The President's Brain is Missing

The President s Brain is Missing The question is how can you tell the President s brain is missing And are we sure we need it back

  • Title: The President's Brain is Missing
  • Author: John Scalzi
  • ISBN: 9781429926928
  • Page: 192
  • Format: ebook
  • The question is, how can you tell the President s brain is missing And are we sure we need it back

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    1 thought on “The President's Brain is Missing”

    1. First published in 2010, in a time that seems somewhat innocent now, Scalzi plays this basically straight. Fun twist ending with the snarky little side commentary one might expect from the Beltway.I suspect I was half-hoping to write a joke-filled review, but at the present time, I can't top realityr/2010/07/12/the-pr

    2. Title sounds like it's a dig against a specific person in particular, but it's not. Cute, funny and a short read by an amazingly funny author. 5, that's a pretty awesome concept, stars.

    3. 2.0 stars. First let me say that I am a big fan of John Scalzi’s work. I really enjoy the Old Man’s War series and I thought The God Engines was amazing. Unfortunately, this story, while not bad, is easily my least favorite of his stories to date. It is another story available for free at tor so you can check it out for yourself in case it turns out that I am "WAY OFF BASE" in my review (which is always a distinct possibility).My biggest problem with the story was one of false expectations b [...]

    4. 3.5 stars. #14 read in personal challenge.I'm not really familiar with Scalzi's style, as I've been stalled with one of his novels for a while, but I picked this story because of the title, which I found simultaneously provocative and amusing. This is a fast-paced, funny short, covering Area 51, Tunguska, the US presidency, and cheeseburgers. (I'm hungry now)The characters feel smart, somewhat snarky, and funny.

    5. Available for free at tor In this political environment, this title is a cheap gift, but I'm not going to raise to the bait. This was a humorous short story, and had a good ending.

    6. This was fun. Written in a simpler time when it would have been a bad thing for the president’s brain to go missing.

    7. This is an ebook-only short, barely a novella. It's also vintage Scalzi, funny and irreverent and insightful.A senior staffer for an unnamed president gradually comes to the shocking realization that the president's brain is missing. He's walking, he's talking, he's functioning normally--but his brain is missing! (Yes, insert jokes here; Scalzi is careful to ensure you can't peg this president as being either Bush or Obama. He's not doing contemporary political commentary, here.)The senior staff [...]

    8. Humor and sarcasm, one of the best combinations.I read half of it on the way to work and I got some odd glances from people in the subway because I chuckled almost continuously. However, I expected a different ending after the way it started. It’s like JS wanted to compensate all the irony from the first part. But nonetheless, it was an enjoyable, light and funny readingr/2010/07/12/the-pre

    9. meh. short enough that it's not NOT worth the read. also, it never hurts when sci-fi nerds and poli-sci nerds collide.would have been an even easier read if the characters had been mostly referred to by titles or first names instead of lists of "title first name last name, Cabinet Secretary" when the MC walks into an Oval Office mtg. It was awkwardanks to Carol for the Tor link: tor/2010/07/12/the-pr

    10. Quirky funny and packing a stingNust read. Smile and think about the day the president's brain went missing. Amusing. Smart and thought provoking. Another scalzi short worth the time to read.

    11. “Now that we’re all here, we can get started,” Boehm said. “We have a situation. The president’s brain is missing.”No one in the room had anything to say to that. Finally Alex spoke up. “I thought we all agreed to let Jon Stewart write his own jokes,” he said.John Scalzi brings his trademark humour to a situation we all knew was going to happen one day - there's a man in the White House who's missing his brain (no, really this time). As Carol points out, this was written in the r [...]

    12. I like John Scalzi. He seems like a very rad, smart dude. But, although I've admittedly read just a small fraction of his output, the work I have read tends to be very much hit-or-miss for me. I think this was a miss, but one that was so very tantalizingly close to the target. Weird political fiction is surprisingly one of my favorite sub-genres (I say surprisingly because real world politics often make me break out in hives). I love stories that take our current political landscape and proceed [...]

    13. I enjoyed this. For a short story, it's one of my favourites, even if I'm not really a fan of short stories, since they are, well, too short.

    14. This was a hilarious and clever short story that was in no way very realistic, but that was definitely part of its charm.

    15. Imaginati-va posibilitatile. JFK ar fi fost inca in viata :)Creier antiglont. Mai tarziu, poate si restul organelor.

    16. A science fiction short story about a president's brain which, well, disappears (the title is not particularly metaphorical). Very much Scalzi's style, with a light mix of humor and geekery.

    17. I remember now why I like John Scalzi: his sense humor.The only thing better than a discovering a new favorite author is rediscovering an old one.I was afraid this would be political, but it really isn't. It's a fun and humorous sci-fi take on an old joke.

    18. What I call dinner reading. Something fun and not too involved that I can read while eating alone. Rnjoyed the ending and did not see it coming, a big plus for me.

    19. Scalzi is greatI continue to enjoy everything I read from Scalzi. This one was a quick fun story. Pick it up if you're a Scalzi fan.

    20. This is a humorous piece. Scalzi captures the humor in the political system, and some of the ridiculous serendipity we see every day. There were places I laughed out loud. He does a great job of painting his characters, their foibles and flaws, as well as providing commentary on politics in the modern era.

    21. When I originally saw this book in , I was drawn by the catchy title and what appeared to be a promising plot -- the concept of a missing brain just seemed to have so many possibilities. Unfortunately, the story didn't quite live up to my expectations. This isn't to say that it was a bad story. On the contrary, it was laughingly nonsensical and amusing, as one would expect from a master of comedic sci-fi. (Of course, it makes perfect sense that the President of the United States is able to funct [...]

    22. I am a fan of John Scalzi. His books are witty, entertaining, and fun to read. This said this is not one of his best stories. Do not get me wrong, the book is fun and it has an interesting conclusion, but it is not emotionally steering or epic as many of his other stories.The novella is the story of a Presidential brain that vanishes on thin air, without any visible change in the commander in chief.Despite the title seems to suggest a political commentary intent, the author is quite careful to a [...]

    23. This short story is a sci-fi locked-room mystery that takes place inside the President's head. It's also a gag-filled deconstruction of the "boy's club" of D.C. with a sci-fi movie-quoting CIA chief and a group fondness for 5 Guys. With a deft hand, Scalzi weaves some inventive concepts together into his solution, all the while keeping things on the lighter side compared to most modern genre fiction. My enjoyment of these two stories so far bodes well for a time when I can finally sit down to on [...]

    24. If you liked The Android's Dream and Agent to the Stars but don't have a lot of time, read this. Otherwise re-read The Android's Dream. This has the same feel (right down to the pat ending) but doesn't have the length to develop the characters (mostly the supporting characters; I can't always rely on Scalzi to flesh out his main characters as much as I would like but he seems to make the effort to build a supporting cast. And hey, we got The Human Division out of a throwaway character, so I gues [...]

    25. The President's brain is missing off of medical scans but he's feeling fine & can walk/talk. This short story is all about trying to figure out was it magic.or advanced technologyAltogether the story was enjoyable but very short. Alex asks the right questions right away, spends a night investigating things, gets everything explained to him and goes back to his day job.

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