mich sehr interessiert, diesen postapokalyptischen russischen Roman zu lesen, um zu sehen, ob sich dieser von westlichen Dystopien unterscheidet. Fazit: Ja, eindeutig, Metro 2033 ist wirklich anders. Nicht von der Geschichte, sondern vom Erzählstil, der mich äußerst positiv überraschte. Dieses Dunkle und Schwermütige, was man von [...]

    18. People, you say? No, my friend, they are beasts. They are a pack of jackals. They were preparing to tear us apart. And they would have. But they forgot one thing. They are jackals but I am a wolf.Most people who come to Metro 2033 probably do so after playing the excellent video game adaptation (you can see the trailer here). The game is an immersive first person shooter with great atmosphere, and has received very favorable reviews. I completed it once, and would like to do so again one day. Th [...]

    19. 7/10Πρώτο βιβλίο της χρονιάς (αν και κανονικά σχεδόν όλο διαβάστηκε πέρσι).Σε γενικές γραμμές μου άρεσε, αυτά που το κράτησαν λιγάκι πιο κάτω στη βαθμολογία, σχεδόν δεν έχουν να κάνουν καν μ' αυτό, αφού: -Ήξερα αρκετά για την πλοκή εκ των προτέρων, τόσο από το βιντεοπαιχνίδι όσο [...]

    20. It is the year 2033, and people are both forgetting who they are and remembering what they could be. Not an easy read, certainly not in the first 150 pages or so, but later on it proves a very good post-apocalyptic SF, exceptionally written. Plenty of action and plenty of introspection, and a character that continues to evolve in such a natural way that it never seems forced, never pushed too far. Some passages are even so full with suspense that you'll find yourself holding on to the book as if [...]

    21. bookrantorrave/blog/meI will begin with a bit of background for you, since the blurb on this book is pretty useless in explaining what this book is about. In 2013, there was a massive nuclear war. I read the entire book, and am still not 100% sure why or what exactly happened, but never mind that. So the world has gone to hell in a handcart. Everything was blasted with nuclear weapons and biological weapons. This caused evil radiation to spread all over and kill the people and everything else. W [...]

    22. Mult prea lungă și prea stufoasă ca să reprezinte o lectură facilă. Acțiunea trenează în multe locuri, iar filozofările multor personaje afectează acțiunea și povestea. Nu știu cum e jocul, dar mi-am imaginat că în carte vor fi lupte continue cu mutanți prin tunelurile metroului moscovit. Chiar dacă nu pare un personaj vrednic de ceva, Artiom este foarte reușit și se dovedește a fi un ascultător remarcabil de răbdător și de rezistent de-a lungul misiunii sale. Finalul î [...]

    23. ვისაც მოსკოვის მეტროთი უმგზავრია და ამ სადგურების დიდი ნაწილი აქვს გავლილი, მისთვის, ალბათ, კიდევ უკეთესი იქნება. ჩვენს მეტროზე რომ გადმოვიტანოთ, ალბათ, სასაცილო პოსტაპოკალიპტური გარემო [...]

    24. Μόσχα ,έτος 2033.Ο κόσμος έχει καταστραφεί μετά απο πυρηνικό πόλεμο.Μερικές χιλιάδες άνθρωποι κατάφεραν να επιβιώσουν προστατευμένοι μέσα στις σήραγγες και τους σταθμούς του μετρό και έχουν δημιουργήσει έναν ολόκληρο υπόγειο κόσμο.Η ζωή τους όμως απειλείται απο μεταλλαγμέ [...]

    25. Bleh. No. Interesting concept that wasn't used to its fullest. Boring main character - don't care what happens to him or what he has to say and what he thinks. Awful, boring, unengaging language. The dialogue was laughable, the writing all in all was meh. I don't know how much it is due to the translator but, didn't work at all. Info dumps. While it is necessary to present the metro and the stations and the like it was confusing and not done very well. Too much babbling and rambling of unimporta [...]

    26. Глуховски създава динамичен метро-святЦялото ревю тук: knijenpetar/2015/1 Малко късно започнах тази книга, но никак не съжалявам. „Метро 2033“ („Сиела“, 2008, с превод на Васил Велчев) ми е нещо като ново завръщане към литературна Русия. От доста време пренебрегвам руските съвременни [...]

    27. I was seriously going to give it 4 stars, because yeah, I really liked it, and that was it, but last chapter changed everything. You broke my heart, Glukhovsky, you bastard.Hmm, but I still have some questions. Need to think about it all one more time.

    28. Good stuff! Fast-paced, straight-to-the point-with-no-longcut-prose, great world-building (or rather, un-building, ha!), a neat ending begging for a sequel so yeah, glad I've got that one under my belt!

    29. THE END OF THIS REVIEW HAS SPOILERS Absolutely loved this book. I loved how complex the side characters were - I was always torn between excitement that the plot was moving on and sadness that I didn't have time to learn more about everyone, they're that interesting.The plot itself never goes where you expect it to, always unseating you whenever you start to feel "comfortable" and it never lets you guess where it's going.I loved the complexity of the metro system. This does mean that the book is [...]

    30. I began reading this book several months ago, since I'm eager to play the video game that was recently adapted from it. I expected to get a standard post-apocalyptic adventure novel, and this is what I got -- for 80% of the book. The other 20% is filled with bleak philosophizing and clouds of uncertainty that creep around the main character, like the weird sounds and unsettling environs of the dessicated metro itself.Then, in the last ten pages, this wave of conceptualization leaps out of the sh [...]

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