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Leslie s Journal A gripping story about the dark side of a first love Awards for the previous edition American Library Association Best Books for Young AdultsAmerican Library Association Quick Picks for Reluctant Youn

  • Title: Leslie's Journal
  • Author: Allan Stratton
  • ISBN: 9781550376647
  • Page: 386
  • Format: Paperback
  • A gripping story about the dark side of a first love.Awards for the previous edition American Library Association Best Books for Young AdultsAmerican Library Association Quick Picks for Reluctant Young Adult ReadersAmerican Library Association Popular Paperbacks for Young AdultsThe Best, Notable and Recommended List, Teacher Librarian MagazineLeslie can t seem to avoid troA gripping story about the dark side of a first love.Awards for the previous edition American Library Association Best Books for Young AdultsAmerican Library Association Quick Picks for Reluctant Young Adult ReadersAmerican Library Association Popular Paperbacks for Young AdultsThe Best, Notable and Recommended List, Teacher Librarian MagazineLeslie can t seem to avoid trouble, whether it s at school or at home Just as life seems at its lowest, Jason McCready, the exceedingly cool new guy at school, enters her life.Now Leslie is the envy of all the girls But Jason s appearance is deceiving he is determined to control every aspect of Leslie s life, and he begins terrorizing her in unimaginable ways.When a substitute teacher reads the private English class journal in which Leslie reveals Jason s abuse, Leslie is suddenly forced into hard choices and terrifying action to take back her life.Updated to reflect the contemporary world of the Internet, cell phones and text messaging, Leslie s Journal is a suspenseful, fast paced story about love, friendship and what it means to stand up for yourself.

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    1. Hi,I'm the author of Leslie's Journals. I love meeting readers, so if you have a question for me, feel free to email me through this website or my own website: allanstrattonLeslie's Journal is a thriller/suspense about a fifteen-year girl, Leslie, who is mad at the world Her parents are splitting up, she'd losing her best friend to a clique that tries to exclude her, her marks are dropping, she's acting out -- and all of a sudden the apparently charming, devoted senior enters her life. Only he's [...]

    2. The MC is probably the most annoying piece of trash on earthDisrespectful? Whining on the first fucking page? A fucking brat? No thank you.

    3. I read this a couple of years ago and when I saw it in the library, I decided to re-read it. I give it 4 stars. I'm sure a lot of people would read this book and probably be annoyed with the main character or just not like the book. I just like it because it really seems possible. It's creepy and disturbing. The girl in the book seems to be really focused on how her peers perceive her and she gets caught in a very horrible situation. I don't think the author wanted a quiet/shy-girl type of chara [...]

    4. Ma chronique : unjour-unlivre/2016/11/lechUn début un peu long mais une histoire dramatique qui s'emballe et nous rappelle que trop de jeunes filles sont également victimes d'abus sexuels et de violences physiques et émotionnelles par des garçons de leur âge, et n'ont parfois pas le courage de parler, à un âge où on a l'impression que les adultes ne nous comprennent pas.Un roman poignant, dur et puissant, à lire et faire lire à tous les adolescents.

    5. Leslie's Journal Fails to ImpressLeslie Philips can only be described by one word. “Trouble” (Stratton 12). She constantly rebels against her mother and teachers, experiments with drugs and alcohol and when it comes to school, if she decides to show up, her grades are less than satisfactory. With her parent’s recent divorce and her new “cute, perky, overgrown cheerleader” (Stratton 21) stepmom in the picture, it seems as though Leslie’s world is falling apart, until she meets Jason, [...]

    6. I remember seeing this book on a shelf and thinking "I have to read this!" This is when I was obsessed with reading journals & diaries. I had read `Go ask Alice` `Annie's Baby` `It happened to Nancy` and other books.This book is powerful, gripping and has a little humor in it.Leslie is a lonely student who's parents divorced and she only has one geeky friend named Katie, Leslie pretends to be popular and lies to her school mates saying she has plenty of boyfriend's when she doesn't. Then Jas [...]

    7. 2004- I'll admit I didn't have the highest hopes for this story about Leslie, a daughter of divorced parents, who starts to write her most personal thoughts in a journal assigned to her by her English teacher. It seems like Leslie's only outlet, and since her teacher promised never to read it, what's the harm in putting down personal stuff, like the fact she likes Jason? Jason isn't exactly your average boyfriend however. His first ""date"" with Leslie involves too much alcohol and it isn't unti [...]

    8. Billed as this generation's Go Ask Alice, I had great hopes for this book. It was so-so. Teen girls will like the journal format and the fact that Leslie is troubled. The story deals with date rape which leads to an abusive relationshi. (Mom and dad recently divorced and Leslie's bff is finding new friends so Leslie feels left out.)Leslie's voice is fairly authentic, but the entire story is so rushed - everything happens so quickly, and there isn't much depth to any of it. In the author's afterw [...]

    9. This is the kind of book that you pick up every time a moment of free time presents itself. Once the book gets to a certain point-which doesn't take long-it is almost impossible to put down.That said, I'm not sure whether I actually enjoyed it or not. The read, yes. The storyh. Leslie annoyed me, to be frank. And the book definitely doesn't read like a series of journal entries; it reads like a typical book written in first person.

    10. Have you ever been in a controlling relationship? Have you ever been fearful for your safety? This gripping novel is about a relationship gone bad.

    11. Une lecture difficile pour moi. C'est rare de tomber sur un livre qui me plonge dans une angoisse aussi grande. Attention, c'est très bien écrit. Le problème n'est pas là. C'est le sujet en lui-même. J'ai même hésité à ne pas le finir. Après tout, rien ne m'oblige à le lire et j'ai plein de livres dans ma PAL. Mais j'avais envie de poursuivre et de voir comment Leslie allait s'en sortir. Je voulais en arriver à la partie "espoir". Et j'ai eu raison. Très bon titre, même si le sujet [...]

    12. I give kudos to any book that covers dark subjects such as "Leslie's Journal". If this can reach out to just one girl who is going through the same emotions and feeling confusion as Leslie when her first love turns abusive and her initiation into lovemaking is rape, then its worth every word.

    13. Leslie’s Journal by Allan Stratton is about a highschool freshman, girl named Leslie. She has recently had to watch her parents go through a divorce. As if that wasn’t enough, Leslie’s dad quickly found a new woman named Brenda and soon had no time for his daughter anymore. Leslie felt betrayed and was mad at him because this betrayal led to Leslie having to live with her mother. Of course she loves her mom but her mom was too controlling and didn’t understand anything about Leslie. Her [...]

    14. Leslie’s Journal is a cautioning story about teenage love gone drastically wrong. It all starts with Leslie, an angry, confused, rebellious girl in need of support, and love. Her days in school are numbered, she has problems at home, and her behavior just may push away the only friend she has. But just when things couldn't possibly get any worse, she meets Jason… the totally handsome, totally cool new kid on campus. And when he suddenly kisses her in front of her friends, she's the envy of a [...]

    15. This was a great book but hard to read. Leslie Phillips is not your ordinary girl she’s a rebel and proud of it she a classy side and a trashy side doesn’t care what others think has a best friend Katie since she’s moved here from settle when she was seven years old the only person she felt she’s had. Since her mom and dad had gotten and divorced. Leslie and her mom live in a 2 bedroom apartment downtown, her dad left her mom for his asst. name Brenda; may I remind you Leslie hates her. [...]

    16. This book is one of the best I've read in a long time. It's full of everything I look for in a great story. It has suspense, and makes you question everything the characters do and ends up in an unexpected way. Lesly is know as the low-life's in the school. She is a trouble maker. And she soon meet s someone just like her. She is instantly in love. But soon, everything begins to fall apart to her, but Jason doesn't agree, a messy break-up leads to endless possibilities, for everyone.1)I saw this [...]

    17. I think the book was good, but it wasn’t the best book I ever read. I really liked the whole story and the idea of the book like Leslies whole relationship problems. What I didn’t like was that the beginning didn’t have much back ground information on the character. I would of like it more if told you more about Leslie because she’s the main character and I think there should be more info on her. The reason I think this would have been useful to the reader is because you would of related [...]

    18. I can usually judge a book by the first two chapters. If they aren't adequate, I move on to another book. After reading the first two chapters of Leslie's Journal, I was so close to moving on to my next library book. It struck me as an immature book about "teenage rebellion" for attention. Ick. Boring. This is where my "thank God for " opinion gets involved. What I did was, I looked at the book's rating on and I read some reviews. I figured, hey, so many people like it, so it must get good--the [...]

    19. my-bo0ks.over-blog/2016/10Tout d'abord, je remercie les éditions Milan/Page Turners pour cette réception qui m'intriguait énormément surtout après avoir lu l'autre roman de l'auteur (Les chiens).Avec L'échappée le thème est radicalement différent. Leslie, jeune lycéenne fait la connaissance du nouveau venu, Jason. Si aux premiers abords c'est le garçon idéal auquel Leslie tombe sous le charme au premier regard, elle va vite se rendre compte qu'il est loin d'être celui qu'il prétend [...]

    20. What I think about this book Leslie’s Journal is that it’s a really good book to read its interesting but it has a lot of action to what happen to this girl about her rape. This author tells you exactly what happens in the rape so it could be too much for some people but for me it’s good because I love how they explain it with details. I recommend this book to you guys it has a lot of details that make u think about if that could happen to you. It makes you feel sad and scared at the same [...]

    21. I feel that the book was ok when I started to read the book I felled that it was kind of boring but one of my friends told me to keep on reading. She told me that the book will get better after a few pages and she was right I read the first 5-8 pages and I was like this book ain’t for me I like book with action. Leslie’s journal is not a book with action but it is a book with a nice meaning. Well am berly in page 45 the book is alright so far because it talks about the girl’s life. And eve [...]

    22. Leslie's Journal by Allan Stratton is about a young 15 year old highschool freshman girl. Leslie goes through so many struggle's in her life. She had to watch her parents get divorced which made her life miserable and effecting her in many horrible ways. Leslie was so angry, confused, her life was a mess, she almost lost her best friend, and then a guy enters her life. The story was well put together. I do recommend people to read this especially teenagers because what this girl Leslie was going [...]

    23. Commençons par le début : je ne suis pas le public visé par ce livre qui s’adresse aux adolescents, ce qui n’est plus mon cas depuis un moment !!! D’où en partie ma note de 3/5. L’autre point négatif, c’est que je trouve que les événements sont un peu trop survolés. La fin est elle aussi, à mon goût, un peu expéditive.Néanmoins, ça reste un bon livre à mettre entre les mains des adolescentes pour leur donner une idée des dérapages possibles dans une relation amoureuse. [...]

    24. Leslie's Journal is a fictional reality, high low book. Leslie is a teenager who struggles with a lot of internal issues which causes inner turmoil and bouts of anger. Her last friend is ready to drop Leslie as a companion. Yet in walks Jason McCready, a new comer to the school and the new pursuer of Leslie's heart. Rich and handsome, he is soon the target of every girl in school but it's Leslie with whom he wants. But Jason has a dark side that's too dark for any woman. Rape, manipulation, drug [...]

    25. Leslie's Journal on my copy of this book it has a rat lying dead on top of a pile of books that is labeled PRIVATE , but it wasnt he cover that grabbed me , it was the title i know Leslie's journal sound kinda stupid but it intrigued me. I picked it up in a thrift store and i read the backA TEEN GIRL'S SEARCH FOR APPROVAL AND IDENTITY LEADS TO PLACING TRUST IN THE WRONG PERSON.i immediately ran to my mother and asked her to buy it for me :3. in 30 minutes i had read the book and i cried , and sc [...]

    26. Full Review of Leslie's Journal Physical,mental,and verbal abuse all play a significant part in a girl's life named, Leslie. Leslie is sixteen years old ans a sophomore in High School. She has some serious problems in her life dealing with Her life at this point is all over the place. Things are about to get worse when she meets a boy named, Jason. This book should be read by people fourteen years and older because this book has a ot of innappropiate language and harsh graphics to imagine will y [...]

    27. Leslie's Journal it was an amazing book becouse it was very interesting book. It made me feel a little bit depressed becouse Leslie is a bad girl that she only causing a lot of trouble at school and with her seperation of her parents. The best part I like is when Leslie's tries to get all the girls jealous when shes with Jason at school. I didnt like a part when Jason tries to treated so badly to Leslie. I feel about the characters so badly becouse they were acting with bunch of problems with Le [...]

    28. Leslie’s Journal by Allan StrattonLeslie’s Journal is about a 16 year old named Leslie, who went through a lot of creepy drama. She moved from Seattle to another state. Once she transferred to her new high school things started to get uncomfortable. Later, she meets a senior boy named Jason who keeps flirting with her . Them their relationship began to increase. Jason starts taking her out to late night parties and giving her sweet roses and cards. They were deeply in love up until darkness [...]

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