Golden Vampire

Golden Vampire For former cop Jesse Stewart giving herself mind and body to sexy vampire Lance Van Baaren meant losing her soul Hired by the government to find a senator s missing daughter she instead found a haun

  • Title: Golden Vampire
  • Author: Linda Thomas-Sundstrom
  • ISBN: 9780373618576
  • Page: 270
  • Format: Paperback
  • For former cop Jesse Stewart, giving herself mind and body to sexy vampire Lance Van Baaren meant losing her soul Hired by the government to find a senator s missing daughter, she instead found a haunting link to her past And now something is drawing her to the one man she should despise.Once a knight, Lance had sworn to protect the innocent And one of those young innocFor former cop Jesse Stewart, giving herself mind and body to sexy vampire Lance Van Baaren meant losing her soul Hired by the government to find a senator s missing daughter, she instead found a haunting link to her past And now something is drawing her to the one man she should despise.Once a knight, Lance had sworn to protect the innocent And one of those young innocents had been Jesse Now face to face with the alluring woman she has become, he s determined to help Jessie solve her case and make her his own But would finding the truth of her past and the Blood Moon push her further away

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    1 thought on “Golden Vampire”

    1. There is this thing that people do. They observe another's experience and try it on themselves. In the opening scene, Jesse watches Lance running. She then takes notice of her cramped legs and wishes she were jogging. She could feel the air brushing her face, as if it were she who was outpacing the wind. A sensory experience filled with tangible sights and sounds this book was a heady mix of Gothic longing, complex sensual tension, and a contemporary woman with chutzpah. The writing is so well [...]

    2. “You know me.” The embodiment of sex and sin is ready to claim the woman in his heart—unless she refuses. Talk about a tough decision. Lance knows he wants her. He needs her. But Jesse isn’t about to give in easily. And let me tell you, I loved watching the push/pull in this story. I know when I pick up a book by Linda Thomas-Sundstrom, I’m in for a good time. Golden Vampire doesn’t disappoint. I’m a sucker for the vampire subgenre of romance and this story packs a wallop. The char [...]

    3. Linda Thomas-Sundstrom magically found a way to bring love, suspense, passion and danger into one dynamic paranormal story. What I liked best - Linda combined the best of several romantic sub genres in one story making the plot/story easy to read and fall in love with. I couldn't put the book down. Once I picked the book up, I lost track of everything around me. Lance's historical past is what makes him dreamy yet his vampire lineage gives him a dangerous edge. His character was one I won't be f [...]

    4. This dark and mysterious novel brings into stark contrast the fear and longing Jesse has to know her past and Lance. Her character spends the better part of this story fighting a battle that burns to her core, and it is difficult to see her hate a man so intent on saving her. Lance is not her shining knight, but what he does for Jesse makes him easy to admire, and his pain is understandable. Tension is at an all-time high in nearly every aspect of this plot, and it shows the incredible skill of [...]

    5. This one is dark, deep and great. It got me thinking, definitely not easy read. You have vampires [good and bad], werewolves and in all that I see people that lost so much, hurt so much are trying to heal and do good as much as they can. They evolve through all that pain and accept things that can't change taking the next step for the right reasons. It would be great to have a sequel with other six guardians joining our pair plus Stan :).

    6. From the opening scene with the heroine in a helicopter, I was hooked on this fast-paced, addictive read. This book boasts my favorite type of heroine--self-sufficient, intelligent, and butt kicking. and the Golden Vampire? He's not your typical vampire, but a sexy, smart immortal protector. I highly recommend this book!

    7. An immortal living through timeOnce a knight, chosen to become a Guardian and immortal, Lance VanBaaren stumbles upon something he's not ready for, after all these centuries of existence. Jesse Stewart.It's called the Dark SurrenderHope you like this one!Linda

    8. A deeply engrossing gothic story of a flawed woman, Jesse Stewart, who was once ravaged by vampires as a child, and watched her parents die brutally in an alley. Who then finds out what really saved her from death, way back then. And that savior turns up when she's overseas on a case to find a missing senator's daughter.The hero here is Lance VanBaaren, a centuries-old immortal who was once a knight of the Round Table, whose quest since that time has brought him to many places around the work, a [...]

    9. I truly enjoyed this book. The premise and back story was interesting, the hero and heroine's struggle keeps you invested, and you want to know what happens next. I am not much of an urban fantasy fan because I'm not attracted to the type of characters the genre offers, but I like the characters in this book. You know it's a good story when at the end of the book you are sorry to leave the world and say goodbye to the characters. On that note I am in love with Stan. :) I hope there will be a boo [...]

    10. Loved this book. But so you know - this is not an easy read or for people wanting a simple story. It's about torchured, flawed people who have gone through a lot and now want to make things better for others.Thomas-Sundstrom has the ability to go real deep into a character's phyche, and does that with an almost visceral talent for getting to the nitty-gritty of a soul.If you like your paranormal stories dark, dense, and deep, I recommend this one. Really enjoyed this.

    11. There was just something about this I didn't care for. I didn't like the female MC. She was to angry at vampire Lance. She wouldn't try to understand things. It seemed like they went back and forth over same ground. She did really stupid things.

    12. Kitap ilk başta çok sıkıcıydı.Yarısından fazlası sadece iç konuşma ve Vampirle Jesse'nin arasında geçen bir kaç konuşmadan ibaretti.Tamamiyle inat yüzünde bu kitabı bitirdim. Yazar bazen çok detaya giriyor ve duygulara çok yer veriyordu, ilk başta bu anlatım tarzı açıklayıcı olsa da bir süre sonra tekrar sürecine girdiği için ilk baştaki heyecanı koruyamadı. Konu ilgi çekiciydi.Özellikle Lance'nin öldü sandığımız eski insan sevgilisi Gwen vampir olarak k [...]

    13. Alas! You wouldn't think a book that had an interesting vampire mythology and cracktastic bits could be so lackluster! The writing was competent, but was rife with hilarious turns of phrase('mouthful of teeth' and 'the r in the word risk floated above her her' stand out in my memory). This book has a rather despicable 'hero' - at one point he seriously injures the heroine, threatens to throw her off a building, and then forcibly makes her into a half vampire. All to prove that he loves her. At l [...]

    14. I did not like this book. It seemed as if there was enough story for maybe 40 pages, but it was written into a book of more than 100 pages. The angst goes on and on and onThe premise of the book was great and it could have been a fun read, but I started skimming pages before I even got halfway. The only good thing about the book was that it had some action. The heroine was supposed to be a tough ex-cop who goes on missions to save kidnapped children. Yet, as soon as things get difficult she eith [...]

    15. I have only kept 2 Nocturne books and wont be keeping this.If it had been a short story without the pages and pages of 'he's a monster' and 'I have to help her but have to teach her a lesson' I probably would have enjoyed it more but where you have one comment then 2 pages of thought and then a response you've forgotten what on earth their talking about and more to the point I didn't care.I liked the battle at the end but I couldn't be bothered with the last get together scenes because I had no [...]

    16. Worst book ever!! I felt like shaking up the hero and heroine, man they were annoying. She was not able to get out of her shock even though she is this super tough person and he is this secretive even when he can solve all problems by just talking to her!!!! My god!! Seriously

    17. Golden Vampire Awesome read!! Lance and Jesse are amazing characters with riveting pasts. I couldn't put this story down. I cannot wait to start book two in the series!!

    18. This was just ok for me. I struggled with this one. I am not sure why. Couldnt connect with the characters I guess.

    19. After reading the Vampire Huntress books by L. A. Banks, I think it is time for a hot vampire romance from Harlequin Nocturne. More to come when I finish reading this book

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