The War That Never Was

The War That Never Was This title tells the story of a secret war fought by British mercenaries in the Yemen in the early s The book features British military history much in the spirit of Ben MvIntyre s Agent Zigzag a

  • Title: The War That Never Was
  • Author: Duff Hart-Davis
  • ISBN: 9781846058257
  • Page: 299
  • Format: Hardcover
  • This title tells the story of a secret war fought by British mercenaries in the Yemen in the early 1960s The book features British military history, much in the spirit of Ben MvIntyre s Agent Zigzag and Operation Mincemeat.

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    • [PDF] Download Õ The War That Never Was | by ☆ Duff Hart-Davis
      299 Duff Hart-Davis
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    1 thought on “The War That Never Was”

    1. Philip Hensher in The Spectator: The War That Never Was Duff Hart Davis Century, 400pp, £14.99 ‘Enormous fun and a tremendous adventure,’ one of the participants called it afterwards, voicing the sentiments of every British soldier running amok since the beginning of time. Probably there were soldiers under Boadicea who said exactly the same thing. This little known story from the very end of the imperial adventure is redolent of cheek, bravado and the undertaking of a challenge for no othe [...]

    2. This book was very insightful considering I have done a lot of research on Egyptian History certainly revealing and helped other bits of information, which I gleaned from reading other historical books, slot into place. You know those moments when you are reading historical books and there are just certain chunks missing or things that just done sit right, like there is a huge void in the whole scenario? Well this is a book that will help you fill in a lot of gaps.It was also interesting to read [...]

    3. This is a gripping narrative of the struggles the few British mercenaries faced in North Yemen during its civil war. While I cannot fault this side of the book, I was definitely handicapped in its reading by my almost non-existent knowledge of North Yemen, the South Arabian Federation, and Egyptian policy of the times, all factors which played a role here. Hence, I'd recommend a more general overview to be read first and then this book, so that the overall context is easier to grasp.

    4. Reminds me of James Bond, Wild Geese (the mercenary movie featuring Richard Burton) and the wild west in the 1960's. It is a story of mainly ex SAS people and a future head of the British army, fighting a private war to defend British influence in Yemen. Incredible read.

    5. Here is the reason for Yemen's current situation. A government willing to let it's elite troops take extended leaves to fight in country it wouldn't internationally back for political reasons. Brave men, hopeless politician's! Well worth the read.

    6. Detailed discussion of the secret operation in Yemen by British mercenaries in the 1960's from a very British perspective. The book almost reads like some Oriental account of the British adventurer among the wild Arabs. But I did enjoy the historical account of the political situation in that area.

    7. me uncle was in the RAf based in Aden during that time so personally v interesting, didn't know much about Yemen, but I certainly do a bit more now

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