This Hallowed Ground: The story of the Union Side of the Civil War

This Hallowed Ground The story of the Union Side of the Civil War This fascinating book tells the story of the Civil War as seen from the Union side Through his brilliant and stirring narrative Bruce Catton conveys the human aspect of history and translates meticul

  • Title: This Hallowed Ground: The story of the Union Side of the Civil War
  • Author: Bruce Catton Lewis Gannett
  • ISBN: 9780785815525
  • Page: 393
  • Format: Hardcover
  • This fascinating book tells the story of the Civil War as seen from the Union side Through his brilliant and stirring narrative, Bruce Catton conveys the human aspect of history and translates meticulously researched historical fact into an absorbing chronicle of the war This Hallowed Ground deals with the entire scope of the Civil War from the months of unrest and hystThis fascinating book tells the story of the Civil War as seen from the Union side Through his brilliant and stirring narrative, Bruce Catton conveys the human aspect of history and translates meticulously researched historical fact into an absorbing chronicle of the war This Hallowed Ground deals with the entire scope of the Civil War from the months of unrest and hysteria that led to Fort Sumter to the days of tragedy and hope that followed Appomattox Along with the author, readers will relive the shock and shell and glory of the war The true greatness of this book, however, lies in Catton s deeply moving analysis of the issues, and his search for the true meaning of the conflict.

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    • ☆ This Hallowed Ground: The story of the Union Side of the Civil War || ¸ PDF Read by ↠ Bruce Catton Lewis Gannett
      393 Bruce Catton Lewis Gannett
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    1 thought on “This Hallowed Ground: The story of the Union Side of the Civil War”

    1. Bruce Catton's 1956 work provides everything that a newcomer to the history of the American Civil War could possibly want from a single volume. It covering the major campaigns of the war from a Union perspective, its portraits of the key generals - McClellan, Grant, Jackson and, particularly, Sherman and Lee - are well-drawn and insightful; but it also does an excellent job of showing the lives and hardships of the ordinary soldiers.At the book's heart is a moving lyricism. The author always fin [...]

    2. This book is a historical account of the Civil War. With pages of notes, a bibliography and an index, it is a good read with lots more to explore. Written by Bruce Catton, who has published many books on the topic, it has the feeling of a substantial work. The account is heavy on battle strategy and documentation, with some insight into politics and even less into the societal impact of the War. Historical account being the privelage of the victors, it is told from a Union perspective, but inclu [...]

    3. Brilliantly descriptive writing and a thorough one volume history of a fascinating period. Really paints the picture and also remains entirely relevant although written 60 years ago. More reading would possibly be needed for broader context for non-US readers. Catton just may have had a time machine.

    4. A great single volume book on the Civil War. It obviously can't get too bogged down in detail given the restriction on size. Bruce Catton is able to describe the major battles without delving into the minutiae of military movements but still describe the general plan. My knowledge of the geography of the area was weak so having a good atlas helped understand the different movements of the armies. I loved the author's prose style. Very readable and elegant.

    5. An excellent introduction to the Civil War. Bruce Catton's book focuses on the Union side, but he presents the War in even-handed terms. Exquisitely written. His character sketches are terrific, allowing the reader to get a sense of players in the war with a few paragraphs. This holds up pretty well, even though written over five decades ago.

    6. "There is a rowdy strain in American life, living close to the surface but running very deep. Like an ape behind a mask, it can display itself suddenly with terrifying effect. It is slack-jawed, with leering eyes and loose wet lips, with heavy feet and ponderous cunning hands; now and then, when something tickles it, it guffaws, and when it is made angry it snarls; and it can be aroused much more easily than it can be quieted."A succinct but dense history of the Union perspective of the Civil Wa [...]

    7. This is a single volume book on the Civil War covered from a Northern perspective. If you are looking for a detailed book on the battles with a heavy emphasis on them, then you will be better served reading Shelby Foote's books or James McPherson's BATTLE CRY OF FREEDOM. What this book does better than others is put the Civil War in the perspective of the entire flow of American History and and presents how the war affects the future history of the country. The author does this with elegant pros [...]

    8. Bruce Catton never disappoints. This book tells the entire story of the civil war from the North's perspective with just enough detail on the major battles to cover the basics and still be under 400 pages. It's the additional details he provides on the people and their circumstances that add to the story. For example from the last chapter of the book, just after Lee's surrender at the Appomattox Court House."Grant stayed in character. He heard a banging of guns; Union artillerists were firing sa [...]

    9. Vivid account of the entire Civil War, with particular attention paid to the western portion, and writing that's both dryly sardonic in places and appropriately outraged by the general waste of life. Could have dwelled more on the the role of black soldiers--it's discussed, but not in great depth--but maintains an appropriate focus on the role of slavery in bringing about and extending the conflict.

    10. Catton was esteemed by many as the 20th century's expert on the American Civil War. There is an abundance of thousands of books on this topic; if you seek a single volume overview of the conflict, this 1957 account with its broad narrative sweep, almost journalistic in tone, could suit. Bear in mind, though, that it intentionally tells the war from the Union side. For a balanced telling, the McPherson.

    11. I love Catton but this one was a little bogged down by flowery prose. A great synopsis of the civil war from the Union side. Battles are covered briefly, the focus of this book is more towards why and how events happened.

    12. One of the better civil war books I have read. Released in 1955.Not as dry as Shelby Foote, Bruce Catton is a more poetic writer, lending more emotion to the description of events that occurred from 1861-1865.On the burning of Atlanta, Catton writes, "The solders went to their with zest. By now they understood industrial warfare, they could equate wholesale destruction with a blow at the enemy's war potential, and anyway it was fun to wreck everything.""The Federals were not moving out to find a [...]

    13. I would begin the conversation by saying this is likely a 4.5 star book, and for many a page, 5 stars for the swift and sheer eloquence in which Catton takes a dreadful age in American history and recollects it so poetically as if he were there, standing astride the battlefields himself to report upon it afterwards. But the drawback is that the book also takes on the life of the war, slogging strenuously through the bitter months of despair as scores of lives are lost, many to bullets but more t [...]

    14. An Amazing One Volume History of the Civil WarWhen I was a freshman in college, way back in 1986 I happened upon a Bruce Catton (1899-1978) book in the bookstore while buying all of my textbooks for my first semester. I picked it up just because I was in a mood to be educated with something that looked more interesting and less daunting than my economics and math textbooks. My fascination with all things Civil War began with that book (I sold it in a fit of stupidity a couple of years later). I [...]

    15. Best single volume history of the war that I have yet to read. For anyone who wants to have the chain of events laid out before them for the first time or just brush up on them after too long detached from the big picture this would be perfect. It didn't seem to become too overwhelming at any point either because it's only the union side of the war so the story telling cancels out half the characters and goings on of the war outright. Making for a much more cohesive presentation than most. Obvio [...]

    16. Before the publication of "The Killer Angels," I would have easily declared this the best book of history, on any topic, ever written. Now I'm a bit torn, but only a bit. Really, Catton's book and Shaara's are so very differentin scope and tone that they augment, rather than compete. They complete one another. Whereas Killer Angels focuses on the story of a war as played out in the experiences of one man, here Catton provides an eagle-like overview of the period. Here not just north or south, bu [...]

    17. Absolutely the best single volume treatment of the war that I have ever read. Catton takes no sides, but in a matter-of-fact way describes all aspects of the war. He treats all fronts equally, and even delves into some of the more unknown aspects and stories of the war. He is very descriptive, yet not overly so; this book is a fast read, and only took me a long time to read because I was determined to enjoy the pleasure of reading it. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in an over- [...]

    18. Different treatment of the main characters Grant, Lee, Lincoln. It is not historical fiction, but I am enjoying it. I may read more of his books.I finished it today and kind of hated for it to end. According to other reviews it is a review of the CW from the morthern perspective. I did determine this ater while. However it was not slanted and seemed objective. I feel like I am gettingt to know Lee, Grant and Lincoln better.The author does explain diferent perspectives of what was happening, so i [...]

    19. This is possibly the best book I've read on warriod. It is well researched history written by a man with a poet's touch. It is a joy to read. This is a comprehensive look at the Civil War, touching on the major themes and events. It omits many of the dealings in the Transmississippi and never mentions many generals, but it is a great single volume look from the spark to the extinguishing of the war. For military officers, there are many lessons to be learned reading this. For the general public, [...]

    20. This narrative of the American Civil War reads like a hybrid novel/journalist's account of the war. It's a great overview for the reader that wants to know more about the events of the war, without getting too much into the details of the military tactics and the specific battles. I would recommend this book to the general reader of American history, but if you want more details on particular battles or people, I'd suggest reading other more specific books.

    21. With few maps but clearly written descriptions of battleground settings and well defined personalities this is a complete and detailed overview of the Civil War. In spite of the horrible human wreckage that occurred this book was a joy to read. Almost poetry. Something to read out loud to yourself as well as others.

    22. This is the first book about the American Civil War that I ever read, and to say it sparked a lifelong enthusiasm for the subject is an understatement. Very pro-Union and pro-Lincoln, but then, so are most books about the subject.A very accessible, very interesting study. If you only ever read one narrative of the war, it should be this one.

    23. Scholars much more learned than I have praised this book and I can only add my voice to their chorus. A well-deserved Pulitzer Prize winner, This Hallowed Ground covers the Civil War from beginning to end in one volume with beautiful prose, candid insight and emotion evoking descriptions. I'm glad I read it this second time.

    24. A good, one volume history of the Civil war. Bruce Catton writes with imagery and a large scale perspective. For those who know more specifics about particular battles, they may be disappointed that some perspective or individual event is not referenced, but if you want a big picture of the Civil war, I would recommend this book.

    25. This is a great book. I would recommend this as an overall one-volume title on the American Civil War. It covers all the key points, battles and issues. My only criticism is that I wish Bruce Catton would have written more in prose instead of so much descriptive language. I prefer Shelby Foote's style more but Catton is very good.

    26. Having read Catton's Centennial History of the Civil War years before and planning to read his more focused Army of the Potomac trilogy, I read this, his account of the war from the perspective of the Union, as a quick refresher. As ever, it was an engaging delight which led me beyond the trilogy to his two volume biography of General U.S. Grant.

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