Fake, Volume 07

Fake Volume Meet Ryo and Dee two New York City cops with an attraction for action and each other In this the final volume of the series events heat up on the streetsd between the sheets The two cops are assign

  • Title: Fake, Volume 07
  • Author: Sanami Matoh
  • ISBN: 9781591823322
  • Page: 298
  • Format: Paperback
  • Meet Ryo and Dee, two New York City cops with an attraction for action and each other In this, the final volume of the series, events heat up on the streetsd between the sheets The two cops are assigned to serve as bodyguards for a mob boss s daughterwho is married to the man that killed Ryo s parents As tensions mount, will Ryo and Dee finally admit their lovMeet Ryo and Dee, two New York City cops with an attraction for action and each other In this, the final volume of the series, events heat up on the streetsd between the sheets The two cops are assigned to serve as bodyguards for a mob boss s daughterwho is married to the man that killed Ryo s parents As tensions mount, will Ryo and Dee finally admit their love and devotion to each other Or will they forever sing the NYPD blues

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    • [PDF] ✓ Unlimited ☆ Fake, Volume 07 : by Sanami Matoh ✓
      298 Sanami Matoh
    • thumbnail Title: [PDF] ✓ Unlimited ☆ Fake, Volume 07 : by Sanami Matoh ✓
      Posted by:Sanami Matoh
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    1 thought on “Fake, Volume 07”

    1. Leí este manga en mis años dorados de adolescencia y lo que más me agradó de la historia fue el hecho de que narrara no sólo la relación entre Dee y Ryo, la pareja principal, sino también sus relaciones con otros personajes: con el jefe, con sus compañeros de trabajo, con sus familias, con extraños, con amigos íntimos, etc.Sigue siendo muy refrescante en historias de temática gay donde no todo gira alrededor de la pareja, a pesar de que sean ellos los protagonistas. Ahora recuerdo por [...]

    2. Finally! Dee and Ryo together for a happy sexing ending. I'm sad to see the series end. These two are so dear to my heart.

    3. Soooo~ I finished the series this morning. And I really liked it. It was something different from the usual BL manga that are published these days (with a few exceptions of course). Come to think of it the crime aspects in this series are in the foreground I think that works great for most of the time and makes the story as a whole more interesting. After reading volume 2 I found it still charming that Dee and Ryo always got interupted when they had some time alone and Dee was making a move I ha [...]

    4. The majority of this manga is taken up with the story focusing on Dee and Ryo having to babysit the wife of Leo, the man who killed Ryo's parents. Ryo has to deal with how he feels about Leo but also Dee. In the end, he learns the truth about what happened when his parents were killed and he and Dee take their relationship to the next level finally! Poor Dee, he really does have the patience of a saint, but I do think the UST is played out to perfection.I love the last story, as despite what hap [...]

    5. Oh boy, this series.Let me start of with saying I am not typically a manga fan, and a lot of BL manga hits exactly the wrong buttons for me.But FAKE is everything I love.Yes, it's got problems. The plots, while entertaining, are often quite simplified and holey (not to mention you need to forget everything you thought you knew about the USA police), and it's true that the entire series is aimed at BL-loving girls and younger women (but is this a fault?).But it's a heartwarming story, it has humo [...]

    6. Without a doubt, one of the best written manga out there, with particular interest because I think Ryo's character might be asexual and you certainly don't see a lot of that! Rather than go on and on about how great it was (especially on my reread), I'm going to address the author here Sanami Matoh, I see you did some work with a Fake "season two" (gone are the original art I loved! Ahhh!) and did a few, uh, adult side-stories (Thank you!), but I have several points I want to see addressed:*What [...]

    7. The final volume in this thrilling series hots things up between our two favourite cops. - Dee and Ryo become bodyguards to Alicia Grant a witness needing protection before a major trial. One major hitch - she's the wife of Leo, the guy who murdered Ryo's parents. Ryo has to confront all manner of feelings about his sexuality, his feelings for Dee, his desperate need for revenge warring against his duty. Love this one. Sexy, romantic, with a great story, and nice clean artwork. Bikky and Carol d [...]

    8. The final volume in this story focuses on love - it has to! It's spent 6 volumes playing the will-they-won't-they game, and now the payoff is needed for the finale. Personally, I thought it was a bit rushed - it would have been better if Ryo and Dee's relationship had been starting to progress in the last volume, so the pacing was better. However, it definitely made me like Diana more, as she said what every reader must have been thinking, as was very encouraging for Ryo.I was put off by some of [...]

    9. Oh the Leo story line ;_; To love someone so much that you're driven that far. But it finally leads to what we've been waiting for since page one; Dee and Ryo action. I just love how realistic this story is, and how simple. They love each other, but until both can be fully comfortable then they don't get together. They've both had to get through some things, and when they finally come together you can only hope they've got their happy ending. Now I know there's an OVA, but I've always been disap [...]

    10. The final installment in the "Fake" series. The series started out a little rough but it didn't take long at all until the two main characters really grew on me. This book wraps everything up and ends with the long awaited next step in Dee & Ryo's relationship. Sexy, humorous and sweet all at the same time with a lot of interesting action to keep things moving, I'm sad to see this series come to an end.

    11. I read the first couple of books in this series. For some reason I could never find some of the middle books. Anyway, so I read this book and liked it. I don't want to say too much as I am afraid of giving it away. I would not recommend this for anyone who does not like gay/male-male, etc. story lines and what not.

    12. (Whole series review)Fake is exactly what it claims to be. Following the blossoming romance of two New York policemen. It's amusing to see these two NY guys act as the author is still Japanese. So they sit next to their beautiful couch on the floor by the coffee table. They have huge apartments which is very American, just not New York apartments.

    13. This book was just wonderful, The characters were great, and lovable, and the story was enjoyable. I recommend this book to any yaoi fan girl (and fan boy), cause i know that you will love this book.

    14. awh I'm kinda upset I finished this book. I am also upset there was nothing about Bikky and Carol in this volume but oh well, still a great book for me!!

    15. My favorite volume where At Last played in my head the whole time. love love love I have to reread over and over again

    16. It is a prefect way to wrap up the series. The loose ends are all tied up and your left looking forward, as if to their future.

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