Taken Kayla Sheridan had longed for love marriage and a family Now after a miraculous whirlwind courtship with the man of her dreams she is his wife But on their wedding night he vanishes leaving Kayla

  • Title: Taken
  • Author: Barbara Freethy
  • ISBN: 9780451218735
  • Page: 196
  • Format: Paperback
  • Kayla Sheridan had longed for love, marriage and a family Now, after a miraculous whirlwind courtship with the man of her dreams, she is his wife But on their wedding night, he vanishes, leaving Kayla with the bitter realization that her desire has made her an easy mark for deception.Nick Granville has an ingrained sense of honor and an intense desire to succeed in buildKayla Sheridan had longed for love, marriage and a family Now, after a miraculous whirlwind courtship with the man of her dreams, she is his wife But on their wedding night, he vanishes, leaving Kayla with the bitter realization that her desire has made her an easy mark for deception.Nick Granville has an ingrained sense of honor and an intense desire to succeed in building the world s most challenging high tech bridges But when he crosses paths with a ruthless con man, he s robbed of everything he values, including his identity With nothing left to lose, he ll risk any danger to clear his name and reclaim his life.Thrown together by fate, Kayla and Nick embark on a desperate journey toward the truth to uncover the mysterious motives of an ingenious and seductive stranger who boasts he can t be caught and to reveal the shocking secrets of their own shattered pasts.

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    1 thought on “Taken”

    1. Loved it. Kayla's new husband disappears on their honeymoon. Nick comes back from a job in Africa to find someone has stolen his identity. They work together to uncover the motives of a con man. There is a 2nd book "Played" that continues with FBI agent, J.T.'s story. The book has a good combination of suspense, mystery and, of course, romance.

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    3. This is my second book by this author and had the same major flaw as the first one I read:There is a big suspense build-up but the solution falls flat and fails to make complete sense. There is a lot left unexplained. Very annoying to enjoy a book and then in the last 10% be cheated out of a proper solution to the questions that have been raised.In this story the romance is more prominent and some of it is a bit cheesy. I would have preferred more focus on the suspense. The writing is easy, a st [...]

    4. The writing and relationship between characters was so cheesy, I couldn't even finish the book. I read half of it and could bear it anymore. It's the first book that I happily deleted from my kindly. I'll definitely not choose a book from this author again.

    5. I actually want to read more about Evan (the bad guy/con man) and if the author redeems him for a HEA with Jenny. Otherwise, the book and story were ok. 3 stars.

    6. It seemed like it took me forever to finish this book. I was reading it for at least a week. Something kept me going though, obviously as I finally finished it. However, no sense of 'satisfaction' or that I've just read something memorable. There's some strange romance going on between the two main characters; she's just recently been married and ditched - yet falls insta love again within weeks, so not buying it. Sex scenes aren't bad but not that great either; rather vanilla and meh actually n [...]

    7. The plot seemed very familiar, however the book got off to a good start. The idea of a stolen identity and missing groom were very intriguing. But as the book went on, the villain seemed unbelievable and the hero and heroine's relationship lukewarm.

    8. This was a fun and fast read from the beginning. Kayla and Nick had just gotten married. On their wedding night, Nick disappears without a trace. Heartbroken and confused, Kayla goes home. When she stops by Nick's house there is another man there, claiming that he is Nick. The story quickly moves forward with lots of twists and turns. The villain is cunning and always one step ahead of Kayla and the real Nick. It turns out Nick and the villain met in college. There is a lot of mystery in this bo [...]

    9. This books is boring. I forced myself to read it yet did not care at all for the characters. Kayla was a complete imbicile. Nick was boring, just a typical alpha guy. The characters felt fake, forced. Evan was vaguely interesting and unique, because I wasn't sure how he ticked or how far he would go, but other than that, I was falling asleep reading this. Some parts were all right, but mostly, it's nothing special.

    10. Just getting into the story, but writing style is simple, lots of clichés and predictability is high. Promises to be a light and amusing read.

    11. Kayla Sheriden feels as if her whole life has been spent waiting. Waiting for her father to return and then waiting for years for her commitment shy boyfriend to be ready for marriage. Neither of these things happen so Kayla doesn't think twice about marrying a man she has known for three weeks. On their wedding night her husband Nick goes down the hall to get ice and once again, Kayla is left waiting. He doesn't return and she has no idea what has happened but this certainly isn't the worst! Sh [...]

    12. **Received a copy in exchange for an honest review.**"Taken" is written by Barbara Freethy, and it is the 1st book in her Deception series. It can be read as a stand-alone book. It features Nick Granville and Kayla Sheridan.One thing that I love about Barbara Freethy's books is that she's able to tell a story that has a good balance of both romance and suspense. Her books keep you on the edge of your seats. "Taken" was no different. It kept you guessing. Kayla and Nick get married in the beginni [...]

    13. Very few authors can manage to cross genres but Barbara Freethy bridges the gap between contemporary romance & romantic suspense quite well. Taken is book 1 in the Deception series. The suspense, the buildup to the drama & the timing are all masterful. Kayla Sheridan is ready for the fairytale - the courtship, the wedding & the marriage. She was the perfect pawn for Nick Granville. Everything went the way she expected it up to the moment Nick went to get ice & never came back. Wa [...]

    14. Kayla Sheridan had fallen n love with Nick Granville and married him in u see a month. This was not how she would normally act. On her wedding night her husband left to get ice and never returned. Two weeks later after no word and driving by his house every day, she saw a light on in his house. She stopped and knocked on his door and the man that came to the door was not her Nick. Unfortunately for her, he was the true Nick and the other guy had assumed his ID. After Nick saw a picture of the fa [...]

    15. Kayla Sheridan has longed for love, marriage, and a family. Now, after a miraculous whirlwind courtship with the man of her dreams, she is his wife. But on their wedding night, he vanishes, leaving Kayla with the bitter realization that her desire has made her an easy mark for deception.TAKEN BY SURPRISENick Granville has an ingrained sense of honor and an intense desire to succeed in building the world's most challenging high-tech bridges. But when he crosses paths with a ruthless con man, he's [...]

    16. This review is of Taken by Barbara Freethy.Note: this review contains spoilers!Kayla thought she had found the perfect man in Nick. He was perfect, the perfect con artist out to get the pocket watch Kayla was going to give to the man she loved. And of course Nick wasn’t even his real name. Little did she know that the pocket watch would draw her into a tale of bank robberies, murders, and secrets that are fifty years old. The good news is she isn’t alone. The real Nick joins with her to find [...]

    17. Kayla, happy in love in a world wind romance. She marries the man of her dreams and then on the night of her wedding he goes and gets ice and never returns. She's worries and then as circumstances unfold, finds out he's a con artist. Nick Granville is his name. Meanwhile, Nick returns home after being away for work. He looks around his apartment and things are not right, especially the sports car in his garage. There's messages from Kayla and she's pretty upset, married? What is going on! Pretty [...]

    18. Kayla Sheridan is swept off her feet into marriage by Nick Granville. On their wedding. night Nick goes out to get ice and never returns. When Kayla meets the real Nick Granville she realizes she has married a con artist, Evan, who assumed Nicks identity, married her and cleaned out Nicks bank accounts. Evan and Nick have a history, they knew each other briefly in college. Nick and Kayla set out to track down Nick but he always seems to be one step ahead of them. This story is full of twists and [...]

    19. I love Barbara Freethy can’t seem to get enough of her books! This book was so good I didn’t want to stop but you know how life gets. This one had a mystery that needed solving but also for the main characters to finally give in and admit they loved each other. Perfect combo for a great story right?My only complaint was the characters being talked about that practically came out of left field that had me wondering did I miss something? But other than that I still and will always recommend Ba [...]

    20. Another great romantic suspense book by Barbara Freethy!! Nick and Kayla are a great couplee chemistry between them is perfect. Evan is a perfect villanhe's a con man who caused problems for Nick years ago and now is back. He conned Kayla into marrying himtakes over Nick's life while he's out of the countryd disappears on their wedding night. As Nick and Kayla try to stop him secrets from the past are revealed. An engaging storywith a part 2 continuing in PLAYEDe second book in this 2 book serie [...]

    21. Someone posted a picture of this book open. The writing was so bad I googled it to find out what book it was. Then I accidentally read a book I didn't even care about. I have a problem.It was not a good book. This is why I don't read romance. Granted, I skipped a ton, but it was paper thin, cliche, slow, repetitive, and just kind of badly written, prose-wise. It read like the author either needed a few more drafts or a few more writing classes. I guess it might be enjoyable if someone is looking [...]

    22. Nick and Kayla’s Sham Nuptials Evolve!3.75*****Intriguing plot with complex characters, whose personas actually complement their dialogue and actions. The dual nature of people play a prominent role throughout this novel. Towards the novel’s end, I had everyone in cahoots with bad boy, Evan Chadwick, even Agent JT, and I am not certain but I think the woman in the limo was Dana. Can’t wait to read more about FBI Agent JT in ‘Played’!

    23. Another great book by Barbara Freethy. This was my second time reading this book and it was just as good the second time. There were so many twists and turns that I coudn't stop flipping the pages. Just when you think you know everything there is to know, something new comes to the surface. Nick and Kayla end up entwined in a theft that goes back to when Kayla's grandmother was young. I absolutely loved this story and would recommend it to anyone!

    24. Barbara Freethy is a master at writing mystery and intrigue along with romance. TAKEN kept me on the edge of my seat. I couldn't put it down as I read it straight through. This story has two people (Nick and Kayla) thrown together by circumstance and a 50 year old mystery to solve. Add in a con man and you have a riveting story. While this book can be read as a stand alone I am heading to the next book of PLAYED as the story continues. Taken is a 5 star book from Barbara Freethy.

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