Dark Champion

Dark Champion A Damsel s PlightOrphaned and desperate Imogen of Carrisford flees when a brutal lord invades and takes possession of her castle There is only one man she can turn to for help A Knight s RescueHe is

  • Title: Dark Champion
  • Author: Jo Beverley
  • ISBN: 9780451207661
  • Page: 284
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Damsel s PlightOrphaned and desperate, Imogen of Carrisford flees when a brutal lord invades and takes possession of her castle There is only one man she can turn to for help.A Knight s RescueHe is FitzRoger of Cleeve, rud to be a ruthless champion in battle and a tyrannical master Imogen is stunned at the very sight of his powerful body, yet it is his cool green eA Damsel s PlightOrphaned and desperate, Imogen of Carrisford flees when a brutal lord invades and takes possession of her castle There is only one man she can turn to for help.A Knight s RescueHe is FitzRoger of Cleeve, rud to be a ruthless champion in battle and a tyrannical master Imogen is stunned at the very sight of his powerful body, yet it is his cool green eyes that penetrate her very soul, making her tremble with both fear and desire Sheltered all her life, she needs such a man to defend and protect her yet she dares not trust him to put her desires before his own But even as she vows independence, boldly standing beside him against treacherous enemies, her defenses crumble falling helplessly to the gentle fury of her warrior s love.

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    1 thought on “Dark Champion”

    1. I liked Dark Champion's interesting hero and, up until around halfway through the book, the writing was also really good as well. However the heroine drove me up the wall. I understand that the author was trying to be period correct and wanted to add some kind of conflict with the crazy priest and his ridiculous advice to the heroine. However I had no desire to read about it. It was absolute nonsense what he told her and even worse that she believed him, even though I do know this is a situation [...]

    2. Questo è stato decisamente un romanzo che ho portato a termine a forza, colpendomi con una frusta invisibile per fare penitenza.Ci sono molte probabilità che sia proprio l'epoca storica a farmi sbadigliare: i soliti sassoni contro i vecchi normanni, il re contro i baroni, scaramucce, castelli in fiamme, contadini e pecore sullo sfondo, eccetera, eccetera.La protagonista è odiosa e l'intero libro mi è parsa una carnevalata piena di contraddizioni. Ne cito solo alcune: lei arriva dal Bastardo [...]

    3. Medieval romance in which the heroine, a sheltered 16 yo heiress turns in desperation to the nearest strong lord to protect her from the sacking of her castle and attempted marriage by her other strong neighbor, who is a brute.Her rescuer is Bastard FitzRoger, a formidable warrior and friend of the new king, Henry Beauclerc (Henry I). After he takes back her castle for her and she assesses her prospects, the heroine Imogene decides to marry him with the stipulation that she remain in charge of h [...]

    4. This was the first book that I ever read by Jo Beverly. I was looking for a new author who combined romance with good usage of historical fact. I was not disappointed when I read the book through very quickly. The attention to many details of this time in history made it fascinating. I think it is important not to lose sight of the fact that this is dominantly a romance with the steamy love scenes and large powerful male bodies.The plot started out fairly straight forward with the heroine, Lady [...]

    5. I've enjoyed some of her regency novels, so I picked this up. I did not realize it was going to be a medieval "romance" set in 1100s. I completely understand that life was hard/brutal for everyone in those times. Killing, domination through rape, forced marriages, marriage solely for land/wealth, women as chattels, women's viriginity as a bargaining tool, droit de seigneur, etc. etc.That does not mean I want that era romanticized or read a romance set in those times.I don't care how retroactivle [...]

    6. Now this is more like it. A nice traditional romance novel with the familiar theme of a powerless woman who is forced to seek assistance to right an injustice against herself and her people. The lady Imogen is by turns spoiled, petulant and irrational - a magnificent hypocrite and a teenager. Her foil, FitzRoger is stalwart and controlling with words like hard to describe his demeanor and physique. Forced together by circumstances they find themselves married and working out a new relationship i [...]

    7. I liked this author's medieval romances almost as much as Madeleine Hunter's, and on a par with early Claudia Dane. All three authors take advantage of the historically supported power imbalance that lends itself to un-PC plot lines and sexual tension; but they don't typically subject their medieval heroines to cringe-making brutality at the hands of so-called heroes. This story crossed the line, but I liked it anyway. I probably need therapy.

    8. Within the first 50 pages or so, I was fully prepared to chalk this one up as an indulgent, cheesy romance novel. In some ways, it DID fit the bill. However, I was thoroughly surprised to find myself falling in love with the character of FitzRoger - his gift for logic and sarcasm is incredibly appealing. This book does drag a bit in places, but it's definitely a fantastically fun, escapist kind of read.

    9. Great book. I am waffling between 3.5 and 4 stars. The hero was awesome and sexy but the heroine annoyed me after a while, and was not a very sympathetic character, which kept this book off my keeper shelf. BUT the plotting was good and there was a lot of nail-biting action. The end really got me nervous and it was pretty intense. So I will go with four stars.

    10. Unfortunately an adolescent TSTL heroine with bratty behaviour from the start. Directly to the DId not finish shelf.

    11. Jo Beverley only wrote four medieval romance novels, and I need to take a minute to be sad about that, because Dark Champion had everything I want in a medieval romance, and reminded me why I love the subgenre as much as I do. This isn't a nice book. This isn't a pretty book. This is not a gentle book. There's war, and Ms. Beverley pulled no punches in showing us what that entails, not only the heat of battle, but the collateral damage, which is what our heroine, Imogen, has to handle after the [...]

    12. I read it a long time ago, and it was actually a translation into Spanish. So I decided to I reread it again, this time in English and I remembered why I liked the book: we have plot and brains (the female main character has quite the character XD) in a historical medieval romance! I'm not saying there aren't books like this one, but I appreciated the fact that Imogen wasn't too stupid and actually grew through the story. I really liked all the characters and the fact that the main ones can refl [...]

    13. Molto molto bello, non banale e ben strutturato. Imogen ad un primo impatto può risultare un po' sciocca, ma è un personaggio dalla crescita credibile e costante e alla fine è adorabile. FitzRoger molto affascinante, senza essere banale. I dialoghi sono stupendi, battibecchi incessanti e quel filo di crudeltà dovuto al periodo storico non disturba.Molto meglio del primo.

    14. Jo Beverly was recently recommend for me to read, but as almost all her books had been checked out from the library, I figured I would just go with one of her medieval romance novels. I wish I had just waited. The book opens when Imogen, a spoiled, sheltered, young heiress, is beset by a hostile takeover of her castle following her father's death. She manages to escape and runs away to plead for help from her new neighbor, Bastard Fitzroger. The rest of the book involves Imogen oscillating betwe [...]

    15. It's been a while since I've read a medieval romance, so the elements of "medievalness" about it - Imogen is 16 years old and naive as hell, the battles are brutal, there's mention of bad breath, lice, blistered feet, etc - were a little shocking until I remembered that one must be true to the times, even in a romance novel. When Imogen's father dies of a fever, the castle is attacked in a "forced wooing," which has to be the weirdest word choice I've read in a while. Imogen witnesses the rape o [...]

    16. I was missing Jo Beverley and went through all her books I've read and kept over the years. I made the mistake of opening up this one, just to read the opening pages. Four hours later I had inhaled this wonderful tale again. The heroine, Imogen of Carrisford, is a product of her time, as well as the hero, the bastard, FitzRoger of Cleeve. She is just 16 but grows up in a hurry, as many women had to. The horrors of seeing her home sacked shortly after her father's death along with the gradual rea [...]

    17. I enjoyed this book but I wasn't swept away by it. There were a lot of passages or concepts that frustrated me (view spoiler)[such as how Imogen is constantly going on about how no one will get her fortune but then at the end when half of it is pretty much stolen from her she just doesn't care. (hide spoiler)]On the other hand, I was completely engrossed and did very little until I'd finished the book (which, admittedly, didn't take that long.)I liked some of the concepts, such as how Imogen had [...]

    18. This was an exciting Medieval romance.Imogene has been sheltered her whole life by her father. When he dies of a minor wound Imogene now has to run for her life as her home, Carrisford is attacked and taken by Warbrick. With the help of secret passages she escapes and disguises herself as a pregnant peasant and makes her way to Castle Cleeve to ask for help. FitzRoger of Cleeve was said to be the bastard son. He agrees to help her and his price is her hand in marriage. FitzRoger is a favorite of [...]

    19. While the plot and pacing kept me reading, there were two things that made this rank at only 3 stars.1) There was TOO MUCH historically accurate detail. Sorry, but I want my history romanticized; I don't want to see the king watching the first time the bride and groom get naked and hop on a bed.2) The hero was alpha male bordering on jerk. This goes back to the historical accuracy, but I couldn't stomach all the talk about beating the heroine for not being subservient. Beverley, as always, craft [...]

    20. I like Jo Beverley and medieval romances. Imogen's castle is attacked and needs protection, she weighs her options and goes to her neighbor, FitzRoger. I liked the development of the relationship and, of course, FitzRoger was more than a warrior. Enjoyed the book and will read more of Beverley.

    21. Leí este libro hace varios años y cuando lo encontré tan accesible en la librería no dudé en comprarlo, aunque había algo que me hacía ruido sobre la historia pero no lo recordaba muy bien.Debí tomar en serio la parte donde el libro me advertía que se trataba de un "romance" del año 1100 Algunos pasajes fueron insostenibles para mi gusto, hace años y ahora.

    22. I likedThe lively nature of these times. I'm sure I would have not been able to deal with the blood and dirt. I would have loved the honorable men who were willing to fight for their women.

    23. Same review as the previous book of this series. Nauseating and disgusting. Despicable characters. Although, this time I have finished this book (and it was better if I had given up). Not even one star for this book.

    24. Decent read. The 'heroine' is truly wretched thru 80% of it - a pouty four year old stamping her foot yelling 'you're not the boss of me' - she's appalling really - but manages, during the last 20, to do a 180.

    25. I don't like Medieval Romances. There was nothing romantic about the time too much blood, death and sickness.

    26. I'm not a huge fan of medieval romances and the prolonged consummation in this one struck me as a bit silly. Otherwise okay.

    27. I liked this but I felt like there was way too much discussion of historical context like "Imogen, did you know Henry's brother is challenging him for the throne?"

    28. Ho amato Ty dall'inizio del libro. Imogen in alcuni tratti l'avrei strozzata soprattutto quando dava retta al prete

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