The Blue Last

The Blue Last In The Blue Last Richard Jury finally faces the last thing in the world he wants to deal with the war that killed his mother his father his childhood Mickey Haggerty a DCI with the London City pol

  • Title: The Blue Last
  • Author: Martha Grimes
  • ISBN: 9780451410559
  • Page: 408
  • Format: Paperback
  • In The Blue Last, Richard Jury finally faces the last thing in the world he wants to deal with the war that killed his mother, his father, his childhood Mickey Haggerty, a DCI with the London City police, has asked for Jury s help Two skeletons have been unearthed in the City during the excavation of London s last bombsite, where once a pub stood called the The Blue LastIn The Blue Last, Richard Jury finally faces the last thing in the world he wants to deal with the war that killed his mother, his father, his childhood Mickey Haggerty, a DCI with the London City police, has asked for Jury s help Two skeletons have been unearthed in the City during the excavation of London s last bombsite, where once a pub stood called the The Blue Last Mickey believes that a child who survived the bombing has been posing for over fifty years as a child who didn t The grandchild of brewery magnet Oliver Tyndale supposedly survived that December 1940 bombing but did she Mickey also has a murder to solve Simon Croft, prosperous City financial broker, and son of the one time owner of The Blue Last is found shot to death in his Thames side house But the book he was writing about London during the German blitzkrieg has disappeared Jury wants to get eyes and ears into Tynedale Lodge, and looks to his friend, Melrose Plant, to play the role Reluctantly, Plant plays it, accompanied on his rounds of the Lodge gardens by nine year old Gemma Trim, orphan and ward of Oliver Tynedale and Benny Keagan, a resourceful twelve year old orphaned delivery boy.And Richard Jury may not make it out alive.A stolen book, stolen lives, or is any of this what it seems Identity, memory, provenance these are all called into question in The Blue Last

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      408 Martha Grimes
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    1 thought on “The Blue Last”

    1. I really liked this book, right up until the ending. Seriously, I was pushing the "next page" button on Kindle over and over, but nothing happened. It was done. I felt like there were several characters/relationships that needed some resolution, but didn't get it.All the usual people are here - Richard, Melrose, Marshall, etc. It's a lot of fun, and if you're a fan of this series then you'll probably like it. I just wish the ending had been a bit more.lusive.

    2. The Blue Last is the seventeenth Richard Jury novel.  At this point it appears that Martha Grimes is writing for her fan base.  The story would benefit from a tighter story line.  There are long digressions as Richard Jury tries to remember his childhood during World War II. Melrose Plant, Jury's friend, also spends many pages chasing information about a painting.Loose ends also distract from the story.  Grimes introduces a restaurant owner who may be selling stolen paintings, but this never [...]

    3. This was an eminently enjoyable mystery. Like many Grimes works, she weaves in her stock cast of amusing characters, throws in a diverting tangential tale of a trip to Florence, Italy, and somehow manages to have the protagonists emerge in the resolution of a long-forgotten World War II spy story.The twists and turns of a Grimes plot always make me dizzy, sometimes can be boring (not true in this book), but usually fascinate me. She somehow manages to find small features to bring out normally fl [...]

    4. I've been reading my way through the Richard Jury/Melrose Plant adventures chronologically. I can't rank the Mystery part of Martha Grimes' tales very high, but her characters, her landscapes, her writing are among my favorites.The Blue Last is typical Grimes: quaint charming villages, precocious children, clever dogs and cats, memories tumbling into the present, the inevitable pubs. Richard Jury, Melrose Plant, and their entourage are exceedingly interesting characters. The solution to the crim [...]

    5. I have to downgrade my rating after finishing the book. We all know by now that another Richard Jury mystery follows this one, so what I want to say--is how on earth could a cop MISS at close range when he intends to kill someone--and has several shots to do it in? Come on! There were other issues, but I am not much of a reviewer, soI liked reading the book while I was reading it. I didn't like the how the scene played out with Maisie aka Erin, her mother, and Gemma. It just didn't make sense. W [...]

    6. A very interesting story begun in war-torn England with far reaching consequences. Confusion reigned at the time and what was done in innocence of a sort at the time changed several future lives. I read this book some time ago, so I'm a bit sketchy on the evolution of the story but I found it entertaining mystery, cover-ups, with a brief bit of wartime history thrown into the bunch. I enjoyed the book, it was my first foray into Martha Grimes writing and apparently the 17th in the series! I must [...]

    7. I didn't finish this book for two reasons: 1) It was due back at the library. 2) It was confusing and uninteresting, possibly because I was reading it in French, possibly because I haven't read any of the other Richard Jury books and therefore don't know the characters.

    8. All the usual Martha Grimes ingredients are here: precocious and charming children; clever cats and dogs; quirky villages and villagers; memories of World War II; quaintly named pubs, of course; in London, Richard Jury, Wiggins, Cyril the Cat, Carole-Ann, and Mrs. Wasserman, and in Long Piddleton, Melrose Plant, Marshall Trueblood, Aunt Agatha, and all the other villagers we've come to know and expect. And, naturally, there is the typical convoluted Grimes plot that bobs and weaves and circles b [...]

    9. It had been a long time since I read a Martha Grimes mystery featuring Richard Jury and Melrose Plant, and this one, published 2001, seemed promising. Like her early ones, it’s named after a pub; unlike those, this pub was destroyed in the Blitz. As I read, I realized that I have apparently come to expect more realism in detective fiction than I used to. Melrose and his friends are fun but improbable, and his involvement in Superintendent Jury’s police activities is implausible too. Another [...]

    10. Who doesn't love Martha Grimes for the way she interweaves the lives of Melrose Plant and the Long Piddleton group with that of Scotland Yard's Richard Jury? The stories are always complex, with this one delving into the history of Jury's childhood and what may or may not be true in his memory. I am always interested in novels touching on true events in Britain in World War II and this did not disappoint. Although I was quite confused with Benny was introduced (was it our current year or the 194 [...]

    11. This is far from polished, I'd say, with some wildly convenient coincidences and amazingly implausible plot turns. But the characters are engaging, and as soon as the main detective found himself enjoying a night in the pub with Shakespeare, John Donne and Chaucer I knew I was going to enjoy reading this as much as the author clearly enjoyed writing it. There's lots and lots packed in here. Lots of atmosphere, nostalgia, landscape, what I think of as kind of lifestyle porn, by which I mean aspir [...]

    12. Another superb Richard Jury novel. This one is a bit of a cliffhanger, but I won't spoil it by telling you much about that! This one delves into Jury's past as an orphan of the Blitz, and his memories, suppressed and otherwise, of his sad childhood. He becomes involved in solving both a murder and a decades old case of stolen identity. The usual suspects are not as evident in this book, except for the always present Melrose Plant. Even his partner, Wiggins, isn't seen very much. There is an addi [...]

    13. First book I picked up by Martha GRimes, so some of her characters I was picking up in the middle, as it were, but that did not hinder my appreciation of the book. I loved this mystery, which was somewhat low key rather than a thriller, but the characters and humor kept me not wanting to put it down. Word of warning though - not knowing Martha Grimes' style I was really livid when I got to end of book and was left somewhat hangingr those who want to know it all at the end and have everything nic [...]

    14. I have wondered how books by a particular author are arranged in the lists. Not by publication date, obviously, and not alphabetically.It must be by the number of reviews a particular book has gotten. Or at least this book, number 17 in the series, is particularly outstanding and appears fourth on the listings, right after numbers one, two, and three.It features not one but two appealing and self-sufficient young people; smatterings of Renaissance art history and WWII code breaking; a move betw [...]

    15. Wow, that was a good one. Didn't see that ending coming, loved the primary and all secondary et al storylines, totally got caught up in the emotions. Truly hate that real life is about to get in the way of me moving on to the next one immediately!

    16. This is a re-read. Richard Jury is called on by an old colleague, Mickey Haggerty. Mickey is dying of cancer and needs Jury's help to solve a case nearly 50 years old. A pub, the Blue Last, was destroyed in the Blitz during World War II. A woman and her baby survived but Mickey suspects that the woman switched the baby with her own child and passed her off as the granddaughter of Oliver Tynedale, a wealthy man. Richard begins to look into the case when Simon Croft, the best friend of Mr. Tynedal [...]

    17. When I need to retreat from the world and find comfort in a book, I tend to turn to Martha Grimes and several other "British" writers to spend time with old friends. Richard Jury is just as conflicted and charming as ever and Melrose Plant is a hoot. I loved the complexity of this plot and how Grimes has tied it into Jury's past struggles with the loss of this mother. so than any other Grimes I've read so far. The children in this story are particularly compelling -- Grimes is written some of th [...]

    18. I enjoyed reading this mystery, even though I felt it was a bit disjointed and padded with unnecessary (but interesting) historical detail. It was almost like two books in one with Melrose's story in one book and Richard's story in another. They meet at the end, but it was a bit finagled. Nonetheless, I look forward to reading "The Grave Maurice" again (it has been a long time since I read it before so don't remember the details).

    19. Probably not the best place to start reading her books, but this was the first and last Martha Grimes book I'll read.

    20. Slow to get into, really would have helped to read the ones before it I think. Finally got interested, then a cliff hanger ending It does catch my interest, but I am left somewhat dissatisfied

    21. #17: found this one very confusing as Jury is contactd by former Oxford classmate and City of London Cop Mickey dying of Leukemia and his ex-cop wife Liza who had all been orphans together in their early police days to solve the murder of Wealthy broker Simon Croft. Mickey wants Jury to prove the WW II last bombing that killed croft's father's business partner and best friend, Tynedale's daughter, Alexandra and a baby, that the Irish nanny, Kitty Riordan and substituted her own daughter Erin for [...]

    22. I enjoyed the intricacies of the two investigations. Mickey Haggerty, an old friend and colleague whom Jury respects, asks for help in solving a puzzle about the identity of a middle-aged woman. The puzzle involves photographs from 1939 and 1940 showing two babies. When a bomb in December 1940 destroys a pub (The Blue Last) and its inhabitants, the nanny for a rich young woman (Alexandra Tyndale) has taken Alexandra's baby, Maisie, out for a walk. The nanny's own daughter has remained in the pub [...]

    23. This is my second Martha Grimes, Richard Jury Novel. Inspector Jury is asked by a Mickey Haggerty a DCI with the London City Police to help him solve a mystery surrounding two skeletons unearthed at the site of the Blue Last, a London pub destroyed during a bombing raid during World War II. Haggerty believes the child, now a grown woman, who supposedly survived the bombing is an impostor posing as an heiress to the Tyndale Brewery fortune. Sub plots include Jury's own painful memories of being o [...]

    24. This series contains really good British mysteries, and features a host of repeating characters, Jury, a Scotland Yard chief inspector (so goes all over England and other places when asked), along with his rich aristocratic friend Melrose Plant, with the people (many eccentric, many real characters) surrounding both--Plant in his Northamptonshire estate and the small towns surrounding him, and Jury at his London apartment and with all the helpers and local police officials that surround him, whe [...]

    25. Unnecessarily complicatedWhile the 'B' story in a Richard Jury book is usually a trifle with the Melrose Place chums, in this book it is an overly unnecessary sidebar. The 'expertise' Place picks up is too specific for Jury's needs - clumsy. In addition, the 'A' story in itself is completely a red herring of a tale. It is not even satisfactorily concluded. The obviously telegraphed non-mystery that initiates the book is clumsy. The identity of the killer and the typical need of said killer to to [...]

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