Deadpool MAX, Volume 1: Nutjob

Deadpool MAX Volume Nutjob You may think you know Deadpool Unkillable mercenary hopeless romantic nutjob It s that last part that presents a problem and that s where Agent Bob steps in Bob s sole charge in life is to point De

  • Title: Deadpool MAX, Volume 1: Nutjob
  • Author: David Lapham Kyle Baker
  • ISBN: 9780785148500
  • Page: 244
  • Format: Hardcover
  • You may think you know Deadpool Unkillable mercenary, hopeless romantic, nutjob It s that last part that presents a problem and that s where Agent Bob steps in Bob s sole charge in life is to point Deadpool at the problem and pull the trigger not an easy task whenyour agent is three cards shy of a full deck, and even harder when you ve gone deep cover in the impenetrabYou may think you know Deadpool Unkillable mercenary, hopeless romantic, nutjob It s that last part that presents a problem and that s where Agent Bob steps in Bob s sole charge in life is to point Deadpool at the problem and pull the trigger not an easy task whenyour agent is three cards shy of a full deck, and even harder when you ve gone deep cover in the impenetrable fortress of Hammerhead, the Grand Don of the most powerful criminal organization in the world, and your unkillable agent is head over heels for a French maid named Ingawell, you begin to see the inherent problems of the job.Collecting Deadpool MAX 1 6

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    • ✓ Deadpool MAX, Volume 1: Nutjob || ä PDF Download by é David Lapham Kyle Baker
      244 David Lapham Kyle Baker
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    1 thought on “Deadpool MAX, Volume 1: Nutjob”

    1. Deadpool MAX was the kind of book that one reads in measured doses lest risk becoming as unbalanced as the eponymous character. Being a Marvel MAX comic, it has extra added sex and violence tempered by Kyle Baker's animated and cartoony line art. As a character, Deadpool has come a long way from being a Spider-Man clone. It is said that artist Rob Liefeld designed Wade Wilson to make drawing faces easier. Now, A-list creators like David Lapham and Baker are placing their inedible stamp on the ch [...]

    2. Didn't like anything about this. Gave it to my brother-in-law for his birthday on the advice of a comic book shop owner and he read it and gave it back to me, with a shrug. This is indiscriminate ultra violence, terrible story, bad art. "Nutjob," the subtitle, means you don't need a motivation, you can just do anything you want and say any racist, homophobic thing you want and it will be funny. But it's not funny to me, it's just bad writing.I almost was ready to give it two stars for the art be [...]

    3. I've read a handful of Deadpool comics, and this just didn't stock up against the other ones. It simply wasn't as funny as it should have been. In the comic book store where I bought this, I was flipping through the issues of the new story arc and they had me rolling. Come on, his nemesis this time around is bringing presidents back from the dead to fight him. There is nothing funnier than Deadpool punching Abe Lincoln in the face. Sorry man, you know I have the greatest respect for you. This De [...]

    4. Questo volume comprende i primi 6 numeri di Deadpool MAX.Divertentissimo come sempre! Ovviamente facendo parte della collana MAX è molto più crudo e pieno di scene di sesso, ma Deadpool è sempre una garanzia!I disegni sono molto belli anche se ne ho visti di migliori. La storia è avvincente e si fa sempre più interessante Sono proprio curiosa di sapere come andrà a finire!

    5. Really not for me. The appeal of Deadpool, to me, lies mainly in his dialogues with himself, the source of most of the humor in the book. Making Bob the POV character just drained a lot of the fun out of events. Being a MAX book, it feels the need to up the crudity, something else that does nothing for me.

    6. Part of the reason the Deadpool movie was so successful was that adult rating, allowing for something suitably gory and rude. Which is especially surprising when you consider that the average Deadpool comic, for all that it's going to be edgier than the average Squirrel Girl comic, still has to censor its @*$#ing swearing and keep the sauce to approximately Carry On levels. Well, not here. Plus, the art is by Kyle Baker, whose career has taken many strange turns over the years but who has always [...]

    7. While I ultimately liked this alterna-version of Deadpool, there were hints of both good and bad. Generally, I make my pit stops into the Deadpool universe when I'm looking for both something superheroic and hilarious. The Deadpool run from a few years back by Daniel Way was zany, slapstick and laugh out loud funny. The constant stream of off-kilter references and the fearlessness at poking fun at itself made Deadpool stand out.With "Nutjob", that boisterous sense of humor seems to take a back s [...]

    8. Marvel squandered a dream team like Lapham and Baker on a Deadpool MAX series. For those of you who don't know, the MAX comics are not part of the regular continuity and read like fanfiction most times, albeit really entertaining fanfiction. Working outside the continuity seems to make most writers go ape and just script some seriously nutty books. It's everything you ever wanted to do with the character, but couldn't before. So Marvel gets two of the most brilliant creators in the biz together [...]

    9. The late-period MAX was Marvel's universe for creating non-powered comics based on their powered properties. So this Deadpool is an even crazier assassin but without the healing abilities.Now one element of the MAX comics was the conversion of Marvel characters over to the MAX world, and here Lapham is brilliant. The new imagining of Bob is top-notch, but everyone Lapham touches is quite interesting in his new continuity.Unfortunately, that interest just doesn't extend to the storytelling. The [...]

    10. This is hardcore Deadpool, not as funny as the previous Deadpool books, but still funny in its own way. The violence is over the top, and the mythology of Deadpool has be rewritten for some interesting surprises involving popular characters in the Deadpool canon.Bob is not a bumbling agent of hydra as Deadpool believes, but is actually the agent in charge of directing Deadpool through missions. Deadpool's insanity is a source of endless trouble for the handler Bob, who has to resort to subterfug [...]

    11. Tal como su nombre lo indica, este cómic es una locura, a veces es una de las buenas, pero la mayoría de las veces no logra cautivar o hacer reír como otros cómics del mercenario bocazas.El arte es algo que me gustó mucho, la acuarela no sería mi primera opción para retratar a Deadpool y creo que por eso destaca mucho, rompe un poco la línea de lo esperado. Aunque me causó muchos problemas en los primeros números, porque las caras de algunos personajes (Bruno y Bob) eran muy parecidas, [...]

    12. I find that it’s very hard to review comics and graphic novels. The more that you try to find words to put into how to review it, the more you realise that really are their own genre entirely, and that they have their own goals that they seek to achieve, those that are not the same goals as, say, a novel.Indeed, when you have a collection of serialised comics in one volume, as this work, you realise that it in turn has a completely different form and goal set as a ‘proper’ graphic novel, s [...]


    14. David Lapham - writerKyle Baker - artistThe MAX imprint takes characters from the Marvel universe and reimagines them in a grittier, more "realistic" setting. Some standouts from this line include Punisher MAX and Fury MAX by Garth Ennis. Deadpool is an interesting choice for the MAX imprint since the standard Marvel universe character is already an insane ultraviolent ninja with a penchant for amply-endowed women. It's hard to get much more "adult" than that. Lapham's Deadpool MAX does indeed b [...]

    15. Достаточно странная серия о приключениях Дэдпула, которая происходит в альтернативной вселенной, где многое изменено, в том числе и происхождение главного героя и его друга. В этом томе болтливый наемник объединяется с Бобом для того, чтобы охотиться на различных опасных [...]

    16. I I've seen hatred presented in comics before, and I know that the MAX series by Marvel is considered to be adult content, but that was not a fun read. It had some entertaining moments, but Yeah. At one point there's twelve running pages of anti-Semitic, racist horrible that I completely didn't need in my diet, even as character backstory.Show. Don't tell. 12 pages of monologue in full intolerant splendor? That could have been twelve pages of dialogue - or almost anything else - and worked bette [...]

    17. I wanted something more. I've always been of the opinion that Deadpool was at his best when he was not an overly goofy character, he just talked too much and was annoying. But it was the juxtaposition between the dark themes of the life of a mercenary and this talkative, pop-culture referencing madman that made him such a good character. In recent years he's just become a joke. I really hoped David Lapham, one of my favorite writers, would be able to find that balance I've been missing, especial [...]

    18. Looking at reviews, it looks like Deadpool MAX is a divisive book. You either love it or deeply dislike it. I am in the first camp. To call this book excessive doesn't even begin to cover it. The basic idea is Hydra Bob is 'Pool's handler, and they both work for the CIA. Hydra Bob isn't actually in Hydra, and Hyrda, in fact, doesn't exist. It's a manifestation of Wade's madness, and the CIA exploits it so that Deadpool will carry out assignments. And everything just gets weirder and uglier from [...]

    19. Wanted to give Deadpool a try. This was the wrong place to startDeadpool seems to be everyone's favorite lately. Works with everyone at some point, funny one-liners, Wolverine with less baggage (at first at least).Unfortunately in this volume he is led to kill indiscriminately in pursuit of some unknown, nonsensical goal along side Agent Bob. Nothing of greater significance is hinted at and were privy to some roots of Deadpool's highly damaged mind but none of it is in the least fruitful. This v [...]

    20. Okay, this sounds good in concept - Deadpool is the perfect character to get an "explicit content" comic. Unfortunately, in practice, the explicit content is pretty much just regular use of homophobic and racist slurs, presumably for shock value. Apart from that, the writing is unclear and meandering and the art is extremely ugly to my eyes. Deadpool comics are always pretty hit-and-miss, and this is a definite miss.

    21. If you are expecting the ever popular "memepool" then you probably wont like this. If you want an interesting read that differs from the canon in a unique way then you might. This isn't the funniest or wittiest Deadpool, but I really like the individual stories (though I don't really see where this series is going yet). I think the best part of this was the grittier back story for Deadpool and the fact that Deadpool was written a bit closer to the edge of sanity than in past versions.

    22. I assumed Deadpool would be even funnier than usual in the uncensored "MAX" format, but that wasn't really the case. It didn't make the character worse or anything, it just didn't really add much. Couple of really good stories in here that probably couldn't have been done under the standard Marvel imprint though. Kyle Baker's artwork in here is pretty incredible, a surprising choice but a great fit.

    23. I never liked Deadpool, or any character with its origins tied to Rob Liefield. . . . but the kids these days seem to dig him, and the MAX titles are free from the constraints of continuity, and David Lapham & Kyle Baker are generally full of awesome . . . . so I gave this a tryh . . . There are a few chuckles to be had. There is a truly horrific backstory to explain why Deadpool is nuts. These two elements don't blend well.

    24. I love Deadpool the character. I really enjoy Kyle Baker the artist. However, I couldn't get into this MAX series, and I think the talent is squandered by the stories mostly being told from Bob's point of view. Deadpool is crazy and the two voices in his head are the funniest characters. Read Merc with a Mouth, Deadpool Corps or Daniel Way's series instead.

    25. This is one very awful comic, the writing is childish and the art is atrocious, I'm surprised that this series hasn't been cancelled by Marvel. From the start this was a horrible read, the plot was silly, events simply strung together to lengthen the conflict and the content was revolting. Feces, demeaning homosexual jokes and references and over the top violence were all featured in "Nutjob."

    26. Wow! This was great. All the zany insanity one expects with Deadpool but with all the intelligence and humor both subtle and coarse that one would expect from artist Kyle Baker.These are Deadpool stories with substance. Weird!

    27. Meh. This is the second Deadpool comic I've read, as well as the second MarvelMax comic. I didn't enjoy this one, the art was well done but ill fitting in my opinion, and the plots of the different issues weren't interesting or fun.

    28. no, just no. Art is awful and its just not good. I tried to give this a chance but it failed. Not worth the read.

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