Fake, Volume 06

Fake Volume There s a psychopath who likes to kill kids and cut off their hands on the loose and Dee and Ryo must find him before he strikes again Carol has the misfortune to cross his path and soon her life is

  • Title: Fake, Volume 06
  • Author: Sanami Matoh
  • ISBN: 9781591823315
  • Page: 352
  • Format: Paperback
  • There s a psychopath who likes to kill kids and cut off their hands on the loose, and Dee and Ryo must find him before he strikes again Carol has the misfortune to cross his path, and soon her life is in grave danger Bikky, Dee, and Ryo must take justice in their own hands no pun intended , if they want to save their friend.

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    • [PDF] ✓ Unlimited ✓ Fake, Volume 06 : by Sanami Matoh î
      352 Sanami Matoh
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    1 thought on “Fake, Volume 06”

    1. After saving Carol from a psycho, Dee shares his past with Ryo, of how and why he decided to become a cop,

    2. Not sure how I missed reviewing this manga! In the first story, a killer is hunting and collecting gruesome trophies, which becomes personal for Dee, Ryo and Bikky when Carol is kidnapped by him. The second story reveals some more of Dee's back story and the man that was the closest thing to a father for Dee.The UST (unresolved sexual tension) is still escalating between Dee and Ryo, which is great for the reader, as we are treated to some very hot kissing scenes! But you do start to despair of [...]

    3. Penultimate volume of the seven book yaoi cop romance. First story has Carol kidnapped by a serial killer targeting teenage girls and cutting off their hands as souveneers. Secon tale is another dark flashback into Dee's past looking at his surrogate father, a bent cop who gets killed finally doing the right thing. Perhaps not as engaging as previous volumes and less romance & comedy in favour of darker story lines, still great though.

    4. This was another enjoyable entry into Dee and Ryo's world. This one seemed longer and more serious in tone than the previous books and much of it focused on Dee's childhood dad figure and explained why an orphaned street punk decided to become a police officer. Carol is kidnapped by a deranged serial killer who enjoys keeping "pets" and cutting off their hands when he's through with them. As I said, this was one of the darker entries.

    5. The scenes with Carol getting stalked are just plain creepy, but still drawn in an excellent way. Carol's such a cute character, I always enjoying seeing beautiful drawings of her. Another quick story line though, I raced through this one. On to the Seventh and final book, I give this one another five stars!

    6. Okay, I was getting tired of it by now -- surely Ryo should have given in by now? But the plot part is as good as ever.

    7. I preferred the second half of this story which focuses on Dee's childhood. The characterisation in this series is just wonderful.

    8. This series really seems to be getting back on track - I enjoyed both of the stories in this volume, particularly thebone about Dee's 'father'.

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