A Call to Prayer

A Call to Prayer J C Ryle was well known for his warm plain spoken candor the kind which appeals to all souls regardless of rank or title and this booklet is no different Bold encouraging and affectionate A Call

  • Title: A Call to Prayer
  • Author: J.C. Ryle
  • ISBN: 9780972237406
  • Page: 185
  • Format: Paperback
  • J.C Ryle was well known for his warm, plain spoken candor, the kind which appeals to all souls regardless of rank or title, and this booklet is no different Bold, encouraging, and affectionate, A Call to Prayer is just as the title saysan earnest invitation for all children of God to come before Him in prayer Read it, be edified, and have hope you have access to the MaJ.C Ryle was well known for his warm, plain spoken candor, the kind which appeals to all souls regardless of rank or title, and this booklet is no different Bold, encouraging, and affectionate, A Call to Prayer is just as the title says an earnest invitation for all children of God to come before Him in prayer Read it, be edified, and have hope you have access to the Maker of heaven and earth who can do all things.

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    1. April 16, 2008Title: A Call to PrayerAuthor: J.C. RyleNo. of Pages:33Genre: Christian LivingLevel of Reading (out of 5): 3Outline:I.Reasons for asking you, “do you pray?” A.Prayer is absolutely needful to a man’s salvation B.A habit of prayer is one of the surest marks of a true Christian C.There is no duty in religion so neglected as private prayer D.Prayer is an act in religion to which there is great encouragement E.Diligence in prayer is the secret of eminent holiness F.Neglect of pray [...]

    2. Hard words that were needed to be said then -and now. I only wish Rev. Ryle would have appealed more to the powerful persuasiveness of all the pleasures found in a life lived under the riches of God's Word.

    3. I appreciate this short work on prayer by J.C. Ryle that exhorted Christians to pray. Ryle delineates the reason why prayer is important and he goes so far as to say that an individual who doesn’t pray isn’t a Christian. As uncomfortable as that thought is, Ryle’s certainly has a legitimate point that a Christian who is not communing with God is missing the whole point of why Christians are saved by God’s grace in the first place. I think Ryle is also nuanced when he said that prayer in [...]

    4. I've often wondered in the past almost 3 years since my conversion why I did not seem to mature at all (or at least very slowly). But I also never really prayed. I never strove to get better, I just kind of hoped it would happen. The Lord has opened my eyes so much these past few months, through varying trials and experiences, and this book was so timely. He points out that your growth will be directly proportionate to the quality and quantity of your prayers, and if you neglect to pray, do not [...]

    5. I Thought I Knew How To Pray.The urgent question of this book is this: "DO YOU PRAY?" Ryle asks it so many times that I lost count. Instead of counting, I became overwhelmed with the conviction that so many times what I have thought was "true prayer" in my life was really lack-luster attempts at controlling God. At times, do I truly come to the throne of God in prayer? Of course. But, do I pray regularly with with the fervency, urgency, and desperation that Ryle describes of true pray-ers in thi [...]

    6. A Call to Prayer was a short, simple reminder to pray. It is only 30 pages long and can be read in less than two hours. However, each chapter is filled with the importance of praying.Spending time in this book will encourage those of us who get lazy in our time with our Lord, calling us to wake up and enjoy the privilege we have to boldly approach the throne of mercy and grace.

    7. I love J. C. Ryle! This booklet on the importance of prayer is concise and deep with instruction. It is convicting and at the same time encouraging. Compelling and not overwhelming. Put this on your list of things to read and on your list of yearly reads.

    8. Read following a quote from DeYoung's 'Crazy Busy'. Super little essay on the importance of prayer and its role as a barometer on our Christian walk.

    9. Fantastic little Book on Prayer. One I should reread each year.“Praying and sinning will never live together in the same heart. Prayer will consume sin, or sin will choke prayer.”

    10. This is my first book by Mr. Ryle and it will not be my last. Despite it's rather short length it's one of the best books I have read on prayer. Ryle cuts right to the heart of matters but doesn't come across like he's beating you up. He comes across in love. Like he really cares about your soul. He writes with such depth that he can say a lot in much fewer pages than most contemporary writers. Don't be put off that this is a book by a man who's been dead for over a 100 years. It's excellent.

    11. You can read this little book in an hour, but if you truly take it in you will find yourself praying all the way through. This book will good for your soul. I can not recommend this highly enough!

    12. What a sobering read! I love Ryle's simplicity, devotion to the Word, and his devotion to bringing all people to a closer walk with Christ. This would make a great small group study.

    13. Classic J.C. Ryle dealing with the vital practice of prayer . Wisely and candidly offers biblical encouragements for diligent and earnest prayer.

    14. Very short and wonderful work motivating and calling Christians to spend time with their Heavenly Father.

    15. This little book touches on many of the same aspects of prayer as Spurgeon’s Power of Prayer in a Believer’s Life. If there could be cliff notes to Spurgeon’s book, this might be it.

    16. An excellent guide to the importance of prayer and how to incorporate it properly in the life of every believer. It was an extremely convicting booklet and showed me a vast deficiency in my life in this area.

    17. 19th Century theologian and pastor J.C. Ryle served as the first Anglican bishop of Liverpool. To a 21st Century audience Ryle’s style may seem too bold, brash, and direct, but the reality is that his directness is what makes his words so warm and loving. To be less than direct about eternal matters would not be kind, but cruel. He evidently was not as worried about being polite and dancing around the truth as people are today. Therefore, Ryle is very clear that any true believer must live a l [...]

    18. I read the free ebook edition published by Chapel Library. This edition includes a study guide questions a the end of each chapter and is formatted well. Definitely recommended: chapellibrary/book/ctpI was surprised at how modern the english read for a book written over a century ago. I'd rank it as the #1 book I've read on prayer so far. Every chapter was solid but my favorite was probably the last chapter where he focuses on advice for Christians who do have some kind of prayer life (as oppose [...]

    19. [Joe M. shared some of this with us in our small group a month or so ago. Thanks, Joe!]This book is short, convicting, biblical--a clear and bold call to private prayer.The book is available for free download in a nice PDF here:chapellibrary/files/ar"Faith is to the soul what life is to the body. Prayer is to faith what breath is to life. How a man can live and not breathe is past my comprehension, and how a man can believe and not pray is past my comprehension too.""Praying and sinning will nev [...]

    20. The church book club began with this book as it was a short read. It was a great encouragement. This book is a short and concise book on the necessity of prayer. J.C. Ryle says "Just as the first sign of the life of an infant when born into the world is the act of breathing, so the first act of men and women when they are born again is praying." Since prayer is a necessity to salvation then it should be a part of every Christian's life. Ryle's question of "Do you pray?" is an important question [...]

    21. One of my many favourite quotes are as follows:"Can we really believe that people are praying against sin night and day, when we see them plunging into it? Can we suppose they pray against the world, when they are entirely absorbed and taken up with its pursuits? Can we think they really ask God for grace to serve him, when they do not show the slightest desire to serve him at all? Oh, no, it is plain as daylight that the great majority of men either ask nothing of God or do not mean what they s [...]

    22. This is exactly the book that I needed to start off the year with.It is short, direct, convicting, challenging, and encouraging all at the same time. I love what he says at the very end:“I want the times we live in to be praying times. I want the Christians of our day to be praying Christians. I want the church to be a praying church. My heart’s desire and prayer in sending forth this tract is to promote a spirit of prayerfulness. I want those who never prayed yet, to arise and call upon God [...]

    23. Reminders of prayer as the believer's true business.Though written in an old style (it IS an older booklet) the truth contained in this short book is as relevant today as ever. Prayer is needed and prayer is lacking.This is not exactly a "how to" book, though it does contain many practical examples. The book is exactly what its title says, a call to the reader to increase and strengthen prayer in his/her own life.Ryle gives many reasons to do so and roots them firmly in scripture, as he should. [...]

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