Ascension Day

Ascension Day Only days left until Larry Durrant s execution but lawyer Lac McElroy is determined to save his client s life There are only three small problems the evidence against Durrant is overwhelming he s

  • Title: Ascension Day
  • Author: JohnMatthews
  • ISBN: 9780141004853
  • Page: 236
  • Format: Paperback
  • Only 47 days left until Larry Durrant s execution, but lawyer Lac McElroy is determined to save his client s life.There are only three small problems the evidence against Durrant is overwhelming, he s made a full confession, and he wants to dieBut Jac s hungry to make his mark and he knows something just isn t right about Larry Durrant s murder conviction Trouble is,Only 47 days left until Larry Durrant s execution, but lawyer Lac McElroy is determined to save his client s life.There are only three small problems the evidence against Durrant is overwhelming, he s made a full confession, and he wants to dieBut Jac s hungry to make his mark and he knows something just isn t right about Larry Durrant s murder conviction Trouble is, everyone thinks Larry s guilty, from the Louisiana Governor right down to the accused, who has confessed to the crime and now wants to make peace with his maker.Jac soon discovers that someone doesn t want anyone especially a lawyer digging around this case And they ll stop at nothing to make sure Larry s execution goes ahead on schedule Now Jac must decide whether he s prepared to risk his career, his reputation and his life to save a man who, by his own admission, is a murderer .When DEATH is your only hopeAscension Day is the most exciting and compelling death row thriller since The Shawshank Redemption.

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    1 thought on “Ascension Day”

    1. Very well done!But not to be a spoiler, every single clue to free the (probably) innocent Larry Durrant either ends in someone getting killed or the clue vanishing altogether. His lawyer, Jac, has been framed for murder and is also running for his life as well as away from the authorities. It doesn’t seem like he will be able to help his client at all, until he comes up with an alias. He impersonates another lawyer who is out of the country and retired.But that cover is also blown. As he chase [...]

    2. This is a book about a young lawyer who makes a career change in his type of law practice.He is the new lawyer so is given the lesser cases.A prisoner is on death row for a gruesome murderwith very little chance of his last appeal being heard.The Senior partners do not want their name associated with a doomed case so give Jac, the new lawyer, the case.Only one of the newer partners (Whom Jac works under) hasany respect for him and his capabilities.Jac encounters endless 'road blocks" and, even a [...]

    3. This book is about Jac McElroy an starting criminal lawyer and Larry Darrant who is a prisoner it Liberville. Larry wants to die after being in jail for so long but keeps finding himself saving Roddy from another inmate. Larry feels like he has nothing to live for with the fact that he cannot keep in contact with his son who is only eleven due to his wife's fiance. Larry is in prison for the murder of a female that he cannot recall if he really killed or not. Jac is trying hard to keep Larry fro [...]

    4. At 57% the main character is in a perilous situation and the Kindle edition is finished. The last 43% is a preview of two other of this author's books. I'm not sure if this was made clear in the description or not, so I'm not taking it out on the author, publisher or . It could easily have been my own fault for not reading the description carefully enough. That said, I'm just not compelled to pay for the second half of this book. It was okay and I would have finished it had it been a complete no [...]

    5. This is probably one of the most intense and dramatic death-row thrillers I've ever read, as good as The Green Mile if not better. Maybe what makes it work so well is that the action switches between Jac the lawyer battling to get death-row inmate Larry Durrant clemency at the eleventh hour and the prisoner himself watching the clock tick down.  Throw into the pot a violent prison fixer on meths, a ruthless mafia boss and a hit man, Nel-M, straight out of Tarantino central casting, and you have [...]

    6. Decent Deathrow thrillerThis was a very decent deathrow thriller. It was quite slow moving at first but it picked up momentum as it went along.I did think that it was maybe a bit unrealistic in that I would have thought that some of the areas being investigated would have been covered in the original trial and appeal. There were a few things that seemes a trifle implausibe. Though having said that some of the things that you do read read about capital cases do seem incredible and for the most pa [...]

    7. I do not remember EVER being as glued to a book as I was to this one. The locale is New Orleans; the event is the execution of condemned killer Larry Durrant. The challenge is to prove him innocent or is he guilty or is he innocent or Are the twists and turns overkill? Not once did I think so. I had to re-read the first 30 pages, thinking I'd missed points. Nada! The backstory was intricately interwoven throughout. John Matthews is a MASTER story teller. It is a complex story with many chara [...]

    8. This book has it all, and has both class and style, for edge of the seat drama,it takes part of the human psyche and blows it apart.It's about wrongful conviction, corruption, sex, danger and the shadow of death.Powerful in it's delivery and a brilliant story line.while an innocent man waits for an unjust death, one man has the power to save him(Jac McElroy) but first he must unravel the dangerous intrigue and deception that has placed his client in prison, and in doing so he brings about a chai [...]

    9. Rookie lawyer Jac McElroy is determined to save his client from execution on death row; but with only 47 days to go, and all pointers suggest it's a lost cause, and then with his own life under threat as well, it's not looking good.And there's a few nasty people out there determined to keep it that way, whatever it takes!With a touch of the "Shawshank Redemption" feel about it, this is 570 pages of will he - won't he, and the ducking and diving keeps the reader on tenterhooks all the way through [...]

    10. Between me not caring what happens to any of the 101 characters in this book and the extremely long promotional parts in the book itself I am giving up. I hate not finishing a book but I can honestly not spend time to read something further if I cant even pretend to myself that I care if the guy in jail gets the death penalty or not. And since that is the main plot amongst a host of others I think I should at least feel something about his future.

    11. At times the descriptive language used by Matthews is stellar. The reader is drawn into the story quickly and there are enough conflicts to make a good "guy movie" action flick. That action-filled plot structure was what slowed the story down for me. I was more interested in the psychological development of the characters. But it's a good, interesting, and sometimes entertaining read.

    12. I'm starting to lose interest in this book. It's tedious keeping up with all the sub-plots and characters, as well as constantly flipping back and forth with scenes. Although descriptions and writing style are excellent, the constant creation of suspense based on giving the reader little or no information is frustrating. Maybe I'm a little too simple minded for this author.

    13. Got this one free on Kindle. Good premise and main storyline was pretty good, but the sub-plots didn't really add anything. Spoiler: the late-in-the-story twist involving disguises-positively ludicrous.

    14. For me this was a difficult book. Many times found myself lost, possibly because it was an ebook. Pretty interesting plot.

    15. 'Nuff said, John Smith. Three stars only because I will assume the remainder of the book is as readable as the beginning. I'll never know.

    16. lots of characters with intermingling storylines creating a great mystery with a very suspenseful conclusion

    17. At first it seemed like the usual books about someone on death rapd it was. But the way it's written made me keep reading it and enjoy it. Fast paced and exciting.

    18. I downloaded this free on the Kindle. It was only part one and from just that I have no real interest in part two if that tells you anymore of what I thought of it

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