Irish Moon

Irish Moon Release News ENCHANTED MOON Book II available NOW A promise is a promise and Ashlon Sinclair refuses to let anything deter him When the chest he vowed to conceal with his life is stolen his only hope

  • Title: Irish Moon
  • Author: Amber Scott
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 246
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Release News ENCHANTED MOON Book II available NOW A promise is a promise and Ashlon Sinclair refuses to let anything deter him When the chest he vowed to conceal with his life is stolen, his only hope in recovering it is also his only distraction Breanne O Donnell.In her bones, Breanne feels much amiss in her mentor s sudden death But who would murder the kiRelease News ENCHANTED MOON Book II available NOW A promise is a promise and Ashlon Sinclair refuses to let anything deter him When the chest he vowed to conceal with his life is stolen, his only hope in recovering it is also his only distraction Breanne O Donnell.In her bones, Breanne feels much amiss in her mentor s sudden death But who would murder the king s own druid Moreover, how is is his demise linked to the mysterious stranger left behind Their searches intertwine and attraction beckons putting their lives and their hearts at risk under an IRISH MOON Acclaim for Irish Moon If you are hot for Highlanders, Irish Moon is the book for you Your Need To Read, Reviews I am in absolute love with Irish Moon Ann CharlesNearly Departed in Deadwood, 2010 Daphne WinnerMore bestselling titles by Amber Scott A Love Soul Deep a magical locket and just one impossible wish for the one that got away Soul Search shapeshifters, deception and betrayal soul deep Fierce Dawn 2011 Best Paranormal Romance Nominee The RomanceReviews X Men action meets True Blood heat Wanted spanning time to find the only one who can set him free Love Lust so hot, so sweet, to satisfy deep paranormal needs Play Fling this stupid cupid will split your sides with her antics.Feed your craving for stories like Mists of Avalon and Merlin with IRISH MOON

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      246 Amber Scott
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    1. Irish Moon is a historical paranormal romance set in the wild countryside of Ireland in the 1300s. Under the magical Irish moon, anything can happen — and beware, because not all spirits are friendly. The story follows headstrong village princess Breanne, who is desperate to learn more about her Druid powers even if it means sneaking off in the middle of the night to meet her eccentric mentor. But when a stranger washes ashore the same night her mentor is killed, Breanne must make a decision t [...]

    2. Having never read any of Amber Scott's books before I was pleasantly surprised with this historical mixed with paranormal romance. This book is based in the 1300's Ireland. One thing I can say for sure is that I really enjoyed the Irish Folklore, especially since I don't know much about Ireland's history.Breanne is headstrong young girl of nineteen though old in the standards of her village, everyone is eager to marry her off while she knows she must marry, she rather not at least right now not [...]

    3. This was not the best of books. I mean it wasn't terrible but it certainly wasn't good. I was excited to read a book about Ireland in the days of yore so they say. But it didn't live up to many of the reviews I read. Breanne is a witch in training about to become and Ovate. When your master turns up dead, and she finds an English Knight near his body nearly dead from a fever she chooses to save his life so she can get some answers.Ashlon is a Templar Knight who has been exiled from his home beca [...]

    4. I loved reading Irish Moon by Amber Scott, this book is historical fiction, with a touch of the supernatural mixed in. Amber Scott manages to weave together a fabulous historical story with druid magic, a pooka, romance, and even Templar Knights. Breanne is a young woman trying to hold off marriage in order to pursue her studies of the "old ways," druid magic. However, when her mentor is murdered her studies are put on hold, indefinitely, and her step-father is putting the pressure on her to fin [...]

    5. Ok, so two stars is extremely generous for this book since I stopped reading it at 39%. If I hadn't been reading it on my phone, I would have thrown it against the wall.It actually didn't start out badly. I was intrigued with Breanne's studies, and what happened with Heremon, and why the dude (whose name I can't remember, if that says anything) was really there, and what he lost.But my desire to keep reading was put off by Breanne's constant pre-teen emotional back-and-forth with what she wants [...]

    6. My Opinion:I enjoy this book tremendously. I was taken back in time to a magical place where there are faeries and other magical creatures. I enjoyed reading this and spent a few days just absorbed in it. Amber doesn’t disappoint in this epic love tale. Breanne is an appertince learning the ways of magic in Ireland around the 1300′s. Only her mentor is murdered and it’s up to Breanne to help Ashlon, the man that was hidden in her mentors house. She has a strong pull to this stranger and ha [...]

    7. Three stars because I wanted to like this book. The characters, location, time period and (action) plot were all intriguing. But, I think I'm finally getting tired of the ol' romance trope: "Does she/he or doesn't she/he love me?" The whole passionate kiss, groping each other up, then rushing off to separate corners to introspect and misunderstand and wonder "Oh what is going on between us?" like a couple of junior high students. Blah. The Templar knight was supposedly a man of the world, spent [...]

    8. I have had more fun plucking my eyebrows and it's less painful than reading a book that is too long. I had to force myself to keep reading. I basically kept reading because I truly believed there was going to be some point to it all. Considering the entirity of the thing, it could have been a short story or novella easily. As a novella, I would have given it 3 maybe 4. It was never gonna be 5 because there was not enough brogue and the two main characters did not interact enough. I would read Am [...]

    9. A great read for any romance lovers, with a bit of magick thrown in and some tall dark and handsome men ;)A quest to assist with, a man to protect and a life changing discovery. Talking cats, invisible fairies, love,lust, druid magic, and above it all she has to marry by Beltane, want to know how it turns out?? Then go grab the book and read for yourself, you won't want to put it down!!

    10. I started reading Irish Moon last night, and I couldn't put it down. I finished the book today, unable to focus on anything else. This is the first book of Amber Scott's that I've read, and I enjoyed it from beginning to end. I was so absorbed in the world Amber created that I didn't want it to end. Romance, mystery and a knight - loved it!

    11. The idea of the story is good. I liked the characters, the setting, and the idea. The execution of the book failed on many levels. It just did not seem well thought out, or written well. I'm sure some of the blame can go to editing and publishing like I said there was failure on many levels. A great effort by all, I'm sure, and I appreciate the story idea.

    12. 3.5 stars it was interesting - fantasy historical romance. The H is a Templar knight and the h is druid princess. 2 tasteful sex scenes - if it was smuttier it would be upgraded to 4 stars ;^)

    13. Breanne O’Donnell is training in the druidic arts when her mentor Heremon is murdered. A mysterious knight named Ashlon Sinclair is left behind, ill and unable to recall what happened. Breanne nurses him back to health, but he is English and she is Irish, so she keeps his identity hidden. But Sinclair, a Templar Knight, is in pursuit of a chest that has been stolen from him and he ingratiates himself into Breanne’s clan to locate it. He’s also drawn to Breanne but his nomadic life leaves h [...]

    14. Finding Love after LossAfter you lose someone you care about, finding love is the last thing on your mind, but she takes it in stride as she finds a man she is willing to marry, then she almost sacrifices herself to save a little boy whom she also cares about and then she rids a evil cat of his curse. She is pretty amazing. Finding Love after Loss, is one way to cheer you up, but finding your soul mate is another thing. And she's has definitely found hers.

    15. Good bookYou people should just read this book yourselves and write your own review on this novel yourself and I really enjoyed reading this book very much so. Shelley MA

    16. If I had of seen the front cover of this book before I read it, I might have been less shocked on the content. As it were, I read it on my Kindle, and being that the picture was really tiny and in black and white, I didn’t notice the half-naked man on the cover.It features Brianne O’Donnell, a young woman learning Druid magick from an eccentric old man called Heremon as well as her familiar, a talking black cat. Learning the ways of old in the heart of Ireland is exciting at the best of time [...]

    17. May thy light be fair to me! May thy course be smooth to me! - New Moon , an Ancient Celtic PoemLady Breanne O'Donnell is learning the ways of the Druid but her mentor Heremon is murdered before she could even complete her training. that fateful night, she finds a stranger - feverish and may be dying. she then takes care of him and hides him from prying eyes.Ashton Sinclair, a Knight Templar, is on a clandestine mission. he is also fleeing from the Church's persecution. his path and that of Brea [...]

    18. See the full review at: Read My MindMy Review:IRISH MOON has mystery and romance, in a historical setting that I don't spend nearly enough time reading. Breanne, Ashlon, and the rest of Amber Scott's cast of characters, exist in 1300's Ireland. Breanne has had magic training, and when her mentor is found dead, she must figure out who killed him, and why. I think it is safe to say that this is a paranormal romance, but a lite version. More like magical realism, in that there are paranormal elemen [...]

    19. I fell in love with Amber Scott's writing when I read Play Fling. I was eager to read Irish Moon, and it didn't disappoint me. Amber writes historical romance just as well as she does contemporary romance. Irish Moon had a wonderful mixture of romance and magic and mystery. The characters all had good chemistry, whether they were friends, family or lovers. I particularly loved Rose. She was lusty and gossipy and fun. Just the sort of friend that every girl needs or wants. The story revolves arou [...]

    20. Since this was free read for my kindle, I wasn't sure what to expect. The title and description were enough to spark my interest. But, would it hold my attention. It must have captured my attention enough that I read it soon after downloading it. And with as many other books I have to read, this is a rare accomplishment all by itself.I really enjoyed the setting. There's something mystic and regal about Ireland. I think Scott managed to capture that. I liked that Breanne is so fiery. She's lives [...]

    21. I was excited to read this book on account of feeding my human plight for the fun of it. However, there was so much "fluff" in the book that I kept getting bored or wondering what real turn of events was going to happen. At 70% of the book. of real significance had happened yet. While some parts were over done, I didn't get involved into the characters emotionally hardly at all. The characters failed to hold dynamic.Also, the writingar God, the writingntains many errors and I found many sentence [...]

    22. As the book starts out we meet Breanne. The setting is Ireland, and she's learning to be an ovate. You get to meet several people on the way, and come to find out she's coming up to the age of needing to be wed. Something Breanne doesn't mind, but doesn't want from her soon to be step-father. Then we meet Sir Ashlon Sinclair a knight of a disabled group. There attraction the two have to each other is magical in every sense. And Breanne isn't exactly the smartest girl to see whats right in front [...]

    23. Irish Moon by Amber Scott is a wonderful historical paranormal novel set in Ireland in the 1300’s. We are introduced to Breanne, a fiery, headstrong princess who wants to live her life on her own terms. In spite of her family’s apprehension, she is learning how use her druid powers. After being tasked with caring for a wounded English knight the same night her mentor is mysteriously killed, the intrigue and passion bubbles to the surface and you cannot put the book down until you know what h [...]

    24. I barely made it through this book. I really hoped to enjoy it. I found it laborious and ridiculous. I'm usually better at expressing myself. Let me see if (by explaining it) I can nail down the root cause of my dislike.Breanne is a student of magic (Druid?). Her mentor is killed after he portends that a man (Ashlon) will arrive whom will require her assistance and protection. Sure enough, Ashlon arrives and much time is wasted on a less than entertaining adventure in world building and backstor [...]

    25. Overall, I give this book a good rating. What holds me back from giving it a better rating is the fact that the steamy sex was more a part of the story than the Druid magic that enticed me to purchase this book in the first place. As you can read from the description above, the Druid magic was “sold” as the central part of the story, but I suppose the cover image should have given me a clue as well. Still,. Ireland, Druid magick, a young girl training to become a Druid priestest, a Knight Te [...]

    26. This is the first book I've read by the awesome Ms. Scott, but I will definitely be reading more of her work! This book had everything I like in a fantasy romance - Irish lads, magic, druids, a familiar, the Templar Knights, and lots of romance! Breanne was a little spitfire, and Ashlon was what every Templar Knight should be - strong and very handsome! He's on a quest to find an object that must not fall into the wrong hands, and she's been assigned to help him find it, so they must work togeth [...]

    27. Sometimes a girl needs a quicky, and what better way to satiate those libidinous hunger pangs than with this fast paced, romantic novel based in Ireland filled with the love of an Irish Druidess and an English knight. Um, yes please.This was absolutely a pleasant read, although I do believe that it may be my first erotica book. I am quite prone to getting to know the characters and in a few books, they take their more carnal thoughts to the next level, so I was shocked with concupiscence when al [...]

    28. Exciting tale of magical love and enchantmentI thoroughly enjoyed the story of Breanne and Ashlon and how their fates were entwined long before they knew of each otherBreanne's growth from a young, irresponsible, girl into a strong, confident woman and her journey of learning with her Druid teacher are well written and draw the reader into her world.Ashlon, as the dashing, fearless, Templar Knight, comes smoothly into the story and keeps the reader engaged from the beginning of his quest through [...]

    29. This book came to me highly recommended and I now know why. The characters in this book, as well as the setting, is so well drawn that I felt I was in Ireland, watching this story unfold with my own eyes. Amber Scott's craft of writing and drawing the reader in was amazing and once I invested a little time into this story, I could not put it down. I spent my whole day reading this intriguing story and was not disappointed when it concluded. I was, if anything, sad that the story was over. Breann [...]

    30. Can't go wrong with an Amber Scott book. I liked this book. I liked the chemistry between Ashlon and Breanne. The mystery of who killed Hermone(I think that was his name) had me wondering till the end. It was a total surprise of who did it. I suspected everyone except for who really did it. Finn the cat was funny. I loved Danny the kid who's like a brother to Breanne. The friendship between Rose and Breanne was well written and felt real. The only thing I didn't like was that it felt a bit too l [...]

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