Woke Up in a Strange Place

Woke Up in a Strange Place Joe wakes up in a barley field with no clothes no memories and no idea how he got there Before he knows it he s off on the last great journey of his life With his soul guide Baker and a charge to h

  • Title: Woke Up in a Strange Place
  • Author: Eric Arvin
  • ISBN: 9781615817962
  • Page: 177
  • Format: ebook
  • Joe wakes up in a barley field with no clothes, no memories, and no idea how he got there Before he knows it, he s off on the last great journey of his life With his soul guide Baker and a charge to have courage from a mysterious, alluring, and somehow familiar Stranger, Joe sets off through a fantastical changing landscape to confront his past.The quest is not without cJoe wakes up in a barley field with no clothes, no memories, and no idea how he got there Before he knows it, he s off on the last great journey of his life With his soul guide Baker and a charge to have courage from a mysterious, alluring, and somehow familiar Stranger, Joe sets off through a fantastical changing landscape to confront his past.The quest is not without challenges Joe s past is not always an easy thing to relive, but if he wants to find peace and reunite with the Stranger he is so strongly drawn to he must continue on until the end, no matter how tempted he is to stop along the way.

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    1. ETA May 17th 2014:Funny, how life works. I wrote this review almost three years ago, without the slightest inkling of what it would bring. I loved the book. I still do. I re-read it today because I was missing Eric something fierce. I could hear his voice in every single word. This book takes on a whole different meaning after all we've been through. All of the words he wrote. Life and death. Love and laughter. The sadness of a planned life ending. The determination of a new life beginning.I reg [...]

    2. **3.5 stars**All of my lovely GR friends, don't kill me, but this wasn't a 5 star read for me. ::ducks popcorn being thrown at my head::I have been lusting over this book for a long long while. Some of my most trusted friend love this book and I have been dying to read Eric Arvin for some time. I don't like to read too much about the content of a book before I start it, so for some mixed up reason, I had in my mind that this book was about aliens. Yes, I know. Totally off base. I have no idea w [...]

    3. **Possible spoilers - read the blurb of the book**Joe wakes up in a field of barley. Naked, alone and with no memory of anything except his name. He knows he is dead, but of his life prior to this - nothing. He's not scared, just curious.As he begins looking around, he sees a dog in the distance, and is greeted by a man he doesn't know, whom he dubs The Stranger. Strangely familiar, he senses a connection, but The Stranger tells him he will remember in time, everything in time. And he will be wa [...]

    4. Well, this book was a revelation.It needs your total concentration, and once you commit yourself to it, it doesn't let you down. A voyage of self-discovery, it's almost as if Joe is a knight of old, on a personal quest to discover his lost love, Lou.I loved the part where Joe meets his grandfather (because he never really knew him), and what he learns explains so much about the relationship between his grandfather and grandmother. I also loved the fact (view spoiler)[that Joe's guide was his own [...]

    5. Brilliant, a dreamlike wondrous journey that grabs you with its vivid descriptions of the world and its weird and colorful characters. Lovely thought provoking and yes romantic! Highly recommended, fantastic and imaginative writing.

    6. I was drawn to this book immediately the moment I saw its cover on the Dreamspinner website. The gorgeous cover, painted by artist and cover artist Paul Richmond, was strangely serene and peaceful, and I remember at the time hoping that the beautiful art on the cover accurately represents the pages within. I bought the book the day it came out, and immeditely upon reading, I was captivated. This story is based on a single idea — one that has been explored countless times in literature and film [...]

    7. It wouldn't be heaven without you. Of course I'd waitThat is what his Lou told Joe as an answer to a question onceWhen Joe wakes up in a place he's never known, with no memories and alone, he sets out on a walk where he will learn that Lou's words were not far from the truth and that indeed heaven IS what he makes it. So, Joe goes on his last great journey with his guide Baker, an easygoing and kind cowboy. He knows that the journey has a very specific destination, he knows that getting there wi [...]

    8. It's time's like these that I wish I had some talent as a writer or some way to communicate my feelings with words that didn't seem so inadequate. I will do my best but I know I lack the ability to write a review that will do this story justice.Normally, I am a quick reader who averages a book every day or two. I'll admit I often overlook many of the small details in the stories I read, but usually I'm okay with that. With Woke Up In A Strange Place, I found myself with a desire, no a need, to s [...]

    9. 4.5. StarsReally just a beautiful and thoughtful meditation on what happens to us after we’ve passed away. It’s not all hearts and flowers, nor is it all doom and gloom, this is a place where one goes to hopefully find peace and make amends despite past mistakes and wrongs.Our hero Joe awakens in an unknown realm. It’s fascinatingly wondrous but there’s a pressing urgency for him to rediscover himself down memory lane so that he can fully reap the benefits of his new existence. As Joe sl [...]

    10. Okay, the super hardcore Christians would roll the fuck over in their graves over this book. No joking at all on that here. No spoilers, but St. Peter is out of a job. *gasp* : )The book is basically a trip through Joe's afterlife, where he must regain the memories from the life (one of probably many such lives) which just ended by encountering various people from that life.Through these meetings, Joe pieces together that life like a big jigsaw puzzle, with some pieces being very pleasant and ot [...]

    11. Wow! This book simply took my breath away. I've been transported to another world I've never been able to imagine myself. I am ashamed that my mind failed to roam such recesses before -- an idea so simple yet it left me awestruck due to its sheer ingenuity. Many times I tried to compare the place to Narnia, Wonderland, and even Oz. But whereas those worlds boast of joyful and epic adventures, the world Eric Arvin created fills you with nostalgia and of happiness forgotten.His world started a sto [...]

    12. *blink*Whoa.*clears throat*I’m nearly speechless, which is never a good thing when you're trying to recount your feelings and then attempt to actually express them. So please, bear with me hereRead the blurb… it’s critical or you could pull a Geronimo like I did and jump.This is an elegantly depicted tale about a man’s journey after death, a collection of memory breadcrumbs of sorts. With each breadcrumb he captures another flashback and relives a significant ripple in time.Joe must navi [...]

    13. A Beautiful Place to Get LostI'm so delighted to read another Eric Arvin story. Even though 'Paranormal' is not my favorite genre, his imaginary rich prose made me crazy. The way he phrased this tale. I was so detached to his writing mastery at the beginning, so I did not pay enough attention to the story line. It's the story of Joe, who wakes up in a barley field with no clothes, and no memories. His "soul guide" Baker leads him on a journey through his life, through his afterlife, where he reg [...]

    14. I was thinking about this book the other day, and I realized how many people have not read this. This book is flat out amazing. Its not your standard m/m romance, but it is a love story. Its a love story about the main character's life and who and what has been a part of it. You never know what parts of your life will remain, what your brain or heart will hold on to. Some things might be painful and some might be joyous. Some people will always stay in your heart just a bit away, but situations [...]

    15. This was one of the most unusual mm books I have ever read. But do you know what. I loved it. This book had such a sweet, beautiful romance, that was about rediscovering it in the afterlife. Now I will admit this book will not be everybody's cup of tea, but I found myself in love with this book. Joe and Lou were the couple in this book, but Joe was the MC and he was a very good one. Some little tiny things were not great in this book but overall I enjoyed reading it. Especially once Joe and Lou [...]

    16. 2.5 starsDreamlike, surreal, vivid, whimsical, colorfull words I would use to describe this after life the author created. It was beautifully written and I could clearly picture everything that was described.Joe traveled through his afterlife and with each person he met he remembers an important part of his life on Earth. So I guess it was kind of like when “life flashes before your eyes” but instead slooooooowwwwly. While, those experiences were necessary to the story they did nothing for m [...]

    17. This was a grand journey and I'm sorry that it has ended or has it? My journey with Joe might have ended yes but what he went through, what he learnt taught him something and taught me as well. So it is up to me to continue the journey. I'm just hoping for great courage and and an open heart.

    18. Wow. This was (by far) one of the most unusual and unique books I have ever read. While looking for something new to read I saw the author's name on a site. I saw this book. I wasn't sure about it until I read a recommendation by another author (T.J. Klune) that I had just read the day before. That pushed me in the right direction and I decided to give it a try. I am so glad I did. I am totally at a loss as to what to say about this book. If I go into the story, I will give it away. I do not wan [...]

    19. This book was so fucking awesome. I'm not even sure where to put it on my shelves thoughs not like any other book that I've read. This wasn't what I would call a "traditional" romance but a romance just the same. The whole story is about Joe's journey (view spoiler)[and its end- Lou. I don't know what could be more romantic than journeying to your soul mate. The journey itself I thought was amazing. Unusual but, given the concept, fitting I thought. I loved all the parts of Joe's journey, some w [...]

    20. Reviewed on Hearts On Fire heartsonfirereviews/ Joe is dead and standing in a barley field. He has no memories but feels a strong attraction to a Stranger he meets who tells Joe to have "great courage". Along with his guide, Baker, Joe heads off to rediscover the life he lived and to make things right. This was an awesome story of one soul's journey through his life reliving the happiness and tragedies and learning the many things that he missed the first time around. It reminded me very much of [...]

    21. Shit! I don't know what to say? SoNo, I really don't know what to say.TryingOK. - I really liked/loved reading this book. The prose is, poeticold fashioned even that Victorian/Edwardian sort of literature-sort-of way. It's a little like reading Shakespeare because you want to, not because you have to and it feels good, but it also makes your mind wander, a little. The only novel I can liken this to is "Alice in Wonderland" (for adults)it's a little spaced out.I wouldn't recommend this to anyone [...]

    22. Woke Up in a Strange place was wonderful. It was beautiful. Beautiful and sad. Beautiful and sad and lovingly full of hope. The entire novel reminded me of reading Pilgrim’s Progress as a kid—except the gay version, and much more impactful. The writing is vivid and flowing. The creativity is astounding. The love story is achingly painful and sweet (as genuine love is). A very different book than what I normally read. It didn’t feel like I was simply reading a fantasy novel, this was truly [...]

    23. I have never reviewed a book before but by the time I was done the first chapter of “Woke Up in a Strange Place” I knew I would have to step out of my comfort zone and review it!This is one of the most beautiful books I have ever had the pleasure of reading. I LOVED, loved, loved it! If I could I would give it bonus stars!I had “Woke Up in a Strange Place” for months before I decided to finally read it. I was worried it was too much out of reality for me since I don’t read a lot of fan [...]

    24. I am really struggling to articulate or even understand my feelings for this book. When it comes down to it, I think the best way to express how I feel is to say I appreciated the story rather than loved it.I found it difficult to feel fully engaged in Joe's story. To be perfectly honest, I think the fantasy element dampened my enthusiasm. I don't read a lot of this genre, and Joe's journey, filled with mythical creatures and other wonders, just didn't do it for me. To the extent that I actually [...]

    25. This is a hard book to review or even classify. It's beautifully written and the journey that Joe takes is at once heartbreaking and life affirming. It's a languid journey through rediscovering who we are and who matters most. The world building is just phenomenal, with out being preachy or judgmental Arvin creates a wholly realistic and unique afterlife. Joe's journey is languid and meandering but this is a book to be savored and can not be rushed. But most of all this is a book about love and [...]

    26. I really don't know how I would rate this book, so for now I think I'll just let it be. It's not a typical romance and different from anything I've been reading. It took me a while to finish this, because honestly there were moments where it got a little slow for me. It's not one of those I could finish in one sitting. And I didn't want to rush through it, because the writing was beautiful and the imagery was so vivid that I felt like I was right there with Joe. I wanted to be there with Joe! My [...]

    27. What a wonderous ride! This book just makes you feel a childlike giddiness as you become a part of Joe's journey. There are definately very serious moments and situations, but there is awe throughout the book.I also think you have to be in the right mood to read this book, it might be too fantastical if you aren't in the right mindset. It was the right time for me and I truly enjoyed reading it.

    28. Reviewed on: totallybookedblog/2013/12/5++ Beautiful StarsWow, so you know that moment you discover a new Author and he blinds you with a beauty so stunning it leaves you breathless?! Well Eric Arvin did just that to me with ‘Woke Up in a Strange Place’, an m/m romance.The writing is beautiful, incredibly visual and creative it touched me so deeply, I think I had permanent steady tears throughout. Every single sense awakens in this story, truly inspirational, heart-breaking and thought provo [...]

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