Nathan the Wise

Nathan the Wise One of the most frequently performed and widely read comedies of the eighteenth century Gotthold Ephraim Lessing s Nathan the Wise combines rich characterization with an engaging plot Set in Mus

  • Title: Nathan the Wise
  • Author: Gotthold Ephraim Lessing Ronald Schechter
  • ISBN: 9780312442439
  • Page: 109
  • Format: Paperback
  • One of the most frequently performed and widely read comedies of the eighteenth century, Gotthold Ephraim Lessing s Nathan the Wise 1779 combines rich characterization with an engaging plot Set in Muslim ruled Jerusalem at the time of the Crusades, it deals with universal themes including the nature of God, antisemitism, wealth and poverty, and the conflict between lOne of the most frequently performed and widely read comedies of the eighteenth century, Gotthold Ephraim Lessing s Nathan the Wise 1779 combines rich characterization with an engaging plot Set in Muslim ruled Jerusalem at the time of the Crusades, it deals with universal themes including the nature of God, antisemitism, wealth and poverty, and the conflict between love and duty Today the play is as timely as ever This edition, the first English version expressly intended for undergraduates, contains an insightful introduction that discusses the play, Lessing and the Enlightenment, and the situation of Jews in eighteenth century Europe Additionally, there are five related historical documents each with a context setting headnote illustrations, a chronology, questions for consideration, and a selected bibliography.

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      109 Gotthold Ephraim Lessing Ronald Schechter
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    1. A ring to rule them all in three identical versions. Tolerance taught in a story within a story containing the one and only ring, or three of them, as the case may be - "Nathan Der Weise" is required reading in German schools, supposedly celebrating the love and peace that can exist between Jews, Muslims and Christians, even in times of crusades! I remember writing an essay on the metaphorical story Nathan told Saladin in one scene, - to illustrate the interchangeable character of the three rel [...]

    2. The wise Nathan in Lessing's "dramatic poem" of 1779 knows how to help: He tells Sultan Saladin a story that has become known as a "ring parable" and as a plea for tolerance and moral action. In Lessing's classic, five-act drama, the conflicts finally break into a true embrace. After the Christian wants to marry the Jewess but can not, Lessing unravels the threads with the unveiling of an unprecedented family history: almost everyone is related to everyone. Moral action, reason, humanity and rel [...]

    3. Another timely little nugget aus Deustschland. And much shorter than the Quran. ________Set in Jerusalem around those crusaderish times, Nathan der Weise is read by every little German Gymnasium student as a lesson in tolerance. Those who discover they can tolerate each other are Muslim, Jew, and Christian. Were it written today we'd have to throw in that most intolerant believer, the atheist. But I think we could do it!

    4. نمره ی وافعی: دو و نیمنمایشنامه ای است پیرامون تساهل مذهبی - مشوق دوستی سه آیین ابراهیمی و دست برداشتن از تعصبات. داستان در اورشلیم و در آستان صلاح الدین ایوبی می گذرد، او نماینده ی اسلام داستان است، یک جنگجوی صلیبی نماینده ی مسیحیت و یک تاجر یهودی نماینده ی یهودیت. در پایان داس [...]

    5. Ah ja, Nathan der Weise einer der besten Stücke, die ich je gelesen habe. Was mich zu erst verwundert hat, war der Titel "Ein dramatisches Gedicht". Wenn man sich allerdings die Formatierung anschaut, dann ist einem sofort klar, dass die Strukturierung einen dichterischen Aspekt hat und zwar das Metrum.Nathan der Weise besteht aus Blankversen. Eine besondere Form, die ursprünglich aus England stammt. Normalerweise fällt niemanden außer der hartgesottenen Germanisten Dinge wie ein Metrum auf, [...]

    6. In some ways you could not ask for a better and nobler representative of the Enlightenment than Gotthold Ephraim Lessing in his "Nathan, the Wise" (1779). That is at least my initial, current impression of Lessing. In the face of the atrocious anti-Semitic caricatures and treatment of Jews by professing Christians that would eventually fester into Nazi Germany and the Holocaust, Lessing portrays a Jewish character who is humane and generous. In a way similar to Shakespeare, Lessing gives a more [...]

    7. Nathan der Weise" ist der Titel eines fünfaktigen Dramas in klassischem Aufbau. Es wurde 1783 in Berlin uraufgeführt und beschäftigt sich mit den Themen Humanismus und Deismus.Die Idee des Deismus ist, dass Gott das Universum geschaffen hat, er im Folgenden aber keinerlei Einfluss mehr auf die Geschehnisse nimmt.Die Handlung spielt zur Zeit des Dritten Kreuzzugs. Die Frage nach der "wahren" Religion steht im Mittelpunkt. Das Ende zeigt schließlich die enge Verwandtschaft der drei monotheisti [...]

    8. So today I finally had my German exam, that means that I'll (hopefully) never ever have to read this again.

    9. Had to read it for school in 8th grade AND in 12th grade. In 8th grade I hated it. When I reread (actually I didn't read the whole book in 8th grade) some years later I thought it was okay. It has some unexpected twists at the end and a nice philosophy about tolerance and religion.(oh and I remember calling him "Satan der Heiße" instead :P)

    10. I liked the story and what the author Lessing wanted to tell but the language was difficult to understand.

    11. Reviewing in English for consistency with my stream. (Wiedersehen auf englisch zur Förderung der Dickflüssigkeit mit meiner Strömung.)This short piece of work is a keystone of the Enlightenment, and is also the most accessible of the German classics that I have read to date. The German level is fairly advanced and at the same time slightly archaic, but readable at an undergraduate or experienced second-language level. The metre, in particular, is entirely consistent and tends to draw one alon [...]

    12. Questo libro l'ho letto per il corso di letteratura all'università e devo ammettere che sono veramente contento di averlo preso in mano.Lessing ha avuto un'ottima idea per la trama di questa opera mescolando il dibattito sulle varie religioni, l'amore e i vari misteri che si nascondono dietro i protagonisti delle vicende.La scena finale mi ha lasciato a bocca aperta per tutto il tempo grazie ai colpi di scena che sono stati ben piazzati e di impatto (grazie anche al lavoro di Schiller che ha ri [...]

    13. INHALT:Nathan kehrt von einer Reise zurück. Während seiner Abwesenheit wäre sein Haus beinahe abgebrannt und mit ihm seine einzige Tochter Recha. Sie wurde jedoch von einem unbekannten Tempelherren gerettet, für den sie auch prompt Gefühle entwickelt, die der Tempelherr jedoch nicht erwidert, ja zeigt er sich sogar besonders abweisendFBAU UND SCHREIBSTIL:Das Buch ist in 5 Aufzüge gegliedert, die dann wiederum in verschiedene Auftritte unterteilt sind.„Nathan der Weise“ ist ein dramatis [...]

    14. Nathan the Wise (OT: Nathan der Weise)of G.E. Lessing is maybe the most important drama of the epoch of the Enlightment. Despite its age of 230 years the message of the book, the religious tolerance between the 3 big religions, is in consideration of the problems in the Middle East and terror still actual. I point out the line-up, which perfectly symbolizes the connection between the 3 religions and the famous Ring Parable. The spelling style is a little exhausting, for which reason I remove one [...]

    15. More school reading! I remember being really into this book when we read it in school. I just loved everything we studied while we read it, all that what we call "meta" these days. And there's so much meta surrounding Nathan the Wise.Without doubt one of the most important books of German literature, and due to its main subject, religion, one that I feel very close to. It's certainly not one of the books that you read purely for the reading pleasure. It's all about the context, historical and ph [...]

    16. Sagen wir es so: man merk am Schriftbild, dass es ein altes Buch ist. Und dshalb hab ich es nicht gern gelesen aber gehört nunmal zum vorgeschriebenen Lesestoff der Schule dazu.Aber im Nachinein kann ich nur sagen, dass mir die Grund-Story sehr gefallen hat. Und am Meisten die Ringparabel. Viel kann ich nicht zu dem Buch sagen.Aber wenn ihr gern so etwas lest und euch vorher erstmal grob informiert, ob es etwas für euch ist, dann lest es einfach! :)

    17. Huh, not the wisest strategy to name your son after a novel before reading it.Fortunately for me the book is good. A nice allegory about religion that still holds up today. Sometimes it felt very strange to speak about it in public since a lot of the vocabulary would be considered incorrect nowadays.The ending especially is a nice conclusion that fitted the content of the book well.

    18. Ich hab es nicht komplett gelesen. Dafür manche Stellen fünfmal, wenn es das vielleicht relativiert. Ich weiß nicht, wie meine Klausur darüber gelaufen ist, aber ich fand es sooo unfassbar langweilig, eine schlimmere Schullektüre habe ich tatsächlich noch nicht gehabt. (Wilhelm Tell in der achten Klasse hab ich durch Krankheit zum Glück komplett verpasst)

    19. This story of cross-cultural (and more importantly cross-religion) communication was written by an extremely progressive thinker, and did not fall prey to the many anti-Semitic cliches that one so often finds in similar literature. This is a very illuminating play, and has a great deal of bearing on the tribulations of today's world as well.

    20. Ich lese Dramen nicht so gerne, da ich aus dem Lesefluss gerate, wenn ich immer den Namen einer Person lesen muss, bevor es im Text weitergeht. Allein deshalb schon hat mir "Nathan der Weise" nicht allzu sehr gefallen.Allerdings mochte ich die Thematik von Toleranz gegenüber anderen Religionen. Das, finde ich, ist ein wichtiger Grund, der für das Buch spricht.

    21. Ich weiss nicht wie ich das bewerten soll. Im Endeffekt mag ich die Geschichte, auch wenn sie seltsam ist und die Ringparabel ist in dem Zusammenhang auch gut, nur mag ich sie nicht analysieren nach den Ferien.

    22. L'illuminismo applicato al rapporto tra le religioni: una proposta sconfitta dalla storia ma di grande attualitàGotthold Ephraim Lessing è il più noto rappresentante dell'illuminismo tedesco, e Nathan il saggio è la sua opera più famosa, quella che riassume, sotto forma di una commedia teatrale, il pensiero di questo importante letterato della seconda metà del XVIII secolo.La vita e le opere di Lessing sono bene illustrate nel bel saggio di Emilio Bonfatti che fa da introduzione a questa c [...]

    23. It actually wasn't as bad as I thought it would be when I started it, the language is a bit hard even for germans, but the storyline wasn't bad. Had some really smart sayings in it. The ending was trash tho so three stars

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