Warhorse Het verhaal speelt zich af in WOI Min of meer bij toeval is Joey een schitterende jonge hengst op de boerderij van Alberts vader terechtgekomen De hechte band tussen Albert en het paard wordt verbrok

  • Title: Warhorse
  • Author: Michael Morpurgo Henriette Gorthuis
  • ISBN: 9789078345336
  • Page: 237
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Het verhaal speelt zich af in WOI Min of meer bij toeval is Joey, een schitterende jonge hengst op de boerderij van Alberts vader terechtgekomen De hechte band tussen Albert en het paard wordt verbroken als het dier met de Engelsetroepen naar Frankrijk gaat om zijn aandeel te leveren in de Eerste Wereldoorlog Na verschrikkelijke oorlogservaringen worden in 1918 Joey enHet verhaal speelt zich af in WOI Min of meer bij toeval is Joey, een schitterende jonge hengst op de boerderij van Alberts vader terechtgekomen De hechte band tussen Albert en het paard wordt verbroken als het dier met de Engelsetroepen naar Frankrijk gaat om zijn aandeel te leveren in de Eerste Wereldoorlog Na verschrikkelijke oorlogservaringen worden in 1918 Joey en Albert herenigd.Deze geschiedenis van vriendschap tussen mens en dier is beschreven vanuit het paard de afschuwelijkheden van die loopgravenoorlog worden er niet minder door.

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      237 Michael Morpurgo Henriette Gorthuis
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    1 thought on “Warhorse”

    1. “I can hate you more, but I'll never love you less.” This book is so beautiful in many ways. I wanted to weep all day after I finished. War Horse is very unique because it's told by Joey, a horse being thrusted into the war on the Western Front. The story is innocent, yet it's so sensational and full of angst from the characters. I felt attached to the story from the first chapter and couldn't peel my eyes off then. Morpugo created such a striking story about the war with a horse and a boy t [...]

    2. In the tradition of National Velvet and Black Beauty, War Horse is a moving tale of a horse and a time. The horse is Joey. The time is World War One. After bonding with thirteen-year-old Albert at the family farm, Joey is sold to the Army by Albert’s struggling dad. And so the adventure and a series of encounters with a wide range of people begins. An image from Spielberg's magnificent film - from AOL They run the course from a loving teenage French girl to cruel Teutonic warriors, from kindly [...]

    3. War Horse, Michael Morpurgo تاریخ نخستین خوانش: ششم نوامبر سال 2013 میلادیعنوان: اسب جنگی؛ نویسنده: مایکل مورپرگو؛ مترجم: پروین علی پور؛ تهران، افق، چاپ دوم 1392؛ ئر 189 ص؛ موضوع: داستانهای نوجوانان از نویسندگان انگلیسی - قرن 20 ماسنیون اسپیلبرگ از این داستان فیلمی دیدنی ساخته و پرداخته است. «جو [...]

    4. If somebody told me that book written in horse's POV would be this emotional, I wouldn't have believed it.From page one, I knew that this wasn't going to be happy and light read (even in chapter 1 so much happened). It dealt with war, and how unfair and stupid it is. But it also dealt with so much more than that. It's a story about friendship, loyalty, love and survival. And I felt like this book was so much longer than it actually was. I guess that is because so much happened in it. But surpris [...]

    5. Small Books can often leave big impressions and this is the case with War Horse by Michael Morpurgo.Michael Murpurgo writes wonderful children's novels and I had loved some of his books very much and War Horse is one of those books that leaves a lasting impression.This is not a novel with a complicated plot or twists and turns but a beautiful story simply told and I find sometimes these can be the best. Warhorse is a moving story about a horse called Joey and his experiences during service in th [...]

    6. War Horse is one of the best-known children’s novels by Michael Morpurgo. And it is an enormously poignant little book.As the title suggests, it is the odyssey of a horse, Joey, brought from Devon across the English Channel and into France and the hell of the Great War, both through the English and the German trenches. The story is narrated in simple language (in, say, the tradition of Ernest Hemingway) from the unusual perspective of the horse. And this is done with an incredible sense of hum [...]

    7. I'm clearly the only person in the world who doesn't like, doesn't get, this book.The horse is a Gary Stu (See here if you don't know what one of those is enpedia/wiki/Mary_Sue) - he knows everything, from what guns and cannons are, to what wire is and what it can do, the terms for everythng in his world, including politics and the type of bit in his mouth.I'm used to anthropomorphic animals, and have been since I was born--but Joey should be dressed up in a waistcoat and walking on his hind leg [...]

    8. I listened to this on audio and was listening to this while making my way to a ‘gig’ at Wooster College in Ohio, where I was to draw caricatures. Drawing caricatures for the public requires a certain amount of upbeat interaction, so it might not have been a good time to cry over Joey the War Horse. I hope my Eyes weren’t all puffy.Joey is a special horse. Special enough to be purchased to serve in the first world war as a Calvary horse. But the whole time he is in the war he longs for the [...]

    9. A book about war. About fighting and surviving.A book about friendship and loyalty. And about death and grief and moving on. Written from the POV of a horse, this book was absolutely breathtaking. And honetsly, not only the book. I cried when I read the book and I cried even harder when I watched the movie.It was one of the few books I read that was actually about WWI. Since so many books are about the Second World War I was very intrigued about a book that pictured the First one!The main part i [...]

    10. This story wrecked me. It's a children's book but definitely of a dark(er) nature as it deals with experiences from WWI. And it is all written from the persective of Joey, the titular horse.Joey was sold to a farm when young. There, he met Albert, his friend, brother, master. Albert's father, who bought Joey when drunk to stick it to a neighbouring farmer, is not a man one can like (easily), but Albert is not only young and idealistic but also kind and gentle. One day, Joey is sold to the Army f [...]

    11. Such a touching hero's tale and such a daring point of view for its audience. I am not an animal person (to the chagrin of my family members) and the beginning chapters of this book just ripped my heart out of my chest and stomped on it. For Joey to be a survivor and still have such love in his soul is so moving.

    12. This is a double wow book for me! Joey, the war horse, tells about his adventures during World War 1 and the special bond he has with a young boy named Albert. At only 160 pages or so, it goes very fast. I loved it! I look forward to seeing the movie which is coming out on Christmas. (Gerard's review)War Horse is a touching book that kept my interest all through. Although it is a children's book, I enjoyed it but must admit I got teary-eyed reading it. Parts were very sad but I loved the ending! [...]

    13. See my FULL review of this book on my blog along with others at: shesgoingbookcrazy”That’s what war is all about, my friend. It’s about which of us is the madder.”I remember when I saw this movie when it first came out in theatre. At the time, I didn’t realize it was an adaptation from a book. Naturally, when I learned of its origins, I had to read the book as well!War Horse is told in a similar fashion toBlack Beauty, as it is told from the horse’s (Joey’s) perspective. While this [...]

    14. اگه کنجکاوید قابل باورترین تصویرسازی ممکن از افکار و احساسات یه اسب رو بخونید، و اگه دوست دارید با یکی از خاص‌ترین اسب‌های جنگی آشنا بشید و جنگ رو‌ از نگاهش بخونید، اسب جنگی رو‌ ورق بزنید.با این کتاب از زبان و نگاه یه اسب خوندم، و همین یک دلیل کافی بود تا من به سادگی دوست‌ش د [...]

    15. With this poignant and heart-wrenching novel, with his War Horse, author Michael Morpurgo (while of course focussing primarily on the main character, a so-called war horse, who like Anna Sewell's Black Beauty, narrates his own story) demonstrates both clearly and also rather painfully not only the utter futility and wanton destructiveness of war in a general sense, but that like poor Joey, the common foot soldiers (in this particular case, the British and German soldiers of WWI) are basically an [...]

    16. This is a children's book which I picked up completely by chance. I am currently studying Graphic Design and there happens to be a project which requires illustrating this book and so naturally I had to read it in order to know how to illustrate it, and my goodness I am so happy I did choose to pick this up!!This is a story which is told from the point of view of a Horse named Joey. I wouldn't have expected a book described in that way to come across as well and as emotionally as it has, but hon [...]

    17. War Horse is the first book I had to read for my new teaching job and I can only describe it as my students did: "It's Black Beauty, but in World War One!"As with Black Beauty, War Horse is set from the perspective of a horse and the reader witnesses all events from this horse's perspective. The horse, in this case, goes by the name of Joey and the reader observes Joey being sold to an owner, who treats him poorly but who has a son who he respects as his master. This master, a young teenager by [...]

    18. این آغاز قصه‌اس، آلبرت و جویی بهترین دوستای هم هستن. یه انسان و یه اسبآلبرت، جویی رو بزرگ می‌کنه، بهش محبت می‌کنه و خیلی دوستش داره ولی دست روزگار جویی و آلبرت رو از هم جدا می‌کنه و جویی به اجبار همراه سواره نظام انگلیس به جنگ فرستاده میشهاین روایته جنگ جهانی اوله از زبان یک [...]

    19. Very interesting bookd quite touching, in a clean and non-cloying way.I am familiar with the play, so I knew the basic plot line. I wish I had read the book first the play is SO powerful - and so theatrically charged with the larger-than-life stage puppets who play the horses - that the book seemed somewhat small to me. But, that's okay. It's really a small story - even though it's played against the world stage during intense and climatic moments.It was a surprise to find the book is written i [...]

    20. I thought the movie was just OK since Hollywood rarely does horses well. The incessant snorting about drove me crazy, so when I ran across this audio book at the library, I thought I'd see if the book was better. It was & it turns out the movie was fairly faithful to the book, so bring plenty of tissues. It reminds me a lot of "Black Beauty" since it is told from the horse's point of view. Yes, it's a bit sappy at times, but not terribly often & gives a great view of WWI. Better yet, it' [...]

    21. 4-4.5 stars.Apparently I never got around to a review for this. I remember it as a beautifully told story from the point of view of a horse, similarly to Black Beauty, who gets pulled into military service during WWI. It really shows how ghastly the Great War was, and the animal's connection to his riders and his original owner broke my heart. The film was well done and I still want to see the stage play.

    22. This was my Top Book of 2012 out of over 100 books . This was really fab book it is wonderful book about WWI that is not run of mill WWI book. The only puzzling thing for me was how the horse could understand more than one language

    23. „Боен кон“ е написана за по-малките читатели, но със сигурност би трогнала хора на всякаква възраст!Няма как да не започна с това, че книгата е написана през погледа на Джоуи – млад кон, който като малък бива разделен от майка си и продаден на земевладелец.Той бързо свиква с [...]

    24. Unpopular Opinion time: I did not really like this book Except for the ending.Review to come

    25. A heart warming, easy read. Didn't end like I expected it to I have to say. My problem with this book is that it was a bit too simple and all the characters felt a bit wooden. The book is told from Joey's, the horse, point of view and it doesn't quite work for me. I think the emotional parts of the book would have worked better if it came from a human point of view, not knowing what was going on in the horse's head. Still a good read and worth checking out if you're looking for something quick w [...]

    26. This was a short read, but a beautiful story. I especially liked the fact that it was from the view of the horse. His descriptions of how he felt were done very well. I felt his pain and joy. Great book, but I loved the movie more.

    27. I love this book! I read it about a month ago and it melted my heart. The book takes place during World War I and is from the view of Horses who are put in battle. The main horse was taken from his friend who is a farm boy. The book is sad and I loved it when the Horse was being taken care of by one of the army men. This is a short book and I would highly recommend it. 4.5/5 stars for this book. Thank you Michael Morpurgo for writing this book. :)

    28. This review is part of my Poppies & Prose feature. 3.5 stars"I tell you, if we had one jot of the courage of these animals we should be in Paris by now and not slugging it out here in the mud It was not their fault they were sent on a fool's errand. They are not circus animals, they are heroes, do you understand, heroes, and they should be treated as such."So I have to admit when I first started reading this book, I didn’t have high expectations. There are three reasons for this:1) It’s [...]

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