The House on Garibaldi Street

The House on Garibaldi Street This is the true story of the kidnapping of Adolf Eichmann in Argentina by the Mossad Israel s secret intelligence serviceunder the leadership of Isser Harel This is his account revised and updated

  • Title: The House on Garibaldi Street
  • Author: Isser Harel Shlomo J. Shpiro
  • ISBN: 9780714643151
  • Page: 242
  • Format: Paperback
  • This is the true story of the kidnapping of Adolf Eichmann in Argentina by the Mossad, Israel s secret intelligence serviceunder the leadership of Isser Harel This is his account, revised and updated, with the real names and details of all Mossad personnel.

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      242 Isser Harel Shlomo J. Shpiro
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    1. Desafío de lectura 2016: Un libro que no hayas leído desde la primaria/secundariaLo leí cuando tenía doce años y nunca lo he vuelto a leer desde entonces (porque, lamentablemente para mí, los de Louisa May Alcott, Agatha Christie y Stephen King que tengo los re contra re leí en todos estos años, así que calculo que no entran en la cat.) Es el único que se me ocurrió que no haya releído de grande y es una buena excusa para leerlo de nuevo. Un libro excelente. Si mal no recuerdo, la pr [...]

    2. Not gonna win any literary awards, but this book delivers the goods as far as operational details of a high stakes espionage action (the abduction of Eichmann from Argentina to stand trial in Israel)Harel methodically (some would say tediously) lays out all the planning that went into the operation, from the initial tip that led to Eichmann, to his identification, through his capture and retrieval. Lots of stuff to consider:-establishment of safe houses-document forgery (false passports etc)-tai [...]

    3. Boy howdy, was this ever a boring book. But how can a book about Nazi hunting be boring, you ask? Trust me, it can. Flat writing (seriously, my middle school diary entries about what I got for back-to-school shopping are more interesting), zero characterization, and a "hunt" that's about as fast-paced as watching paint dry. My 84-year-old demented grandmother has craftier moves than Eichmann did in Buenos Aires. And though it takes place in Buenos-effing-Aires, it might as well have transpired i [...]

    4. Even though it’s been thirty years since I read this story, it has remained with me. Eichmann was the most sought-after Nazi after the collapse of the Third Reich. He had bragged on more than one occasion how he was instrumental in carrying out the Führer’s “Final Solution.”Like many he was able to escape to a sympathetic South America and continue living the good life. The fledgling organization, Mossad, spent months and months of preparation laying out a plan to bring him back to Isra [...]

    5. This is the story of the capture of Adolf Eichmann in Argentina by Jewish agents as told by the operation leader. Interesting how they heard about him being there from someone who told someone who told someone and it eventually got back to the people that could go get him. One of the best parts about the way this story is told is how the author explains the personal connections between the agents history of harm from the efforts to exterminate them and Eichmann. Some of their stories were horrib [...]

    6. I sincerely enjoyed this book. I thought it was exciting and entertaining and gave a real insight in the challengers intelligence agencies face. We are given a window in which to observe ingenuity and on the spot thinking to it's max. There is not just the element of excitement that makes this book compelling. There is also a sincere sense of justice. This is felt most prevalently when Harel describes how the criminal affected the lives of those involved in the case and their families. The relie [...]

    7. In 1960-61 I was in junior high and I did a school project consisting of cutting out newspaper articles and putting them in a current events scrapbook. Near the back I stuck in a clipping showing a picture of Adolph Eichmann sitting at his jail-house desk reading a pile of books . I'm looking at that picture now. I was aware of Nazi atrocities having read an article on them featured in one of my dad's True magazines. Isser Harel came face to face with the monster and rendered him to ultimate jus [...]

    8. This book is not going to be for everyone, but if you love books that involve WWII combined with real life investigative intrigue, this is one read YOU CANNOT MISS. So many of the Nazi commandants turned tail after the end of WWII and hid in the far reaches of the world, including Adolph Eichmann, who was the architect of the "final solution" that killed so many Jewish souls. For years following the war, it was the sole mission of Isser Harel, Chief Executive of the Secret Services of Israel, to [...]

    9. Great historical story, but the writing gets so muddled in constantly overemphasizing minute details. I was disappointed :(I really wanted to like it but it just wore me out after the first half of the book.

    10. nemám ve zvyku hodnotit knížky o holocaustu, ale tady ráda udělám výjimkul by to výborný špionážní román - kdyby to byla fikce. je pozoruhodné, na jak malých až skoro primitivních detailech celá tahle 'operace Eichmann' závisela! fantastické čtení.

    11. I read this 40 years ago and still remember it. Fascinating account of how the Mossad located, stalked, and kidnapped Adolph Eichmann in Argentina in 1960.

    12. The House on Garibaldi StreetBy: Isser HarelPages: 290 This fascinating book is the "first full account," replete with real names, of the capture of Adolf Eichmann (the architect of the "Final Solution to the Jewish Problem" for the Third Reich) in 1960. The book is a first person account by the former head of Israel's Secret Service who led this operation. The story is told in an amazing retelling, with the action building and building as you turn the page. The planning and attention to detail [...]

    13. This book, simply put, is the most exciting, fascinating, engrossing book I have ever read. Impossible to put down, and if so, to stop thinking about it. The most amazing thing is: It really happened; this is no fiction. It is the capture of the Nazi criminal Adolf Eichmann by the Mossad chief at the time in Argentina. It reads as a thriller book but it's all true.From the planning of the coup, so to speak, to the final bringing to Israel in a regular civil airplane(¡!) it is short of amazing. [...]

    14. This non-fiction account of the capture of Adolf Eichmann read like a report, which to some extent it was. It was written by the former head of Israel's Secret Service and detailed the events leading up to Eichmann's capture by Israeli Secret Servicemen in 1960. Eichmann was subsequently held hostage until a flight could be arranged to extradite him without the Argentine government, or any of Eichmann's friends and family, noticing. He flew from Argentina to Senegal to Israel May 21, 1960.Having [...]

    15. Isser Harel was head of the Mossad for many years, and stood at the head of the Mossad's most famous operation. Adolf Eichmann, responsible, among other things, for the slaughter of Hungarian Jewry was kidnapped in Argentina (notorious for hiding Nazis) and brought to trial in Israel. Naturally, he was found guilty and executed, the only death sentence ever handed out in Israel. The trial was a major turning point for Israeli society. The book details the planning and execution of he kidnapping. [...]

    16. The book was published by The Viking Press, NY in 1975 and describes events that took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Jerusalem in the 1960’s.Why did I pick up this book?Adolph Eichmann was responsible for the practical organization of the Holocaust and while I was researching for my memoir, A Garland for Ashes, World War II, the Holocaust, and One Jewish Survivor’s Long Journey to Forgiveness, I discovered that Adolph Eichmann visited Chelmno, the place where my parents died. He wanted [...]

    17. This fascinating book is the "first full account," replete with real names, of the capture of Adolf Eichmann (the architect of the "Final Solution to the Jewish Problem" for the Third Reich) in 1960. The book is a first person account by the former head of Israel's Secret Service who led this operation. The story is powerfully told, building and building. The planning and attention to detail were extraordinary. I found especially powerful the scene on the plane (covertly flying Eichmann from Bue [...]

    18. C1975 FWFTB: Eichmann, Brazil, capture, Buenos Aires, camps. If you have read a lot of books about the Second World War and the terrible accounts of some of the few survivors, it only seems right to try and learn more about the capture of some of the perpetrators. The persistence and drive of the author was the key ingredient in the eventual capture of Eichmann.You really could not have made this up and I am not surprised that a film was made based on this book. Harel was the head/deputy head of [...]

    19. This is the well-told tale of the Israeli tracking down and capturing of the most notorious of the Nazi war criminals, Adolf Eichmann. It seemed to me to be somewhere between a journalistic account and a history without footnotes. The feat was noteworthy at the time and well-worth remembering now. I would not call it a "great book," but it is one anyone wishing to understand modern Israel should read. What struck me the most was that "the monster" was such a common little man. Then again, the ba [...]

    20. While Harel's style of writing isn't exactly enthralling, the content is interesting. After all, his expertise is "secret service" and not literature. Still worth the read, from an historical context. It made me think about how "normal" people carry out atrocities and how it would be easy for people to forget their deeds and have empathy for prisoners - something our country deals with constantly. Perpetrator vs victim rights.

    21. This is an interesting story that goes on way too long. As an intelligence expert, multiple meetings at multiple hours in multiple Buenos Aires cafes is probably interesting stuff. For the average reader, though, it’s pretty dull. This book would be better if it were 50 pages shorter. Still, it’s a fascinating story that is part of the birth of a fascinating country.

    22. A very interesting look at the Israeli Security Service's surveillance and capture of Adolf Eichmann. Not always very well-written, and it really doesn't stand up to "Vengeance" in terms of entertainment. Nevertheless, an entertaining read, particularly for anyone interested in Israel's secret services.

    23. This book is absolutely amazing, especially for those of us who weren't even more in 1960, when one of the world's worst (if not worst) criminals, Adolf Eichmann, was captured in Argentina by the Israelis.The book documents a very important historical mission. The writing is good, and the story is suspenseful.

    24. Do not expect the book to be THE COMPLETE TRUTH, of course, then it is fine. As time passes by, more and more questions appear about why Israel was very lenient towards other perpetrators (Kurt Beck, Walter Rauff) whom it easily could apprehend or why Eichmann did not touch on some sensitive topics of German-Israeli cooperation and was the price of this silence.

    25. One of my all time faves I have read many times. The true story of the capture of Adolf Eichmann by Israeli intelligence. It reads like a suspense novel and the fact it is all true makes it even better

    26. True story of the capture of Adolph Eichmann, the Nazi war criminal in Argentina. Very ingenious the way Eichmann eluded capture for so long and the plan for his capture. It was years in the making. What can I say? I am a history buff particularly when it comes to the Civil War and WWII.

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