Dirty Havana Trilogy

Dirty Havana Trilogy Dirty Havana Trilogy tells the story of Pedro Juan an ex radio journalist who wanders from one odd job to the next half disgusted and half fascinated by his predicament Working as a garbage man dea

  • Title: Dirty Havana Trilogy
  • Author: Pedro Juan Gutiérrez Natasha Wimmer
  • ISBN: 9780571206261
  • Page: 361
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dirty Havana Trilogy tells the story of Pedro Juan, an ex radio journalist who wanders from one odd job to the next, half disgusted and half fascinated by his predicament Working as a garbage man, dealing on the black market, selling marijuana, and hustling lady tourists off the streets, Pedro Juan throws himself wholeheartedly into the pleasures of the flesh in his squalDirty Havana Trilogy tells the story of Pedro Juan, an ex radio journalist who wanders from one odd job to the next, half disgusted and half fascinated by his predicament Working as a garbage man, dealing on the black market, selling marijuana, and hustling lady tourists off the streets, Pedro Juan throws himself wholeheartedly into the pleasures of the flesh in his squalid surroundings drink, sex and sex A visceral and unforgettable picaresque, a damning portrait of vice and poverty, and an insane journey into the condemned soul of a sexual deviant, Dirty Havana Trilogy is a Tropic of Cancer for these times.

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      361 Pedro Juan Gutiérrez Natasha Wimmer
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    1. "Cities, like dreams are made of desires and fears, even if the thread of their discourse is secret, their rules are absurd, their perceptions deceitful, and everything conceals something else" Italo Clavino, Invisible Cities***Just a word of warning there will be mature content in this review due to the explicit content of this novel.***This novel is a series of short vignettes that are roughly in chronological order. The book is raw, focusing on the poorest of the poor of Havana. It is 1993 an [...]

    2. Σεξ, ρούμι, βία, φτώχεια και έλλειψη υψηλών ιδανικών και στόχων, δοσμένα με την ωμότητα του Bukowski και την τολμηρή γραφή του Hemingway.Το καλύτερο είναι η πραγματικότητα. Ωμή. Την παίρνεις όπως τη βλέπεις στο δρόμο. Τη βουτάς με τα δυο σου χέρια, κι αν έχεις δύναμη, τη σηκώνεις και τη [...]

    3. Pedro Juan Gutierrez's Dirty Havana Trilogy is a fascinating book. The Havana he talks about is not the one described in travel brochures; it's a bleak world, a blend of Bukowski, Miller, and Kafka. In many ways, this reminds me of non-fiction works by Reinaldo Arenas, only Gutierrez has one big advantage over Arenas: his prose may show the dark side of Cuba, but he is devoid of any obvious ideological position. Dirty Havana Trilogy is not a political pamphlet, he is not an opposition to the reg [...]

    4. Τελείωσα και αυτό το βιβλίο και πλέον δηλώνω φαν του Γκουτιέρεζ.Πολύ μ'αρέσει αυτός ο τύπος.Μου αρέσει ο κυνισμός του,μου αρέσει η σκληρή ρεαλιστική βρομικη γλώσσα που χρησιμοποιεί και μου αρέσει και ο έντονος ερωτισμός του.Το βιβλίο αποτελείται απο πολλά μικρά διηγήματα.Ι [...]

    5. Не сте чели такава книга. Сериозно, не сте. Чели сте Буковски и цялото поколение битници. Чели сте Оруел, Голдинг и Хъксли. Препрочитали сте Селинджър, Антъни Бърджес и Харпър Ли. Но не сте попадали в Хавана през 90-те, не сте обитавали стая 3 на 4 метра на покрив с още 50 души, не с [...]

    6. this book SHOCKED me with g's ability to craft such steaming hot--often funny--raunchiness into such truly gorgeous sophisticated tales. it's one of those novels that each chapter stands on it's own and each closes on a really poignant note. but it's DIRTY. just plain filthy. and hairy and stinky and raw. i mean, you'll blush on the train and look over at people thinking they must be able to sense it--to smell it on you even. but it's really really great nonetheless. i tried another of his books [...]

    7. I'm not sure if I really enjoyed this, to be honest. Its three stories, but I can't really see any reason for them being separated into a trilogy rather than a bunch of short stories. There is no storyline in any of the three parts, every chapter is just a different account of supposed daily life of those struck by the crippling poverty & awful quality of life in 90's Havana. That element itself is what I enjoyed about the book, as it was a culture & place I knew nothing of before readin [...]

    8. I'm . . . not quite sure how I feel about this book. From what I can gather it's a semi-fictional autobiography of the author himself, who used to be a journalist in Cuba. The Havana in this book is not the pretty, sunny, exotic Havana I remember from the documentary _Havana Libre_. It's filthy, sweaty, cut-throat, and depressing. People fucking in alleys filled with garbage and cockroaches. Sleeping on the floor next to the cockroaches. Drinking cheap rum and eating mangoes someone else vomited [...]

    9. Take a healthy dose of "Trainspotting", remove the heroin, saute in refuse, add a pinch of gratuitous, grimy sex, and set down in Cuba, and--voila!--you have this novel.If you offend easily, I'd stay very clear of this one. From the get-go, it is a series of unwavering, raunchy--no, filthy--vignettes that punch to the heart of everything obscene, foul, and desperate that you could ever dream up.The narrator weaves in and out of the chapters, detailing the devastation and foulness of Havana in th [...]

    10. Това е една мръсна хаванска трилогия, която включва доста ужасно брутални истории. И е толкова мъдро и поучително четиво и толкова гадно и дори болезнено на моменти, че се чудиш как е възможно - да съществува и да се напише така. Струва си и то доста!Сега се уча да не взимам ни [...]

    11. Ако сте гнусливи и чувствителни на масата, в леглото, в разговорите и в отношенията си, дори не докосвайте тази книга. Защото зад лъскавата завеса на пурите и рома, на чувствените и сговорчиви мулатки и омайните карибски нощи ще затънете дълбоко в телесни течности и смрад, м [...]

    12. Доста депресираща книга, но въпреки това я препоръчвам. Не само е добре написана, но и има страшно много истини за живота в нея. Цели пасажи описват неща, които всеки рано или късно осъзнава, и по-добре да е по-рано. Тези "съкровища" обаче се намират сред много секс, лайна и цини [...]

    13. Loving it so far, very Hunter S Thompsonish (Death in Vegas) but with a Cuban feel. Set in the early 90's in Havana. Raw and savage and poetic. It's a trilogy, the first section is much better and declines in the later 2 sections. In the last section each chapter's focus is on a different character - people the main character has met. They also function as stand alone short character pieces. I was disappointed that by the end of the book it's main thrust (pardon the pun) was the central characte [...]

    14. I liked this book a great deal. I have a London Underground ticket dated 19th April 2001 stuck inside. It cost 4 pounds Sterling. I'd say the value of this book has increased in value a great deal more over the last dozen years. Echoes of Henry Miller and Charles Bukowski careen off the alley walks inside Pedro Juan Gutierrez's walls. This is a world of transvestites, prostitutes, and broken dreams. Dreamers seeking fame, seeking a way out of poverty and repression. From sightings of UFOs to duc [...]

    15. Inspired by the N.Y. Times review comparing Gutierrez to Jean Genet, I bought this book. Don't! It is an vulgar catalogue of cheap sexual encounters without credibility, taste or eroticism. The main character is unendearing, the episodes predictable, and the language banal (to be fair, perhaps due to the translation). Why would all these attractive women -- young and old -- take up with such a scruffy, lazy, worthless, drunken, mooching bum? I kept reading "Dirty Havana Trilogy" awaiting insight [...]

    16. Hilarious, exuberant, filthy fun! Originally banned in Cuba, Pedro Juan Gutiérrez's tale of sex, poverty and writing explodes in a gritty carnival of promiscuity, Havana-style. Readers have compared it (inevitably) to the books of Bukowski, Henry Miller and Jean Genet — none of whom I find entertaining — but Pedro Juan had me howling with laughter by the third page. I've never read anything quite like it; the writing is vital and compulsive, paragraphs tumbling over each other, capturing bo [...]

    17. Συγκριτικά με τον Bukovski: πιό αισθησιακός, πιό απολαυστικός, με το αλκοόλ να σε φτιάχνει και όχι να σε χαλάει, με ωραίους νέγρους και ωραιότερες μουλάτες, και όλα αυτά με φόντο την Αβάνα της κρίσης του '94. Συμπέρασμα καμμία σύγκριση

    18. (English translation by Natasha Wimmer)This is a truly dirty book, in that almost every one of its short vignettes contains some sort of sweaty, often grotesque sex. The author is a pervert, and not a terribly creative one, really – there’s far more illuminating writing on sex elsewhere. That’s fine. The sex is merely backdrop for his stories of desperate people and situations in a Havana slum during the mid-1990s. The author has a unique perspective on all of this, an educated man and a f [...]

    19. Πριν να ξεκινήσω να διαβάζω το βιβλίο του Πέδρο Χουάν Γκουτιέρες, κάπου διάβασα ότι ο Γκουτιέρες είναι η κουβανική εκδοχή του Charles Bukowski, έτσι ήξερα τι να περιμένω: σεξ, γυναίκες, αλκοόλ, σεξ, και γυναίκες. Και όντως από τη 2η κιόλας σελίδα, ερωτικές σκηνές a.k.a. πήδουλοι: στα γρήγ [...]

    20. Questo libri mi ha dato delle emozioni contrastanti.Da un lato, la descrizione e la sensazione della Cuba di metà anni '90, la crisi economica, la disperazione in un paese dove tutto per la gente normale non funziona, ma non si può dire perché si vive nel paese più bello del mondo dove tutto è perfetto, non c'è crimine e non ci sono problemi. Cuba emerge nella sua cultura, la musica, la santeria, i colori Si percepisce chiaramente ed è la parte migliore, un canto d'amore per la propria te [...]

    21. Като чуя името Куба си представям екзотика, слънце, салса, знойни мулатки, ром, марихуанаБях погнусена четейки първите 80-100 страници, където най-често споменаваната трибуквена дума е за назоваване на мъжки полов орган. Отвращавах се от натуралистичното описание на секса. Ми [...]

    22. I found Pedro Juan Gutierrez's novel "Dirty Havana Trilogy" so disappointing. This semi-autobiographical novel is about those who are down and out, living in poverty in Cuba in the 1990's. Such a great and interesting premise but it was hard to take the book particularly seriously since every single one of the loosely connected vignettes really becomes a detailing of Pedro Juan's sexcapades. The book is incredibly raunchy and in an unbelievable way -- (I don't know any women personally who will [...]

    23. Мръсна хаванска трилогия наистина е мръсна и наистина е хаванска. Не знам дали е трилогия. Секс, наркотици и хищничество, които нямат нищо общо с шарения бунт на 60те, нито с послушния романтичен хардрок на 70те или с електрическата ярост на 80те. Добре дошли в Куба на 90те, която [...]

    24. Esta colección de relatos relacionados que van hilando una especie de mosaico de la vida en La Habana en los primeros años de la década del noventa aporta una visión de Cuba y del régimen castrista bastante diferente a la de otros libros que había leído. La acción transcurre en lo que se denominó el "período especial" en Cuba, la crisis económica que sobrevino tras la caída de la URSS, cuando Cuba dejó de recibir tratados comerciales ventajosos y ayuda económica soviética. Me resu [...]

    25. Yawn, proprio molto interessante il "Bukowsky latino"La parte interessante è quella che racconta di una Cuba lontana dai clichè turistici, di un paese immerso in una crisi profonda, in cui tutti si arrangiano come possono. Per il resto della trilogia leggerò solo il primo volume (dal titolo evocativo).

    26. Very glad to get this one out of the way. Gutiérrez has great ability as a writer and has created some very memorable vignettes of characters and situations in mid-1990s Havana. Unfortunately, his obsession with sex and his lavish descriptions of pretty much every variation on that theme make this a book I wouldn’t recommend to anyone.The book is made up of three parts although there’s no logic to them as they resemble each other almost entirely. Each part is made up of short stories that f [...]

    27. Dirty Havana Trilogy was pretty fucking amazing. It is easily 20 times better than anything Bukowski has ever written. I've seen a fair amount of people calling the author racist, but one shouldn't make the mistake of thinking that a book like this is an autobiography just because the narrator has the same name as the author. I mean, there probably are autobiographical aspects, and the guy could conceivably be a douchebag, but so be it. The other primary criticism was that it was repetitive. Wel [...]

    28. Sucio, pícaro, cómico, desesperado, melancólico. Pedro Juan desarrolla su personaje en la Habana Vieja en pleno Período Especial, cuando la economía se derrumbo junto con el muro de Berlín y el apoyo económico de los rusos. Abandonado por su mujer, Pedro juan sobrelleva sus días de carencias con sexo, alcohol y mariguana. Ácido, burlón y en veces reflexivo; sus historias son divertidas, violentas, sensuales y hasta poéticas. Historias de la Cuba de los noventas, cuando cambió el mund [...]

    29. I am ambivalent about this book. On the one hand, the author masterly describes realistic, everyday life of the lumpenproletariat in the 1990s in Cuba, using easy-to-read language. On the other hand, I am not sure if this "dirty realism" is really a thing or is it just author's intention to be different and special. In other words, I am puzzled if the story Gutierrez is trying to tell is authentic or is it just a nicely put honey trap. Coupled with this, I'm unsure why is it called a trilogy sin [...]

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