How to Moon a Cat

How to Moon a Cat When Rupert the cat sniffs out a dusty green vase with a toy bear inside his owner has no doubt this is another of her Uncle Oscar s infamous clues to one of his valuable hidden treasures Eager to pu

  • Title: How to Moon a Cat
  • Author: Rebecca M. Hale
  • ISBN: 9780425242179
  • Page: 120
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Rupert the cat sniffs out a dusty green vase with a toy bear inside, his owner has no doubt this is another of her Uncle Oscar s infamous clues to one of his valuable hidden treasures Eager to put together the pieces of the puzzle, she s soon heading to Nevada City with her two cats, having no idea that this road trip will put her life in danger.

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      120 Rebecca M. Hale
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    1. I read this book for the Noe Valley Book Club of which I am a member.I really wanted to like this mystery but I just couldn't really get the hang of it. There is an amazing amount of historical knowledge presented about the Bear Flag Revolt against Mexico in Sonoma, a fictional but very believable cycling race in California, and many deeply designed characters but the story itself just seemed to miss something for me.I can't quite put a finger on it other than it seemed to drag on and become mor [...]

    2. I enjoyed this third book more than the previous two books. What made this more enjoyable? The author has increased the thoughts of Isabella and Rupert. In the past stories, there has been an enjoyable portion of the story relating to the cats, their actions and human reactions to them. However, in this book, Isabella and Rupert play a much bigger part of the story. My favorite segment? Isabella's dream! I actually laughed out loud the first time I read it! Yes, I had to reread it a couple more [...]

    3. I haven't read the first two in this series, which I see from the reviews means something now, but grabbed this from the library the other day because I'm a sucker for mysteries and I love cats. Sadly, I had to wave the white flag of surrender and quit half way through, which I HATE to do, it just kills me to not finish a book. I gave it 2 stars instead of 1 because in the bit I read I did enjoy the cat thought processes and personalities, and Monty seemed to be a funny character (the only one I [...]

    4. Oh, I so want to like this series. I keep trying and I feel like each book gets weirder than the last. This one had talking bricks, frogs riding tricycles & hairless mice with eyeglasses. I wish I was kidding. Oh, and it was SO packed with history that I completely skimmed those parts. The book could easily have been half as long and twice as interesting. Since I'm a glutton for punishment, I'll probably read the next one. But I will quit using my library recommendations for them!

    5. I've not YET read the first two books in this series by Rebecca M. Hale.The protaganist has inherited her Uncle Oscar's San Francisco antique shop, The Green Vase. She has the cluttered and dusty shop all cleaned up. With all the items, many that go back to the Gold Rush Era, neatly on display. The new owners' cats, Isabella and Rupert play an integral part in this series.While moonbeams are dancing through the apartment one evening, Rupert finds a green vase hidden in one of the kitchen walls. [...]

    6. I confess, I only skim-read this book. My impressions: Too much VERY detailed California history (this might appeal to a Californian, but not to me- this was the main reason for my skimming). Too much convoluted gibberish about the goings-on of the weird protection society. Frogs in orange mustaches and a naked mouse wearing a jacket, all riding tricycles? The moon, acting sentient and moving tendrils of moonlight around at will? COME ON, already!?! Is this a mystery, a comedy, or a science-fict [...]

    7. While I am the first to love stories written from the cat's point of view, this series takes anthropomorphism way too far, and it becomes a plot device designed to distract us from the weaknesses of the narrative. The whole thing feels very disjointed. this is the third book in the series, and if you haven't read the second book you are quite startled to find that a character who was buried at the end of the first book is apparently still knocking about. Plus the heroine's starting to get on my [...]

    8. Okay for those of you who have never read this series before and were simply drawn in by a pretty cover, stop. Don't jump into the series with this book - you'll be horribly confused - well the main parts are somewhat explained but a great deal won't make a lot of sense, like the references to the frogs, etc. This is not a series where you can just jump in, there is an ongoing plot that is partially wrapped up in this book. It's a better experience if you read the first two books - and even then [...]

    9. Catching up on this series-- some interesting techniques with narrators: first person, third, and then the moon, wall bricks, statue, etc. not sure of the point as things did get tangled up. But the cats are fun! They shouldn't be given fried chicken however.

    10. Rebecca, Rupert and Isabella are back and better than ever!!!Rupert is still sniffing out tightly wrapped packages hidden by Rebecca's late Uncle Oscar. Most times the package contains money wadded up which he seems to find right when Rebecca needs it. But this time Rupert uncovers a package that contains a little bear holding a flag. This has to be a clue to one of her uncle's hidden valuable treasures.The first clue sends Rebecca to Nevada City, a former mining town. Her neighbor Monty is head [...]

    11. Thanks to the antics of Rebecca’s beloved cat Rupert, she has uncovered several bundles of cash stored away in her home. She’s sure they were hidden by her late Uncle Oscar, not long before he died. Now, she uncovers another one of Oscar’s clues. This time it’s an old green vase with a toy bear from Nevada City holding a paper flag. Rebecca is sure this will lead to more hidden treasure.Her nosy neighbor Montgomery Carmichael is on his way to Nevada City to represent the Mayor at the Tou [...]

    12. I'm a fan of the world Rebecca M Hale has created in her antique shop series. She has a very good sense of mystery, humour, and unique description. She ties numerous details and threads together exceptionally well, which is why less favourable habits don't deter me from reading whatever this lady publishes. However I address those too, in explanation of my ratings and perhaps to encourage editing from a very worthwhile author.Images that stand out tremendously well are 'Clem's "waggling eyebrows [...]

    13. I wanted to like this series, but at the end of the day I find myself ambivalent. Each story contains a lot of information about the history of San Francisco and the state of California. The mysteries are more treasure hunts for historic past relics than traditional mystery novels.But I just had a hard time getting through these books. The fact that the main character has no name in the first book and is referred to by everyone as Oscar's niece was just bizarre. This book returns to the traditio [...]

    14. I really like this series. I like it being set in the Bay Area and Northern/East Bay of California. I like the colorful characters we learn to love in the series. I love the Californian history that we learn or in some cases relearn within the pages. O.k. I love this book.This adventure takes us up to the California Gold Rush towns just a few years before the boom. The year is 1846 and we learn via the Tour de California bike run, the history of the California State Flag and it's proud Bear! As [...]

    15. This is the third book of the Cats & Curios Mystery series. In reading this series, you really need to read it in order, you will lose out on a lot if you don't.This is a "follow" the clues type of book - no murders in it - you're coming closer to the answer of what actually happened to Uncle Oscar. The "heroine" who I noticed was never noted by name in the book, is in for a road trip, with her Jackson Square neighbor and both of her cats, following a clue that Uncle Oscar left in a wall con [...]

    16. I have liked this cozy mystery series as much for all the interesting California Gold Rush history interpolated within the mystery, as for the clever mystery plots and eccentric characters. When the 2017 Pop Sugar Reading Challenge required me to read a book with a cat on the cover, I knew this would be my choice, given I had started it long ago. It did not disappoint.At the Green Vase antique shop, the moon wakes Rupert the cat, leading to his finding a clue left in the wall by the shop's prior [...]

    17. I liked this series because it's not your typical cozy mystery. Woman has profession, woman finds body, woman get's knocked on head and unconscious, woman solves murder, woman continues on with profession. This series has more to it then just a murder, she must solve clues left behind to uncover the facts about the California Gold Rush era. There's more to it then just finding a body and figuring out who murdered him or her. She's got two inquisitive and communicative cats along with some help f [...]

    18. I had to put this book down after page 150. The first two books in this series were pretty good, but I think the author took a wrong turn with this one. The storyline itself is good: Uncle Oscar died (or did he?? that remains to be seen) and leaves his antique store, The Green Vase, to his niece. She discovers that her uncle was, in secret, a treasure hunter for Gold Rush Era items. She decides to follow the clues he left behind and follow in his footsteps. Along the way, Oscar made some deadly [...]

    19. Cats and Curios series. A delightful series - this is the third. They are a little different with a couple of amazing cats that are a rare breed according to Oscar, the uncle of their owner. Oscar has supposedly been killed and she has inherited his antique business, The Green Vase. Oscar had apparently discouraged customers and his shop is crammed with stuff - mostly relating to the Gold Rush era of California.Oscar apparently did some extensive searching and found many objects assumed lost tha [...]

    20. I thoroughly enjoyed the 1st book in this series, How to Wash a Cat, which prompted me to read the 2nd book in the series. The 2nd book was good (I guess). But, this book left me feeling like I don't want to read the 4th and 5th books.How to Moon a Cat is a book for people who love to read about bicycle racing. If you are not into bicycle racing, it is difficult to stay interested.Rebecca Hale writes so descriptively that you feel like you are there with the characters in the book, doing what th [...]

    21. This is the third book in the series, Cats and curios mystery. It would really help you, as the reader to have read the first 2 books before reading this one. The background on the characters is almost necessary to follow this book. This third book does define the main characters better than the first 2 books. Lots of historical references from the Gold Rush Era. Love the cats! Humorous in spots. Nice light mystery series and easy to read. This is a mystery that is solved with the help of a coup [...]

    22. How to Moon a Cat by Rebecca Hale is part of the series Cats & Curious Mysteries. It definitely didn't disappoint! The whole book was a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants ride!Rebecca has taken over the Antiques shop of her deceased Uncle and is running it with the help of her 2 cats Rupert & Isabella. Thanks to Rupert, she has discovered a clue left by her Uncle. The find leads her on a scavenger hunt to collect clue after clue for a hiddeneasure? The characters are quirky & superbly wri [...]

    23. The 3rd book in this series continues the adventures started in books 1 & 2 involving 2 cats, a niece & an antique shop of mystery. This time around we're dealing with a mystery that involves the Bear Revolt of California in 1846 & clues that are left along the route of the Tour of California a bike race across the entire state. Hale weaves history amongst the clues as our heroine follows the history of the state itself & the Gold Rush through various twists & turns as charac [...]

    24. The unnamed heroine and part-time narrator has two adorable cats. The humans in her life are just plain weird. She spends her time trying to find clues to the treasures her eccentric uncle Oscar has left her in the antique store and apartment in San Francisco's Jackson Square, where he lived for many years. By and large, they could be explained and/or found easily if one of his friends would just tell her what to do, drop a dime or an envelope in the mail, for instance. But no, she must follow l [...]

    25. This is the third book in the Cats And Curios Mystery series by Rebecca M. Hale and I'm happy to report that I'm still enjoying it. The story and characters are still as quirky as ever maybe even a little quirkier! I loved how the author shared Rupert and Isabella's thoughts. That definitely made me enjoy the story even more because it was so spot on. If I could read my cats' thoughts, I'm pretty sure they'd be very similar! You definitely need to pay attention as there are a lot of little clues [...]

    26. I've read all three of Rebecca Hale's books in the series. (This is #3.) They need to be read in order because the story is building out from the initial set-up of the main character's inheritance of her quirky, historian/antique dealer uncle's shop, The Green Vase. Uncle Oscar was a master of fried chicken and gave her a pair of cats, Rupert and Isabella. Being a cat lover just helps one appreciate the way she has begun to develop the cats' personalities and thought processes. These are full of [...]

    27. I must have missed something because this book left me with a lot of questions. There's one scene where the bricks in the wall are trying to place who the man is who is in the room. There are several scenes where the moon follows a character or characters to see what they are doing. There is a hairless mouse who rides in a man's pocket and goes off to do his bidding on numerous occasions. The same man also carries two frogs with mustaches in a carrier who ride little tricycles in one scene when [...]

    28. A continuation of How to Wash a Cat. Rather than the clever ending whereby the author identifies with the narrator of the novel, this time the narrator shifts from the owner of the Green Vase to the moon and back--with a few others taking their turns as well. It too revolves around hunting clues to Uncle Oscar's treasures of the Gold Rush days in San Fransicso. Isabelle and Rupert, her two cats, are again prominent characters, and taking them along on a trip covering a bicycle tour helps move th [...]

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