The Fall of Baghdad

The Fall of Baghdad For every great historical event seemingly at least one reporter writes an eyewitness account of such power and literary weight that it becomes joined with its subject in our minds George Orwell s H

  • Title: The Fall of Baghdad
  • Author: Jon Lee Anderson
  • ISBN: 9780316729901
  • Page: 205
  • Format: Hardcover
  • For every great historical event, seemingly, at least one reporter writes an eyewitness account of such power and literary weight that it becomes joined with its subject in our minds George Orwell s Homage to Catalonia and the Spanish Civil War John Hersey s Hiroshima and the dropping of the first atomic bomb Philip Gourevitch s We Wish to Inform You That Tomorrow We WilFor every great historical event, seemingly, at least one reporter writes an eyewitness account of such power and literary weight that it becomes joined with its subject in our minds George Orwell s Homage to Catalonia and the Spanish Civil War John Hersey s Hiroshima and the dropping of the first atomic bomb Philip Gourevitch s We Wish to Inform You That Tomorrow We Will Be Killed with Our Families Stories of Rwanda and the Rwandan genocide Whatever else is written about the Iraqi people and the fall of Saddam, Jon Lee Anderson s The Fall of Baghdad is worthy of mention in this company No subject has become hotly politicized than the toppling of Saddam Hussein s regime, and so a thick fog of propaganda, both from boosters of the war and its opponents, has obscured the reality of what the Iraqi people have endured and are enduring, under Saddam Hussein and now For that reason alone, The Fall of Baghdad is a great and necessary book Jon Lee Anderson has drawn on all of his reserves of stamina and personal bravery to create an astonishing portrait of humanity in extremis, a work of great wisdom, human empathy, and moral clarity He follows a remarkable and diverse group of Iraqis over the course of this extraordinary time from the all pervasive fear that comes from living under Saddam s brutal, Orwellian rule to the surreal atmosphere of Baghdad before the invasion to the invasion s commencement and the regime s death spiral down into its terrible endgame to America s disastrously ill conceived seizure of power and its fruits In channeling a tragedy of epic dimensions through the stories of real people caught up in the whirlwind of history, Jon Lee Anderson has written a book of timeless significance.

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    1 thought on “The Fall of Baghdad”

    1. A book in a similar vein to that of Dexter Filkins'The Forever War, in that the author, immersed within the Iraqi capital city in those incredibly tense, strained, and ominous days prior to the unleashing of Shock and Awe—and how the newspapers loved to see that phrase so crisp and stark upon the printed page—quietly, thoughtfully, and non-partisanly provides a running account of the effect of this expectant state-of-affairs, and the subsequent ruinous aftermath of billowing smoke, cratered [...]

    2. This is a great book. I went for it because I'd read his "Guerillas" and noticed the top-shelf plaudits from everywhere, bringing up the usual hyperbolic comparisons with Orwell, etc.It's not that Anderson's book isn't excellent. It's really, REALLY great. I just get picky when people start throwing around the greats every time they like something. Probably because I have a tendency to do so, too. Anyway- Anderson writes extremely well: lucidly and evenly paced, with that slight tinge of English [...]

    3. This is a significant book, recommended to anyone who tries to puzzle out the second Gulf War, which as of this month--December 2004--still goes on. It suggests no clear-cut solutions, but then again, no one at the present time has any. What you get is an eyewitness account by a reporter who covered Baghdad on the eve of the war and who stayed at his post throughout the take-over and its aftermath. It is quite a story, a view of the war from the Iraqi side. True, most people the author interacte [...]

    4. The propaganda arm of the Mafia Bosses , namely most if not all owners of the mass media, from newspapers , magazines, televisions,broadcasting stations to publishers of books have done a very effective job to blind all people from the true pictures of every newsworthy events . In all wars, they gave you only the pictures they want you to see.Particularly in the American invasion of Iraq, they shamelessly lied to all people of the world about how the American "liberators" were "welcomed" by the [...]

    5. I have read many books on the Iraq occupation, but one book that gave accounts without bias, reporting incidents as seen, was this book by Jon Lee Anderson. Though Anderson is an American, not once in the book his perspective seems biased. One thing that sets the book apart from others is the fact that when the war broke, while hundreds of journalist either moved out or were forcefully pulled out of Iraq, Anderson, due to last moment complication, had to stay back in war zone. While America was [...]

    6. Un relato interesante, pero excesivamente largo, no tanto sobre la caída de Bagdag como sugiere el título, sino sobre la experiencia y el trabajo de un periodista de un periodista de guerra. No es un libro para quien espere un relato histórico o divulgatico de aquella guerra. Lo más fascinante me ha resultado la ambigua figura de Ala Bashir, el artista y médico personal de Hussein.

    7. We have all heard of the Iraq war and how it has proved to be the mother of all modern terror in world. Their are numerous books which debate this thesis, this book isn't one of them.Jon Lee is a veteran journalist who has done something different than debating the pros and cons of American invasion of Iraq. He has written a memoir about the city itself, the city of Baghdad, which is also the birthplace of human civilization. The writer was in and out of Baghdad before, during and after the inva [...]

    8. not bad, not stunningly brilliant. a few evocative images / characterizations of Baghdad on the eve of battle. Anderson gets points for his topic / staying on through the fall of Baghdad, but he is not an absolute stunner in style or characterizationtually the thing is, of course, in a few decades everyone will agree that the 2003 invasion was inevitabl. what they'll criticize is the west's non-involvement in the congo war , or the millions' dead "great war of africa." that is called THE IRONY O [...]

    9. I suppose the one silver lining to the inexplicable laziness of U.S. journalism in the run up to the Iraq War is that a wealth of critical and poignant reporting came out of the war itself. This book is joined by Assassin's Gate, Imperial Life in the Emerald City, The Forever War, The Good Soldiers, and Night Draws Near in the canon of American "Iraq books" that seem likely to endure. Anderson's book is unique among the group in that Anderson was living in Baghdad before, and concludes his book [...]

    10. War is awful. All involved people are impacted drastically. Anderson's portrayal was powerful, and harrowing. I get his political bent as well, but it still got old that the majority of his portrayals of American troops involved them either being cruel, saying stupid stuff, or a combination of both. I'm sure he encountered American troops who did their job well, and weren't terrorizing Iraqi citizens while doing it. But I must have missed those depictions. Or maybe they didn't happen when he was [...]

    11. Such a well written book. Lee intersperses compelling portraits of Iraqi citizens, Iraqi history and adeptly portrays the build up and ensuing conflict in Baghdad. It is a thoughtful and touching book. I would highly recommend it.

    12. A strong start and then it lagged, and was dogged by the author's obsession with a Saddam insider he befriended and the author's own questionable behavior as he put himself and his Iraqi fixers in precarious positions.

    13. Wanna know about the wars we're fighting, but all the info seems too messy and opaque. Try this book, has an easy nonfiction novel reading style. A quick read and you'll realize that you now know more about the Iraq War than you thought you'd ever be able to get from one book.

    14. i definitely recommend this one. another viewpoint into the "shock and awe" bs, written be somone who was there. and had been there to be able to describe the before and after.

    15. Spectacular, eye-witness account of the Iraq War as told by a correspondent on the ground during the bombing and conflict. The people he meets are unforgettable.

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