A Senhora do Jogo

A Senhora do Jogo No best seller mundial O reverso da medalha Sidney Sheldon nos apresentou glamorosa e manipuladora fam lia Blackwell e sua inesquec vel matriarca Kate Agora a Editora Record lan a a sequ ncia dessa

  • Title: A Senhora do Jogo
  • Author: Sidney Sheldon Tilly Bagshawe Michele Gerhardt MacCulloch
  • ISBN: 9788501088512
  • Page: 456
  • Format: Paperback
  • No best seller mundial O reverso da medalha, Sidney Sheldon nos apresentou glamorosa e manipuladora fam lia Blackwell e sua inesquec vel matriarca, Kate Agora, a Editora Record lan a a sequ ncia dessa trama, t o aguardada pelos f s de Sheldon Tilly Bagshawe, autora do elogiado Adorada, retoma a saga dos Blackwell, seus as, perdas e conspira es a partir da d cada dNo best seller mundial O reverso da medalha, Sidney Sheldon nos apresentou glamorosa e manipuladora fam lia Blackwell e sua inesquec vel matriarca, Kate Agora, a Editora Record lan a a sequ ncia dessa trama, t o aguardada pelos f s de Sheldon Tilly Bagshawe, autora do elogiado Adorada, retoma a saga dos Blackwell, seus as, perdas e conspira es a partir da d cada de 1980 Repleto de personagens marcantes e com enredo fascinante, o romance captura a voz m gica e irresist vel do grande mestre Tenso e provocativo, A senhora do jogo agradar aos vidos f s de Sheldon e conquistar novos leitores.

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    • Best Read [Sidney Sheldon Tilly Bagshawe Michele Gerhardt MacCulloch] ✓ A Senhora do Jogo || [Spirituality Book] PDF ↠
      456 Sidney Sheldon Tilly Bagshawe Michele Gerhardt MacCulloch
    • thumbnail Title: Best Read [Sidney Sheldon Tilly Bagshawe Michele Gerhardt MacCulloch] ✓ A Senhora do Jogo || [Spirituality Book] PDF ↠
      Posted by:Sidney Sheldon Tilly Bagshawe Michele Gerhardt MacCulloch
      Published :2018-011-23T22:23:37+00:00

    1 thought on “A Senhora do Jogo”

    1. When I was in high school, perhaps freshman year, I read Sidney Sheldon's Master of the Gameand I loved it! The plot twists and turns, the adventure! The betrayal, heartbreak, and of course, brilliantly executed revenge.So imagine my delight twenty years later when I see Sidney Sheldon's Mistress of the Game on my Grandmother's coffee table. Only it wasn't written by Sheldon. It was done by a woman who had read Sidney as a teen and loved him. One of her favorites wasMaster of the Game, and years [...]

    2. I'm both ecstatic that this book exists (a SEQUEL TO MASTER OF THE GAME! Dream come true!) and annoyed (who is this Tilly Bagshawe and why is she allowed to write the continuation of a book she didn't author originally?). But I had to read it regardless: curiosity and love for the original meant I needed to know what this pseudo sequel is all about.But I won't finish Mistress of the Game. I just can't. It's horrible. So poorly written that I flinched involuntarily at some of the dialogue, embarr [...]

    3. Who. the. hell. gave this woman permission to destroy Sheldon's story?I went into this with the belief that I was about to read Sidney Sheldon fanfiction. Let's face it, if you take an original story and completely fleshed out characters and write new stuff for them, you're creating fanfiction. Now, I personally enjoy fanfiction, though I'm very much aware that a great deal of it is subpar in comparison to the original work.I did not expect the pile of utter and complete rubbish that this book w [...]

    4. I bought this book "SIDNEY SHELDON'S Mistress Of The Game" fully believing that I'd get just what was advertised: a book written by the late SS. Instead it turns out that it's written by some no-name wannabe lame ass writer. Now I know that sequels to bestsellers by passed-away-authors aren't unusual but nowhere have I ever encountered a sequel advertised in such a way as to deliberately make readers believe they'd get something delivered by the pen of the original author.I don't have words for [...]

    5. This story is about elitism, women, money, power and classism. If that floats your boat this is for you. This anchored sailor is unimpressed. 2 of 10 stars

    6. To be honest, if this book was NOT a sequel to a book written by Sidney Sheldon, I would have probably given it a 3 stars instead of a 2. However, because it is a sequel to one of the best books written by Sheldon and toys with fantastic characters that Sheldon created, I couldn't help but compare Bagshawe's with Sheldon's work and be disappointed with Bagshawe. Hence, the 2 stars.If you haven't read Master of the Game, you should. Why? Because I read it years ago when I was a teenager and until [...]

    7. Wish I could give it a lower rating or post it on horrendousreads Seriously appalling storyline actually am being nice when i say that the storyline is appalling because it assumes that there is a storyline Just by following the Sheldonesque pattern of story telling, you don't recreate a Sheldon Story Obsessed with sex and sex and only sex of all types. with the author lingering especially on child sex TRASH in letters 100 ft tall and all capital

    8. Sidney Sheldon's stunning #1 New York Times hit Master of the Game has captivated a huge number of perusers the world over. Presently, finally, the amazing adventure of the eager and effective MacGregor/Blackwell family proceeds in Sidney Sheldon's Mistress of the Game. Creator Tilly Bagshawe has grabbed the ace's mallet and conveyed a wonderful story of assurance, voracity, and exceptionally dull privileged insights in the unmistakable Sheldon vein that will entrance newcomers and affirmed Sidn [...]

    9. The master storyteller Mr. Sheldon is likely rolling in his grave! Money must have been the motivation to hype a 'sequel' by another author to such a masterpiece ('Master Of The Game'); as if Sheldon's characters & stylizing would continue to weave the story of the conglomerate of Kruger-Brent and the Blackwell family & it's heirs. Though no prude myself, even I put the book down when the author found it necessary to vividly describe a pedophiles tryst with 11 yr old twins in Thailand. O [...]

    10. Atrocious, is what I think! Having read and loved almost all of Sheldon's works in my teenage years, I was thrilled when a friend lent me this sequel. I wish she didn't, because I'm now questioning my unwavering adoration for SS: Were his works that good, or was I just too young and naive to lose myself into his stories? I've got to search for all these books again!Weird, freaky 8-year-olds; one calmly goes thro' a kidnapping ordeal without any fear. Instead, she's already plotting her revenge o [...]

    11. Thanks to the horrible writer who took over the V.C. Andrews "name" after her death, I'm not a big fan of the whole "Hey, let's hire somebody new to continue pumping out books under the author's name!" But Tilly Bagshawe was apparently the perfect person to continue Sidney Sheldon's legacy. This book, a sequel to Master of the Game -- perhaps my all-time favorite Sheldon novel -- was true to the original in every way that matters. Like in that book, the lead characters include some truly twisted [...]

    12. First of all, I have never read Sidney Sheldon. I have read and loved Tilly Bagshawe's previous books Adored and Showdown. Her writing is what Jackie Collins used to be, before Jackie lost her edge. When I saw Baghshawe had written the continuation of Sheldon's series Master Of The Game, I decided why not. You do not have to read his book to read this sequel. Bagshawe recaps everything.This book is a very light read. The character developments were good, even though none of them were likeable. Y [...]

    13. I have never read a book with so many unlikeable characters. Disappointed in Sidney Sheldon. Update. I apologize to Sidney Sheldon. I did not realize 5 years ago that they hadn't written this book, I guess I got lost in the title. I almost never post a review below 3 stars because of the deep respect I have for Authors and the sweat, tears & creativity it takes to produce a story.

    14. ตามคำโปรยปกหลังเลยค่ะ เรื่องนี้เป็นภาคต่อของเรื่อง "จอมบงการ" ที่ซิดนีย์ เชลดอน เขียนไว้แต่เล่มนี้ได้นักเขียนอีกท่านมาสานต่อ ทิลลี แบ็กชอว์ ส่วนตัวไม่เคยอ่านงานของนักเขียนคน [...]

    15. *some spoilersI have not had the best time reading this book because:#1: Eight-year-olds who think and have soliloquys like eighty-year-olds is weird rather than applausable. Lexi and Max at that young age were too well-spoken for eight-year-olds e.g. Lexi's thoughts when she was kidnapped.#2: The Gabe McGregor storyline was BS. In Master of the Game, Jamie McGregor sent back money to every one of his siblings. None of them were left out.#3: Lexi and Max. In love and lust? They were FIRST COUSIN [...]

    16. I don't like Sidney Sheldon's to begin with, and I don't like whoever this woman who continue his books. I know that even if this book is miserable, many people said thatMaster of Gameis masterpiece, but then I realise Sidney Sheldon's works are not my cup of tea. I can't handle too much conspiracy, politics,adult stuff(you know what i mean), free lifestyle, tragedy, revenge and such in every Sheldon's books. I read many Sheldon's books just because my mom liked it and bought it, and I can't let [...]

    17. I remembered my college days after rating these book? My bestfriend introduce me to sidney sheldon who at first is my ever favorite author. It was just like first love at first read! I can't blink my eyes as I scanned the pages and beholding the content of every word. As if I am one of the characters. And there was a time when I can't resist and let go of my studies! Haha. Amazing book. Amazing author. thumbs up!!

    18. I certainly enjoyed this book. However at times I felt it was slow, too many characters to keep track of and I wanted it to move along. The last 100 pages took care of that. I was hastily swept away with the climax. Tilly did, in fact, do a terrific job of pulling it all together and left no doubt as to who was the mistress of the game. Well done!

    19. It's really intriguing how the lust for power culminates into losses - the loss of enemies, the loss of loved ones and the loss of self. This episodic story salted with suspense is soaked with the lust for power and its tragic consequence of losses.

    20. Read Sidney Shelton's Master of the Game and loved it. Mistress of the Game the sequel is at its best. Love the main character Lexi.

    21. Sbg lanjutan dari novel Master of the Game, novel ini gagal membangkitkan kedigdayaan dan super manipulator Kate Blackwell. Lexi Templeton sbg cicit Kate tidak mampu menandingi pesona sang nenek buyut. Yg pertama dan terutama saya kecewa dgn susunan kronologis tahun-tahun yg berlangsung sepanjang riwayat hidup para anggota keluarga Blackwell ini, semuanya acak kadut dan berantakan, bila dihitung dari thn 1984 saat kematian Kate berusia 92 thn. Tidak mungkin Kate baru melahirkan anaknya setelah P [...]

    22. The Mistress of the Game: Not up to the markautumnflanks/2014/Tilly succeeded in bringing back Sidney sheldon's characters alive but the characters were dancing for Tilly's tune and not Sidney's. If you want to be famous, write a sequel to a bestseller, don't go after the legend! Sidney Sheldon was and forever will be the master storyteller.As for the characters, I'd like to start with Gabe. He is a drug addict, loser, criminal and a prisoner. When he is released and suspected for a fraudster ag [...]

    23. You may read it and my other reviews here in my blog. Do pay a visit. ja-ichchhe-tai/201This is the sequel of the Master of the Game. I haven’t read the prequel, so was bit sceptic at the beginning. But after reading hardly 2/3 pages I completely forgot that. The story is more or less the same. The struggle for power, for the chairmanship of the business empire of Kruger- Brent. Mighty Kate Blackwell is dead, leaving behind her two grand daughters Alex and Eve. Alex is happily married to Peter [...]

    24. The Game continues.Alexandra dies in childbirth leaving Peter Templeton distraught while he dotes on the daughter (Lexi) Alexandra died giving birth to he blames his son (Robbie) for all the attention and time she gave him. A huge rift grows between Father and Son. Eventually Robbie renounces his claim to Kruger-Brent and moves to Paris. Where his piano career takes off, when he becomes the lover of a famous conductor. Lexi is determined to rule Kruger-Brent. Kidnapped as a child, she lost her h [...]

    25. What's with the negative reviews? Lexi Templeton was bad ass! A Mistress of the Game indeed. Of course there's a few things I'd changed but nothing that made me regret reading it. Nothing to rip stars away for. What would I'd change? Lexi's deaf story line. I didn't see the point of making her deaf to just find some magical cure later in life. I felt the author "Tilly" should have let Lexi Templeton OWN being deaf. It's no crime. Sure it's a disability. But OVERCOMING that disability could have [...]

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