Adventures of the Karaoke King

Adventures of the Karaoke King In Harold Taw s entertaining sometimes bawdy and often moving novel Adventures of the Karaoke King readers are quickly pulled into the vortex of the extremes of human emotions passion fear hope

  • Title: Adventures of the Karaoke King
  • Author: Harold Taw
  • ISBN: 9781935597568
  • Page: 406
  • Format: Paperback
  • In Harold Taw s entertaining, sometimes bawdy, and often moving novel, Adventures of the Karaoke King, readers are quickly pulled into the vortex of the extremes of human emotions passion, fear, hope, despair, and the longing for redemption and clarity Guy Watanabe is a thirty something man who is marginally in touch with his Asian heritage and completely out of touch wiIn Harold Taw s entertaining, sometimes bawdy, and often moving novel, Adventures of the Karaoke King, readers are quickly pulled into the vortex of the extremes of human emotions passion, fear, hope, despair, and the longing for redemption and clarity Guy Watanabe is a thirty something man who is marginally in touch with his Asian heritage and completely out of touch with his own needs and desires Recovering from a divorce, Watanabe is unsure of himself and the course his future might take When he wins a local karaoke contest, he discovers not only a newfound confidence, but the courage to take risks With the victor s medallion in hand, he seizes the moment and his life changes dramatically, albeit not as he might have hoped From a weekend romp with Megumi, a former hooker, comes a physical beating and the loss of his beloved medallion Stung by this humiliation, and yet able to muster a courage long dormant, his quest begins From the western states and on to Asia, with a return trip in a shipping container, we follow his wild ride Will a Korean barmaid be his downfall or his redemption Will Billy, a closeted gay man, or Milt, a heavily armed dwarf, help Guy on his journey And what about the patricidal Chinese businessman who will stop at nothing to create a global karaoke empire So many people seeking the light, desperate to attain their dreams And at the heart of their internal wars is Guy Watanabe s quest for truth, hope, and self discovery.

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    1 thought on “Adventures of the Karaoke King”

    1. Gave up on this book. I wasn't interested in the story, the characters weren't compelling to me. Maybe I didn't get far enough, but there's not enough time in the world to spend it on books that don't move me. Too much else out there to read.

    2. This book takes you on a bizarre and rollicking ride alongside Guy Watanabe, the Karaoke King. Still struggling after his divorce, he is an avid disciple of the motivational speaker Troy Bobbins, who inspires him to pursue his dreams. After he wins the Karaoke King title and medallion in a local competition in Seattle, he meets Megumi, a beautiful young woman with a difficult past, and he believes his life is changing for the good. Yet his encounters with Megumi leave him beaten and missing his [...]

    3. Wow, a lot of the reviews mentioned the amount of sex in this book, so the first thing I have to say is that I didn't think it was either an excessive amount or too graphic. Adults have sex, get over it. Yes, it may have been a suprise that the adventures took a turn towards prostitutes, strippers and porn stars (OH MY), but even so, it wasn't anything shocking.I won't give away any more of the plot. It gets pretty convoluted, and don't expect everything to really make sense or be tied up in a n [...]

    4. I actually didn't mind all of the sex in the book, but what bothered me most was the cavalier treatment of women, which was only one of several problematic themes in the book. Violence against women abounds, and it's for no reason other than to shock and surprise. It's not a necessary plot device. Also, it's a story about a confused man chasing after a woman he loves, but you never figure out why he loves her, or if he even actually loves her. She's merely beautiful and thin, and actually pretty [...]

    5. Local author, and story begins in Seattle and meanders through the US and Asia. first I thought it started out pretty campy, with local personalities and sites playing a role, and then I thought it was tedious as it started taking on a nightmarish quality.Main character is a confused mixed Asian guy who wins a local karaoke contest and then proceeds to chase down the guy who wants to become king of the karaoke world with karaoke bars across the country.Way too long of a tale.

    6. Got a voucher from amazon to get up to 20 books (from a selected list) on kindle for $1 each. This is one of three I chose. Here's the link (the list is buried in the second set of bullet points): localazon/columbus/B00CRedemption instructions are quite unclear so I'll get back to you.

    7. Adventures of the Karaoke King is quirky and brilliant. Taw is a new writer who has an incredible mastery of character. This story takes the reader on a journey with Guy Watanabe. It is a strange cultural odyssey indeed visiting vivid and sometimes underworld settings in Western U.S. and Asia. Taw's voice is funny and fiercely satirical.

    8. Ugh, I just had to quit reading this book 2/3 of the way through. The protagonist is an idiot, the plot implausible and directionless and there's just way too much sex. I wanted to support this book because it's a Seattle author of Burmese ancestry but this book is just too weird and not worth it.

    9. Wow, what an awful book. The story was slow and choppy, and I cared so little about the characters that I had a hard time even remembering who was who. The only reason I've almost finished it is because I can't stand to leave a book unfinished once I start. This, however, may be an exception.

    10. an okay book that went unexpected places but you don't fall in love with or really care deeply about any of the characters along the way. It was okay, better than I thought it would be at the start, but not amazing.

    11. I picked this book up because I thought it is gonna be a funny story but it turned out to be a self help book. And it is interesting enough to make me wanna finish it. Its not so bad as you guys make it sound.

    12. Way too many plots for one book. Hard to follow, people come back to life so often it is like a soap opera in print. Truly awful.

    13. Well, this book is kind of completely all over the place. It certainly was an adventure with following, however it's sprawling nature did require a lot of focus to keep all the threads in line.

    14. I never really committed to this story, it was a bizarre ride. So strange that I am not sure how to even give it a proper review. Accordingly, I will leave it at this: odd, but well written.

    15. I made myself finish this book. None of the characters were likable, the story line was all over the place. Not a satisfying read.

    16. This was kind of a detective story where the protagonist is deeply involved in the mystery. I was relieved when this book was over. It was too involved for what the ultimate story is about.

    17. Slow readSlow readcaptured my attention off and on but for the most part a snooze-a-thon had to actually skip pages. which I never do

    18. This reminded me of Murakami's A Wild Sheep Chase - only more whimsical and literal, if that makes any sense.

    19. Distasteful to meReading this, even just the first pages, somehow made me feel subtly stained, or contaminated. Can't put my finger on it, but distasteful. Quickly abandoned.

    20. I really wanted to like this book. There were some really excellent parts, however it really dragged at other times.

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