Sand Queen

Sand Queen Nineteen year old Kate Brady joined the army to bring honor to her family and democracy to the Middle East Instead she finds herself in a forgotten corner of the Iraq desert in guarding a makes

  • Title: Sand Queen
  • Author: Helen Benedict
  • ISBN: 9781569479667
  • Page: 337
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Nineteen year old Kate Brady joined the army to bring honor to her family and democracy to the Middle East Instead, she finds herself in a forgotten corner of the Iraq desert in 2003, guarding a makeshift American prison There, Kate meets Naema Jassim, an Iraqi medical student whose father and little brother have been detained in the camp Kate and Naema promise to helNineteen year old Kate Brady joined the army to bring honor to her family and democracy to the Middle East Instead, she finds herself in a forgotten corner of the Iraq desert in 2003, guarding a makeshift American prison There, Kate meets Naema Jassim, an Iraqi medical student whose father and little brother have been detained in the camp Kate and Naema promise to help each other, but the war soon strains their intentions Like any soldier, Kate must face the daily threats of combat duty, but as a woman, she is in equal danger from the predatory men in her unit Naema suffers bombs, starvation, and the loss of her home and family As the two women struggle to survive and hold on to the people they love, each comes to have a drastic and unforeseeable effect on the other s life Culled from real life stories of female soldiers and Iraqis, Sand Queen offers a story of hope, courage and struggle from the rare perspective of women at war.

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    1 thought on “Sand Queen”

    1. I would give this one six stars out of five if it were possible. I have been waiting a couple of days after finishing this to write my review to see if any of the emotions it stirred up began to lose their power. If anything, they have only intensified. Physically and emotionally draining, this tells the harrowing story of a female soldier deployed to Iraq in the early days of the second Gulf war. Not only does she have to adjust to the fact that the enemy wants to hurt her, but she also has to [...]

    2. This is a good book containing a bad story. It's well written, entertaining (though I felt guilty for being entertained), but very depressing and parts of it are very brutal and not for the faint of heart. It's about war, sexual harassment, sexual assault, hatred, revenge, and post traumatic stress. No matter what, there can be no happy ending to this book because the heroine, Kate, is forever going to be scarred by what happens to her, inside and out.As a woman who has faced difficulties of my [...]

    3. Helen Benedict's Sand Queen is an important book for a couple of reasons. First, (and to the best of my knowledge) Benedict's topic - the treatment of female soldiers in the United States Army - is not sufficiently explored by very many contemporary fiction writers. Even the nonfiction works (including Benedict's own The Lonely Soldier: The Private War of Women Serving in Iraq) are not not given enough exposure to warrant the kind of attention that this topic demands (I'm sure some people would [...]

    4. Note: I received this book for free through First Reads.Sand Queen is the story of two young women whose lives are forever changed by the Iraq war: 19-year-old American soldier Kate and Iraqi medical student Naema. The story is written in powerful, searing, beautiful but often harsh language that captures the Iraqi landscape, and the fast-moving plot and quick POV shifts pull the reader all the way to the end.In addition to shifting between Kate and Naema’s points of view, Sand Queen also shi [...]

    5. Sand Queen was a very moving and realistic portrayal of the life of two individuals during the Iraqi War, one being a 19-year-old female soldier and the other character being a young female medical student from Baghdad. The soldier, Kate, leaves her home at 19 to enlist in the army, to become tougher and make her father proud. Naema is a medical student who has dealt with war her entire life and finds herself robbed of happiness as she awaits news of her brother and father's condition who were b [...]

    6. this book was really insightful. I never knew being in the military was so hard for women. I really felt for Kate, I felt anger on her behalf and it made me wnat to do something to help women soldiers who are stationed in horrid conditions. I have started to write letters to soldiers as a result. This book will touch your heart. Hearing both sides of the tale, one side of the story told by a girl from Iraq and the other from a girl soldier. Get ready for buckets of tears and thoughful silences t [...]

    7. I read this book as a writer myself, interested in the craft issues of how true stories can be successfully fictionalized. Taking inspiration from her work on The Lonely Soldier (essays), Benedict has fictionalized some of her interview subjects' stories in her essay collection and turned it into a compelling, heart-breaking novel in Sand Queen.

    8. an amazing book. truly depicts what war is like for women. i felt immediately attached to Kate, i cannot even imagine what it's like out there, but the author painted a great picture in my mind. go out and read!

    9. I wanted to like this book a lot more than I did. It may be factual, and I fear that it is, but it was just too grim and depressing with no redemptive value for me.

    10. This is what I call an "awareness novel," a book intended primarily to inform readers about some tragic contemporary situation. At its best, the awareness novel can inspire real-world change: see Upton Sinclair's The Jungle (although ironically, the change that book inspired wasn't what Sinclair had in mind). But there's a reason few people read The Jungle anymore, although schoolkids are routinely assigned the passage about meat-packing factories: it's not a great piece of literature. You can't [...]

    11. Very clear political and social message, no satire here (except maybe the part about the George Bush lips looking like a tight "asshole"). How can you ever look at our soldiers the same when you know the U.S. army is built on layer after layer of lies and cover-ups? Quick read and heart-rending.

    12. Sand Queen is almost a great novel. It starts with a great premise and an interesting direction. But somewhere along the way it collapses under the weight of the message it tries to get across.The book follows two main characters through war-torn Iraq in 2003: Kate Brady (a soldier) and Naema (a young Iraqi woman). Sand Queen is more of a literary fiction novel than any other genre. It starts slow but quickly ramps up for a fast and compelling read.I have strong feelings about this novel, and I [...]

    13. Sand Queen represents a fictional work from Helen Benedict, a Columbia University professor. Benedict's academic research focuses on female soldiers in Iraq, and she cites over forty interviews with veterans of the Iraq War as inspiration for the novel. Sand Queen follows two female protagonists in Iraq. Kate Brady is an American soldier stationed at Camp Bucca. Naema is an Iraqi medical student whose family takes refuge from Baghdad's destruction in her grandmother's village. Throughout the boo [...]

    14. The description of this book does not do it justice or give an accurate feel for the read. Something about it brings to mind a lifetime movie or after school special, where with a montage of heartwarming cross cultural interactions, we all emerge understanding each other a bit more, and working towards a common goal of peace and justice. Well, unfortunately, reality hasn't given us such a pretty scenario, and so Benedict's book doesn't give near such a pat resolution. Benedict's novel gives an [...]

    15. This story, “Sand Queen” revolves around two young women caught up in the Iraq war. Specialist Kate Brady, 19, is a guard at a makeshift prison camp in the desert near Umm Qasr in southern Iraq during the early months of the war. Naema Jassim, 22, is a medical student and war refugee. She and her family fled their upper middle class lives in Baghdad to live with her grandmother in Umm Qasr. But soon after their arrival her father and younger brother were arrested and sent to the prison camp. [...]

    16. In the interest of full disclosure, I'm going to say that I know absolutely nothing about the treatment of females who are in the military, so I don't know if this portrayal is accurate. In fact, I'm hoping it isn't considering how terrible the female soldiers were treated in Sand Queen. It was just so heartbreaking and pissed me off incredibly. While Sand Queen did a great job in making me feel something, I ultimately felt that the overall story was just okay.The portrayal of the characters in [...]

    17. I criticised a book late last year for being too gung ho and patriotic . that the president was a great guy and a ex wartime hero and the good guys only did good different this book and I suspect how nearer the truth this book Is due to this.The book looks at the experiences of a female reserve within the military the harrasment she experiences from colleagues and those imprisoned and is fairly damming in its outlookis isn't a happy book nor a book they are likely to put on a 'to read' list of y [...]

    18. Sometimes you come across books that you just don't really know what to make of them. I got this book from Netgalley because I was intrigued by the story line. I can't think of any other fiction books off the top of my head that cover the experience of a female soldier on the front lines. I definitely liked the story. It was interesting to see what both Naema and Kate go through and how they deal with it.I don't know much about what female soldiers deal with as a whole but Kate seems to have the [...]

    19. This is the first time I am reading a book about the life during a war I think. It is also the first time I am reading a story about the US War against terrorism in Iraq. I must say that I admire author's attempts to help the readers see through the point of views of both a US soldier, and a native from Iraq. The author sets the stage to both main protagonists by setting them as intellectually equals; even though with their cultural differences how their troubles in a time of war seem to be simi [...]

    20. Remember "Lord of the Flies"? Or the movie "Leaving Las Vegas"?You recall how uplifting those weren't? That's Sand Queen. While it's not a "light" read, it is gripping, educating, thought provoking and painful. It also moves along pretty quickly, so while it is painful, it is over with soon. A bit too soonwhile I wasn't excited to see where the story was going, I felt it ended a bit too abruptly.Kate's situation and plight as a female soldier in combat is brilliantly portrayed. Her situation is [...]

    21. This novel, set in 2003, tells of an American prison in Iraq from the point of view of Kate, a young Army Specialist who guards the prison, and Naema, an Iraqi student whose family members have been arrested by American soldiers. Basing her novel on real life stories, Helen Benedict (The Lonely Soldier: The Private War of Women Serving in Iraq) describes the hardships and struggles in the day-to-day lives of each woman. Kate finds herself not only in a war against the prisoners, but the unforgiv [...]

    22. I had to allow this book time prior to reviewing. This was a difficult read, yet an important one. I was warned that the subject matter would be horrific and despairing prior to reading. I still was not prepared for the horrendous impact this book would have. Often times, I had to set the book aside with tears in my eyes before I could continue. But my battle can never compare, so I continued on. The plot was fast-paced and told the stories of two women on opposite sides of the "fence" as it wer [...]

    23. I wanted to like Sand Queen. Sand Queen tells the story of the damaging effects of war from the perspective of a female soldier and an Iraqi civilian. Recently there has been a lot of attention on the appalling prevalence of sexual assault and the lack of protection for females in the military. I was looking forward to a book that shed some light on this problem. Unfortunately I did not find this book illuminating or interesting. I completely agree with the author's viewpoints about the tragedy [...]

    24. I had not heard about this book until I started doing some research into women who write about war. The book ought to be better known in the UK. The plot is gripping, the characters and setting are very well done, and the author raises big questions about the war without ever preaching. There are very few novels about women in combat. Helen Benedict has never been a soldier but she has done her research and the details feel authentic. The novel is written from the point of view of a female comba [...]

    25. I haven't read a novel like this before-a look at war from a female's perspective on the front. Kate Brady is just 19 years old when she enlists in the army and becomes a guard at a prison camp located in an Iraq desert. Life with the men there is brutal as is the climate and overall conditions surrounding her. The war is also told from the perspective of Naema, a young medical student, who Kate meets when she comes looking for her father and brother in the prison camp. This novel looks at the u [...]

    26. Once again, the jacket flap really failed to describe the book I read. This is very gritty, unglamorous, vivid, and distressing as hell without the slightest bit of apologetic angst. The two opposing points of view are very well characterized, making what could seem like an overly simplistic device really shine. Further, the overlapping glimpses of one character's timeline nicely develops her own plot tension. Because tension is what this book is all about: the tension of women caught in the unw [...]

    27. Zandkoningin laat het schrijnende verhaal van een oorlog zien. Mooi is dat je beide kanten van het verhaal te zien krijgt, zowel van het Amerikaanse leger als van de Irakese burgers. Tussendoor volgen ook nog enkele flashforwards, die je nieuwsgierigheid nog meer prikkelen om de afloop te achterhalen. Een goed verteld verhaal over de meedogenloze impact van een oorlog op heel veel verschillende fronten. Helen Benedict schrijft een indringende en sterke roman die je nog lang zal laten nadenken.Zi [...]

    28. The writing of this book is very good and the characters were alive for me.So, I apologize to any reader of this review that I didn't finish the book.It's a world that's bleak and depressing to me and I really don't need anymore of that in my life right now. I've been struggling to find a job for sometime now and it's easy for me to slip over into depression. This is, in no way, a reflection on the high quality achievement of the author.I recommend this book to anyone with an interest in women s [...]

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