Fake, Volume 05

Fake Volume Contains two stories one of which centers around JJ and his old friend and police academy buddy Max Max was once a good guy but now he s a bad cop JJ s faith in his friend and the system is put to

  • Title: Fake, Volume 05
  • Author: Sanami Matoh
  • ISBN: 9781591823308
  • Page: 307
  • Format: Paperback
  • Contains two stories, one of which centers around JJ and his old friend and police academy buddy, Max Max was once a good guy, but now he s a bad cop JJ s faith in his friend and the system is put to the test when a shooting goes horribly wrong.

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      307 Sanami Matoh
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    1 thought on “Fake, Volume 05”

    1. Yes! Finally this series seems to be back on track, with interesting and character-building stories. The first story adds on to the short story from volume 3 about the death of Ryo's parents. This shows a different side to Ryo, though it is diapppointing to not see the bad guys apprehended. The second story, whilst blunt and brief, does make JJ a more rounded character, than just being Dee's fanboy. I enjoyed the Bikky story at the end - it's one of the better Bikky stories. Though why do Lai an [...]

    2. In the first story, Ryo finds out more about his parents' murder, fortunately Dee is there to pick up the emotional pieces. Oh, and Diana turns up again, albeit briefly.The second story focuses on J.J. with him meeting up with an old friend on the force that he was close to. For me this was a turning point, as I'd found his character pretty annoying and insubstantial up to this point in the series, but here he reveals himself to be so much more than his crush on Dee!The last story is about Carol [...]

    3. My favourite volume in the series so far. Ryo finds out who killed his parents and Dee is the only one who can stop him killing them in revenge. This is followed by another really dark story cenred around the annoying J.J - an old friend is transferred only it turns out that he's corrupt and tries to steal cocane from the evidence room. Finally we have a weird Bikky/Carol, Lai/Lass story in which Lai and Bikky get kidnapped. Lai and Less seem to have special powers - Lass is Telepathic and Lai t [...]

    4. Another fun entry in this series. I am going to be so sad when I finish up #7, the last book in the series. I didn't enjoy this one as much as #4 but it was still a solid entry in the series. This time the boys are investigating a murder case that has ties back to Ryo and tests his kinder, gentler nature (at least in comparison to Dee). Bikky and Carol (who start the book at 10 & 13 and age to 15 & 18 in the last chapter)interrupt Dee's latest attempt to deflower Ryo. JJ appears for some [...]

    5. What I really liked this one for was JJ. I mean, he's the obsessed, over the top cutesy character, although when he's not glomping Dee he has a sexy secretary look going for him. Here we find he has more than just feelings for Dee, but interacts with other characters as well. I mean, he's always hung around Drake, but we get a bit of back story that was nice. Another great book, another five stars :)

    6. “Fake” started out completely silly but loveable, then progressed into more serious territories and lost some of that initial charm. Volume 5 finally sees the series find itself completely. It’s witty, clever, funny but loaded with dark themes the crime solving set-up offers. Corruption within the police force is the main subject this time, and it is approached quite well.

    7. This fifth volume of Fake continues the story of two gay New york cops. The stories are enjoyable, and the plots could be used with two straight cops. Have these two boys in blue fully expressed thsie love? You'll have to read it to find out!

    8. En este tomo hay menos comedia de lo acostumbrada, y también el extraña caída libre de 23 pisos de Bikky y compañía. Una amiga me está presionando a que termine de leer para prestárselos; de otra forma yo seguiría en el dos.

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