I Burn for You

I Burn for You Embrace the darkness in a sensual vampire romance novel from acclaimed author Susan Size The world holds great danger for Alec Reynard and his kind As the dark hollows of his soul threaten to overwhel

  • Title: I Burn for You
  • Author: Susan Sizemore
  • ISBN: 9781416523536
  • Page: 278
  • Format: Paperback
  • Embrace the darkness in a sensual vampire romance novel from acclaimed author Susan Size.The world holds great danger for Alec Reynard and his kind As the dark hollows of his soul threaten to overwhelm him, he undergoes secret medical treatments that allow him to bear daylight Living a double life as a bodyguard, he must also battle the powerful chemistry that exEmbrace the darkness in a sensual vampire romance novel from acclaimed author Susan Size.The world holds great danger for Alec Reynard and his kind As the dark hollows of his soul threaten to overwhelm him, he undergoes secret medical treatments that allow him to bear daylight Living a double life as a bodyguard, he must also battle the powerful chemistry that explodes between him and Domini Lancer, a mere mortal and, unbelievably, his soul mate Domini knows nothing of Alec s true nature But when danger threatens, he kidnaps her to his clan s stronghold to protect her and there, he can no longer hide who or what he is As the forces aligned against Domini draw near, Alec wonders whether she ll accept the darkness within him or whether she s actually a vampire slayer who s cleverly infiltrated his clan.

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      278 Susan Sizemore
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    1 thought on “I Burn for You”

    1. Opening Line: “He was growing hungry for the night”I BURN FOR YOU was an okay read. I mean I won’t be rushing out for the rest of the series or anything but it did have its moments. It’s the first book from Susan Sizemore’s Prime series (which is also available in the omnibus Crave the Night) Providing us with yet another unique take on Vampire romance. I have to say though that I enjoyed the world building here and for the most part, as a first-book-in-series it wasn’t overwhelmed w [...]

    2. Alrighty!! Got my hands on the first Prime book, so let's start this off right! (Since I've already read the third book,lets do the series the way a series is meant to be done, starting with the first and ending with the last!) Let me get some reading done and I'll be updating this little review!Ok, almost half way through, and I am liking this one very, very, very much!! This book doesn't rush into the story right off the bat, it takes it's time. It doesn't jump into things and the charaters, A [...]

    3. I was disappointed in this book right off the bat.r a good sign. I was so bothered by the fact that the author used Alec as a nickname for Alexander not to mention numerous grammatical errors and poor word usage. Does Susan Sizemore NOT have an editor? How did this ever get published in the first place?? Clearly, I will be continuing with this series.That said, let me sum it all up for you. It's the story of Alec and Domini. Alec is a vampire prime who has chosen to live in the daylight. To do t [...]

    4. The first book in a new series – vampire “Primes”. If you like your vampire males, the alpha driven testosterone types, dark and brooding, this series is for you. For me it was a change from the humorous paranormal romances that I usually read. A nice balance for me to switch back and forth from.Now on to the scathing review. Having started out reading the 6th ,and last, book in the series, Primal Desires, I enjoyed it enough to buy the other books in the series. I was, however, rather dis [...]

    5. I was really excited to read this book, since I had heard so many good things about it. Unfortunately, for me this book ended up being mostly a lot of build-up, and not much else.The chemistry between Alec and Domini was great for the first half of the story, but then things went downhill very quickly. The first 200 pages were a blistering build-up to when these two characters would finally hook up. But when they did, the scenes fell flat and the previous chemistry almost completely disappeared. [...]

    6. I was disappointed in this book right away. However, I managed to get beyond the fact that the author used Alec as a nickname for Alexander enough to finish the book. With all of the other grammatical errors and poor word usage - I do not think I will be continuing with the series.

    7. Prime Alexander Reynard and clairvoyant security specialist Domini Lancer met in a dream. A dream so vivid, Domini tried to duplicate it when she awoke. Domini has always been able to tell the grandfather that raised her anything. But she definitely doesn't want to tell him everything about her dreams lately. They're too often erotic but there are a few things she can share. Alec thinks the dreams have to do with his personalized cocktail to keep his vampire metabolism immune to traditional tabo [...]

    8. What is up with the controlling guys? I liked Alec, I really did, but things could have gone much smoother for him if he had been more upfront with Domini. Once Domini finally figured out exactly what the truth was, I was surprised at how well she took things. I was expecting a rougher transition for her, so I was pleasantly surprised with her. I'm interested in seeing how things go with this world. Things are a bit different with the vampires, but nothing too outside the box. I look forward to [...]

    9. This book starts out strong and ends strong. I liked that there was not that yo-yo/should I-shouldn't stuff going on. I'm planning on reading more of the series. Alec is a vampire who's is going feral and is trying to slow/stop the process. In the middle of his mess, he finds his bond mate and tries to keep her from him until he has more control over himself. His bond mate Domini, has a secret family past that she's not even aware of let alone that vampires exist. Good book!

    10. A great series if you like the sexual strong male characters and their equally strong minded mates. For those who like vampires and romance will not want to put the book down. Alec Reynard and Domini Lancer are just made to be together whether they agree at the moment or not they can't stay away from each other for very long without wanting to go and find the other and bring them back home. Looking forward to the next book in this series.

    11. An interesting take on vampires, but too many loose ends.t sure if they are tied up later in the series. There was so much good build up that the story felt like it ended too abruptly. I was expecting much more as I read and then the book just ended leaving me hanging. I felt a little cheated.I'm left wondering if I should continue with this series.

    12. Bence Türkçe'ye çok geç çevrilmeye başlanmış bir seri benzerlerini ve daha iyilerini gördüğümüz için biraz ordan burdan alınmış (ki bazılarından daha önce yazılmış olmasına rağmen) gibi geldi. O yüzden vasat bulmaktan öteye geçemedim.

    13. This book was okay, I don't know really why it wasn't my best read, maybe it seemed lacking in detail or action??

    14. I had this built up so much in my headd it fell way short. I've had it on my TR list for ever and then when I spent the money I felt let down.

    15. What can I say? Hot read! One of the first vampire books that got me hooked and now I write vampire romances myself

    16. Been there, done that. Recommend this book for all vampire lovers who are looking for something to end their thirst for more, but who don't expect anything great or original.

    17. Domini is a psychic who works for her grandfather's security company. She has a powerful draw to the newest member of the company, Alec Reynard, who, to her, is very strange and very dangerous because of his allure. Alec is actually a vampire and the two are drawn to each other because they are soul mates and everything in Alec is telling him to claim Domini for his mate. But Alec is on the edge, having a bad reaction to the drugs that allow him to walk in daylight, he cannot join Domini to him [...]

    18. ssAnother new world for vampires… another strand with its own mythology… in the beginning, both humans and vampires evolved – related, yet different… and the vampires split into: clan (like humans, protect humans), family (middle road, whatever is easier), & tribes (evil, annihilate humans)… The clans are matriarchal, with the title of Matri. And the clan found doctors in this century to help them overcome their ‘allergies’ to light, garlic, silver, wood, etc, with medicines/se [...]

    19. I was right - I should have read these in order. Having read this book, I now understand so much more about Primal Heat. Although, I still am not totally hooked on Ms. Sizemore's writing. This too was ok. Not stellar, not terrible. I will read the rest of the set that I have (since I got them free) but I doubt I will run out to purchase the ones I don't already have.So, here we have Alec and Domini. Alec is supposed to be a vampire prime who has chosen to live in the daylight and take all the da [...]

    20. I happened to find this novel very interesting. This novel is just one of the many that I happened to find in a resale shop and it intrigued me. This novel is about a vampire, but the vampires have a twist to them. It was kind of confusing at first, but after a while I really got into it. Nothing in this novel is actually normal by any means. It was damn right confusing at first and then got really interesting in a putting-a-different-swing-on-how-vampires-act sort of way. For instance, they hav [...]

    21. Alexander or Alec, is one of the Prime males (sound vaguely familiar right? lol) for his vampire Clan Reynard. Domini is his bond mate, but she doesn't know it yet. She is also psychic, having had premonitions of future events since she was a small child. Domini works for her grandfather who owns and runs a bodyguard agency. He hires Alec to fill a spot vacated by a previous agent. From the moment they meet, they are drawn to each other. Alec knows Domini is his, his bond mate meant for him. But [...]

    22. I really enjoyed this story overall. However, when I really stop and dissect the inner workings of this story's vampire world and other aspects of it, things become muddled and not a clear. I felt the story was sorta all over the place and had a 'newbie' feel to it. Fate finally steps in and throws Alexander "Alec" Reynard and Domini Lance together. Alec instantly recognizes her as his mate, but with his recent trouble with his medication that allows him to be out in the sun, knows this isn't th [...]

    23. La historia me parecio interesante, como es que los vampiros llegan a formar distintos grupos que representan lo que son y como dentro de uno de ellos se encuentran diferentes clanes. Todo el concepto del clan es que son guardianes y no solo de su pueblo sino que tambien cuidan de los humanos a su manera como por ejemplo participando en las diferentes formas de defensa que tiene el pais ya sea de policias, bomberos o demasDomini se encuentra con Alex gracias a los poderes psiquicos que ha tenido [...]

    24. Although the pictures maybe somewhat inappropriate i thought this was a really well written book. The author uses like imagination and emphasis or words to describe more of the feelings and emotions the characters are going through. I also love how she use personification to describe fear because she does it in like the boom moment where everything finally comes together like a puzzle and the character realizes her fear which is exciting to me. I also like how she used imagination because she pu [...]

    25. I didn't enjoy this one as much as I wanted to. It's a fast read, and the writing is confident and smooth, but I felt like sometimes it moved too fast, and the main characters were a little detached, especially during the sex scenes, which weren't as intimate as I'd like. I didn't buy that Alec loved her, I didn't really buy any of their emotions. I liked the take on vampires - with the Clans taking medicine and serums so they can move about during the day and not be susceptible to garlic etc bu [...]

    26. This was actually pretty good. A ton of things were explained clearly as far as the 3 types of vampires etc. Purists & huntersONE MAJOR FLAW!!! She gives a date of birth instead of an age of the vamp. He would be 44 today, but when it came out, he was 35 In a few years, he will be 50 & so not cool in the vamp world.The blurb on the back is incorrect. It says that he wonders if she is a slayer infiltrating his clan WHAT?!?First of all, this is about Domini whose grandfather owns a securit [...]

    27. Not the worst book that I've this year and by far not the best one either. I really liked the take the author had on the vampire society and their culture. I liked Domini, thought she had some strong backbone and was a pretty strong heroine. Alec had his good moments and then he had his realy jerk moments. Somethings didn't do it for me though. I thought the story started strong, but then it kept stalling in the middle, causing the end to be very rushed. There were times that I had to go back an [...]

    28. This is an interesting take on vampires. I mean Eve having a sister. Incredible then there is medical intervention for garlic and silver allergies. I think it's pretty cool. I liked how the clans are made up of animals. I think it was also creative to have the ruling parties be women. Go us!!So the granddaughter of a matriarch has bonded and no one really knew she was part vampire. I liked the story it was believable (family secrets) and I liked how intricate everything was detailed. The only th [...]

    29. I want to say 2.8/5 And then at times I think that's a bit harsh. I really liked the whole medicated twist on the genre. That said, it seemed really disjointed. The flow didn't, well, flow logically at times. The reactions seemed disjointed and some of the actions lacked proper consequences--that is, unless they were taken in vacuums and I didn't get the memo. Shit happens, yeah? lolThe ending was also a little Well I felt like it lacked something. Anyways. I'll likely give the next one a shot t [...]

    30. I decided to take this book with me on my short vacation to Las Vegas -- I ended up having time to read this, as it is a QUICK and fun read. A Vampire romance that focuses more on the romance and the life of our heroine rather than the VAMPIRE side of the story. Very nice. I look forward to the other two (or more by now??) in the series (thirst and hunger for you).Domini is a great character, as is Alec, though we know more about D than her vampire. I also liked some of the other characters that [...]

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