The Rockefellers: An American Dynasty

The Rockefellers An American Dynasty The FatherThe SonThe BrothersThe CousinsEpilogueBibliographical NoteNotesThe FamilyAcknowledgmentsIndexIllustrations

  • Title: The Rockefellers: An American Dynasty
  • Author: Peter Collier David Horowitz
  • ISBN: 9780786106806
  • Page: 202
  • Format: Audio
  • The FatherThe SonThe BrothersThe CousinsEpilogueBibliographical NoteNotesThe FamilyAcknowledgmentsIndexIllustrations

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      202 Peter Collier David Horowitz
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    1 thought on “The Rockefellers: An American Dynasty”

    1. This book covers the entire clan of the Rockefellers’ from the first John, born in 1839, to the publishing date of the book, 1976. It is quite an engrossing study of this family. Unlike other “celebrities”, the Rockefeller family is not marred by personal scandals (such as adulterous affairs). They are quite staid, and one could add, a repressive family. But they did have quite a pile of money – the family fortune was estimated by some at close to one billion prior to World War I (can yo [...]

    2. My exposure to Collier and Horowitz began in high school with a subscription to their estimable Ramparts magazine, continued into graduate school with a reading of their muckraking The Kennedys and now steps back to their previous familial biography, The Rockefellers.My exposure to the Rockefellers goes back, of course, as far as I can remember, so pervasive are the institutions members of the family created. Indeed, my exposure to the Rockefellers is far greater than I knew prior to reading thi [...]

    3. One of the collaborative biographies about American dynasties by DAVID HOROWITZ before he became a fringe right-wing sycophant. My favorite part was the beginning of the family during the robber-baron period of American history and how the ascetic prematurely hairless icon founded one of the greatest fortunes and philanthropies in world history. John D. Rockefeller was not just in the right place at the right time - he was a psychopath on a Capitalist Jihad.

    4. Exhaustive and exhausting! An excruciating and thorough history of the Rockefeller clan. I spent my formative years in Cleveland, Ohio and was familar with the parks and institutions John D funded or donated to the City. Unfortunately places like Rockefeller Park have been renamed with more politically correct names. Cleveland has all but forgotten him. I was particularly interested in the work of John D II and his successful efforts to change the perception of the name Rockefeller from Robber B [...]

    5. Hmmmm. I'm not altogether sure I liked this book, even if it tried to give a balanced view of the Rockefellers, people who could be described as the epitome of what people think of when they imagine the filthy rich.It traces the lives (in broad brush strokes), of John D Rockefeller, the oil magnate, his philanthropist son, the philanthropists children (including Nelson and Withrop, who became governors (and Vice President in Nelson's case), and grandchildren.Personally, while I don't dispute tha [...]

    6. Oy, so now I find there is a "part 2". The book was great because it is comprehensive and covers four generations. That is always what makes it a bit dry reading. A lot is dedicated to the intricate workings of the Rockefeller foundation - which is relevant, just a tad bit boring. How the family dealt with the money is a big story. It was actually a burden so much money that one was forced to trust and deal with literally hundreds of people just to manage it. So, I guess I'll get "Part 2" now. U [...]

    7. Written from an almost tabloid, muckraking perspective I was expecting some interesting details about how the Rockefellers grew their empire through multiple generation, what they decided to diversity into at what times and what they decided to divest And the success or failure of those decisionsThis ended up being something different entirely If you want a tabloid about the politics of envy, you may like this.

    8. Perfect example of how all great social experiments to better all our lives (in this case democracy and free enterprise) are readily ruined by those who are entirely selfish and lack a conscience. The even more interesting tidbit about Rockefeller was his habit of handing out dimes to people. I suppose he did this in some arrogant way and I think it is telling that he chose the smallest item of currency possible.

    9. Eye-opening book. It really taught me a lot about American history and the Rockefeller's role in it. I also learned more about the symbiotic relationship between U.S. banking and politics. Pretty messed up.

    10. Seems a very superficial account, despite the hefty page count and the dense text. The only Rockefeller worth reading about is the first John D. Rockefeller, the rest are notable enough but really supporting characters or with symbolic value.

    11. Not as good as thier BIO on the Roosevvelts, I found it hard to care once they got past JD Rockefeller and JDII

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