Shalimar A British woman s search for love and truth in the late th century lies at the heart of this epic love story set in the midst of the Great Game between England and Russia over control of the Silk Ro

  • Title: Shalimar
  • Author: Rebecca Ryman
  • ISBN: 9783596506965
  • Page: 134
  • Format: Broschiert
  • A British woman s search for love and truth in the late 19th century lies at the heart of this epic love story set in the midst of the Great Game between England and Russia over control of the Silk Road.

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    1. Shalimar begins in 1890 shortly after the death of Emma Wyncliffe's father, who was found frozen on a glacier high in the Himalayas during an archeological expedition that went tragically awry. The Wyncliffe's are left with little funds and Emma's brother David in the throes of gambling bets and loses the family home to the mysterious Damien Granville. For reasons of his own, Damien offers to void the gambling debt if Emma will marry him and live at Shalimar, his estate in the Vale of Kashmir. A [...]

    2. Reading as part mystery, part spy novel, and part historical fiction, Shalimar has a lovely, old-fashioned feel to it, even though it is only a decade old. Ryman brings to vivid descriptive detail the late 19th century intrigues of the "Great Game"; a quest for land and trading routes in the beautiful land of Kashmir between the Russian, British and Chinese empires.Replete with a large cast of characters and ever changing POV's, Shalimar isn't an easy book to read and understand. Many of the sto [...]

    3. WHAT A BOOK, I'm still breathing hard since you really must keep your breath in the last 100 pages. What else should I say about this book? It's a mixture of historical fiction, romance and espionage settled in the 19th Century Kashimir. The plot is about the search of the Yasmina Pass and its chase between Russia, Great Britain and China.For more information about Kashimir's region, take a look at : koausa/Geography/ch1.4koausa/Geography/ch1.5By the way, there are 2 translations of the word Sha [...]

    4. La novela arranca con un hecho crucial: un comerciante musulmán, viajando en una caravana, es asesinado en la Ruta de la Seda y sus papeles, perdidos misteriosamente. Este incidente repercute en la trama entera, el mercader musulmán al final resulta no serlo: en realidad es un consumado espía británico sospechoso de llevar una información de vital importancia: el paso del Yasmina.De forma paralela, transcurre una historia totalmente opuesta: Emma Wyncliffe, una joven independiente, libre y [...]

    5. In the tempo of MM Kaye's Death in Kashmir and the Scarlet Pimpernel, it's an good fun read. Wonderfully presented historically and geographically, it's a well written adventure tale which only loses its tempo near the very end and hence lost 1 star for me. (I also 'figured' out the story midway through the book). To a historical fiction fan of the subcontinent British era, I've found it very rich and correct in its history and geographically it's set in one of the most beautiful and spectacular [...]

    6. I can NOT believe that I found this book again. It was the one and only English book that interested me (from the VERY small collection) that the library in my part of Hamburg had. I read it twice in a row, because I loved this novel so much!From what I remember, it was a very Scarlett Pimpernel-esque type book, and yet had much more depth to it. If I could find it in the library again, I'd probably steal it, it was that amazing!I loved the setting, the characters and the plot, which twisted its [...]

    7. I really enjoyed losing myself in a different landscape for a while. Ryman paints India as a beautiful country full of culture and wonderous personality (which of course it is). The backdrop of the Russian/British battle for control of the mountains made for a very interesting ride, and of course the love expressed at the end gave me the warm fuzzies which I will never grow tired of getting from a book like this.

    8. from book jacket "set in late nineteenth century in remote northern outreaches of the British Indian empire, Shalimar is a love story that unfolds among lush Kashmir mountains amid the intrigue of e diplomatic and military struggle between Britain and other nations for contol of lucrative trade and territory."I found the political and military sections of the book too drawn out. Same story could have been told in much fewer words.

    9. It Should have been a much better book. It started out with a head of steam, a real page turner. Then it peaked and headed downhill. She abandons the love story. She then lengthens the war conflict by using rarely used words to help plump up her sentences. Clearly, the historic part of the book is where her interests lie, for it is well researched.

    10. A modern well written, old fashioned type of women´s adventure, of the type MM Kaye would have written if she had had the time for more. Wonderfully atmospheric, a lovely subtle relationship, and the cozyness of that type of oldfashioned storytelling ( but with nothing for the mind to scream an objection at). I loved it. Unfortunately, this seems to have been the author´s last published work.

    11. A tale of love, strength and deception that takes place in the late nineteenth century in the British Indian empire of Kashmir. An engrossing story set along India's fabled Silk Road of a woman's search for truth and love. Well written!

    12. I've read the book twice by now and both times I could not put it down. I stayed up all night and had to finish. The story draws you in, unexpected turn of events It's in my top 5

    13. "Ah, that dress sets off your blue-green eyes!" <-- An actual line from this book.The writing is not up to par and I couldn't take it seriously.

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