Miss Marple Investiga

Miss Marple Investiga Nove casos nove mist rios aparentemente f ceis de resolver o caso ins lito de um homem ferido que procura a igreja como ref gio a enigm tica charada que um velho exc ntrico decide deixar como heran a

  • Title: Miss Marple Investiga
  • Author: Agatha Christie
  • ISBN: 9789892303673
  • Page: 183
  • Format: None
  • Nove casos, nove mist rios aparentemente f ceis de resolver o caso ins lito de um homem ferido que procura a igreja como ref gio a enigm tica charada que um velho exc ntrico decide deixar como heran a uma criada cuja extrema efici ncia levanta suspeitas uma sinistra premoni o que muda o rumo de v rias vidas e, claro, Miss Marple, que para estupefac o geral resNove casos, nove mist rios aparentemente f ceis de resolver o caso ins lito de um homem ferido que procura a igreja como ref gio a enigm tica charada que um velho exc ntrico decide deixar como heran a uma criada cuja extrema efici ncia levanta suspeitas uma sinistra premoni o que muda o rumo de v rias vidas e, claro, Miss Marple, que para estupefac o geral resolve tudo aparentemente num piscar de olhos.Miss Marple Investiga Miss Marple s Final Cases foi originalmente publicado na Gr Bretanha em 1979, ano em que seria igualmente editado nos Estados Unidos.

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    1. I have now come to the end of my Miss Marple reading marathon this year, with this final volume, “Miss Marple’s Final Cases.” Although I often struggle with short stories, this is a fun collection, with a mix of both stories which feature Miss Marple and a couple of stand-alone stories thrown in. The stories included are: Sanctuary (featuring the wonderful Bunch Harmon, well known from other Miss Marple books). Strange Jest (in which Miss Marple helps a young couple find an inheritance), T [...]

    2. "Se cunosc cazuri când un om rănit mortal s-a ridicat singur și a mers o bună bucată de drum ca și cum nimic nu s-ar fi întâmplat, pentru ca după cinci, zece minute să leșine instantaneu. Meșterii de odinioară erau foarte inventivi când trebuiau să conceapă ascunzători. E ca și cum ai ascunde un secret într-un alt secret." "- Pur și simplu, dacă trăiești într-un sătuc, așa ca mine, ajungi să cunoști și să înveți despre natura umană. "

    3. ‘Miss Marple’s Final Cases’ is the first Agatha Christie that I have read and it’s one that I happened across rather than chose to read. ‘Final Cases’ is a collection of six short Miss Marple stories along with two additional and somewhat eerie stories of the supernatural. This collection was originally published in 1979 but the individual stories date variously from the 1930s to the 1950s. Miss Marple is of course and enduringly delightful, charming, memorable and likeable literary [...]

    4. Book 14 of the Miss Marple Challenge. This one is a set of short stories, six of the “original” final cases, an additional Miss Marple story “Greenshaw’s Folly” and two non-Marple stories, “In A Glass Darkly” and “the Dressmaker’s Doll”. The edition I have has only the original six but I dug out two others from other Christie short story collections that I have so it’s sort of a “cheat” marking this one as “read” since I have missed “Dressmaker’s Doll”.The las [...]

    5. 2.5* but honestly, I couldn't make myself round it up to 3It was a snoozefest. I kinda felt like pages were missing from my book!?? I mean, short stories, okay, but damn.Let me show you what it felt like.Miss Christie: "There's a butler with a pink umbrella who has a tabby cat and smokes two cigarettes a day. Who is the killer?"Me:Me, 2 hours later:Me, on my dying day: f*ck it, I give up. HOW WOULD I KNOW FROM INFORMATION THAT IRRELEVANT!!?!!! Yeah. That's what it was like. Stories that were rus [...]

    6. على الرغم من عنوان الكتاب (والذي اختاره الناشر ليلائم تاريخ نشرها حيث جمعت القصص من مجلات قديمة لتنشر بعد وفاة الكاتبة ) فهو مناسب ليكون البداية في دخول عالم أجاثا وللتعرف على الآنسة ماربل التي تعد من أهم الشخصيات في قصص كريستي ففي هذه المجموعة مقدمة تعريفية عن ماربل عائلتها [...]

    7. Ima ovde priča koje su mi se stvarno svidele i koje ću čitati više puta. Neke znam od ranije, a dve priče bez Gospođice Marpl su mi bile naporne i zato 4

    8. The Miss Marple stories are OK, although I really prefer the full length novels. What spoils the book for me are the two final stories, sans Miss Marple. I don't at all care for this sort of supernatural horror stuff that doesn't make sense in the first place, let alone in this collection.

    9. Miss Marple's final cases is a really interesting book. I finished reading it in a short period of time as I was flipping pages without getting bored. All the seven short stories are interesting but I was surprised because there was a horror story which is not Agatha Christie's style but it was worth reading. I would recommend this book to all people of different ages who like mystery.

    10. أهمية هذا الكتاب تكمن في المقدمة التي تضمنته عن أغاثا وأعماله وشخصية الآنسة ماربليضم الكتاب 6 قصص قصيرة: أربع منها عن قضايا تقوم بحلها الآنسة ماربل، واثنان لا وجود لشخصية الآنسة ماربل فيهما، بل لا يمكن تصنيفهما تحت صنف الروايات أو القصص البوليسية، إذ هما أقرب للأدب الغرائبي [...]

    11. Some wonderful short stories featuring Miss Marple, although the latter two don't feature her at all. The Dressmaker's Doll was really creepy! Great read.

    12. كتابي الاول لاغاثا، كنت في الثانية عشر و لسبب ما ما زلت اذكر بعش قصصه و ما زلت اذكر الاختباء تحت البطانية مع المصباح الصغير لاقرأ في الوقت الذي يجب ان اكون فيه نائمة :)

    13. القضايا الأخيرة للآنسة ماربليتكون الكتاب من مقدمة تعريفية عن الآنسة ماربل وعائلتها والقرية التي عاشت بها وصديقاتها وثرثرتها مقدمة جميلة لتعرف على حياتها ثم تبدأ القصص القصيرة يتكون من ثماني قصص قصيرة وجميلة جداً هناك قصتان لا تتواجد بهما الآنسة ماربل اول ستة قصص جرائم بسي [...]

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    15. مجموعة قصصية تتكون من ثماني قصص قصيرة، ست منهن يقدمن الآنسة ماربل.قصص للقراءة الخفيفة؛ أحببت قضية وكيلة البيت (وهي قصة قصيرة لرواية ليل لا ينتهي) و جريمة في المرآة.

    16. More like “This reviewer’s final decision to never read Agatha Christie again”. At the end of her life, Agatha Christie agreed to publish the remaining Miss Marple short stories which hadn’t yet been put into book format.There’s a reason they hadn’t yet been put into book format. These are indicative of Christie at her short story laziest, and Miss Marple – a character who is often “magically” intuitive in her understanding – here is just a plot device to reveal answers no on [...]

    17. Ideal bed time reading - the stories are written well enough to draw you in, but are short and formulaic enough to not keep you up all night guessing what happened next. Some of the stories are more obvious than others. Unlike in the The Thirteen Problems, there is no particular thread to collection - and no story line within the collection to reveal more about Miss Marple (or why the collection is titled Final Cases). For that, 3 stars, not more.I guess, if Christie had been able alive to have [...]

    18. Agatha Christie at her best and it's nice to have some short stories that you can read quickly in between doing other things.

    19. Pretty thin stuff. Enjoyable but not more.The GR blurb:'A collection of Miss Marple mysteries, plus some bonus short storiesFirst, the mystery man in the church with a bullet-wounden, the riddle of a dead man's buried treasuree curious conduct oif a caretaker after a fatal riding accidente corpse and a tape-measuree girl framed for theftd the suspect accused of stabbing his wife with a dagger. Six gripping cases with one thing in common - the astonishing deductive powers of Miss Marple. Also inc [...]

    20. This collection contains a couple of standalone mysteries, as well as several featuring Miss Marple. They are all excellent examples of how Agatha Christie, the Queen of Crime, constructs a taut and engaging plot and believable characters in a few carefully chosen phrases. I have always enjoyed the Miss Marple short stories, they work well in a way that some of the later novels do not, and this is an enjoyable and easy read. Perfect for a winter's evening or two.

    21. I've never managed to conquer audiobooks but this was fun. I think that they're short stories helped, 3o minute increments seems to be what I can stand before my mind is completely afoot. It helps that Tape Measure and Perfect Maid are two of my favorite Marples. June Whitfield is a very good Miss Marple as well. Nice to place to dip your toe if audiobooks are a challenge.

    22. 3 stars.This was alright, but I definitely preferred the first collection of Miss Marple short stories. While some of the stories were enjoyable, others didn't even have Miss Marple in them, and unfortunately there were some which I weren't impressed by at all.This is my least favourite Christie read so far, though not really bad. Ah well^^ Still a huge fan of Miss Marple!

    23. The book is more like two and a half stars. I didn't like it because it recycled the plot of my LEAST FAVORITE Christie novel, Endless Night, in one of its short stories. Granted that the short story predates the novel, but re-reading the same plot over again really put me off.

    24. This is a fantastic collection of Miss Marple tales! I loved them!I downloaded this set of six Miss Marple stories in audiobook for my mom, so it would give her something to occupy her time while recuperating; she had been very ill in hospital at the time. I decided to listen to it myself once she had recovered, because I love Agatha Christie's mystery books too.This audiobook was narrated by one of the best actresses (I feel) to have portrayed Miss Marple, Dame Joan Hickson. Her narration of si [...]

    25. A fast listen to a couple stories. Not my favorite of Miss Marple for for a list completionist list I tend to be, a good read.

    26. This was great, and don’t let the title of the collection fool you. It might be the last Miss Marple book, but you can get away with reading them out of order and I thought this would be a great one for someone who’s looking to get into the series. That’s because it’s a short story collection rather than a novel, so it packs a bunch of different plot-lines into one and uses Miss Marple to tie it all together.There are nine stories included here, but my favourites were probably Tape-Measu [...]

    27. Some of these stories most Miss Marple fans will be familiar with, though two stories aren't even Miss Marple stories. They were, of course, all entertaining, but they also showed that Agatha Christie's writing subjects extend past her most popular characters. She especially shows a darker, supernatural side in many of her stories, which makes me wonder if she were writing today, with today's standards, how her stories might be different. We know Christie started writing to earn a living, so she [...]

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