Association of Foreign Spouses

Association of Foreign Spouses Marriage to a handsome Ghanaian architect has brought Eva far from the quiet English countryside Alfred had made it sound heavenly but the hardship drained her of vitality and the foreign culture bewi

  • Title: Association of Foreign Spouses
  • Author: Marilyn Heward Mills
  • ISBN: 9780751538144
  • Page: 251
  • Format: Paperback
  • Marriage to a handsome Ghanaian architect has brought Eva far from the quiet English countryside Alfred had made it sound heavenly but the hardship drained her of vitality and the foreign culture bewildered her But Eva has her friends Dahlia, Yelena and Margrit all of them strangers in a foreign land.

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    1 thought on “Association of Foreign Spouses”

    1. Ghana provides a vivid, if sometimes chaotic setting for this second novel by Marilyn Heward Mills. The main characters are four women, who are transplanted from Europe. Three are married and two are raising children. The fourth has children, but isn’t married, and fights an ongoing battle with the children’s father.The women view themselves as living in an alien society. To some extent, and based on the difference in their lifestyles, they are outcasts and so they form a bond of friendship. [...]

    2. I found this book quite dull, and hard to finish. And I get annoyed when there are continuity errors in books - where are the proof readers? page 109, Dahlia apologies to Eva for ruining Joseph's day. In fact this was Eva's anniversary party and the mother in law had later on organised a surprise baptism for Joseph, which Eva and Dahlia both knew nothing about. Small error I know, but things like this really bug me!

    3. africanwanderlust/2013After having recently read Ghana Must Go, The Association of Foreign Spouses, a book based in Ghana, transported me right back to this country which holds a special place in my heart. Reading it was like reliving my years there, without the themes of domestic abuse and isolation, but with memories about the awkwardness of being a foreigner.Marilyn Mills has crafted a story about the lives of four friends: all foreign, all brought to Ghana by following the men in their lives [...]

    4. I really wanted to like this book because I felt I'd empathise with the "foreign spouses" - OK so I wasn't married to a local, but I did live in Africa. I enjoyed the early pages, where the descriptions struck a chord. It's obvious she knows the country well and throughout the book, she does a good job of describing the place, the culture, the politics etc. But the story takes far too long to get going.According to the jacket blurb, the plot is about these women's lives being thrown into chaos b [...]

    5. I totally agree with one of the reviews that if you are an expat who lives somewhere in West Africa, then you will find it familiar, intriguing and enjoyable. I live in Lagos, Nigeria and I found this book totally fascinating as there is also an association of foriegn women (Nigerwives). And all the things the authors writes about happens also in Nigeria. The whole point of foreign wives getting together is that there are cases of domestic violence etc and as we do not have families here, well, [...]

    6. I heard about this book not long after I read Heward Mills' first novel Cloth Girl, though it took longer than expected to be actually published. I was very intrigued by the title, as there is a real organisation here in Ghana called International Spouses Association of Ghana, and like the group in Heward Mills novel, it is made up of non-Ghanaians married to Ghanaians. So I guess I did wonder whether some/all of the characters were based on real people. Certainly the political and economic situ [...]

    7. I enjoyed this one to begin with - getting to know the characters and identifying with them as foreign wives. However, now I'm a bit bored and have gotten distracted with a Jennifer Worth book. I'm not sure if I will persuade myself to go back to it.17/11/12 I've returned it to the library.

    8. If you've lived in West Africa as an expat you will probably enjoy this book more than others. However, for those of you that haven't, it is still a nice read if you need something to read that isn't too heavy, but also isn't so ditsy.

    9. Heart breaking in parts but it ends on an optimistic note. This book is about life in Ghana during times of coup d'etat and as experienced by foreign wives and their Ghanaian husbands. I've been to Ghana and so it was interesting for me to read this book. It felt "true" to life.

    10. An easy novel to read in a weekend but I've never seen so many stereotypes in one book and while I enjoyed reading about the Ghanaian lifestyle, I have to wonder how accurate it is.

    11. It was pretty good! I'm Ghanaian so there was a lot to relate to. And it helped explore and tackle issues relating to inter-racial marriages. Awesome book

    12. Found it really interesting, good insight into in to Ghanaian life and politics. Deals with how foreigners stick together and help each other out in times of trouble.

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