Far and Away: A Prize Every Time

Far and Away A Prize Every Time Following in the tradition of Ghost Rider and Traveling Music Rush drummer Neil Peart lets us ride with him along the backroads of North America Europe and South America sharing his experiences in

  • Title: Far and Away: A Prize Every Time
  • Author: Neil Peart
  • ISBN: 9781770410589
  • Page: 375
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Following in the tradition of Ghost Rider and Traveling Music, Rush drummer Neil Peart lets us ride with him along the backroads of North America, Europe, and South America, sharing his experiences in personal reflections and full color photos Spanning almost four years, these twenty two stories are open letters that recount adventures both personal and universal from thFollowing in the tradition of Ghost Rider and Traveling Music, Rush drummer Neil Peart lets us ride with him along the backroads of North America, Europe, and South America, sharing his experiences in personal reflections and full color photos Spanning almost four years, these twenty two stories are open letters that recount adventures both personal and universal from the challenges and accomplishments in the professional life of an artist to the birth of a child These popular stories, originally posted on Neil s website, are now collected and contextualized with a new introduction and conclusion in this beautifully designed collector s volume.Fans will discover a intimate side to Neil s very private personal life, and will enjoy his observations of natural phenomena At one point, he anxiously describes the birth of two hummingbirds in his backyard at the same time, his wife is preparing for the birth of their daughter a striking synchronicity tenderly related to readers.A love of drumming, nature, art, and the open road threads through the narrative, as Neil explores new horizons, both physical and spiritual This is the personal, introspective travelogue of rock s foremost drummer, enthusiastic biker, and sensitive husband and father Far and Away is a book to be enjoyed again and again, like letters from a distant friend.

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    1 thought on “Far and Away: A Prize Every Time”

    1. only a FEW of my favorite Neil-isms:-of course it's just my opinion, but to me, my life is not dedicated to the place, but to the journey, and to the hour of arriving.-Telescope Peak was an important place in Ghost Rider-and in my life, really. in october 1999, when i had been rambling aimlessly around the west for the better part of a year, trying to find some way to face the world again, i hiked to that 11,049-foot summit. the next day, i rode on to los angeles, where i met Carrie, and my whol [...]

    2. Earnest. Mr. Peart is earnest. Whether he's traveloguing his journeys through America north or south he's earnest. If he's detailing his care and scrutiny of a hummingbird's nest he's earnest. If he's discussing drumming he's earnest. If he's writing about his love of motorcycling and the lessons its imparted to him he's earnest.This is not a criticism. Peart's gift is that he never comes off as naive, and his brief forays into history - Japan and the Atom Bomb, and his reluctance to anthropomor [...]

    3. I gave this book to my father on Father's Day 2012. The backstory to this is that I quit High School to join a rock band and toured in various bands out of Ottawa and Toronto for 4 years in the 1970's. My father never understood and it was a source of great tension between us.He passed away in June 2013, and as I was going through his things, I found the copy of Far and Away I had given to him the year before. He had written an inscription in the front of the book that told of how thanks to Neil [...]

    4. Wonderful. These are the collected writings Neil has produced while touring and traveling the globe and have appeared on his website. The book 'feels' nice to have in hand. I especially enjoy being able to open the book anywhere and fall into an adventure. Lots of photos to emphasize each travel tale.

    5. Not bad, but a bit repetitive.Another book out together while on your with Rush.The writing is improving, and getting better, but the subject material is well-trodden, consisting of the same sorts of stories and anecdotes as in his past couple of books.I'd love it if eventually we'd get a book with more stories from the many cycling trips he's taken.

    6. I raced through this book. As a fan, I really enjoyed the aspects of the book that relate to the tour. But the descriptive and personal nature of his writing is very engaging.If you liked Ghost Rider, you may find this one a little less personal - concentrating more on the travelling and less on his personal life. Still wholeheartedly recommended.

    7. Okay, most everyone knows the author as the drummer of the progressive rock band Rush, recently inducted into the R&R Hall of Fame. If you're not a fan of their music you will still like this book. Peart travels by motorcycle between gigs and takes no major highways to get to the destination , and then he writes about it. His love of nature and the outdoors is evident,, he is the HD Thoreau of rock music. Although he is dead serious behind the kit at shows, in this book he shows a lot of his [...]

    8. Everyone has sayings - the lines that they follow up with "that's what *I* always say." My dad is partial to "life's not fair, it's appropriate" and "don't play the 'ifs'" I've always been a fan of "I could never judge" (which, incidentally, legit got me out of jury duty).My mom, however, has a number of them - "you aren't bored, you're boring" "spend time now to save time later" "quit flipping off your little brother" etc. One of them perfectly encapsulates the story of this book - which, tbh, [...]

    9. "Far and Away" is my favorite of Peart's books. The "open letter" format gives him terrific agility between subjects, form, tone, and perspective. There is a careful informality to each piece, as if he is chatting with the reader over a late-night drink, sitting on a terrace overlooking the lights of Southern California. There is intimacy, too, the intimacy of strangers. The emotional timbre of each piece has increased, as opposed to some of his earlier work (even "Ghost Rider") where the subjec [...]

    10. minhas avaliações dos livros do neil são sempre suspeitas. adooooro rush, e leio as histórias todas com todo o viés do mundo. dito isto, vamos lá: bottom line, este livro não é tão legal quanto o ghost rider (ainda meu favorito do peart), mas é bom. ele é formado de uma coletânea dos textos que o neil publicou em seu blog entre 2007 e 2010, e é feito de histórias acompanhadas de muitas fotos, contando principalmente das viagens motociclísticas do letrista e baterista do rush, em m [...]

    11. 3.5 stars. At first, I was disappointed to find out that this was just a collections of Neil Peart's blogs, many of which I've already read. (Of course, its my fault for being surprised about this, by just blindly buying the book without doing any real research, simply because it is the latest of Neil's writings). But after reading it for awhile, I started to realize that I didn't care and that I was enjoying his usual combination of travelogue, social commentary, personal stories, and memoirs. [...]

    12. I really enjoyed this book.I will not put a spoiler here for those who haven't read it.For those like me who would like to know Neil Peart, but yet are aware they will likely never have the opportunity to meet him in person and talk to him, this book is for you.I have always respected Neil's musical and lyrical talent, but having read all of his books, I respect him as much as a person as I do the musical performer.Neil has revealed more of his vast observations with part of his heart and soul i [...]

    13. Far and Away, much unlike the earlier work Ghost Rider, is a collage piece of many stories from the life of Neil Peart, drummer for the canadian rock band Rush. As such, FaA represents an entirely different experience. While I thrilled to read about Pearts often entertaining, sometimes enlightening anecdotes, it must be said that some chapters fell shorter than others. With that said, there's a little bit of everything here, from snowshoeing to bird watching to hiking to parenting to motorcyclin [...]

    14. Far and Away; A Prize Every Time is part travelogue, part personal memoir and part motorcycle adventure, with philosophical insights to pull it all together.This will be a hit with Rush fans, but also for anyone who has traveled a long road filled with obstacles, fear, exhilaration and satisfaction. I recommend this book to anyone who loves travel, motorcycles and thought provoking observation. I find that I read and re-read some passages because there are layers to the message that I don't want [...]

    15. Soy fan de Rush y estaba ansioso por leer alguno de los libros de su baterista Neil Peart; para muchos (incluyéndome), de los mejores y más disciplinados bateristas del mundo. Pues así como toca su instrumento, escribe. Neil te lleva en su motora por todos esos caminos alrededor del mundo, describiendo con lujo de detalles los parajes y costumbres del lugar. En este libro en particular describe su experiencia con las carreteras de Puerto Rico durante su visita en el 2007 para su concierto del [...]

    16. Peart again delivers a fine and thought-provoking work about his various travels and projects over the last few years. Each chapter is it's own story, and reads as part memoir, part travelogue, and part navel-gazing - though since I am prone to navel-gazing myself, this last bothers me a lot less than it would some. It seems to me that serious contemplation of your motives, world view, and prejudices takes some courage, and to commit those thoughts to a book for other people to examine takes tha [...]

    17. Neil Peart discovered he had a website. Well, a guy by the name of Gred Russell with the neilpeart website was willing to upkeep and design his site and Neil started blogging. His many blogs have become the inspiration of this book. Peart took article up on article and revised them and added some 'new' material for this book. Being a well-read and introspective person, Peart's writings do take many meandering turns, and often he will wink and nod at his literary style. But, he delves into his pa [...]

    18. I love reading Neil's books. To me Neil puts words together like he puts together a drum solo. Incredible attention to detail. He makes the impossible look easy. Most of his books are travelogues, and this one is no different. Neil drops names of cities & locations like TMZ drops names of celebrities. You really feel like you are on the journey with Mike, Doofus, & Dingus. Maybe this book could have been edited somewhat, but like his drumming, it's all good to me. The more stories, anecd [...]

    19. I originally read many of these stories on mr Peart's website. I have to say that these stories really provided a greater emotional connection within the binding of a book rather than on a computer screen. Peart's story, "The ballad of Larry and Suzie" was particularly touching, as he uses the story of a hummingbird nest in his backyard as a metaphor for expressing his anxiety of becoming a new father. This is a book for all of those fascinated by the human experience and everything that it can [...]

    20. "Sometimes being 'good' means behaving better than we feel"-NP"Love and Respect, love and respect - I have been carrying those words around for two years, daring to consider that perhaps they convey the real meaning of life. Beyond basic survival skills, everybody wants to be loved and respected. And neither is any good without the other."-NP"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle" -Philo of Alexandria

    21. Having read 3 of Peart's previous books I was excited to see a new one. It wasn't till I was reading it that I realized it is a collection on blogs he had on his website. Since I was unaware of the website, I was still happy to have this collection, and the photography that came along with the words. An excellent collection that I enjoyed. Not as much as his previous books, but still a great read.

    22. This book didn't draw me in like his others. I "dipped in" here and there over several months and found I took longer and longer between reading times. I think it would be more interesting to motorcycle riders, which is probably the actual target market. Of course, he's still the Best Drummer Ever!

    23. I loved everything about this book! The writing, the insights, the photographyI spent so long reading it because I really wanted to make this book of essays last. I highly recommend any of Mr. Peart's books, especially if you are a fan of travel writing or of Rush!!! Can't wait for another book!!!

    24. Even though this is a collection of blog entries, I think it's still nice to have them all together here, in book form. Mr. Peart takes us on yet another journey, sometimes on the road, sometimes at his home, but always in a fascinating and casual way that keeps them interesting. If you're not a fan of travelogues, or of Rush, you'll likely find yourself bored.

    25. Peart deftly brings the reader right along for each one of his adventures and observations. The experience is less like reading a book and more akin to sitting across from a dear friend on a warm summer night and listening to them recount the fascinating day they just had.

    26. I'm a fan of Neil Peart's writing, so while some passages drug on in repetition and the book was sporadic and certainly didn't pull together thematically like his other books, I still enjoyed it immensely.

    27. I always appreciate NP sharing his travels and thoughts. As an NP and Rush fan I loved it and can't really give an unbiased view!! Another intriguing glimpse into the world of one Rock music's great exponents, what did you do at the office and on your days off?!

    28. Peart did it again. If you want a quick get away, but unable to leave your abode. This is the book for you. I know I am biased, but I really enjoy Pearts writing style. The vivid descriptions of the scenery or situation are spot on.

    29. more like abandoned than finished I don't know why I read Peart's books, they're more travel-logs than anything and that just tends to bore me.

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