Beloved Son

Beloved Son Second EditionWhen a man s identity is built on lies can he find the true self buried beneath For Wil and Dallin newfound love might not be enough To heal themselves and their world they must learn

  • Title: Beloved Son
  • Author: Carole Cummings
  • ISBN: 9781610407366
  • Page: 134
  • Format: Paperback
  • Second EditionWhen a man s identity is built on lies, can he find the true self buried beneath For Wil and Dallin, newfound love might not be enough To heal themselves and their world, they must learn to see things as they truly are and break free of what they have been tricked into believing.Wil and Dallin stand at the center of an approaching convergence they re not suSecond EditionWhen a man s identity is built on lies, can he find the true self buried beneath For Wil and Dallin, newfound love might not be enough To heal themselves and their world, they must learn to see things as they truly are and break free of what they have been tricked into believing.Wil and Dallin stand at the center of an approaching convergence they re not sure they re strong enough to face The power of the land and the Mother waits for Wil in the bowels of Lind, but it comes at a price he must defeat the soul eater and save the Father, Her Beloved, and manage to keep his soul in the process He can t do it alone But where can he turn for aid when friends are not necessarily friends, trusted mentors are not necessarily to be trusted, and good intentions are sometimes the most dangerous kind Dallin and Wil must accept their roles as the Guardian and the Aisling and stand together against a ruthless god in a cataclysmic battle of dreams and wills, the fates of both of their souls and those of all mortals hanging in the balance Trust, if they can finally embrace it, holds both the promise of salvation and the risk of damnation.First Edition published by Torquere Prizm Press, 2011.

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    1. I've been counting the days until Aisling 3: Beloved Son released, and let me tell you, the wait was worth it. Dallin and Wil make up one of my all time favorite couples, and for 'fade to black' where sex was concerned, Ms. Cummings sure made the love between these two sizzled without having to give a play by play of the action. Wil has grown stronger, more secure in himself, thanks, in part, to Dallin's unwavering support. I loved seeing him come into his own. His stubborness and that fact that [...]

    2. When is it going to be Dec. 15?????? Have to add how giddy I am to read this and SO happy to see so many others get on the Aisling train.

    3. I loved Wil and Dallin and I loved their story. And even though I usually prefer sexy times on page, I thought the way they were handled here worked well. Their love certainly showed through. Side notesIn this series, different variations of 'useable therefore useful' and ' those most easily used and uses them ' type phrases were used a lot and drew my attention more than they should have.Reading long stretches of italicized paragraphs is not easy.

    4. A Joyfully Jay review. 4.75 starsI’ve been a fan of Carole Cummings for a long time and the Aisling Trilogy was the first series of hers that I read. Like all of her works, Beloved Son is complex, poignant, and at times, elegant. The Aisling series must be read in order and for those of you who haven’t yet explored Aisling and Guardian, you will have to do so in order to fully understand and grasp Beloved Son.Dallin and Wil have come to their moment of destiny and neither of them feel up to [...]

    5. 3.5 StarsFull review to come. Just a few points for now.What bored me: The MC's introspection and the same old internal struggles. It was never ending and tiring.What I loved: The dream world and the confrontations that Wil and Dallin faced. It really took off around 45%. I loved the ending!

    6. After finishing this novel, read Everything, free story from Aisling universe, about Wil and Dallin after the trilogy. It's sweet and sexy and everything we wanted for these two.Review: 4.5 starsBeloved Son is the third book in the Aisling trilogy and, if you didn't read the first two books, this is a bad place to start. So, stop reading this review and check out Guardian and Dream. The books are classified as "young adult" by the publisher, but, personally, I never saw the trilogy that way. The [...]

    7. My review comments to the earlier books in this series apply equally well to this one. If you don't like intensely character-focused stories, don't bother with Cummings. That's really what she's all about. And even more so than in the previous installments, since large parts of this book take place in the dream plane.I do have some quibbles with Cummings' writing, built up over the course of reading both this series and her Wolf's-Own books in quick succession. She has some favorite prose tricks [...]

    8. This is the amazing and wonderful climax to the Aisling trilogy: I am still sitting in awe of the sweeping epic and the incredible use of language. The love between Wil and Dallin is their strength and perhaps the route to triumph for their enemies, but Carole Cummings brings all together in the grand culmination of three volumes of fear, flight, growth of trust, and at last, battle.If I ever write something half this good, I will have done well.

    9. Keeping this short and sweet: chock full of action and excitement, but straying just a little too far into "religiousness" for me.I am just as - if not more - in love with Dallin & Wil as I was before. Thank heavens there's some real sex in #3.5! (Such a dirty mind. *shakes head disappointedly*)

    10. I guess a simple 'I really liked it' isn't going to do it this time, huh? Too bad, because it is so much easier to explain why I don't like books. This book felt like a decent culmination of the first two books. Much more of it takes place internally, in the dreamworld (and in the MCs heads), but seeing that Wil is a dream himself, that was kind of a given. Also, Gods don't manifest themselves on the physical plane, so if they are taking an active part, we'll have to move inward. I happen to lik [...]

    11. Carole Cummings has presented a sweeping dénouement to her stunning trilogy. Aisling Part Three, Beloved Son, completes all the story arcs that have been building to give as a monumental tale of men, gods, love, and oh yeah, saving the world, too. Apologies for spoilers for books 1 and 2, but it’s nearly unavoidable. Aisling must be read in order to make proper sense, but it’s well worth it. Start with Guardian, then read Dream, and then Beloved Son will cap this epic.The one thing Wil Cald [...]

    12. The first half of this book tested my patience and had me frustrated. Dallin almost made my head hurt more than once. I thought my problem was coming from there but he was still the same, solid, always analytical, looking at each and every piece of the puzzle from every angle, so that couldn't be it. What I realized I missed was Wil, the "vicious little shit who never bloody quit". He almost seemed resigned and like he was tagging along and although I understood the reasons behind the somber moo [...]

    13. This is probably one of my favorite series ever. From book 1 to book 3 I was hooked and captivated the whole way through. Dallin and Will are such wonderful, complex characters who develop so much throughout the course of the books. Their relationship develops completely naturally, and I love how much they depend on each other to draw out their own inner strength. Their constant snark back and forth is endearing, and you can feel how much they care about each other underneath it, without any of [...]

    14. I love the Aisling books, and I rate them as 5 stars as one complete story, but compared to the first and second books, this one made things too easy for Wil and Dallin. You know those books where suddenly everyone loves and admires the main character(s) and everything just starts falling into place for them? This is one of those. I prefer my books with protagonists who have to struggle right through to the bitter end, where it seems like the whole world's sole purpose is to screw them over. Thi [...]

    15. This book is much more internal than the previous two. Although there is plenty of physical danger, it takes second place to the magical dangers and conflicts, which occur in the landscapes of Wil's mind. The relationship between Dallin and Wil is strained by the things each must do, and how they believe the other will view their actions. And Wil needs to find his true name and true self. But these guys are still Dallin and Wil, whatever titles and names they end up with, so the fact that they b [...]

    16. I just have to gush over Carole Cummings for a moment, because this, like all of her books, is a masterpiece.Carole Cummings is, quite simply, a master of prose, in my humble opinion.I really, really love the way that Ms. Cummings writes; it is so immersive, and so well crafted - from the extensive world-building, to the multilayered characters, to the fully formed religions and cultures of her worlds, and even extending her creative prowess to the creative names of both places and people. Readi [...]

    17. A Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words ReviewRating: 5 stars out of 5For the full review, visit wp/p220KL-ct5 on 12/19From that review: " With the final story, Beloved Son by Carole Cummings, the Aisling Trilogy is complete and it's one of my top series of 2017.  A truly masterful epic of fantasy storytelling, in this conclusion, Cummings expands her mythology of the  gods, brings in even more political intrigue, and continues the almost unimaginable religious zealotry that both furthers and thr [...]

    18. Wow - quite the epic series (3 novels and a short). I would highly suggest planning on reading all 3 novels back-to-back as the story doesn't end until the 3rd. It really seems like one very long novel with 3 parts and I'm glad I did not start reading it until all 3 were out and finished as I would have felt very unsatisfied with either "ending" at book 1 or 2. However, reading all 3 made it quite the epic tale and journey. Lots of twists and questions that keep turning and get answered with mor [...]

    19. Originally reviewed by Love Bytes Reviews.Beloved Son brings us the conclusion of the Aisling Trilogy by Carole Cummings. Ms. Cummings brought to life an interesting fantasy/alternate world type story that I’ve been reading along with as this current re-release of the trilogy is occurring. The first book hooked me, and I eagerly consumed both it and the second book, and then waited for this current one. I reviewed both of those on Love Bytes as well.In the third book, we lead up to the dramati [...]

    20. At the end of the previous book there was a drawing together of themes such that there was an expectation that the final book would provide the necessary excitement and resolution that such a series would expect. Sadly, the outcome was disappointing. It is true that plot lines reach their natural conclusion but they did so not with action and adventure but rather through internalisation and theology. This is a very internalised book with much occurring in dream state. Everything is quite subdued [...]

    21. Wow. I haven’t read a lot of M/M fantasy, but I doubt there are many that could rival this story’s epic scale. The author’s ambition with this world building is as huge and well thought out as Middle Earth in LOTR. There’s a whole background story about the creation of the world by the gods, the first tongue that is no longer spoken, the tale that has been twisted through generations among different regions, the power struggle between higher beings, and then the choices vs. destiny that [...]

    22. I would have given this one 3.5 stars, but since I can't and it was better than most I give 3 stars to. There were a less-than-average number of proofing errors for the genre, though the formatting for Kindle was sub-par. I'm not going to say more about that, other than to say that it did not at all affect my reading pleasure.The author has a distinct voice and can wield a pen. If you enjoy the voice, there'll be little to stop you enjoying this. I found the Brit dialect distracting because it p [...]

    23. Yes, yes and yes. Character fantasy done right. It's not often a writer will allow their heroes to be fallible and to grow as people and to let readers watch it all happen. I watched these characters grow up, I watched them make mistakes and I watched them find a way. I watched them grow together while they did all that. Wil started out as a kind of man-child whose first instinct was always to lash out. I watched him grow into a man who can now believe he has worth as a person. Dallin started ou [...]

    24. I enjoyed this 3rd book of the trilogy very much. I enjoyed seeing the continuation of the relationship between Wil and Dallin, although much of it was done through the fight to save the Father. Both Wil and Dallin grow into their titles of Aisling and Guardian and learn to trust in each other to protect each other. I would have liked a bit more of a personal connection between Wil and Dallin. This book was mostly devoted to the war they were fighting. Overall, I would recommend this series. I d [...]

    25. I just reread the series and am still reeling from the impact: The first time around I kind of rushed through the story, 'cause I HAD to know how things where going to play out. This time, I just got to savor the journey. And what a journey it was! Heartrendering, beautiful, true, full-of-wonder, fantasy of the soul as much as epic fantasy. The ending was in no way incomplete for me: each of them has come in its own, they are together in the best way possible, the last barriers of mistrust are d [...]

    26. 3.75 Stars, rounded up.The first book still remains my favorite. The second and third books were good, but they were also frustrating. For most of it I felt like I was in the dark. Like Dallin and/or Will *knew* stuff, had revelations all through the book as to what was going to happen, what sacrifice was going to be needed, etc but they didn't tell us *anything*, and boy was I frustrated and pissed off sometimes. I'm all for keeping the reader guessing but there was too much of it for my taste. [...]

    27. Another series that I devoured in just a day or two. It was so totally engrossing that I was ninja reading at work! I regret nothing.These are 'talking' booksa lot of it is inner monologue and outer exposition. There's intricate mythology and mysticism all over the place but when the action does come it is furious and intense. I loved our two heroes, the slow, intimate build of their relationship, and the way they interact with each other. The storytelling is lovely and flowing, even with all of [...]

    28. I am frustrated. This one seemed more like a chapter than a book. Don't misunderstand. It was long page-wise. But just as Something started to happen, it ended. I spent a few seconds trying to get my reader to turn the page before I thought to check my page count. Over. Last page. Last line. I love Carole Cummings writing. I love the world she created. I love the characters. But this installment didn't really have anything going on. It was a bridge to the next book. I can't afford to keep buying [...]

    29. This was my favorite in the series. I was eager for some action in the story, and my wish has been granted. It came out slow and a bit annoying, but then got into the pace that pleased me more. I don't know if the author will write another book, or if I will read it. For me this was the ending. And maybe the word "End" hints just as much :-)It was a nice story, deep enough if you care to look. If you decide to give it a try I ask you not to stop when it is somewhat boring at times, or to crowded [...]

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