Trouble with Trolls

Trouble with Trolls Treva s trouble with trolls begins when she climbs Mount Baldy with her dog Tuffi The trolls who live there long for a dog and they try to kidnap him But Treva is brave and quick thinking She outwits

  • Title: Trouble with Trolls
  • Author: Jan Brett
  • ISBN: 9780698117914
  • Page: 384
  • Format: Paperback
  • Treva s trouble with trolls begins when she climbs Mount Baldy with her dog Tuffi The trolls who live there long for a dog, and they try to kidnap him But Treva is brave and quick thinking She outwits one troll after another until she reaches the very top of the mountain, where five trolls are waiting and they want her dog From underground to mountain peak, Jan Brett Treva s trouble with trolls begins when she climbs Mount Baldy with her dog Tuffi The trolls who live there long for a dog, and they try to kidnap him But Treva is brave and quick thinking She outwits one troll after another until she reaches the very top of the mountain, where five trolls are waiting and they want her dog From underground to mountain peak, Jan Brett s story is filled with adventure and eye catching detail.

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    1 thought on “Trouble with Trolls”

    1. Loving Jan Brett. Her stories are fantastically unique and the illustrations are so detailed. Beautiful snow filled pictures with lots of great characters, all my children love her books.

    2. This Puffin Book by the Penguin Group is probably the best troll story I've read! There are trolls, and snow, and mountains, a dog, skis, a smart kid, and a lot of tricks. But my family's favorite is the hedgehog! And maybe the lady bug too. Even though the author is not from Norway, this book is somehow more Scandinavian than authentic stories. Where else a ten-year-old would be walking over a mountain alone to visit a cousin? :) There are bound to be trolls on such a trip!

    3. A beautifully illustrated book about a girl named Treva and her dog named Tuffi. At for a walk in the snow covered mountains, Treva comes upon a group of trolls who want her dog. She has to try and out trick them to keep her dog and her winter clothes.

    4. My three-year old niece asked me to read her this "really good story" because "it's scary", which cracks me up because she said scary with particular glee.Out of the five trolls Treva and her dog Tuffi encounter on their trek up Mount Baldy, only one is a girl. I probably wouldn't have noticed this detail, but my niece sure did. Budding feminist makes me a proud auntie!Each troll tries to take Tuffi away and Treva has to outsmart them each time. Normally, I'm not a fan of repetitive techniques i [...]

    5. This is a cute book about a child being able to use her wit to outsmart others. In a few other books written by Jan Brett the child is able to outwit others, this is a cute story that shows children can be very intelligent and smarter then we believe. It is an easy to read book, as well as an easy to understand book. Not only that but the pictures are yet again astonishing. The detail and colors all compliment each other. The author tells a cute story and the pictures perfectly compliment the st [...]

    6. This story was about a young girl encountering trolls when her and her dog were hiking up the mountain. The trolls were trying to take her dog but every time they did she would trade them something she had to get her dog back. In the end she convinced them she could fly and they all gave her her belongings back so she would show them how to fly. The young girl grabbed her dog and skied down the mountain. I had a hard time finding a valuable lesson in this story other than the girl's dog was more [...]

    7. Trolls disturb me. There's just something about those pointy ears and mischievous grins that I find unsettling. (I know an awful lot of people who feel exactly the same way about the flying monkeys in The Wizard of Oz.) Brett's troll tale is doubly disturbing as I find the main character grating. My pompous, judgmental view aside, the children I read this to enjoyed the story, finding it engaging and suspenseful.

    8. This book is simply puta DELICIOUS READ! I adore Jan Brett and quite frankly want to walk into the pages of her illustrations. Whether you have children, or just want to have some sparkle reads on your bookshelvesis is a keeper! And of course, there mayjust MAY BE, Trouble with Trolls!

    9. This is a great book to use when working on prediction because of the repetition of similar events. The illustrations also really show the emotions of the characters. I have always love Jan Brett books!

    10. Fantasy Science-FictionAwards: Maryland Black-Eyed Susan Book Award for Picture Book (1994)Appropriate Grade Levels: 1-3Summary: Treva decides that she is going to hike Mount Baldy with her dog however, there are trolls along the way that just so happen to desire a dog of their own. Treva and her dog climb the mountain and out-wit every troll that stands in their way in this action packed story of adventure.Review: Trouble with Trolls is a suspenseful story, and it will definitely catch the atte [...]

    11. Trouble with TrollsBy Jan BrettNo awardsGrades: k-4Summary: While heading up the mountain a girl and her dog encounter trolls along the way. Each time the trolls try to take the dog, the girl tricks the trolls into trading the dog for some winter gear. Once at the top of the mountain, the girl tricks the trolls into having them believe she can fly on her skis, but she needs all her winter gear. In the end, she ends up with her gear and her dog.Review: I liked this story more than I liked Brett†[...]

    12. I chose to read this book, because it was a book that my mother and father would always read to my siblings and I every Christmas holiday, since it is fun, interesting, entertaining, and I loved the voices that my mother always did while she read this book to us. I like this book, because it shows kids that they can always think outside of the box whenever they get stuck in a sticky situation, and it shows them to have courage to accomplish their own tasks or situations. I also chose this book, [...]

    13. This story is about a girl, Treva, and her dog, Tuffi, who are climbing Mount Baldy on their way to her cousin's house on the other side. Treva uses her wits to outsmart the trolls who desperately want her dog. At first, she loses all of her attire to keep her warm. In a last ditch effort to outsmart the trolls and keep her dog, she uses these items to teach the trolls a lesson. A fun story that I hadn't read since childhood. The illustrations blended with the text nicely to create a stunning vi [...]

    14. This author's books are consistently beautiful. the artwork is detailed, and every page has unique and interesting borders and letters. The setting seems to be like northern Europe. This story is about a girl who is trying to climb a snowy mountain while saving her dog from hungry trolls.This girl shows great wit and finding a way to outsmart them

    15. I was not a fan of these illustrations at all. For some reason they reminded me of Narnia. It is also very creepy and weird. I don't like how they want the dog and I hate how they point to the big pot. I like how she outsmarted them. I do not think children would like to read this book.

    16. The animals are all super cute. The trolls are pretty charming, The human child is an abomination. But the story is sweet, and the separate story in the borders adds a whole 'nother element to the book. Solid.

    17. A great read, gorgeous paintings and a smart girl finding a smart solution to finding herself in a spot of trouble.

    18. I liked this book, I thought the main character was rather clever and I really liked the illustrations of the book and how it shows the trolls in their homes underground.

    19. I've always enjoyed Jan Brett's illustrations. Though I didn't like this one as much as "The Mitten," the double story going on in the troll house underneath the main illustrations was clever.

    20. Quick thinking saves the #dog and the day from the Trolls on Mount Baldy! #YoungReaders #PictureBook #BookReview #ChildrensBooks #amreading

    21. A young girl is going over a mountain alone with her dog - quick call Child Protective Services (or the equivalent). Cute story with pretty good art. I like the idea of the troll cave on the bottom of each page but wish more had been done with it. I like the girl being her own hero, the dog is the victim in this one. And yet I wish there had been more to this story in general. 3.5 of 5.

    22. I didn't like the story to this book. I think it has awesome pictures and cool characters, but not a fun story.

    23. The detailed ornate drawings are what make a Jan Brett book special for me! Like many readers pointed out there are treasures to be found. There are always nuances and subplots in the borders and in this case, the bottom, of the illustrations. I got this book to explain trolls to kids; almost a relic of our once popular culture in the last century. One aspect of the story is it's scandinavian culture, the snow and the mythology from this part of the world.I like how the main character is a cleve [...]

    24. As Treva is making her way up Mount Baldy with her dog, Tuffi, she encounters some greedy trolls. These trolls try and try to steal Tuffi from her, but she always seems to have a way to outwit them. But when she has given away almost all her belongings for the sake of Tuffi, she has to be really smart to get her precious dog back.Jan Brett never fails to impress me, no matter how old her books get. In Trouble with Trolls I especially like how she included a little hedgehog in the border of each [...]

    25. Childrens picture book, fiction This story is about Treva and her dog encountering a few different trolls on their hike one day. Each troll they run into wants to keep her dog and she has to convince them that the items she has on her are much more appealing to them. First she gives away her mittens, then her sweater, her boots and hat then before she gives away her skis she tricks the trolls into giving her all of her belonging so she can demonstrate how they make her fly. Treva escapes with al [...]

    26. I really enjoy this book because it reminds me of when I was younger. My brother would read this story to me and make up different ways that the girl would try and out-smart the trolls. I would apply this same method to my classroom. I would present the students with a situation and have them come up with a solution as quickly as they could. I think this would add meaning to the story. Also, again with Jan Brett, children would get a great sense of what the girl was doing with the trolls. Her bo [...]

    27. Plot-Treva is climbing a mountain (Mount Baldy) when she encounters trolls who want her dog Tuffi. Treva is brave and smart and is able to outsmart the trolls! Jan Brett's story is of course filled with amazing detail.Setting- Mount BaldyCharacters- Treva, Tuffi and the trollsPoint of view- 3rdTheme- perseverance, wit, braveryStyle- the brilliance of Jan BrettMy reaction- Treva has a plan of action to do whatever it takes to get her and her dogs over the mountain away from the trolls. Her clever [...]

    28. Trouble with Trolls is a story with illustrations that tell for two! The story follows Treva and her dog, Tuffi in their quest to climb Mt. Baldy and escape the trolls. The illustrations speak for themselves and follow the text very well. Lining the bottom of the page is another story in its own, which follows the sneaky trolls and what they are up to next in their attempt to steal Tuffi away. The story line is easy for a young reader to follow and will leave them laughing until their belly hurt [...]

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