The Bad Beat

The Bad Beat Michael Westen is still in Miami trying to survive as a spy without a country Brent Grayson is a nineteen year old college kid who claims to own a company that doesn t really exist And Michael has to

  • Title: The Bad Beat
  • Author: Tod Goldberg
  • ISBN: 9780451234094
  • Page: 328
  • Format: Paperback
  • Michael Westen is still in Miami, trying to survive as a spy without a country Brent Grayson is a nineteen year old college kid who claims to own a company that doesn t really exist And Michael has to save Brent s father from loan sharks and fend off sinister Russian businessman who see every takeover as an opportunity to be hostile.

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    1 thought on “The Bad Beat”

    1. Surprisingly readable and very, very in-character for the main leads. A little confusing with the POV-switches (p.43, meet Sam's brain! p.99, suddenly we're Fiona!) but very snappy dialog and clean, polished writing, tons of Miami placeporn and exactly zero input required from my brain, which needed a quiet lie-down.

    2. Another good 'Burn Notice' book and this one in a few short lines here and there did one thing the actual show hasn't been able to do, and that's give me a reason as to why Michael's so keen on figuring out who burned him and going back to being a spy. I've always kind of agreed with Fiona when she questioned why he was so keen on pursuing his quest and this book finally gave some insight that made sense to me.Plus this book has Sugar in it. Then, about 3/4 of the way through, brought in Barry t [...]

    3. Another fun, solid entry in the series. The story is a little weak, but, except for being a little too political, Goldberg absolutely nails the feel of the show and the voices of the characters. His writing is far better and much more clever than what you generally expect from TV show tie-in novels, and Goldberg apparently realizes that--which is possibly why this book is his Burn Notice swan song. Too bad. I would have liked to see him continue for as long as possible.

    4. It's not badr the most part, I even think the author got the characterizations right on par with the series. However, it's hard novelizing some of the aspects of the show in my opinion and it shows. I would definitely read more though.

    5. I had the pleasure to interview Tod Goldberg yesterday on my blogtalk radio show The G-ZONE; he was a blast! I will put the link a little further below. Now that being said, I had finished the novel a little bit ago but wanted to wait until I got a chance to listen to him before I put this out. For those of us that have enjoyed this series of novels thus far, I want to say thanks to Tod Goldberg for 5 fun reads. Sadly “The Bad Beat” is his swan song as he moves on to other projects we can lo [...]

    6. Tod Goldberg has written a fun fanfiction - er, sorry, novel - about the characters in the USA station's Burn Notice. It has pretty much everyone in the novel, including minor characters, Sugar, the drug dealer, and Barry, the money launderer. In this particular story, Sam gets Michael (and Fiona and Maddy) involved when Sugar contacts Sam regarding a friend/client of his, Brent, and Brent's need for help with some Russians. Sugar led Sam to believe this would be an in and out proposition, but B [...]

    7. My least favorite of the series of Burn Notice books. This one seemed shorter to me. I enjoyed the twists, even though they were somewhat predictable and I loved that I could hear Michael, Fi and Sam in my head while I read their parts. What I didn't like was how the Brent character was simply too much of a "stupid teenager" to be believable to me. I think the author went too far with that. Also, in this book the author decided to make the cast all hardcore liberal Democrats, blasting Republican [...]

    8. The first book in which I thought the author managed to get the tone of the characters and series throughout his book. the plot took twists and turns you didn't see coming, in part because I'm still not sure they made a lot of sense. I think the overall plot of book #3 was better, but he didn't do as good a job bringing it through the Burn Notice viewpoint as he did this one. I felt like Mike and Sam had some sense of their TV show humor about them, and Fiona was FINALLY more than just a female [...]

    9. I haven't - in the past - been awfully fond of books based on tv series. This particular book is noticeably different. Mr. Goldberg captured the characters perfectly! I have been a fan of the Burn Notice series on tv since the very first episode. As I read this book (available from the library for my Nook) I could just hear the characters' voices in my head. The dialogue, the plot and the execution of the whole was absolutely spot-on. I felt like I was watching the program in my head, it was so [...]

    10. This Burn Notice book covers a adventure not covered by the tv series. Michael is brought in by his former drug dealing neighbor Sugar to help one of his clients who is being threatened by loan sharks attempting to collect gambling debts owned by his father and the Russian Mafia who is after a fake technological advancement that he created for a school project and used to embezzle money from them. Ok read

    11. What Sam and Michael think is a simple job of helping out a guy hounded by loan sharks becomes much more complex when they find Russian mobsters are also after the guy. While the climax felt weak, overall the book was still good.Read my full review at Carstairs Considers.

    12. I'm so amazed when I read books based on TV series by writers that don't write for the show but absolutely nail the characters' voices and actions one-hundred percent. The plots here was equally well woven. A thoroughly enjoyable read.

    13. I'm on a Burn Notice kick, so of course I enjoyed this book. It's a super quick read, and if you like the show, you'll love the books. You can hear Jeffrey Donovan's voice when you read the spy tips, and the characters are very true to the ones on the show. Fast and fun.

    14. As good as a two part episode, only it lasts longer. Excellent tie-in. Michael, Sam, Fionna and all the other character are as vivid on ink as they are on the screen. Goldberg truly delivers.

    15. I love these books, I feel like I'm watching an episode of the show. Only with a touch more introspection into Michael, Sam, and Fiona's thoughts.

    16. I am a fan of the TV show so thought I would give this a try as "airport reading." Goldberg didn't disappoint--toed the TV line well. A quick read among terminal distractions.

    17. I took a writing class from the author a few years ago and finally made a point to read one of his books. I enjoyed it!

    18. Good companion to the TV series. The character voices are spot on and I like getting a little extra insight into the characters.

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