Surrender the Dawn

Surrender the Dawn You ll be gasping for air in this seafaring romance by popular author and Christy Award nominee MaryLu Tyndall Balti s Cassandra Channing will do anything to provide for her family even if it means hi

  • Title: Surrender the Dawn
  • Author: MaryLu Tyndall
  • ISBN: 9781602601673
  • Page: 231
  • Format: Paperback
  • You ll be gasping for air in this seafaring romance by popular author and Christy Award nominee MaryLu Tyndall Balti s Cassandra Channing will do anything to provide for her family even if it means hiring the town rogue as a privateer Luke Heaton is a handsome rake with a tortured past who is blackmailed by the British into selling supplies to their ships just off thYou ll be gasping for air in this seafaring romance by popular author and Christy Award nominee MaryLu Tyndall Balti s Cassandra Channing will do anything to provide for her family even if it means hiring the town rogue as a privateer Luke Heaton is a handsome rake with a tortured past who is blackmailed by the British into selling supplies to their ships just off the coast Cassandra and Luke s worlds collide as they are drawn into danger, secrets, romance, and war But when the British begin to bombard Fort McHenry, how long can they protect their love and each other

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    1. Where do your loyalties lie? Who can you trust? Those are the questions Cassandra and Luke both have to face as they deal with doubts and hardships during the War of 1812. The journey to discover the answers is one that challenges, inspires, and ultimately warms the heart of the reader.In trademark Tyndall style, Surrender the Dawn is full of drama, seafaring action, and romance. The war-time setting provides an intriguing backdrop to the love story. The romance is more gentle in this book than [...]

    2. The professional endorsement on the cover of MaryLu Tyndall’s latest novel reads, “Swashbuckling, swordplay and sweetness.” There isn’t a whole lot to add to that, but I will try. I can always expect one of three things when I read a Tyndall novel: action/adventure, romance, faith and the sea. Okay, so of course that last one was thrown in there for fun more than anything.But it is true. The story is crafted in such a way that the faith element is very organic to the story. It isn’t sl [...]

    3. I just love a good, swashbucklin’ adventure set on the high seas! Recently, I’ve found a gem of an author in MaryLu Tyndall. While Surrender the Dawn doesn’t spend too much time ship-side, there’s still plenty of adventure, tension, and romance packed within these pages. Hold onto your hats—there are rough waters ahead! But rest assured that all will come to a beautiful and satisfying conclusion with Captain Tyndall at the helm!Cassandra Channing was a really strong character that I gr [...]

    4. Luke Heaton is a drunkard, gambler and womanizer. He is bitter about his parents' death, but as he promised his mother, he is taking care of his only brother. Once enslaved aboard a British ship with Noah and Marianne Brenin, his hatred of the British has not waned. When the lovely and sophisticated Cassandra Channing offers him a proposition, Luke finds himself agreeing, even though it means giving up his drinking and gambling ways.Cassandra Channing is at her wit's end. With the men in her fam [...]

    5. As usual I picked up the last book in a series without reading the earlier ones, but it wasn't hard to follow. Set during the war of 1812, there is plenty of room for adventure, danger and excitement. Luke is a fabulous character and shows nice depth of personality and emotion. Cassandra is a little childish but a good, strong character even if you occasionally want to strangle her. Side characters, some of whom are obviously featured in earlier books, fill in the story nicely although there are [...]

    6. Loved this book was a perfect ending to this trilogy! I also finished on the 4th of July and it was awesome to read the lyrics of the Star-Spangled Banner in a whole new light. Great job, Marylu!

    7. I enjoyed this inspirational and historical romance. The characters were believable and I learned some things about the War of 1812. Previously, I didn't know about privateers.

    8. The third and final book of this series opens with Cassandra dealing with being the bread winner for her family as her father is dead and her brothers are off fighting the war. If she does not find a way to provide she will be forces to marry a man she has no interest in. So she tries to invest the last of the family’s money into privateering. The problem is no one will invest with her because it’s considered bad luck to have a woman involved. Luke to those who has read the past books of thi [...]

    9. True to her trademark ‘swashbuckling romance’, SURRENDER THE DAWN is set on the high-seas, and deep in the heart of 1814 Baltimore. Cassandra and Luke are two fantastic characters with deep flaws, emotional scars, baggage and plans for how they think their lives ‘should’ go. It reminded me of the verse in Proverbs that says: “A man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.”Naturally, when we do what we think we should do, that’s when things go wrong…and wrong…and [...]

    10. Finally read the last book in "Surrender to Destiny" series "Surrender the Dawn", MaryLu Tyndall has brought this book to a fantastic thrilling end! Cassandra Channing, a determined woman, who tries to find a way to support her family without marriage, though finds it extremely hard for a woman as herself to hire a privateer, to only finds herself she hires the town rogue. Luke Heaton, the town rogue, who spends his time drinking and gambling, because he carries around an enormous guilt from his [...]

    11. A superb book. Characters with flaws and sins in their lives, characters that need redemption as we all do. This is the third in the series and I would suggest reading the first two books as there were many things that alluded to what happened in the earlier books. Luke Heaton was the caretaker for his brother John ever since his parents were murdered. Being they were missionaries Luke turned his back on God and he blamed himself for not saving his parents. John had rickets and needed a brace on [...]

    12. Surrender the Dawn is the third book in the Surrender to Destiny series by MaryLu Tyndall and it didn't disappoint.The war of 1812 is still raging and Cassandra Channing must find a way to support herself, her mother and two sisters when her father and brothers leave to fight the battle. They have not heard from them in months and have no idea if they are living or dead. As with all girls during that time period, it seems the only solution is to get married to a rich man. Fortunately, Cassandra [...]

    13. Surrender the Dawn… By MaryLu TyndallWith her father and brothers gone from home, Cassandra Channing is taking care of her family. She wants to invest her money into something reliable, but no one wants to take investments from a woman. That is until Luke Heaton comes into the picture. Luke won a ship while gambling and he needs money to restore it, but with his drinking and gambling, can he be trustworthy? Will Cassandra turn all of her money over to Luke for the ship fixer upper? And it does [...]

    14. M.L. Tyndall’s “Surrender the Dawn” is a wonderful read filled with lots of seafaring action, suspense and intrigue, romance and the struggle to believe in God because of tragedy. Cassandra is trying to provide for her family: her mother and two sisters. Taking their last bit of money, she wants to invest in a privateer but no one will take on a woman investor. Luke Heaton just won a ship gambling. It is a broken-down vessel that needs lots of work and he has no money to fix her up or he w [...]

    15. Loved this book based on the war of 1812 between the British and America. A boy turned man at a young age, Luke Heaton, is desperate to provide for his infant brother after his missionary parents are killed blames himself for everything bad that comes his way, including his parents death. He turns from God and tries to muddle his way through life when he gets his one break on a gambling wina rundown ship. He needs money. Cassandra also needs money to provide for her mother and two younger sister [...]

    16. SURRENDER THE DAWN, book three in the Surrender to Destiny series from M.L. Tyndall, once again takes you on a sea-faring adventure of action and romance.Cassandra Channing is determined to provide for her family after the loss of her father and brothers to the War of 1812. She takes the family coffers and tries to invest in a privateer, but no one welcomes a woman as a business partner. That is, except Luke Heaton. Cassandra struggles with her decision to invest in the town rogue. His reputatio [...]

    17. MaryLu Tyndall(Book Three, Surrender to Destiny Series)Needing a way to support her mother and sisters, Cassandra Channing invests her last dollar in privateering, with the town rogue Luke Heaton as captain of the Destiny. Luke’s past hasn’t been exemplary, and Cassandra knows trusting him is a risk, but with no other man willing to work for a woman, she doesn’t have a lot of choice.Luke is well aware of his short-comings, but for Cassandra, he’s willing to change—even going so far as [...]

    18. I loved this novel! MaryLu Tyndall has a way of drawing the reader into the story, from the first page. The reader will feel so many emotions while reading this book. The female main character is a strong willed gal with strength beyond even her own comprehension. This book is about how we grow through our trials. It is a book of learning about oneself as well as giving others a chance to prove their strength as well. The romance in this novel is slow to reveal itself to the main characters. It [...]

    19. I think I'm in love. His name is Luke Heaton, and he isg. Gorgeous. Courageous. Cares for his family. Strong. Protective. Man of his word. Sweet. And just a tiny bit of a rogue ;) The upside is I have gotten to spend time with him each day for the last 5 days. The downside is he is a fictional character :( However, I got to know him during a fabulous book that I highly recommend for anyone who wants a little pirate adventure, a little romance, and a little shot of patriotism.Cassandra Channing i [...]

    20. RATING:4.5)SURRENDER THE DAWN by MaryLu Tyndall is a inspirational historical romance and a wonderful third installment to "Surrender to Destiny" series,but can be read as a stand alone. It is set amid the War of 1812,in 1814 Baltimore,Maryland. See "Surrender the Heart",and "Surrender the Night".It is written with depth and details. The characters will not only capture your heart,they are enchanting,and engaging.It has faith,,redemptation, healing,betrayal,heartbreak,the future of a [...]

    21. I thoroughly enjoyed another tender romance set on the high seas by MaryLu Tyndall. Surrender the Dawn is an excellent example of this author’s talent for telling a fast-paced and romantic tale. She always manages to fill her stories with realistically flawed characters who live and breathe and that you begin to root for from the very first page. Cassandra Channing is a head-strong heroine who has to care for her family of younger sisters and her mother who prefers to bury her head in the sand [...]

    22. This is the final of the Surrender to Destiny series and a great final book. We are still in Baltimore during the war of 1812 and this time Cassandra is needing help to provide for her family. Her father has died and her brothers are missing after going to Canada to fight. Her mother has no concept of managing money and its left to Cassandra to find a way to provide for her family. Luke has his own demons to fight and is the town rouge. He has a ship but its needing repairs. When a encounter hap [...]

    23. Tingles, Chills, Passion and Thrills! Chemistry as dazzling as the bombshells busting in air, and a history as rich as Baltimore's during our nation's second war for independence, this novel concludes MaryLu Tyndall's series on the War of 1812 with a fitting bang. Surrender the Dawn not only sizzles with the fire and spirit of a young nation, but also the tenderness and zeal of young love, of human longing for redemption and the divine intervention of a loving and Almighty God. Luke Heaton hides [...]

    24. I had this book pre-ordered for so long I almost forgot and was tempted so many times to enter for a copy wink The story didn't let me down at all. Although I thought the cover was very pretty, I did wish the model had red hair. Luke mentions her hair many times and the model has either very dark brown or black hair but certainly not the gorgeous red locks that so enchant Mr. Heaton.Luke and Cassandra are a great couple. They are both likable in their own right and I loved their interactions [...]

    25. Amid the war of 1812 Cassandra, a very independent young woman, has taken it upon herself solely to provide for her family, to save them all from ruin, and to fulfill the tasks of her late father. She searches for a ship to privateer. Luke Heaton needs a privateer to get his ship, that is in dire need of repair, upon the waters and provide financially for his family. Cassandra's offer brings the two together. Luke, a man of faltering faith desperately seeks answers to the questions that burn clo [...]

    26. I am waiting!! I can't wait to read this novel and to have the chance to allow others to learn from these inspiring novels. I have learned so much and can't wait to see what God needs me to learn now!I just finished reading and I am sitting here numb. With every book of MaryLu Tyndall's that is published, there seems to be a better story line, more defined characters, and more of a biblical pull. Luke and Cassandra are so much like me, and everyone else our there. They have flaws, but in the end [...]

    27. What a Pleasure!Cassandra Channing has known affluence and comfort, both of which are rapidly slipping away. When she is refused the opportunity to invest in a privateer, and what she feels is her last chance to obtain a return on her money (and support for her widowed mother and her siblings) she turns to the town rake. Cassandra resists God’s pull at her heart, angry that she has been loaded with burdens that are not of her own making.Luke Heaton struggles with a desire to prove himself wort [...]

    28. History, Intrigue, Faith, Romance, Danger on the high seas…….ese are some of the words that describe ‘Surrender the Dawn’. MaryLu Tyndall has a way of adding her own characters to a point in time of actual history. You’d swear that those characters were a part of history themselves. This novel finishes up the ‘Surrender to Destiny’ series. After reading this novel, I found myself a bit sad, because I knew that I would not be able to continue to read about each character’s lives. [...]

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