Merlin and the Dragons

Merlin and the Dragons Young King Arthur troubled by nightmares doubts he is the rightful king of England One rainy night the wizard Merlin tells Arthur the story of dueling dragons and a fateful clash between good and e

  • Title: Merlin and the Dragons
  • Author: Jane Yolen Li Ming
  • ISBN: 9780140558913
  • Page: 259
  • Format: Paperback
  • Young King Arthur, troubled by nightmares, doubts he is the rightful king of England One rainy night, the wizard Merlin tells Arthur the story of dueling dragons and a fateful clash between good and evil, which reveals the surprising secret of the boy king s true legacy Li Ming s arresting oil paintings breathe fire into this magical offering from Jane Yolen The legendYoung King Arthur, troubled by nightmares, doubts he is the rightful king of England One rainy night, the wizard Merlin tells Arthur the story of dueling dragons and a fateful clash between good and evil, which reveals the surprising secret of the boy king s true legacy Li Ming s arresting oil paintings breathe fire into this magical offering from Jane Yolen The legend comes alive on a grand scale, the dramatic narrative and well wrought dialogue heightening the theatrical effect and inviting a fast paced read aloud School Library Journal

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      259 Jane Yolen Li Ming
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    1. Grade 3-5- Yolen has created a stirring tale within a tale. Young Arthur wakes one stormy night from uneasy dreams and seeks out the company of Merlin. Sensing the boy's readiness to learn of his legacy in claiming the crown he wears without conviction, Merlin tells him of another fatherless boy, Emrys, who dreamed baffling dreams of dragons and crumbling stone towers. When the cruel Vortigern attempted to take over all of Britain, Emrys's dreams became prophetic and catalytic. Merlin ends his t [...]

    2. I found this book on the library shelves, and couldn't put it down for the life of me. It was so creative and beautifully told, I really enjoyed it from start to finish

    3. This is one of my daughter's childhood books. She's kept perhaps a half dozen of those - this is one.I also still enjoy the book - words & pictures both.

    4. Lightyear Records produces "Stories to Remember"--a CD collection of outstanding children's literature that combines storytelling and musical collaboration of great artists. I listened to this book, narrated by Kevin Kline with music composed by Michel Rubini(1991), and was instantly transported to a mythical place of dragons, kings, and castles. This was a very polished, professional production whose music and storytelling were mesmerizing--with music and drama reminiscent of Lord of the Rings. [...]

    5. Young Arthur feels unworthy to be king. We is so worried about it that one sleepless night he seeks out Merlin, who tells Arthur a story about a young boy whose dreams came true. Through the story, Arthur learns the truth of where he came from and the power of dreams.A lovely story of the young King Arthur and Merlin. It is believable that the young Arthur would have felt unsure of himself and his right to the throne. And Yolen spins a delightful and moving tale about Arthur and Merlin, which is [...]

    6. I've been scouring the town for good children's books with which to introduce my kid sisters to the Arthurian legends, and having little success until I stumbled upon this gem in a discard bin. The story is skillfully told so as to be thrilling and engaging for the kids, instead of bogging down among ponderous backstory or lists of names, yet with a true devotee's faithfulness to the heart of the legend that is richly satisfying for an Arthur buff such as myself. All that, coupled with vivid, me [...]

    7. A young King Arthur is having trouble sleeping because of his disturbing dreams. He goes to Merlin for reassurance; but instead he gets a story, a story of two dragons, one red and one white. At the end of their battle the red dragon lies dead and the white flies away. Merlin tells Arthur at the end of the tale that the story is not just a story but is part of Arthur's history.Exceptional illustrations!

    8. This is a great children's book that touches on a small piece of the Legend of Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. It is a story told to Arthur by Merlin when he is still a child and has first become king. The story gives the reader a glimpse into the childhood of Merlin and the development of his wisdom and magic. I used it as a read-aloud when teaching my students what makes a story a legend.

    9. Gorgeous illustrations highlight this story about Merlin and a young King Arthur. The narrative is engaging and the story is filled with drama. We enjoyed reading this story together. I would love to listen to this story being narrated by Kevin Kline - we'll have to see if our local library has an audio version.

    10. Rich and vivid illustrations (the dragons are particularly striking); interestingly, this is not the Merlin of the Round Table and Nimue, but is based on the tale of Emrys (the boy-who-would-be-Merlin), Vortigern, etc. from Geoffrey of Monmouth's "Historia Regum Brittaniae" -- a novel approach to the Arthurian story in children's literature.

    11. I want to buy this book. After I read this, I fell in love with it. The story fits so well in the story of King Arthur. I know that I will be reading this book to my future classroom for a medieval history lesson.

    12. Excellent read-aloud legend with amazing artwork. My boys (ages 6 and 8) loved it, tracked with the story, and were able to make connections to the legend of Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. Highly recommended!

    13. Beautiful illustrations and one of my favorite tales of Merlin. Though the author forgot to mention the White Dragon represented the Saxons, hence the start and on going war of the Saxon invasion of Britain.

    14. Young King Arthur doubts that he is a true king. So, Merlin tells him a story of Dragons, of good and evil and reveals to him a secret.This was a nice book, good illustrations and interesting story.

    15. Li Ming's 2-page spread illustrations are filled with magnificent details and exciting colors. Overall, the illustrations are more exciting and memorable than the tale of King Arthur and his knights.

    16. I love children's books with beautiful illustrations. This one is excellent. I've enjoyed reading this one to my sons, and taking time on some pages just to admire the gorgeous pictures. It's a wonderful version of part of the Merlin legend.

    17. I viewed this fantasy story of a young boy's prophetic dreams on DVD,NON-PRINT. This DVD was a light fantasy story with a good development of theme and plot.

    18. i thought this story was ok but had nothing to do with me because im not in london and wont be becoming king any time soon yet i was forced to read it

    19. This is a "go-to" book for guys. Boys love this book and will move on to Yolen's Merlin series and T.A. Barron's.

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