Cuckoo Rose has it all the gorgeous children the husband the beautiful home But then her best friend Polly comes to stay Very soon Rose s cosy world starts to fall apart at the seams her baby falls danger

  • Title: Cuckoo
  • Author: Julia Crouch
  • ISBN: 9780755377978
  • Page: 176
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Rose has it all the gorgeous children, the husband, the beautiful home But then her best friend Polly comes to stay Very soon, Rose s cosy world starts to fall apart at the seams her baby falls dangerously ill her husband is distracted It appears that once you invite Polly into your home, it s very difficult to get her out again.

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      176 Julia Crouch
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    1 thought on “Cuckoo”

    1. I am kind of stumped on how to review CUCKOO. I finished reading it a few days ago and I thought letting it sit with me and reading a few other peoples reviews would helpbut nope didnt.I went back and forth from giving it 2 stars to 4 stars, and finally after changing it about 5 times-settled in the middle at 3.This book reminded me a little bit of the movie-The Hand That Rocks the Cradle-but instead of a crazy nanny, Rose (the main character) allows her best friend Polly and her two horrible ch [...]

    2. While half way through this book my dad told me of a documentary he watched about cuckoos. A male cuckoo will call a different species of bird away from its next of eggs so that the female cuckoo can sneak in and lay an egg amongst the others. The cuckoos leave their young to be raised by this other bird. The cuckoo egg will almost always hatch first. The cuckoo chick grows large quickly, usually around three times the size of the 'host' bird. Because of this it needs to monopolise on the food c [...]

    3. A friend in need is a friend indeed . . . when Rose’s oldest and dearest friend becomes a widow, Rose is there with open arms and a shoulder to cry one. Rose thinks nothing of opening her home up to Polly and her two small boys who have just lost a father.Rose has always loved Polly’s unique, non-conformist personality. But the longer she stays in Rose’s house, the more it seems she doesn’t quite fit the role of ‘grieving widow’. Polly isn’t acting the way a bereaved wife is suppos [...]

    4. I don't tend to write reviews because quite frankly i can never be bothered but this is a book that deserves one. I loved this book and i do mean LOVED it. I read it in 3 hours in one sitting and thought it was terrific. I found Rose rather annoying, and i didn't like the setting- having lived in Bath i can't quite picture what Crouch was trying to portray but i think that's my own bias and not anything to do with her writing style or skill- obviously i view that particular area in a totally dif [...]

    5. Hot mess alert! This was very 'The Hand That Rocked The Cradle' esq. Very apt title, the main characters certainly were 'cuckoo'. The sign of a books enjoyment really shouldn't have anything to do with character likability, but I just didn't like them. A very messy triangle, a main character that I could have slapped, shook, screamed at - could she not see what was happening?! Poor little baby Floss, breast fed daughter of said crazy woman, she would have been in a total drunk state, not to ment [...]

    6. Every once in a while, a book comes along to remind me what true disappointment feels like.On the jacket of Julia Crouch's Cuckoo, it says that cuckoos are birds that steal other birds' nests, but a more accurate allegation would be that Cuckoo is a book that steals you of any interest.The only actually interesting characters in the book dies right on page one, though I weirdly took a liking to the main character, Rose, despite my overall annoyance at the entirety of Cuckoo. (view spoiler)[Espec [...]

    7. There are tensions in the story from the start. Polly has been Rose’s friend since they were 6 and they’re now in their late thirties and you soon realise that their shared history is going to be significant to the story. Rose has a very ordered and domesticated life that she wants to immerse herself in and Polly, an ex-musician, couldn’t be more different. The arrival of Polly and her two sons throws the household into chaos.As the story unfolds it becomes apparent that Rose is keeping se [...]

    8. Definately a 'read-in-one-sitting' book! They don't come much darker, more disturbing or more ambiguous than this!As the blurb says Rose appears to have it all, an idyllic country home, two gorgeous daughters, a handsome, talented husbandd then her oldest friend comes to stay and things take a nose-dive. Polly, recently widowed (make your own mind up about that) comes to stay indefinately with her two wild sons and the two families become entwined in a series of mishaps that lead them all into d [...]

    9. I found the description of this book intriguing. And when I read that the author actually wrote it during NaNoWriMo, I couldn't wait to get stuck into itRose has recently settled into the new house she's enjoyed renovating in the countryside with her husband and two daughters. She's enjoying getting into some sort of family routine and is finally in a comfortable place with her artist husband, Gareth. However, when her best friend Polly becomes a widow, Rose invites her and her two sons to stay [...]

    10. When I sat down to start reading Julia Crouch's debut novel I wasn't entirely sure what to expect. The synopsis appears to give you an idea of what the book is but as you get drawn deeper and deeper within the book the plot almost seems to swallow you in. I found that the further into the book I got the harder it was to put down, I was more and more gripped with the more I read.The major characters are all really well written. I found them to be very three dimensional, no character was all good [...]

    11. Very big spoilers!At first I could not wait to finish this book! The writing is superb and sucks you in straight away. If you're like me and like suspence, drama, and the whole person moving in on my life type of thing, then give this book a go. I thought the book may take some sort of Single White Female road due to some hints and inklings here and there. Such as the whole idea of an affair, the pills situation; was Polly trying to ruin Rose's life that much that death or serious illness of a c [...]

    12. I liked this book and it certainly held my attention, I was eager to find out what happens to Polly and Rose the two best friends from Brighton who'd first met at the age of 7.The book is set in a rural part of England near Bath and describes the pain and pleasures of renovating a home to bring up the perfect family, then. Polly's husband Christos has died and she wants to bring her boys back from Greece and Polly offers to let them stay.At first I sympathised with Rose but as the book goes on i [...]

    13. A deeply unsettling and sinister read. Crouch avoids falling into the complete Single White Female/Home Invasion cliche although at times you think she is heading straight for it. I had very little sympathy for any of the characters, including the children, and at times found myself wishing something bad would happen to them all. It seemed to me that Crouch was deliberately doing this, I felt increasingly ambiguous about Rose and that we were not being let into all her story but getting what she [...]

    14. Wow. This book is truly amazing. I can't believe that it was Julia Crouch's first novel. It is very very deep and disturbing. It is written so well I devoured it quickly. It may seem like it is geared towards a female audience but I don't think it is, I think males could enjoy this book too. It's extremely compelling. The characters are wonderfully written. Some I absolutely hated and wanted them to get what they deserved. Others I empathised with. I was shocked by the ending which I got to quit [...]

    15. Certainly a page-turner, but I found I was frustrated by the story line most of the time. Frustrated at the main character for not seeing what was under her nose. This is quite unlike me really, I'm normally happy to go with the flow in books like these. But anyway, that aside, it was a good book with a necessary twist at the end - one that wasn't very pleasing perhaps, but suited the story.

    16. Haven't enjoyed a book so much in years. The writing is magical, and the characters utterly original and believable. The sinister Polly character is just right as the cuckoo in the nest - not over the top bad, but very dark and dangerous. Completely thrilling, I promise anyone, male, female, young, old, this book won't disappoint!

    17. I did enjoy it my main criticism being that it left too many unanswered questions at the end which i don't like, i think if you're going to write a book then please finish it.

    18. This book has vague elements of more modern psychological thriller films such as Orphan (2009). With its sinister characters and built-up suspense, it's really a great novel.

    19. Cuckoo is a surprising, frustrating, engrossing psychological thriller. I added this to my holiday reading list, having seen it recommended by Sophie Hannah – one of my favourite authors of the genre – so I had high hopes. And, while I perhaps wasn’t quite as bowled over by this debut as I was by Little Face, I found myself thinking about the unresolved questions and trying to explain the complicated plot to my other half several days after finishing it, which for me is a sign of a good bo [...]

    20. Sometimes I feel I'm a little too lenient with my ratings, and I feel like this may be the case now. The story line and plot? It was great, definitely eye stopping. For months this book has been on my "to-reads", but the result? Not what I was expecting.For starters, it took a little bit for the story to get anywhere. In my eyes, a great book is one that leaves little hints, tiny clues that wind up assisting the climax of the novel. In Cuckoo I found it was all too easy to see the clear points t [...]

    21. Julia Crouch’s debut novel, Cuckoo, is about two childhood friends, Rose and Polly. Inseparable in their youth, Rose doesn’t think twice before inviting Polly and her children to stay with her family when they have nowhere else to turn. But soon, everything in Rose’s life starts to go wrong – and it seems like Polly is behind it all.I can’t reveal too much of the plot without spoiling anything – this is, after all, a thriller, and a twisty plot is to be expected. Stories and secrets [...]

    22. I’d wanted to read one of Julia Crouch’s novels because they kept cropping up on amazon as choices by English readers who enjoyed some of my favourites, especially Elizabeth Haynes’s Revenge of the Tide. As Julia Crouch has not yet found favour with the editors in New York who decide what we Yanks are allowed to read (at least with affordable postage), I had to make do with a used copy that had to be shipped over. And I very much enjoyed Cuckoo.The character Polly was a marvellous (quite l [...]

    23. Cuckoo by Julia Crouch is a seriously deep book, full of class, intrigue and a complexity that was so unexpected it was a delight to read – despite an overwhelming darkness that oozed from within. Published by Headline on March 3rd the book had me from the get go. On reading the accompanying blurb (below) and dust jacket I did wonder if the book was aimed at the female market (especially with the pink suitcase adorning the cover), but it soon became evident that the book is well suited to any [...]

    24. Rose has a pretty perfect life - a large country house, two children she adores, a talented husband and happy marriage - and then her recently-widowed childhood friend Polly comes to stay with her two childrenSeeds of doubt about Polly's motives are sown early and the atmosphere gets rapidly darker, so from the outset the reader is keen to know what happens. The sense of menace is compounded by Julia Crouch's vivid writing style - she makes it easy to picture Polly and Rose, husband Gareth and t [...]

    25. I'd heard lots of great things about Julia Crouch's debut novel Cuckoo, so decided that it would be a good choice to take away on holiday. Psychological thrillers are fast becoming my favourite genre.The premise of the story is good, although it's clear from the title that Polly is going to become something of a nightmare. My main gripe with the writing was the constant designer name-dropping and the way that the house, the food, the clothes were described in minute detail. Underneath all of thi [...]

    26. I flew through this and marked it as read with 4 stars earlier on. Now a couple of hours have passed and I've time to review it properly, I'm down grading it to 3 stars.I feel this story didn't go where it should have and the ending was unsatisfactory. Without giving too much away, Polly arrives at the home of Gareth and Rose with her two boys after her husband dies. As the blurb tells you, Polly quickly upsets the happy home.There were too many things that didn't ring true; why wasn't she throw [...]

    27. I really liked this book, once i started it i really didn't want to put it down.It's not as girly as the cover suggests, in fact its a very dark psycholoical thriller.I hated Polly's character from the get go, but as the book progresses you find that all the characters are as flawed and damaged as each other. You see Rose's carefully planned domestic life slowly and dramatically unravel, and its beautifully written also.This one is definately coming highly recommended!

    28. The story is disturbing, disgusting, and disappointing. Better not read this novel if you're looking for a thriller because this novel is sadistic and unrealistic.None of the main characters is mentally stable in my opinion. They all have serious messed up brains which made the story unbelievable and ridiculous.

    29. What a great story.! Julia Crouch sets up the situation very masterfully as the kind heated and generous Rose invites her old friend Polly to stay with her sons after her (Polly's) husband dies unexpectedly. Gradually we begin to see that Polly is very far from a good friend but will Rose realise in time to save her family? A shocking story that stays in the mind for a long time

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