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Selected Poems Christina Rossetti is widely regarded as the most considerable woman poet in England before the twentieth century No reading of nineteenth century poetry can be complete without attention to this prol

  • Title: Selected Poems
  • Author: Christina Rossetti
  • ISBN: 9781407221403
  • Page: 248
  • Format: Paperback
  • Christina Rossetti is widely regarded as the most considerable woman poet in England before the twentieth century No reading of nineteenth century poetry can be complete without attention to this prolific and popular poet Rossetti s inner life dominates her poetry, exploring loss and unattainable hope Her divine poems have a freshness and toughness of thought, while manChristina Rossetti is widely regarded as the most considerable woman poet in England before the twentieth century No reading of nineteenth century poetry can be complete without attention to this prolific and popular poet Rossetti s inner life dominates her poetry, exploring loss and unattainable hope Her divine poems have a freshness and toughness of thought, while many of her love poems are erotic, and as often express love for women as for men The varied threads of Rossetti s concerns are drawn together in what is perhaps her greatest poem, the strange and ambiguous Goblin Market.

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    1 thought on “Selected Poems”

    1. So I confess I had hoped to savour these probably as I should've done but aah once I started reading them I couldn't stop. They were all so moving and effective and beautifully composed. I definitely need to read more of her poetry and learn more about her. Definitely the book I needed to read to pull me back into my love of poetry.Full review to come.

    2. Rossetti is definitely my new favorite poet. I love her style, especially the feeling of motion and energy and life in her use of participles and her use of nature. Many of her religious poems were especially reflective and powerful.

    3. Shadow, shadow on the wallSpread thy shelter over me;Wrap me with a heavy pall,With the dark that none may see.Fold thyself around me; come:Shut out all the troublesomeNoise of life; I would be dumb.Shadow thou hast reached my feet,Rise and cover up my head;Be my stainless winding sheet,Buried before I am dead.Lay thy cool upon my breast:Once I thought that joy was best,Now I only care for rest.By the grating of my cellSings a solitary bird;Sweeter than the vesper bell,Sweetest song was ever hea [...]

    4. EchoCome to me in the silence of the night; Come in the speaking silence of a dream;Come with soft rounded cheeks and eyes as bright As sunlight on a stream; Come back in tears,O memory, hope, love of finished years.Oh dream how sweet, too sweet, too bitter sweet, Whose wakening should have been in Paradise,Where souls brimfull of love abide and meet; Where thirsting longing eyes Watch the slow doorThat opening, letting in, lets out no more.Yet come to me in dreams, that I may live My very life [...]

    5. This time I actually read the whole book. Before I gave this a star rating without actually reading the whole thing. Still, this is five stars. I really love Christina Rossetti's poems. Whether they are religious, spiritual, fairy tale, or moving, Rossetti is a great poet I believe. She's no Dante, Shakespeare, or Milton, meaning, she isn't complex, but she is still one of my favorite poets. I see I could have gotten her complete poems awhile back, but I think a section is just as good. This has [...]

    6. I have loved Christina Rossetti's poems for years. I picked this volume up from the library on impulse as I have not read any of her work for a while. It was nice to re-read some old favourites like Cousin Kate, Echo, Song (When I am dead my dearest), Goblin Market and Remember.What I liked about this volume was that it included more of her religious poetry than other "selected poems" editions that I have read. I found a new one to add to my list of favourites - Who shall deliver me?Recommended. [...]

    7. Tempus FugitLovely Spring,A brief sweet thing,Is swift on the wing;Gracious Summer,A slow sweet comer,Hastens past;Autumn while sweetIs all incompleteWith a moaning blast,—Nothing can last,Can be cleaved unto,Can be dwelt upon;It is hurried through,It is come and gone,Undone it cannot be done,It is ever to do,Ever old, ever new,Ever waxing oldAnd lapsing to Winter cold.

    8. from Sing-SongWhat are heavy? sea-sand and sorrow:What are brief? today and tomorrow:What are frail? Spring blossoms and youth:What are deep? the ocean and truth.

    9. I wasn’t a fan of Rossetti’s poetry. She had a habit of using too many syllables and it threw off the rhythm. It didn’t help that I also found her language and themes repetitive and bland. I only managed twenty pages before I started skim-reading. There were a few poems, however, that stood out from the rest and were actually likeable. ‘Two Pursuits’ was one. Its positive simplicity was a welcome change from the depressed, religious tone that pre-dominated the rest of the anthology. [...]

    10. I'm not the biggest poetry fan. I'm not a religious person. These things mean that Rossetti and I don't have all that much in common, but I think she is an excellent poet. Her themes deal a lot with religion and with sin and temptation. She focuses a lot on the roles and expectations of women. My favorites from this collection are:- Remember. A poem about wanting loved ones to remember you when you die but to also be happy and live without you. - In an Artist's Studio. A poem that I think repres [...]

    11. This is a portable collection of Christina Rossetti's poetry. The book slights readers by not including all of Sing-Song. The poems "An Apple Gathering," "Goblin Market," and "The Hour and the Ghost," are essential poems, however, and are included within. Rossetti was a poet with deft knowledge of nature and consequences.

    12. Did not read every single one but studied a wide selection and read most of them. I'd encourage anyone to study Rossetti herself-she was an extremely fascinating woman and the things you may learn about her add a lot of extra elements to her poetry.

    13. Really enjoyed being introduced to this lady, and feel her poems are a wonderful mix of humour and heartbreak. They seem effortless in only the way a skilled writer can create, and I took the advice from the intro to read them out loud, as poetry was intended to be.

    14. I had picked this book up at last year's American Association of University Women's used book sale. I had probably read some of her poetry when I was in school, but none of these seemed familiar. Nonetheless, I enjoyed reading them and liked her sonnets very much, most especially "Monna Innominata" (a series of 14 love sonnets written from a woman's point-of-view.) "Monna Innominata" is as good as any sonnets written by Shakespeare or other gentlemen poets, IMO. My only quibble lies with the Int [...]

    15. It is a good collection of her poems, a solid introduction to the kinds of poetry Christina Rossetti wrote. She and was a gifted lyrical poet, and it is astonishing that she is not more widely known. Her religious poems are beautiful, and some have become familiar hymns in different religions/churches. She was the sister of the Pre-Raphaelite painter Dante Gabriel Rossetti, and the Pre-Raphaelite sensibility and ideals influences her poetry and her reaction to the world around her. Goblin Market [...]

    16. I very much prefer her poetry over her brothers. He made nice translations of Italian Renaissance poetry, but his own work was too imitative of past styles. On the other hand, Christine Rossetti is one of my new favorite poets: Some time's her choice of words remind me of Emily Dickinson, but her over-all feeling is very unique. She's creative with form and refuses to me predictable. Some of them really touched me while others were- at least to me- decent enough to appreciate. Hopefully I'll ret [...]

    17. I usually hate poetry, if I'm being honest, so I do not read it often. This however, I found it to be written in a simple yet sweet manner. Her poems have a certain energy to them, and are wonderfully worded together. I enjoyed some more than others but overall, I think I may have found a poet that I truly do like the poems of and would not mind reading more of.

    18. Rossetti's rich language and rhyme is such a joy to read. Simply amazing. I especially love the poem Goblin Market; the description of the fruit was so vivid and enticing that my mouth watered (and the only fruit I like is apples!). I highly recommend this collection. Actual rating 4.5/5 stars as some of the poetry is a little dry - but that is only a minority.

    19. What can one say about the work of Christina Rosetti? Perhaps that her religious poems are even better than her "Goblin Market"? That "Market" is a must read? That she deserves all the attention that she gets?All of the above.

    20. The title is exactly what it says -- twenty poems from Christina Rossetti. I love the poetry. I gave the book two stars simply because there are better anthologies out there that include commentaries and historical information.

    21. although I wouldn't say that this volume of poems will end up in my favorites list I did enjoy her sense of humor and her look at the lives of women. It made me curious to find out more about her as a person.

    22. My first reading of a work by Christina Rossetti (in this case, selected poems) and I'm not disappointed at all. I like how she writes, in a simple manner but with a deeper meaning behind the lines.I found specially inspiring the poem "Goblin Market".

    23. Although she gave herself to solitude in the church the last 30 years of her life, I found her joyless and dark in her writings. But at the same time, I was drawn to her as she was a good poet if not a good liver of life.

    24. INCREDIBLE poet. One of the first feminists of our time. Her poetry is still relevant today even though it was written in the 1800s. She writes subtly about a range of prominent issues still relevant in our society. Give her a try, it'll be worth it.

    25. Baigais emo.Goblin Market bija episks un skaists, bet viss pārējais smaržoja pēc asarām, trūdzemes, vītušām puķēm un pret klintīm sašķaidītām cerībām.

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