Hybrid A virus engineered for genocide has been released in Colorado Springs leading to mass and seemingly unexplained violence Some of the survivors of the infection begin to evolve into something that is

  • Title: Hybrid
  • Author: Brian O'Grady
  • ISBN: 9781936558049
  • Page: 297
  • Format: Paperback
  • A virus engineered for genocide has been released in Colorado Springs, leading to mass, and seemingly unexplained violence Some of the survivors of the infection begin to evolve into something that is both less than and than human The race is on to prevent world wide release of the virus.

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      297 Brian O'Grady
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    1 thought on “Hybrid”

    1. A deadly virus is tracked by the infected and infecting. I really think this book was close to being good. Like, it had a lot a lot a lot of work to do to be good, but I think there was only one flaw, and that is that it tried to be way, way too much. It was character-driven and plot-driven; it was a medical thriller and scifi, oh, and fantasy; it was a police procedural and Russian spy book and, oh yes, an Islamic terrorist novel, and who the hell knows what else. There were new characters intr [...]

    2. Hybrid involves a virus that wipes out hundreds of people in Honduras and that has resurfaced in Colorado Springs. Vital to the plot are the telepathic woman who survived the original outbreak, the doctor who performed unspeakable tests on her, the evil antagonist who released said virus, and a pathologist with what I assume is bipolar disorder or schizophrenia. And this was only a fraction of the characters introduced in the small portion of this book I could trudge through.Try as I might, I co [...]

    3. This book was interesting. The idea was good, and it was fairly well written, consistent, free of typos, easy to read, but there were some easily correctable issues that would have made it MUCH better.For one, there were WAY TOO many characters. So many that by chapter 17, I was already having trouble keeping them straight. Some of them should have been condensed, or eliminated all together. We do not need to hear the inner monologue of a waitress at the cafe as if she is an important character. [...]

    4. Did not finish.Started out well, despite some irritating editing mistakes, but quickly turned to bullshit. Any time some plot element needed to be resolved, Mr. O'Grady would just give a character previously-undisclosed superpowers. The instances that irritated me the most were the villain's (surprise!) ability to deflect bullets with his mind, followed by the coroner's mousy nurse suddenly turning into a KGB colonel with Spetznaz skills. At that point I just gave up. Hybrid might as well be a s [...]

    5. At 79% in, I found myself not caring a fig how this was going to end. It's not that it's badly written, the story and characters just didn't grip me. At all.And this edition could really do with a thorough, professional editing round: 16 mistakes marked so far And not just a misplaced comma here and there, but instances where a character would miraculously change from a Lisa into a Linda over the course of the dialogue. I should have put it down at that point.Sorry, Mr O'Grady, there are far bet [...]

    6. How many times have we thought about having special powers-mind control, telekinesis, telepathy. For Red Cross worker Amanda Flynn the one survivor of a deadly virus outbreak EDH1 in Honduras who escaped from quarantine seven years ago, battling the demons of evil thoughts using her new found powers has kept her on the run in hiding finding a balance in life has been her goal. That is until a re-surfacing of a similar virus breaks out in Colorado Springs, Colorado and the hunt is one once again [...]

    7. The plot seemed rushed at the end. There were pieces of the plot that jumped around and just didn't make much sense. The author took great care in the beginning to develop the characters and story line and then hurried through the end. I read this as an e-book and the typos, grammatical errors, and punctuation errors were distracting. Edits need to be made.

    8. Good potential, but he stumbled around in idealism and limited character development with high school vocabulary lists at hand. Very two dimensional, low budget action movie feel to the characters. Felt like he got tired of writing at the endtail was lost and climactic battle royale fizzled.

    9. This book was just complete chaos. There were too many characters, many of them underdeveloped, and the plot got lost along the way. I think the author bit off more than he could chew, and the premise of the novel would have benefited from a more nuanced hand at the helm.

    10. I did not finish this book. It was not my style of book because it switches character views every chapter.

    11. This is the first book I have ever stopped reading less than halfway throughI really wanted to give it a chance and make my way through it but it was just awful and I thought to myself "there are too many great books I haven't read yet, why waste my time trying to make it through a bad one?" There are so many bad things to say about this book. For starters, the author introduces about 3X as many characters as he knows what to do with. I had the toughest time trying to keep them straight and figu [...]

    12. Hybrid has a good, fast-moving, suspense-filled plot. I really enjoyed reading it, and found it to hold my attention well. The beginning was a little slow, but nothing to deter me from reading. And the pace picked up quickly. Once the action gets going, the reading flies by.I do have two issues with the book. The first is that the ending felt rushed. I’m not sure why, though. Yes, resolution is reached. Yes, the ends are (mostly) tied. The question of what becomes of anyone “altered” by th [...]

    13. Amanda Flynn’s life changed forever when her Red Cross relief team was exposed to a deadly virus in the Honduras, leaving her the sole survivor. Seven years later, when she thinks most of the horror is over, the virus resurfaces in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and she finds herself forced to team up with various government officials, a priest, and a coroner, in a fight against a deadly terrorist plot.Although terrorist thrillers aren't my normal genre, I do feel I gave this book a good shot. Th [...]

    14. RATING:4.5)HYBRID by Brian O'Grady is an interesting compelling debut medical suspense/thriller set in Hondurans and Colorado. What an intense,compelling thriller of suspense,evil,drama, a virus that is not only lethal but evil also and what ifs. The list of characters includeDr.Phil-the coroner with Asperger's syndrome,Father John- whose will,and faith will be tested,Rodney-a homicide detective who sees things others can not,Greg-Amanda's father-in-law,whose morals will guide other in the storm [...]

    15. A mysterious disease is striking cities in the United States. The mortality rate is astronomical, the infected turn to extreme and unprovoked violence, and no one knows where it came from except a very few who have seen this disease before and know the changes it brings to those who survive its clutches.Amanda Flynn survived the same infection in the Honduran jungles seven years before. More than surviving, she changed. The disease developed mental powers in her that no one foresaw. When the dis [...]

    16. This book hovers between a 3 and a 4 for me. I normally don't find fault with the occasional error in a Kindle book. Almost every book I've read on my Kindle has had small errors of some kind. This book made the same mistakes over and over again though (later was spelled latter and Linda and Lisa were interchanged - even though Linda wasn't introduced as a character until the last quarter of the book). There was a lot of "strange-ness" for lack of a better word. One person with an invisible fri [...]

    17. This book is quite exciting and full of action. I wanted to keep reading to see what was going to happen. I liked the whole premise of a virus that could bestow special powers to those who survived it. It was especially interesting that as the survivors develop super-human powers they also lose their humanity and become psychopathic to various extents. The good guys are the ones who manage to retain the most empathy, while the bad guy is the one who lets his selfish needs take over his actions.T [...]

    18. The story concept is quite good as is most of the execution. This is very much hard science fiction and there are times when the writer's need to prove he understands the very technical aspects, or to at least get in all the science he's researched is cumbersome and simply bores the reader. You want good science supporting the science fiction, but whole sections are unreadable. Characterization is excellent as is plotting and pacing.However the editor for this book needs to rethink their career [...]

    19. Hybrid feels like one of those old-style puppet shows, where there's a guy behind a mini-stage working marionettes on strings and speaking in a different voice for each. You can see that there are different characters, but you can hear and see that ultimately they're all being controlled by the same person, who wrote all of their lines. We're told instead of shown what all of the characters feel. I find many of the characters' lines and actions unbelievable. The pacing is way off, robbing the bo [...]

    20. This would not be a book I would normally choose to read. It was a medical thriller, sci-fi, terrorist story all rolled into one.In the beginning the storyline was a little confusing. So many characters were introduced that it was difficult to keep them straight. As the plot emerged however, the reader was able to become fully immersed in the story. The characters were all complex and well-defined and I liked the diverse range of personalities that O'Grady created for "the good guys". They were [...]

    21. Amanda survived the outbreak of a new and highly virulent virus and became something else, something Along with the heightened senses, strength, and extraordinary psychic talents, comes a ragea murderous rage. She has kept the rage in check for many years now, but there is someone out there - someone who has no conscience and wants to remake the world in his image - and who has the same powers as Amanda. She must do what it takes to stop him and save the human race.Hybrid is a slick, tight thril [...]

    22. More a 2.5 star book. You're just thrown into things in the beginning and no explanation as to why. In fact, I thought I was reading the second book in a series, but I verified this is the author's debut novel. It wasn't until about 40% through the book that there was some backstory that explained why Amanda was in Honduras and what happened there. Even so, it's not fully fleshed out. At that point the story did start getting better, but then near the end it started going downhill. There are a l [...]

    23. From reading the reviews here I expected this book to be a somewhat boring, cast of a million characters, confusing book. However this is far from the case. Hybrid is a very smart novel about an infectious disease and how it was created and spread and the race to stop it. The disease causes some interesting side-effects in some of those who encounter it. There were a lot of characters but they were not hard to keep track of, and were pretty well developed and interesting. The science of the dise [...]

    24. This book left me with a better overall impression than each of its parts considered individually. It has some very interesting ideas and is fairy engaging, but there are far too many characters - it was hard to keep track of them all, and many were introduced and then basically dropped after a few chapters. The pacing was also a bit uneven - nothing much happens for most of the book, and then the last section is packed with action. I enjoyed reading it as long as I didn't focus too directly on [...]

    25. This book had an interesting premise, but the sheer number of characters made it much more confusing than it had to be. Many of the characters who were introduced didn't even add to the story, so why they were included I've no idea.It also got confusing when near the end, one of the main characters who had always been referred to by his last name "Reisch" all of a sudden was referred to by his first name, Klaus. It took me several sentences to figure out who the writer was talking about.It also [...]

    26. I’m a science geek, so O’Grady had me with the cover, which depicts winding DNA strands. But this book is more than just genetics, a killer virus, and a race against time! The human element in this story is strong, with the quirky main characters having well-developed back-stories that blend together into a compelling narrative. There’s plenty of action and suspense here too. One thing that I particularly appreciated was the scientific discussion of the virus itself. It shouldn’t be surp [...]

    27. Disclaimer first - Free Fridays ebook from B&N.Interesting story, a quick read, nothing too earth shaking or mind bending. It took a while to understand what the story was about and I felt a bit gypped by the ending. The world as we know it is saved but what is going to happen to the "hybrids"?The story jumps around a bit, most taking place in Colorado but then there is a bit in NYC and LA.I found it a bit of fun fluff but nothing remarkable, I might pick up another book by this author if it [...]

    28. Amanda Flynn is the only survivor of virus outbreak in the jungles of Honduras. But after being held a prisoner for three month, she disappears of the grid. She also has some new found powers that can only be attributed to the disease. But she is not the only one; there is another hell-bent on destroying not only her but many others.Brian O’Grady’s novel is a medical thriller (he does give some graphic detail of the virus and its effects), but it is also paranormal and political thriller! Wi [...]

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