Garbo: A Biography

Garbo A Biography No other twentieth century artist in or out of film so captivated the world or spent so much energy trying to hide from it To bring her out of hiding Barry Paris draws on a wealth of hitherto unavail

  • Title: Garbo: A Biography
  • Author: Barry Paris
  • ISBN: 9780394580203
  • Page: 241
  • Format: Hardcover
  • No other twentieth century artist in or out of film so captivated the world or spent so much energy trying to hide from it To bring her out of hiding, Barry Paris draws on a wealth of hitherto unavailable material ranging from Garbo s drama school notebooks and her unpublished letters to an astonishing set of a hundred taped conversations, recorded during her later yearNo other twentieth century artist in or out of film so captivated the world or spent so much energy trying to hide from it To bring her out of hiding, Barry Paris draws on a wealth of hitherto unavailable material ranging from Garbo s drama school notebooks and her unpublished letters to an astonishing set of a hundred taped conversations, recorded during her later years in New York, as well as interviews with her surviving friends and family in Sweden and America Paris s biography supplants the legend of Garbo the enigma with a revelation of the real woman, whose grip on our imagination remains as powerful today as it was almost seventy years ago when she dazzled the world in Flesh and the Devil.

    Greta Garbo Actress, Classic Pin Ups Biography Greta Garbo was born on September , , in Stockholm, Sweden A reclusive star, Garbo began her career in Europe before coming to the United States to work for MGM when she was Her sensual Greta Garbo Biography Photos Britannica Greta Garbo, original name Greta Lovisa Gustafsson, born September , , Stockholm, Sweden died April , , New York, New York, U.S , one of the most glamorous and popular motion picture stars of the s and s, who is best known for her portrayals of strong willed heroines, most of them as compellingly enigmatic as Garbo herself. Greta Garbo Greta Garbo born Greta Lovisa Gustafsson September April was a Swedish American film actress during the s and s Garbo was nominated three times for the Academy Award for Best Actress and received an Academy Honorary Award in for her luminous and unforgettable screen performances In , the American Film Institute ranked Garbo Garbo A biography Barry Paris Barry Paris life of Greta Garbo is an extraordinary biography in many ways First, it tells the story of one of Hollywood s most enigmatic and legendary icons without resorting to hyperbole or the sort of highblown psychobabble so many other, lesser writers would have stooped to. Nina Mae McKinney The Black Garbo Stephen Bourne Nina Mae McKinney The Black Garbo Stephen Bourne on FREE shipping on qualifying offers Nina Mae McKinney has been described as Hollywood s first Black movie star, and yet her name is often missing from film histories and encyclopedias In The Black Garbo Stephen Bourne celebrates the highs and lows of Nina s life and career Breathe internet Please be aware that if you check your number, Breathe may call you to discuss your requirements Mercedes de Acosta Mercedes de Acosta March , May , was an American poet, playwright, and novelist.De Acosta wrote almost a dozen plays, only four of which were produced, and she published a novel and three volumes of poetry She was professionally Biography June Allyson A Joonangel Production Thank you for visiting the OFFICIAL June Allyson Web site Please visit again soon Charlie Chaplin Movies, Children Quotes Biography Iconic actor Charlie Chaplin was known for his lovable tramp figure from vintage film footage Learn at Biography. Cinema of Ernst Lubitsch Biography Ernst Lubitsch Biography b January , in Berlin d November , in Hollywood The son of a prosperous tailor, he was drawn to the stage while participating in

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    1 thought on “Garbo: A Biography”

    1. I read this book without watching her movies. I had heard about her introversion and eccentricities. I thought we had a few things in common, (I'm introvert and eccentric too), but I mean similar eccentricities. If I had the money I'd gladly pay 30 times the same pair of shoes when I find one that I like very much, enough for a lifetime. I've heard Garbo did it her, she had the money. I never read biographies so I'm not knowledgeable in that genre. I picked the biography by Paris, I heard he was [...]

    2. A good read, but Garbo is a difficult subject. Barry Paris does his best to fill in the blanks but perhaps there really isn't much to tell. Greta Garbo was intensely reserved, which makes you wonder why she ever became an actress. Perhaps to escape poverty, and live out her fantasies. Garbo's early life is fascinating but, for all the Hollywood mythmaking, her years after fame were spent in retreat. Even now her name is a byword for stardom, yet few will have seen her films. Which is a pity beca [...]

    3. I haven't read a lot of them, but this was the best early Hollywood biography that I've read. It was entertaining without being gossipy, and the author had actually done extensive research and interviews before writing it. What a shocker - doing your homework actually works. The book focuses upon Garbo's life from her childhood in Sweden to her time in Hollywood to her jetsetting around the globe and to her walks around NYC. Rather than trying to create a persona, it presents the picture of a co [...]

    4. Amazing biography of an amazing woman. How can the biggest star the world has ever seen be driven by such a desire for solitude? In my opinion this book is great literature, it adresses the basic conflict of desire for lonliness and need for human contact, via Garbo's ambiguous, moody, and bipolar personality. Plus, you will learn a lot about film history and its protagonists.While it drools with passion for the artist and the art, it's also critical and well-researched. And you'll get nice pict [...]

    5. The wealth of information certainly deserves a good rating. Garbo probably would have found such probing horrifying. Sources are reliable and interesting the only thing that lacks is some spice. At times it reads rather tediously but that is not so surprising considering the details that have been researched.

    6. I read this sometime around the first year published. I'd like revisit and read it again. Greta Garbo was my first Old Hollywood obsession, followed by Ingrid Bergman and then Marilyn Monroe.

    7. Mr. Paris's biography of Garbo can best be described as uneven. The first half, which is devoted to Greta's time in Hollywood, is dreadfully uninspired. Paris ridicules her films, costars, and directors. At times he even harshly appraises her talent. I seriously considered setting this book aside, unfinished. Yet, I am nothing if not a completionist, so I persevered.I am delighted to say that my efforts were well-repaid. The second half of Paris's 'Garbo' was quite lovely, the leading lady at la [...]

    8. An excellent read. The book is thoroughly researched and it contains an abundance of testimonials from people who really knew Garbo and were around her and who were reliable and documented sources. Even more, their words are put in the right context by the author, who explains the nature of their relationship and its evolution. Also, the author describes the larger contexts of the contemporary cinema, theatre, literary worlds in which Garbo lived (these parts could be considered "boring" by some [...]

    9. An understanding though effusive paean to Greta Garbo. This book made me want to watch Garbo's films, most of which I've overlooked because I've always just thought of her as a mediocre actress with a beautiful face. (Many who worked with her thought she was actually brilliant, which was a surprise.)Garbo's introversion, unconventionality, and humble beginnings turned some people off--particularly the media--which led them to paint her as a cold, narcissistic recluse. But she was so much more co [...]

    10. There might be newer books on Garbo, but I really do like this one and it seems well researched. My only complaint is an update is sorely needed. The copy I had made note of ‘Acosta’s letters will be unsealed in 2000′…a decade ago. Unfortanitly Paris ran with the gay thing because he assumed these letters had something in them that proved it. Garbo was probably occasionally bi, but more asexual than anything.

    11. What an interesting woman. Barry Paris made Garbo come alive for me: I laughed out loud at some of her antics, wondered why someone of her friends didn't throttle her for some of her rudeness, and shed a tear at her death. I own 10 of her movies and am fascinated by how she can speak volumes without uttering a word; all she has to do is move an eyebrow or the corner of her mouth. The only negative about the book is it's length - it could have been a little shorter.

    12. Clinically yet lovingly researched with zero presumptions about Garbo's psychology thrown into the mix. Very rare for a biography about a consummate enigma. This book is very much the apex of Barry Paris' work.

    13. Amazing boigraphy on the talented, shy, beautiful, silent-strong movie actress. Greta Garbo is mesmerising.

    14. one of the best bios i've read. shes had a very interesting life and is definately one of my favorite Hollywood stars of the past.

    15. Not a book I could get trough in print. Interesting character sketch but the woman basically sounds insufferable and her life long attempt to schemes to public eye got tedious fast.

    16. a telling portryal of the enigmatic and anomalous character of garbo and how that is similar and different than what the media portrayal of this star usually is.

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