The Rage

The Rage Devoting his entire life to destroying every dragon he encounters in revenge for the killing of his entire family renegade half golem dragon hunter Dorn is forced into an uneasy alliance when a feral

  • Title: The Rage
  • Author: Richard Lee Byers
  • ISBN: 9780786931873
  • Page: 377
  • Format: Paperback
  • Devoting his entire life to destroying every dragon he encounters in revenge for the killing of his entire family, renegade half golem dragon hunter Dorn is forced into an uneasy alliance when a feral madness threatens to overcome every dragon in Faer n Original.

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    1. The Rage by Richard Lee Byers- This is the first book in The Year of Rogue Dragons trilogy. The second book is titled The Rite and the third book is titled The Ruin. The Rage is set in the Forgotten Realms campaign setting of Dungeons and Dragons. Richard Lee Byers has written a number of books, mostly focused on the horror genre; Deathward, Fright Line, The Vampire's Apprentice, Dark Fortune, Dead Time, The Tale of Terrible Toys, and The Children of Gaia and Uktena: Werewolf, 5. His also contri [...]

    2. Richard Lee Byers, author of Dissolution (War of the Spider Queen Series), weaves a fast paced adventure in The Rage, book one of The Year of the Rogue Dragon Series (2004). The setting is the Moonsea in Forgotten Realms (FR) and the story focuses on the evil plot of the Cult of the Dragon and the insanity that is afflicting the Dragon species.Byers introduces readers to an interesting hunting party that consists of: Dorn Graybrook, an orphaned former gladiator who happens to be a half-golem; Wi [...]

    3. I must preemptivley say that I give stars for Forgotten Realms books in a different manner than I do other booksI only compare them to other books written in this world, and therefore the scale is scued.With all that said, this was a great book! I've enjoyed all the other books I've read by Byers, and this one did not fail to deliver. He does a great job creating characters and excellent and fantastical battles (I often find myself skimming through the long winded fight scenes by other authors, [...]

    4. After a game of Dungeons and Dragons, my dad handed me this book. Talk about gripping. The characters are easily recognisable by their speech, and of course DRAGONS!It was through this book that I gained an appreciation for just how complex the Forgotten Realms series can be - and that's before any of the backstory or history is included.

    5. The Rage by Richard Lee Byers is the first book in The Year of Rogue Dragons series. This story follows a group of hunters who have been traveling around the Moonsea killing monsters. The sullen half-golem, Dorn Graybrook, the quick witted thief, Will Turnstone, Pavel Shemov the loquacious priest of Lathander, and the taciturn arctic dwarf Raryn Snowstealer are the members of this group. These hunters lives change after they help a wounded bard named Kara. Meeting Kara sends this unlikely group [...]

    6. One may wonder how start off this grand tale of magic and dragons. By having your protagonist's parents turned into pools of burning flesh and getting horribly disfigured in the same process by a hungry dragon, that's how! Throw an insanely cliche villain with an even more villainous, and ridiculous, agenda of ruling the world with an army of zombie dragons, then you've got your book. So, why would I rate this book a full 5 stars compared to books with a more varied and interesting premise? The [...]

    7. Byers puts down a promising premise in this series. I dig dragons as much as the next fantasy genre addict. I hope that the next in the series is a little more balanced in the character development department. In this particular book, Byers has this nasty habit of introducing a new character by placing them in a battle or dangerous ambush. The problem is I, as the reader, am still trying to figure out who someone in and why I should care, and they're already in a predicament where they can die. [...]

    8. Renegade dragon hunter Dorn hates dragons with a passion few can believe, let alone match. He has devoted his entire life -- a life spent in the twisted body of a half-golem -- to killing every dragon he can find.Great book by Lee Byers, one of those dragon hunting books which took a different approach in the Forgotten Realms. Went on to complete the remaining 2 in the series.

    9. What a disappointmentLots and lots of typos and grammar errors, weak character development and an overly simplistic storytelling style that is glaring at end when the villain goes over his stereotyped motivation and agenda. I expected much better from Byers as I've enjoyed his other works that I've read. Not sure if I will spend the money to complete the trilogy.

    10. Fast paced high fantasy novel that doesn't go into any unnecessary details. This was probably my favourite of the trilogy though the others were also good. I found there was a good mix of characters and a few unexpected twists which kept things interesting. Also the main character Dorn was quite unique being half human / half golem. An enjoyable read.

    11. Another awesome series! However this one is shorter! Its only got THREE books. This is a book for many a dragon book lover! This series is JAM PACKED with dragon flights, rage, humor, war, etc. All in all, just an awesome series! No, its not ALL about dragons, there are PLENTY of other races and characters and whatever!

    12. Wasn't sure what I was getting hereory of all the Dragons going mad in the Realms and the heroes who band together to fight them. Overall though, the series was well thought out and a good read for me.

    13. Dorn was ripped in half vertically by a dragon as a young boy and has a burning passion to kill all dragons. But some aren't mean they just go through a period called rage when a white rage washes over them and can't control them selves.

    14. Initially I wasn't sure I cared for the book as it follows two story lines that don't appear to be connected. After a few chapters the two story lines merge into a single story and my opinion changed to I really liked the book.

    15. Ok so I started reading this book because I love mythical creatures. Right now I'm in the end of the book and I absolutely love they story but sometimes because these names are foreign I get some names mixed up

    16. One of the better Forgotten Realms series and this is the first in the Year of the Rogue Dragons 3 book series. Liked it enough to want to read the next two in the seirs

    17. This is a wunderful book. Full of wunderful Bataks with dragons. Loved Dorn it is to fined disabled in fantercy.

    18. I enjoyed the first book in the series. However, it seems like the word "alas" was used entirely too much, which irritated me.

    19. This was a typical action-packed Forgotten Realms novel. It was everything I have come to expect of such novels, but nothing overly spectacular.

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