Pure Red

Pure Red I Cassia Bernard do solemnly swear to find pure red my passion this summer Dad s passion is art When he s painting no one can reach him not even me My mom s passion was the ocean She said the ocea

  • Title: Pure Red
  • Author: Danielle Joseph
  • ISBN: 9780738727431
  • Page: 293
  • Format: Paperback
  • I, Cassia Bernard, do solemnly swear to find pure red my passion this summer Dad s passion is art When he s painting, no one can reach him, not even me My mom s passion was the ocean She said the ocean allows you to see whatever you want to see That was one of the last things she ever said to me Sometimes what your heart desires isn t what it needs Over the courI, Cassia Bernard, do solemnly swear to find pure red my passion this summer Dad s passion is art When he s painting, no one can reach him, not even me My mom s passion was the ocean She said the ocean allows you to see whatever you want to see That was one of the last things she ever said to me Sometimes what your heart desires isn t what it needs Over the course of a hot Miami summer, sixteen year old Cassia discovers that sometimes it takes bullies and basketball, a best friend, and a gorgeous guy to help you understand what you actually need and to help you see that, maybe, everything isn t so black and white.

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    1 thought on “Pure Red”

    1. This book was ok, I didn't really become a fan for this book, I started to read this book yesterday, read 20% of it and immediately got bored. So, I took a break. Then, a couple of hour later, I started to read it all over again because I forgot it! :P And that is why this book got a 2 from me Summary to come:This book is about a girl named Cassia who swears to find pure red (her passion this summer). She already knows that her dad's passion is art. Usual symptoms:1. When he's painting, no one c [...]

    2. It's good (read different) to see a main character who doesn't know what she wants. Who isn't sure what her passion in life will be. Chances are Cassia's confusions stem from the death of her mother at a young age, so there's also that we are dealing with.It is possible to dismiss 'Pure Red' as a quick, slight read, but there is a lot going on in here: the awesome stuff with/about colours, the jealously over BFF's new boyfriend and accepting the changing nuances in friendships, the confrontation [...]

    3. Let me say first, the plot is unique with a capital U! The girls(and boys) who are really confused about what really makes them happy(who isn't?we are a confused lot!) will be able to connect with Cassia. I'd have loved to have a little more description of her pain, but they way it was provided was awesome! The overall writing was a lee-tt-le bit dull,but the story was good,characters believable and nice. The chapter names were really cute too! I'll definitely read more books of Danielle Joseph. [...]

    4. I like this book because:1. I like how Cassia tries to search for her passion (although it involves a guardian counselor)2. How she worked things out with her father3. The chapters are named with colors, each colors are defined by emotion - it is quite nice.4. I love the cover. It is so eye-catching.5. The kiss she and Graham shared. It was so simple and yet so sweet.

    5. “I, Cassia Bernard, do solemnly swear to find pure red—my passion—this summer. Dad's passion is art. When he's painting, no one can reach him, not even me. My mom's passion was the ocean. She said the ocean allows you to see whatever you want to see. That was one of the last things she ever said to me”Especially for someone who usually feels adrift, meeting someone with a passion—a true purpose for their life—can be unsettling. Living with someone like that is downright depressing if [...]

    6. My Thoughts: What happened to loving loving Danielle Joseph? I loved Shrinking Violet, I really enjoyed Indigo Blues but Pure Red was just okay for me.We are introduced to Cassia who lost her mom as a child. She has lived with her dad. Her dad is a painter, and he's quite known, or at least in some parts. Cassia is trying to find her passion. She's good at a few things but never really feels like they can be her "thing." Even though her dad is around a lot and in her life, I didn't feel like he [...]

    7. This book is Purple.- It is an introspective color, allowing us to get in touch with our deeper thoughts.- It can cause frustration.Both were what I felt with this book.Cassia is in a mission.A mission to find passion.But that's not what makes the book special. It's all the colors and what she connects them with.I didn't know this book has sports which is a bonus. A basketball sports. Double bonus.All characters need more development in my opinion I felt none took their complete space. However, [...]

    8. I loved the way Cassia describes the world with the help of colours, or how she describe the colours but the rest of the book was so not ok. I understand that Cassia is a teenager, I understand her confusion and need for attention by her father, and her rebellion, I understand that she was crushing on Graham, but the thinking processes of this girl, especially in the graham department) were so annoying (would he like me more if I dye my hair? or if I wear purple? how do i do to be more attractiv [...]

    9. 2.5.This book reminded me a lot of Liz Gallagher's "My Not-So-Still Life" with the use of art to come into one's self. More than that, though, it suffered a lot of the same weaknesses: the main character comes off way too young, and the bulk of the story contains no action or movement. I found Cassia to be quite boring and I was getting a little tired of hearing about Graham's butt. I don't know if I buy the ending, either. I kind of felt like she was exactly the same as she was in the beginning [...]

    10. I put book on my "recommend-to-anyone" shelf, books that are great stories, with nothing I feel the need to "warn" people about.I love books that feel like a true glimpse into a part of someone's life. That's what this book did for me. The characters were fun. I have SUCH a clear picture of the eccentric, artist father, and the love he had for Cassia's mother.Cassia felt very real teen to me. She thought a lot of things she didn't say, and I love her journey through the book. And Graham . . . a [...]

    11. That. Ending. Sucked. It totally cuts off with the last words being the title of the book! Just because it has those last words it doesn't mean the stry has had full closure my god that sucked bad. I demand a rewrite!!!!Well other than the ending, it was art of nice read, it was really quite funny, hilarious actually! But I'm not fully satisfied. It's not one of those books you read for satisfaction, it's one you read when you feel like reading something easy and very funny.Okay plot? I still ha [...]

    12. Being a color fanatic—her father’s a painter and she’s studied all the colors and their meanings—Cassia focuses on the color red this summer, hoping to find her passion. She decides to join a basketball team, but that’s not going too well when there’s a bully who zooms in on her. Also, she’s a klutz as she plays. She meets Graham, aka Cutebutt, but he’s perhaps more interested in her artist father, who becomes his mentor. Cassia’s mind is also on her mother, who died of a heart [...]

    13. 4.1 starsI really enjoyed reading this novel. I loved how the author described colors and their expressions through Cassia's point of view, how she identified with them. I've read another novel by this author before, Shrinking Violet, and I have to say that I've noticed how beautifully she expresses emotion with a subtlety that you hear its echo so easily, so deeply, without ever feeling uncomfortable about any of it sounding fake.Paradoxical as it may sound, there was this one moment near the e [...]

    14. I didn't like this book as much as I thought I would. I understand that Cass is trying to find herself as she deals with finding her passion, dealing with her dad and trying to win over a boy. But there wasn't any depth in her journey. I didn't really connect with her as much as I wanted to. And I didn't really get a feeling of what type of book this was. It wasn't a romantic comedy or a teen romance really. It wasn't really funny, but it wasn't really sad either. I was even a little bored. It j [...]

    15. I had so many frustrations about this book. One is in a good way as it proves the effectiveness of Joseph's writing. But the other thing is the lack of romance. This book really lacked romance upto the end. I was disappointed especially with the ending. I guess I expected more from the synopsis I read.Well, I liked that this book deals with one's finding what she'he really likes to do. It deals with one's finding his/her passion which I believe, happens in real life. If only this book didn't lac [...]

    16. This book had great potential, but Joseph even seemed desperate for Cassia to find a passion -- and fast. It was tough connecting with Cassia and her multitude of problems. The plot was flighty and no one topic was ever discussed completely. Possibly with more elaboration, or a choice of one major dilemma, this novel would have been more enjoyable. Nonetheless, it was a decent "mindless" book that kept me entertained for the two hours it took me to read.

    17. One word. Boring.Danielle Joseph is a good writer. I really loved Shrinking Violet. So style of writing is excellent for this book. The problem I found with it is how unfocus the story were. It's just about an everyday life of a teenage girlBut I don't really see what's the purpose of the story. There is no deep issue told. There might be some possible issue but the story only touch it on the surface and does not dig deeper.

    18. Originally reviewed hereI never thought that I would like this book. It's not a typical soapy romance teen novel, it is just something different.This book is also and easy read, however, it doesn't lessen its meaning.

    19. It was pretty good. I kind of wanted to see if they won the basketball game or not. The book is pretty slow and boring at first, but once you get past the first few pages it starts to get good.I'm glad that Cassia and Grahm were able to get together. I also like that she figured out she could have more than one passion.

    20. This was a slow read. It reads more like a j-fiction book rather than a teen book. The book tackles different situations that young adults might have to deal with like death of a parent, abuse and first love. I get the reference, I really do but in this day and age you can not have a chapter called "Golden Showers".

    21. 3.5 stars – this was an easy read. liked the meanings of the colors. liked how the book shows that you can have several passions. felt the romance with graham was a bit rushed and underdeveloped – he seemed to be more interested in art and talking to her dad then her then they had one date and they are together? also liked the story about the dad and them resolving their issues.

    22. There wasn't anything WRONG with this book, exactly. Just it got boring at times, and I couldn't really connect with the character. And so I rated it a three star, because I DID like it Sorta. :) But I strongly recommend you to read this book so you can judge on your own :)

    23. LOVE LOVE LOVE all the cool refrences to color :) And I loved the teen angst. And the end was so much fun! Why only 3 stars. There was a bit of swearing that pulled me out of the story, but overall a solidly goodread.

    24. This is a nice story. I kind of wanted more, especially since things seemed to be looking up for Cassia already, and I wanted to see the two leads interact with more sweetness or what not, but what I read was nice enough already.

    25. It wasn't very deep and it felt more like a list of events rather than a story. Graham, Liz and Thunder hold so much more potential and don't get enough story-time (screen time for books?) *frustrated*

    26. Got a little tired of hearing our heroine lust after a hot guy who was really hot, and whose posterior was hot, and how to get at that hotness. I mean. She was supposed to be finding her "passion," so the whole hotness issue served to misdirect the reader from the purported theme.

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