I Hunger for You

I Hunger for You In her steamy new vampire romance acclaimed author Susan Size pits vampires against mortals destiny against desire Mia Luchese comes from a long line of vampire hunters but has never believed in the

  • Title: I Hunger for You
  • Author: Susan Sizemore
  • ISBN: 9781416523550
  • Page: 171
  • Format: Paperback
  • In her steamy new vampire romance, acclaimed author Susan Size pits vampires against mortals, destiny against desire Mia Luchese comes from a long line of vampire hunters but has never believed in the supernatural When she s attacked by vampires, though, Mia must accept her family s dark legacy What she doesn t know is that sexy S.W.A.T team leader Colin Foxe,In her steamy new vampire romance, acclaimed author Susan Size pits vampires against mortals, destiny against desire.Mia Luchese comes from a long line of vampire hunters but has never believed in the supernatural When she s attacked by vampires, though, Mia must accept her family s dark legacy What she doesn t know is that sexy S.W.A.T team leader Colin Foxe, her rescuer and former lover, is also a vampire.Colin doesn t want to mate with a mere mortal, but his attraction to Mia is blistering To get to the bottom of the attack on her, he is forced to reveal his real identity and Mia hers But a generations old battle that should rip them apart cannot break the bond that has their souls hungering for an eternity of ecstasy in each other s arms.

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    1 thought on “I Hunger for You”

    1. It should have been a great read. But this is a book that has missed every opportunity to mine some angst and drama. Colin is a young (by immortal standards) vampire and Mia has recently discovered she comes from a clan of vampire hunters. Colin is a cop. He connects with Mia telepathically in a hostage situation when he and his team come to her rescue. A very blah rescue. They have sex. Which carries on for three months. And then one fine day, Colin decides he wants to graze greener pastures, t [...]

    2. 1.5/5 starsDisappointing, because I've read better from this author.Okay, so I read some of this book once before, a few years agod it never really did anything for me so I didn't finish it. But I was going through book withdrawal and I decided to pick this one back up and give it another go. That was a mistake. Firstly, the story felt rushed. The characters and the story don't feel to be very well developed, Colin came off shallow and Mia was supposed to be this spitfire but most of the time sh [...]

    3. This is one of my favorite books in Sizemore's Vampire Prime series. Colin Foxe is an alpha jerk. He works on a LA swat team. Until he bonds with a female vampire, he enjoys bedding as many mortal women as he can. Any real involvement with a mortal woman is out of the question. He intends to bond with only a fellow vampire. During a hostage rescue, he meets Mia, a mortal. The attraction is immediate. While Colin uses his best efforts to avoid any real involvement, Colin finds his attraction to M [...]

    4. A great series if you like the sexual strong male characters and their equally strong minded mates. For those who like vampires and romance will not want to put the book down. Mia Luchese (vampire hunter by birth) and Colin Foxe (Prime Reynard Clan vampire) their attraction towards each other is immediate and sexually charged. Time and again they are drawn together, no matter how they try to resist. When an outlaw Tribe makes Mia its target, Colin is forced to bring her into his world.Looking fo [...]

    5. I've finished it!!! Ok, it wasn't bad at all. I did feel I got robbed from a certain fight scene towards the end of the book, but even though Colin is an immature little vampire brat, and Mia is a stubborn little wanna be vampire hunter, they are perfect for each other and I actually found myself enjoying their little quarrels with each other. I guess it made it seem a little more real that vampires aren't perfect as they are usually portrayed. I am looking forward to reading the other books in [...]

    6. Mia Luchese meets Colin Foxe during a hostage situation and they immediately become lovers. Mia doesn't realize that Colin is a vampire, though she does realize that vampires exist (coming from a hunter family and all that). Colin is drawn to Mia and doesn't realize it's a bonding call because in his mind, mortals are good for sex, but when he finally bonds it will be with a vampire. So this is why, after 3 months, he tells Mia that he needs to see other people and breaks things off with her, br [...]

    7. This novel was very interesting to me from the start.  I wasn't as invested in this novel as I was with the others, just because the characters weren't really mentioned before.  I did like the fact that they seemed kind of young and forgetful.  All the he-man power was starting to get to me after a while and not in a good way.  Not in a swooning at his feet, more of a really-just-leave-her-be kind of way.  Mia was awesome in all her glory.  She's like the perfect role model for any woman w [...]

    8. Liked this the best so far - although that is relative and not hard since I thought the others were just kinda ok. This installment gives us Colin and Mia. That doesn't mean I was the biggest fan of this one. So the story here is that Mia is from a hunter family while Colin is our vampire hero. Mia dates Colin at the beginning of the book - or really during the 6 months we don't get at the beginning of the book - and the bonding process starts because apparently not only did Colin bit Mia but sh [...]

    9. Mia, strong (for a human), psychic, disciplined, of a line of vampire hunters (though no one has confronted a vampire in 3 generations, and Mia isn't sure she believes her grandmother), living in a house inherited by her great grandfather - a man she didn't know or know about Colin, a relatively new adult vampire who wholeheartedly accepts the Clan mission to protect humans, but he feels a bit superior to humans, and has plans to marry well to a vampiress, when he is olderIn a hostage situation, [...]

    10. I really like that each story (while having some of the same components) has a different twist. When reading Feehan's Dark series I felt I was reading the same story over and over with different namesSizemore does a better job of making each pairing special/different. than just a name change. With that said, I will now be doing something a little spoilerlyis is the tale of Mia (Caramia) a latent psychic, part of a family of vampire hunters, who haven't hunted in yearsoh, and her Great-great gran [...]

    11. You meet the young pup Colin in the previous book. In this one you learn that he is a butthead he redeems himself, but he's still a butthead. lolI say butthead because at first he is all gun ho about marrying a vampire female, then meets Mia, accidennally bonds with her, and then spends a bunch of time denying it.That bit gets a tad angsty, only because it is blatently clear they belong together and he is being thick-headed about it.Poor Mia, I say poor Mia because she is basically in the dark [...]

    12. I think this book was very somehow new in sort of way because it was like my first time reading a book that long and romantic and emotional. I loved how Susan Sizemore used her like grammar to show like desire and hunger which relates to the title of the book. I also like at how she uses a very amazing like story-line and also connects it with book 1 characters and story line to give you like a feel of what is going to happen. Like she gives us readers a fore-shadowing of like how the vampire me [...]

    13. When Mia Luchese meet Colin Foxe during a hostage situation she can't believe her luck. Another man who thinks women can't defend themselves. While unbelievably annoyed by his cockyness she can't help but love how self assured he is. Their time together is short, but explosive and a little too late they discover that the reason it's explosive is because they are bonded.Coline Foxe is a young prime who has only heard tales of the ecstasy and highs of find a bondmate. He never thought it would hap [...]

    14. I tried to give these series a fair shot read the first three, simply because I've heard good things. The first one was interesting yet really confusing, due to the writing style. I couldn't stand how "dreamy" everything felt, like I wasn't standing on solid ground (not in a good way). So I figured the next book would be betterd it kind of was but then the third book, this one, really ended it for me. They meet and ten pages later, they'd broken up after a three month fling and then they're marr [...]

    15. Not as good as the first book in the series in some respects so it took me a while to finish this book. I think over time if Colin and Mia's characters stay in the series that their appeal will be greater as they mature into a stable couple. For me it got kind of old reading how much Colin always planned on bonding with another vampire and considered a mortal woman to be beneath him as his destined mate, especially as he made that quite plain to Mia over and over once she learned he was a Prime [...]

    16. I usually really like SS's books but this one really fell flat for me. Sure there were vamps and a tad bit of danger thrown into an unwanted bonding but the leads really weren't all that interesting at all. They were inches from being completely boring, I don't really know how to decribe the way the coversation's between the leads just went blah for me. The overall feel for me from the book was rushed, lacked depth in not only the leads but the wording as well, and just wasn't enough to draw me [...]

    17. I picked this book up on the street from one of those guys and this was a good buy. It is not an easy book but it is a good, fun simple book. She is the descent of vampire hunters. He is a SWAT officer who is also a vampire. They meet and began an on-again off-again relationship. They eventually find out about each other and they relies they are to be bonded mates. The sex is real good, he is an interesting, and she’s not bad. I’ll read all the other books in the series with the grain of sal [...]

    18. The third book in the vampire “Primes” series.This book is the second in a two part story arc that began with “I Thirst for You”. A well written and paced book, it neatly tied up the lose ends and fleshed-out more of the Primes social structure. I enjoyed reading about the bondmate/wedding ceremony and hope to see it again in future books. I couldn’t put the book down and had to finish it from cover-to-cover all in one reading marathon. Now I plan to go back and leisurely read through [...]

    19. Okay- I've read three books in this series, but I done. Doesn't matter that I have 5 more of the series at home, I will not read any more Susan Sizemore. They deserve 2.5 stars but I can't make myself stretch to that rating of 3. Sizemore's writing is subpar in my opinion. The characters are one dimensional and the plot is flat. I have read way too many works by great writers to be entertained or captivated by these attempts. They are simply dull That being said- anyone want to buy them? Ha!

    20. Colin doesn't want to settle for a mere mortal but he can't stay away from Mia Luchese even after he has dumped her and wiped her memories. Why I picked this book up: I've read others in her series and Sizemore is great for a light summer read. Why I finished this book: I like groveling. And the book delivered at the level that I expected it to.Who I would recommend this book to: Fans of Kresley Cole.

    21. I really liked the way the story developed between 2 characters that don't want to have long-term relationship due to being a human / vampire. This deals with bigotry that many of us are guilty of just different circumstance same foundation. I liked how the couple overcame their prejudices and allowed themselves to continue loving each other.

    22. I read this several years ago and I'm struggling to remember enough to write a decent blurp. I gave it 4 1/2 stars on the inside flap. I remember that Mia came from a family of vampire hunters and she teamed up with SWAT man, Colin Foxe (vampire). Mia did not know he was a vampire. Enjoyed it!

    23. Tears, holy tears. I liked this one a lot. I about hated Colin until the last 50 or so pages though. Good story, lots of action and hot lovin'.

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