Skippyjon Jones, Class Action

Skippyjon Jones Class Action Skippyjon Jones really wants to go to school School is for dogs his mama tells him It s where they go to get trained But nothing can stop Skippy once inside his closet he finds himself on the playgr

  • Title: Skippyjon Jones, Class Action
  • Author: Judy Schachner
  • ISBN: 9780525422280
  • Page: 177
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Skippyjon Jones really wants to go to school School is for dogs, his mama tells him It s where they go to get trained But nothing can stop Skippy once inside his closet, he finds himself on the playground of his imagination, surrounded by dogs of all kinds He bays with the beagles, learns French with the poodles, and checks out a Chihuahua book from the library And whSkippyjon Jones really wants to go to school School is for dogs, his mama tells him It s where they go to get trained But nothing can stop Skippy once inside his closet, he finds himself on the playground of his imagination, surrounded by dogs of all kinds He bays with the beagles, learns French with the poodles, and checks out a Chihuahua book from the library And when a bully starts sending shiver itos down the spines of the little yippers, Skippy saves the day and earns the biggest gold star.

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    1. I loved the first Skippyjon Jones book I read, which was the first Skippyjon Jones book. I didn't enjoy the second one I read, Skippyjon Jones: Lost in Spice, nearly as much. It seemed to be just exactly like the first with just a different theme. In some book series that's a good thing, but in this one it just wasn't as much fun the second time. Although I do have to say I haven't noticed any of the students in my library turning their nose up at a second Skipppyjon Jones book. They seem to enj [...]

    2. Let me start off with stating that I really like the Skippyjon Jones books. It is a cute character, the illustrations are fun, and the word play and story lines are usually good. However, I didn't find that I liked this one as well as some others. The pages are very busy - overwhelming at times. Also, while I know that kids like rhyme, adding an O to things to create that rhyme was just annoying to me. I think children will still like the story and the character, but I don't want to be the one w [...]

    3. Thank you Mrs. Reinhardt for this fun gift today! I have heard so much about these Skippyjon Jones books but had never picked one up until Mrs. R. so generously left one in my classroom this morning. Our comprehension strategy was to go back and reread if we didn't understand and this was the perfect book to practice with. It was a BLAST reading these spanish words and then using context clues to decipher meaning or backing up to reread to make sense of the crazy fun of the story. My 2nd graders [...]

    4. Our Siamese Kitty Boy is fantasizing again This time he dreams he goes to school with the other dogs; he imagines himself a chihuahua you see. He will confront the dreaded wooly bully. Probably the sweetest of his closet escapades and exposes the reader to more spanish than in the past. Loved it, the art is a hoot. Check out the earrings on the librarian and posters in the dog school hallways!

    5. In this book our main character is referred to in many ways: Skippyjon Jones, nugget, kitty boy, hombre, Skippito Friskito, dude, Skippy, gatito, Mr. Whistle Whiskers, and Little Dipper.Then there's the closet, the extra characters with strange names, throw in Spanish and French elements, mix with varying font types and sizesI was confused.

    6. I think this is the third Skippyjon Jones book I've read. I kept hoping I'd get what everyone else seems to love but I don't. I had a hard time even paying attention.

    7. This book was very hard to fallow. The words a are written in all differnt sized and styled fonts, which I think would be hard for a beginning reader to fallow and read all the way through.

    8. Whuuuuuuuut. What HAPPENED? Not funny at ALL. And I don't even know what to say about the idea that the dogs go to school and the cats stay home to do the housework.

    9. Skippyjon Jones is a very clever cat with a huge imagination. Often it thinks of itself as a dog, because seemingly dogs are free to have more fun. Wonderfully illustrated and with a good smattering of Spanish words, this is a fun book series. In this book, Skippyjon's closet door becomes the door to a school bus and he is off to school. Cats don't normally go to school because they are already smart, it is dogs who need the education. Now Skippyjon is the only cat at an all dog school.

    10. This book is just plain weird; in fact, this whole series is just bizarre. It's honestly one of the strangest children's books I have ever read and I've read a ton. But what is most annoying is that my son thinks they are hilarious and they are best sellers. So, obviously I am in the minority here.

    11. This is a silly story about a Siamese cat that thinks he's a chihuahua. He wants to go to school with the other dogs, but his mother won't let him go. But he has a whole crazy adventure there with the rest of his canine gang. There are lots of Spanish and Spanish-like words throughout the story and so kids might get a giggle reading this one out loud.

    12. Skippy Jon Jones, a Siamese kitten, longs to go to school (obedience school with the dogs). While playing in his room he goes into his closet and imagines that he is at school and is the top scholar (at everything). CD included.

    13. This would make a great book to read to either Kinder's or First Grader's. Even better if you have a good singing voice which would enhance the story telling. The book also has beautiful and funny illustrations.

    14. Judith Schachner’s wonderful imagination infuses the story of Skippyjon Class Action. A great sense of play also permeates the book’s artwork. Both make for compelling reasons why you should purchase Skippyjon Class Action, except that there’s an accusation of racism against the whole series. Is the latter true? And, if it is, does that discount the other merits?Skippyjon is dying to go to school, even if school is just for dogs. And nothing, not even being sent to his room by his mother, [...]

    15. My favorite aspect: Skippyjon deals with a character that is considered a bully by determining that the character is hangry then Skippito shares his banana and makes a new friend.

    16. Skippyjon Jones goes on another adventure into his closet. In this story Skippyjon Jones really wants to go to school, however school is just for dogs. After talking with his mother and dealing with his sisters, Skippy uses his imagination and turns his closet into the journey of attending school pretending to be a Chihuahua. He doesn't do a very good job blending in though. He seems to be sticking out like a soar thumb with his super smarts and lack of enthusiasm to chase balls. He even works w [...]

    17. Both of my girls seemed to really enjoy reading this book. We have read a couple other Skippyjon Jones books.Overall, I think it is a good story. My 3 year old really liked the little songs.It is a cute story. Skippyjon wants to go to school with the dogs. Not understanding why cats can't go to school. So he dresses up and disguises himself as a chihuahua. He gets to do all the fun things involved with going to school, like riding the bus, going to art class, music class, math, the library and F [...]

    18. In this sixth installment of the bestselling children's series Skippyjon Jones, our title character finds himself envying the pooches who ride the bus to go to school, determining to do so himself. Reminding him of his feline nature, his mother sends him to his room where he wastes no time in setting off on another imaginary journey in his closet, this time boarding the big yellow bus full of dogs bound for obedience school.Joining his faitful friends, Los Chimichangos, el Skippito is saddled wi [...]

    19. Mommy's review from 12/14/11 - WHOA!!!! Listen to me and listen good. Get this on audio. I don't care who you are but no one will be able to read this like Schachner. She is no joke. I have never, in my life, listened to a narrator get so into reading and do it so well. John Lithgow reading Micawber is way, way good but Schachner is out of this world!I will not buy or borrow any edition of this unless a CD accompanies it. I could never ever do these books justice.Schachner should be commended fo [...]

    20. I wanted to like this one more, but didn't care for the little dog in the teacup that everyone was afraid of. Aside from that, it was cute, as usual. Skippyjon wants to go to school and, thinking he's a chihuahua, tries to go with the dogs. Mama fetches him home in a very cute picture where she's got him in her mouth by the seat of his pants while his three little sisters are riding their tricycles ahead of them. She tries to tell him that school is for dogs, and he is not a dog, but a Siamese c [...]

    21. Skippyjon Jones, Class Action by Judy Schachner is about a Siamese cat who wants to be a "chi-wa-la" (chihuahua). Skippyjon Jones also wants to go school for dogs but his mom doesn't allow him too, so he goes into his closet and his imagination takes over. In his imagination he is at dog school and he makes friends and all the dogs know that he is actually a cat. He makes friends with a lot of different kinds of dogs like poodles and chihuahua. Throughout the entire book, Skippyjon Jones try's t [...]

    22. Skippyjon reaalllyyy wants to go to school. But Mama says school is for dogs.Mama tells Skippyjon he is a “smart Siamese cat”. But when Skippyjon looks in the mirror he sees a Chihuahua. So he decides he can go to school. Skippyjon packs his “mochila” with his cape and mask and a banana and heads off to school. He rides the bus to school with his amigos, and the fun begins. They tell him about “el bull-ito” in a wool sweater. They tell Skippyjon he must help them with this wooly bull [...]

    23. Book Title: Skippy JonJones Class ActionDescription: Skippy JonJones pretends to go to school with a bunch of dogs. He talks about going to all of the classes and how he excels in those classes. Narrative Structure: Skippy JonJones tells about what happens when a Spanish cat who wants to be a dog pretends to go to school with a bunch of dogs and handles a “bully”.Endings: This book ends with a twist. The “bully” everyone is afraid of, Skippy JonJones finds out is just a tiny hungry pooch [...]

    24. Summary: Skippy Jon Jones is a very special kind of cat. He is extremely interested in going to school, with the dogs. After his mamma tells him no, Skippy sneaks to school with the dogs anyways. Skippy has an adventurous day learning how to fetch, bark, and even eating dog food. Once Skippy becomes sick from all the dog food, the teacher becomes suspicious and runs Skippy out of school. Audience: The book is targeted for elementary children wanting to fit in with their peers. Appeal: “Skippy [...]

    25. Skippyjon is one hilarious little Siamese Cat. Oh, wait; is he a dog? He liked to think he's a little Chihuahua, no matter what his mother things.In this installment Skippyjon wants to go to school but Momma insists school is for dogs only. Not to be thwarted, Skippyjon opens his closet door and off to school he goes. His amigos are very pleased to see him as they want his help with the school bully. The Siamese and his amigos make it through music, art, library and French before ever encounteri [...]

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