Blood Sisters

Blood Sisters Kenya During their childhood years in the Kenya Highlands three girls from vastly different backgrounds become blood sisters promising that nothing will ever destroy the bond between them But th

  • Title: Blood Sisters
  • Author: Barbara Keating Stephanie Keating
  • ISBN: 9781843432753
  • Page: 142
  • Format: None
  • Kenya 1957 During their childhood years in the Kenya Highlands three girls from vastly different backgrounds become blood sisters, promising that nothing will ever destroy the bond between them But the legacy of the Mau Mau rebellion, and the tensions and upheavals of newly independent Kenya, tear their childhood dreams apart Separated by distance and by family obligatiKenya 1957 During their childhood years in the Kenya Highlands three girls from vastly different backgrounds become blood sisters, promising that nothing will ever destroy the bond between them But the legacy of the Mau Mau rebellion, and the tensions and upheavals of newly independent Kenya, tear their childhood dreams apart Separated by distance and by family obligation, the three young women are thrown into a larger world of conflicting interests Camilla Broughton Smith becomes a successful model in the studios and smoky nightclubs of London in the swinging sixties Sarah Mackay is sent to university in her native Ireland, an alien experience that only strengthens her resolve to return to Africa Hannah Van der Beer s family struggles to retain the farm that her Afrikaans forebears established at the turn of the century Time and again their bond is almost destroyed Their friendship becomes a backdrop for competing love interests and broken promises Political unrest brings violence, and savage murder becomes part of their lives Blood Sisters is the story of painful transition, from the innocent ideals of childhood to the demands of reality, amidst the cataclysmic events of the African continent

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    1. Prva knjiga iz trilogije o jednom prijateljstvu iz detinjstva, započetom u Africi i nastavljenom kroz život sudbine i predivna egzotika Afrike Nažalost, kako to ponekad biva kod naših izdavača, ostale knjige nisu ugledale svetlost dana u Srbiji

    2. Oh my God. This is one of those books which just hook me in, and I finished reading this spellbinding novel in just under 2 days. The characters are all achingly real and sad, and Piet especially is one of my favourite characters in terms of development and moments written of. The prologue was actually a bit too revealing, in my opinion, as i realised halfway throughout the book who all the people in question were, but thats not to say that I enjoyed it any less. I'm only 15 so most of the issue [...]

    3. “Irmãs de Sangue” é um romance muito bonito que nos conta estórias de amor, de dor, de amizadeTem passagens muito belas e comoventes, que me tocaram profundamente.E porque já estou com saudades de Sarah, de Hannah e de Camilla, vou matá-las com “Um Fogo Eterno”

    4. Really enjoyed this book, it is well written and absorbing. The story of the three friends and how their lives change after school yet how important the bond that they share is to each of them at all times is something most of us can identify with. Even more interesting is the parallels one can draw to the situation with poaching and wildlife crimes in those days post independence to what is happening today. At times it is a lot like a fairy-tale romance but then there are some harsh realities w [...]

    5. Comecei a ler este livro há anos atrás. Se não me engano, comprei-o na feira do livro de 2010. Portanto comecei a lê-lo aí, em Maio de 2010. Tem 670 páginas e devorei 600 delas num instante. Não posso dizer que me recordo de todos os pormenores da história, mas recordo-me dos núcleos centrais, da Hannah, da Sarah e da Camilla. Das vidas e das angústias de cada uma. Recordo-me de que a Sarah foi sempre apaixonada pelo irmão da Hannah, o Piet, e que o Piet foi sempre um capacho da Camil [...]

    6. Opinião no blog howtoliveathousandlivesspEsta obra transporta o leitor para o Quénia, com as suas planícies grandiosas, a sua variedade animal e a sua riqueza cultural. Mais do que uma notável caracterização ambiental, as autoras fornecem uma descrição fiel dos acontecimentos da época. Assim, esta é muito mais do que uma simples estória de amor e amizade, é um retrato realista de como os laços de amizade podem ser constantemente postos à prova, nas piores das circunstâncias.O exot [...]

    7. Give me a bucket! "They made love with heightened senses, finding new places to explore, until they were sated and exhausted. Then he held her tight and safe, and they watched the moon and the smiling stars through the rectangle of sky beyond the window frame."This book relies mostly on the plot and I must say it's quite a good story. But you can't go wrong with this shocking part of colonial history. Add a good dollop of romance and drama and there's your book.The characters are as you would ex [...]

    8. Set in Kenya starting in 1956 this convincingly portrays life for the whites as unrest spreads among the native population prior to independance. Three school friends swear a blood pact. The book tells of their various separations and reunions over the years until their 21st birthdays. This is the first of a trilogy and I shall be reading the other two.

    9. Amazing and exiting I enjoyed every single page of it , I am so sorry I finished it it's hard to find a catching book like this one .

    10. It is The best of times in 1957 for the three girls who attend Convent school in the Highlands of British East Africa. They are completely different, from each other, as their backgrounds are grounded in three separate cultures. A new country is created and they start on their long journey of friendship. They promise each other at their graduation they will meet on their 21st birthday at Hannah's family's ranch in the upcountry of the newly formed upcountry of Kenya. They separate with one girl, [...]

    11. Decido-me pelas 4,5 estrelas.Confesso que me custou um pouco a deixar-me envolver por este livro. Mas à medida que ia lendo, ia gostando cada vez mais das diferentes personagens e dos seus percursos de vida. São personagens com caráteres bastante diferentes e marcados mas que, acima de tudo, gostam umas das outras e tudo fazem para se manterem em contacto e unidas. As histórias de cada uma delas são bastante distintas, cada uma com muitos altos e baixos, acontecimentos bons e acontecimentos [...]

    12. Irmãs de Sangue de Barbara e Stephanie Keating é o livro que estou a reler de momento. Passado num Quénia dos anos 60, aborda questões políticas e de sobrevivência segundo o ponto de vista de três adolescentes, amigas desde a infância, cada uma com as suas vivências e pressupostos." Quénia, 1957. Durante a infância, três meninas de meios sociais muito diferentes tornam-se irmãs de sangue: a irlandesa Sara Mackay, a africânder Hanna van der Beer e a britânica Camilla Broughton Smit [...]

    13. A classic chick lit dynamic of the friendship between three girls who meet at school and all need something from each other. One glamorous, pretty but deeply neglected; one homely, shy and well loved, on brave, amazonian but afraid. So far so Penny Vicenzi. But this is set in 1950s Kenya and the dialogue is filled with discussions amongst the whites as the country moves to independent rule. I can well imagine the conversations flowing exactly like this at the time, even though they jar in a post [...]

    14. This is a book for anyone who loves Africa (even if you've never been there!), and for anyone who loves family sagas.I'd read the third book in this series, and had kept this volume at bay, knowing that once I opened it I would be up until three in the morning finishing it. Yep. It is plot-driven, but it's a great story, good enough to pull you through. And it's got plenty of emotional insights as well. I don't know how you can finish this book without having been seriously reminded that being e [...]

    15. The violence of Africa, of life anywhere, is played out in this story of three very different girls who grow up in Kenya during the late 50's. A daddy's girl from England with political ties to Kenya; a daughter of conscientious doctors who come to help in a tiny village; a daughter of Boers making their own way in the world on a ranch after fleeing South Africa; these are the main characters. They grow up best friends and believe that will never end, but reality encroaches and the hardships of [...]

    16. I found this to be an interesting book, but about 250 pages too long.It took a good 100 pages for me to really get into it. I kept at it because we were reading it for a book club.We bounce around between the three main characters, three young women who meet at private school in Kenya in the 1960's right as the country is gaining independence from England. After school, they disperse, one stays in Africa to help running their 'Farm'/reserve. One goes to Ireland to finish school and the third to [...]

    17. I bought this book on impulse in Nairobi airport and knew from the first page that it was going to be entrancing. As I grew up in colonial Africa in the 60s and 70s it struck a very particular chord but it goes beyond that. It is well written and highly atmospheric. Warning - keep a box of tissues handy though!

    18. Adorei:)Durante algumas semanas senti que viagem pelo Quénia sem sair do mesmo lugar. Ao longo do livro existem descrições fabulosas, que nos transportam até África de uma forma espectacular.Depois a história em si é fantástica a amizade entre Hanna, Sara e Camilla e e aquilo de bom ou menos bom vida de cada uma delas vai-lhes oferecendo.

    19. This novel described colonial Kenya from the perspectives of three white girls (Africaner, Brit, Scot) who grew up there. I liked the insights into Kenyan culture and the story was chick lit with quite a twist.

    20. Livro que me parecia algo maçador no início, mas que a partir do meio me começou a despertar mais interesse.Três jovens, aparentemente sem nada em comum entre elas, criam fortes laços de amizade na escola onde estudam, fazendo-as assumir uma espécie de "irmandade", e prometendo entre si manter-se sempre unidas e amigasMas as circunstâncias da vida nem sempre o permitem, e o afastamento entre elas é inevitável, sendo que os encontros futuros têm um sabor muito mais doce ou nãoAs passag [...]

    21. Li duas vezes, uma quando era adolescente e outra à pouco tempo. Adorei. Uma história que cativa desde o inicio. Adoro a forma como a historia se vai desenvolvendo. Com tanta personagem diferente e a diferença geográfica ao longo do livro podia ser confuso, mas não é. Consegui imaginar todas as paisagens descritas, sem entrarem em pormenores enfadonhos as autoras conseguem nos transportar por exemplo para o Quénia e para Londres.Depois claro que é admirável a amizade entre a Hanna, Cami [...]

    22. First in a trilogy, the book is first set in Kenya. Three very different girls, from different backgrounds become friends at boarding school. They spend time with each others families during school holidays and become mixed up with each others lives and families. Book continues until girls are 21 years old.

    23. What a fabulous book! A real saga and I felt like I was there in Kenya. I really couldn’t put this book down. It is a mix of joy, romance, betrayal and murder and shows how resilient human beings can be. There were times when the tears were pouring down my cheeks. I can’t wait to read the sequel.

    24. Esta novela está perfectamente clasificada como narrativa sin ahondar más, pues incluye la amistad, el amor, el misterio, el valor de la familia, los miedos, los viajes a través de sus descripciones, la naturaleza, los conflictos, Por ello, puede gustar a diferentes tipos de lectores. Me ha gustado mucho, y sus 857 páginas no se me han hecho para nada pesadas.

    25. This is a beautiful, tragic, thoroughly believable story. I loved learning more about Africa. I would love it if there was a sequel!Fun fact: I found this gem of a book at Goodwill in the little hick town I live in. When I first opened it, a flyer for Makuti Villas Resort in Kenya fell out!

    26. DNF. I enjoyed the writing, and the characters and plot were compelling. I DNF because the characters endured some hardships that hit a little too close to home for me. But I would recommend the book to other who can endure some tragedy in their reading.

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