Eurydice Street: A Place in Athens

Eurydice Street A Place in Athens Sofka Zinovieff had fallen in love with Greece as a student but little suspected that years later she would return for good with an expatriate Greek husband and two young daughters This book is a wo

  • Title: Eurydice Street: A Place in Athens
  • Author: Sofka Zinovieff
  • ISBN: 9781862077508
  • Page: 363
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sofka Zinovieff had fallen in love with Greece as a student, but little suspected that years later she would, return for good with an expatriate Greek husband and two young daughters This book is a wonderfully fresh, funny, and inquiring account of her first year as an Athenian The whole family have to come to grips with their new life and identities the children start sSofka Zinovieff had fallen in love with Greece as a student, but little suspected that years later she would, return for good with an expatriate Greek husband and two young daughters This book is a wonderfully fresh, funny, and inquiring account of her first year as an Athenian The whole family have to come to grips with their new life and identities the children start school and tackle a new language, and Sofka s husband, Vassilis, comes home after half a lifetime away Meanwhile, Sofka resolves to get to know her new city and become a Greek citizen, which turns out to be a process of Byzantine complexity As the months go by, Sofka s discovers how memories of Athens past haunt its present in its music, poetry, and history She also learns about the difficult art of catching a taxi, the importance of smoking, the unimportance of time keeping, and how to get your Christmas piglet cooked at the baker s.

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    1 thought on “Eurydice Street: A Place in Athens”

    1. It's not only interesting and useful for a foreigner wanting to get an idea about Greek culture and way of living. It's also very useful for a Greek wanting to get an objectively look from a third person at modern Greeks.At least for me this book opened some new perspectives at things and behaviours I considered to be obvious and self-evident.

    2. Adapting to the greek culture is no light task and it can be as claimed " a process of Byzantine complexity". Coming from the less boisterous ( in more ways than one) Portugal , I share with the author many insights about Greece, Athens, and its culture and way of life. As the author, I am also living in Athens and I totally relate to her in many aspects. When we speak about Greece it always come to mind the stereotyped image of Zorba-like greeks dancing sirtaki and drinking ouzo. But Greece is [...]

    3. I found this book indispensable as a travel companion in Greece. It's engagingly written, a memoir by an anthropologist who moved to Greece with her Greek husband, so it comes with an anthropological lens--which turns out to be an excellent combination. Really helped me get a sense of Greece before getting there and helped me understand a lot of things once I was there--helped me feel less like a tourist and more like an insider.That said, I probably would not have read this book if I were not g [...]

    4. A chronicle of Sofka's first year in her husband's native Athens after moving her family. There's no story to the book, really, but what makes it interesting is her insights into the modern Greek culture and the historical events-in-a-nutshell technique of trying to explain how the country and its people came to be what they are today. I came away from the reading with a bit of shame for our country's handlings of Greece in past generations, believing they deserve to be cut some substantial slac [...]

    5. 3.5 stars. This was charming despite the author's wrong (and vociferous) opinions on Exarcheia. Zinovieff does an impressive job of summarizing stories about the history of Greece into a few pages in a way that neither loses their essence nor bores you if you already know the tales. My biggest criticism is that Zinovieff falls into the trap of idealizing Greece as she first saw it, which is a flaw I think common in many philhellenes (myself among them) and therefore she has a tendency to romanti [...]

    6. I read this book while visiting Greece, remembering the year I lived in Athens and hoping to find through its pages the magic this country had over me while everything else was crumbling. Reading it was almost as painful, this book is almost only a sociological and historical depiction of discovering the normal, everyday life in Greece. This story has no soul, but if some part of your heart was once touched by the greek magic, you will enjoy reading it.

    7. Sofka Zinovieff wrote this wonderful book about her adopted city, and how she is falling in love with it. Sofka is not just portraying the city, but she is also telling her story, supported with many details - Greek language, cuisine, descriptions of holidays, habits, people, Greek bureaucracy. She takes us to a wonderful journey to the town that she is calling her own, after she married a Greek and has two daughters with him. I have leaned a lot from this book, much more than from any tourist g [...]

    8. In honor of our trip to Greece, reading this memoir helped ease my way back into life in the USA.Sofia Zinovieff moves back to Athens in 2001 with her husband and two daughters, and describes the culture, sights and sounds she encounters during her adjustment.Her brother-in-law, Christos, took her on a driving tour and described what I also saw:"Until the Second World War, Athens was just a small town, but now over 4 million people - nearly half Greece's population- live here. They've built righ [...]

    9. I have loved reading this account of an Englishwoman's determination to become a true Greek wife. I am most grateful to my philhellene friend for giving it to me. The author was trained to observe and record but her style of writing is easy and good humoured. The early chapters, describing the family's search for a home near Athens and the people she meets are amusing. Later chapters, where she records the memories of friends and family of the horrors of Nazi occupation, the subsequent Greek civ [...]

    10. Quite possibly my favourite thing about this book is that the reader is given a unique look into modern Greek culture without the author turning to the Ancient Greeks every few pages. For instead of looking back on ancient history when speaking about the past, the author looks back on modern Greek history for the most part, history after Greek independence in the 1800s.Of course there is mention of Ancient Greece now and again, but it's not nearly as prevalent of a topic as I expected it to be. [...]

    11. A travel essay that also inspires in the way a guidebook might. As I will be traveling to Athens soon, I wanted to get an idea of people's individual experiences there. The author is a British expatriate, with some Greek family background, and experiences the amazing city through the eyes and ears of the unique combination of outsider and quasi-insider. She dispels and confirms myths on Greek social life and rites; there are great stories as well as what I found to be great tips for neighborhood [...]

    12. Sofka Zinovieff fell in love with Greece when she lived there as a graduate student in anthropology. After travelling around the world, in 2001, she and her Greek husband, a diplomat, decided to settle their family in Athens. This book chronicle her first year adjusting to life in Greece and analyzing her love affair with the country and its people in light of Greece's often turbulent history. Good back ground reading for anyone planning a trip to Greece.

    13. If Zinovieff had concentrated her efforts upon capturing the flavor of Athens, this book would have merited more stars. It's only worthy of two because instead of offering readers a presence in Athens, Zinovieff only offers us classical references spattered with a lot of political history. No lure for Athens here . . . a disappointment.

    14. If there's a genre I evidently cannot resist, it is called something like Memoirs-about-Greece-by-Non-Greeks-With-An-Almost-Anthropological-Curiosity-That-Makes-Greeks-Nostalgic-For-Their-Own-Country.Bonus points for verbatim translations of virtually untranslatable proverbs and modern Greek songs.

    15. I read right after taking a trip to Greece. It was fun to learn more about Athens and its history. I enjoyed it and would highly recommend it to anyone that's headed to Athens, which I would also highly recommend.

    16. I found it really interesting to learn about a completely different culture to my own, and it was particularly special as I'll be visiting Athens soon. reason I haven't given it a higher rating is I'm just not used to writing style and genre, bit difficult to Read all the way through. 2.5 stars.

    17. This book gives excellent information about the city of Athens and the Greek culture in general. It reads more like a book of Anthropology, rather than a book of fiction. It was entertaining, but not what I was expecting.

    18. Great for the Honeymoon in Greece. I learned a lot about Athenian/Greek culture which was wonderful for my visit to Athens and the Greek Isles!

    19. This is a beautiful Book. I have lived many years in Athens, Greece and the author did a fantastic job describing elements of the Athenian culture and her life there.

    20. Great book day-to-day than Dinner with Persephone, but fantastic nonetheless. It made me miss Greece something fierce.

    21. I relocated to Athens shortly after the author and could laugh at the experiences told all too knowingly.

    22. This is a good book about modern Athens as seen by an outsider who married a Greek man. It's nice to see something about modern Greece.

    23. Lacked a common thread or story line throughout the memoir. Read while vacationing in Greece so it was interesting seeing her observations materialize.

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