Sapphire Battersea

Sapphire Battersea A fascinating funny and moving Victorian novel featuring Hetty Feather Hetty Feather was just a baby when her mother left her at the Foundling Hospital Hetty longed to find her real mum and finally h

  • Title: Sapphire Battersea
  • Author: Jacqueline Wilson
  • ISBN: 9780385618922
  • Page: 370
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A fascinating, funny and moving Victorian novel featuring Hetty Feather.Hetty Feather was just a baby when her mother left her at the Foundling Hospital Hetty longed to find her real mum and finally her wish was granted But just as they have found each other, they are separated again, as Hetty leaves the home to become a maid of all work to Mr Buchanan Set in LondonA fascinating, funny and moving Victorian novel featuring Hetty Feather.Hetty Feather was just a baby when her mother left her at the Foundling Hospital Hetty longed to find her real mum and finally her wish was granted But just as they have found each other, they are separated again, as Hetty leaves the home to become a maid of all work to Mr Buchanan Set in London in the 1870s, this sequel to Hetty Feather is a wonderfully evocative and original historical novel, perfect for girls of eight and older.

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      370 Jacqueline Wilson
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    1 thought on “Sapphire Battersea”

    1. I can't believe that this book was as good as Hetty Feather! I didn't think that was possible, but it has the same bittersweet tone and Hetty moves very quickly through a bunch of situations - and the best bit was I could never predict what her next move was going to be! I love her determination and I always want things to work out perfectly for her!

    2. I read Hetty Feather last week after a recommendation from one of the girls at my Diving group. She also told me to read Sapphire Battersea, but at the time I didn't realise they were connected. When I finished Hetty Feather I was disappointed that the story hadn't finished but then I looked up this one and found it was the second one in what will be a trilogy, so of course I had to request it to read.I started this in my lunch break today, I had the evening in so when I got home from work I sat [...]

    3. I got the first book, Hetty Feather on my 14th birthday and absolutely fell in love with it. I adored Hetty's relationship with her foster-brother Jem and dearly hoped that she would find him again in Sapphire Battersea. I was kinda disappointed BUT I was quite happy with Bertie, he was a hilarious character and frankly quite fun on practising a Cockney accent on. I really can't wait until the 3rd and final book Emerald Star I just have a feeling that it's going to be a fantastic end to the seri [...]

    4. How, when I first read this, did I only read one chapter?Sidenote: how does Hetty keep getting herself in these situations? It's fascinating to follow her life and all the crazy things that happen to her, wonderful or not!

    5. When I realised that this novel was the second part of a trilogy I was a little concerned that, having not read any Wilson before and therefore not having read the first novel, I would be a little lost. However, that was not the case at all. Wilson appears to have developed the characters in this novel completely independently of the first book so you can easily read it as a stand alone.Although older than the target market, I really liked this book. Hetty Feather/Sapphire Battersby is a really [...]

    6. If you fell in love with Hetty Feather in her first book, do not despair--you can follow her further adventures as she grows up in two sequels, Sapphire Battersea and Emerald Star. In Sapphire Battersea, Hetty is 14, has discovered who her mother really is, and begins the life the Foundling Hospital has prepared her for--as a scullery maid. But fate has other things in store for Hetty--including a stint as a "pocket-sized mermaid" in a freak show.

    7. I Loved It! Jackie Is By Far my Favourite Author. As Soon As i Read Hetty Feather i Thought, This Cant be The End So As Soon As Sapphire Battersea Came Out I Brought It Straight Away And finished It With in a Week. I Was Very Surprised When i found Out About Hetty's Mum, It Was a Brilliant Story And i look Forward To Anymore Jacqueline Wilson Books coming Out x

    8. Setelah menamatkan buku pertamanya Hetty Feather kini petualangan di buku kedua juga seru abis! Sampe bela2in baca ampe tengah fajar walaupun tebel, ga berasa saking serunya :)Hetty yang telah mengetahui ibu kandungnya adalah Ida Battersea, yang merupakan pelayan muda di Foundling Hospital, merasa sangat bahagia. namun kebahagiaan itu seakan hanya melekat sementara pada diri Hetty lagi2 ia dipisahkan dari ibu kandungnyaMatron Bottomly bau panggilan dari Hetty, langsung memecat dan mengusir Ida t [...]

    9. I must say Hetty Feather and Sapphire Battersea are by far my favourite novels/ series Jacqueline Wilson has written to date. Hetty Feather is a young foundling girl in the 19C that is born out of wedlock and is continently struggling for way to survive in the horrible conditions in which she is placed. I found it interesting to see this girl having to grow up in such harsh conditions and yet she doesn't lose sight in who she is or wants to be. She is Hetty Feather but yet, she dreams of becomin [...]

    10. i decided to read Sapphire Battersea because it belonged to a series of novels and i had already read Hetty Feathere catergory Sapphire Battersea is under "a book that teaches you about another time and history. I put this under this category because the book was set in the early 1900's and it taught me the different ways people did things in that time. My favorite quote was "You shouldn't call them anything. They're poor unfortunate people who cannot help the way they look." i chose this quote [...]

    11. Ce deuxième tome est dans la continuité du précédent roman où nous faisions connaissance avec cette héroïne au grand cœur, affublée d'une chevelure rousse flamboyante et d'un tempérament tout aussi remarquable. Impossible de ne pas s'attacher à Millie Plume ! Et puis sa vie fourmille de drames, de joies, de rencontres opportunes, de déceptions et d'errances. C'est assez caractéristique des romans victoriens, même si J. Wilson saupoudre son récit de détails un rien exagérés et g [...]

    12. This book is a continuation of a book called Hetty Feather.Ida (Hetty's mother)get's kicked out of the hospital because they found out that Hetty's real name is Sapphire Battersea and Sapphire's mother is Ida.Sapphire then goes to a place to work,like all the children do at the Foundling Hospital.Hetty finds new adventures.Now the question is will she find her brother Gedion?Will she meet up with any other foundlings?Will she finally meet Jem?Will Sapphire ever find her father?It's all to be fou [...]

    13. 916 - 2012Sekuel Hetty Feather.Hetty Feather, atau berdasarkan nama pemberian ibunya, Sapphire Battersea, akhirnya keluar dari panti asuhan dan mulai bekerja sebagai pelayan. Tidak separah yang ia bayangkan, meski tidak begitu menyenangkan juga. Dan tidak lama juga, karena majikannya dengan tidak tahu malu menjiplak memoarnya.Kisah Hetty/Sapphire ini sepertinya masih panjang, karena meskipun ibunya meninggal di akhir buku *spoiler*, berikutnya mungkin petualangan mencari ayahnya

    14. Oh wow! Sapphire Battersea is really emotional, and if you haven't already, I urge you to read it - go, shoo! It's so sad, yet so heartwarming and inspirational, and you begin to forget that Hetty's a Victorian, because she seems like she's from the 21st century. Jacqueline Wilson doesn't write like, ''Truly spiffing! Your pastry's really shaping up, old bean!'' so don't worry. 5/5, a really good read!

    15. this is the 2/5 book from the Jacqueline Wilson series Hetty Feather. This all starts with Hetty adventure outside into the working world where she taken to work as maid for a wealthy writer who she hoping will one day publish her memories and the world will see what its like to be a foundling girl. Firstly when taken out of the foundling hospital and said her goodbye to everyone she will and many she wont miss. So when left she meet a man at the gates who she has not seen before or that what sh [...]

    16. Sapphire Battersea is the sequel of Hetty Feather and the second book in the series about the fiery foundling girl by Jacqueline Wilson. I really adore this series, especially this book. Hetty Feather has just found her mother, but unfortunately she can't spend much time with her for she has to leave the foundling hospital and go work as a housemaid in a wealthy household. As she leaves the hospital she realizes how little she knows of the world outside. This is a very beautifully written, thoug [...]

    17. Agak tidak membenci Hetty di buku ini dibanding 2 buku lainnya. Tumben tante Jackie menciptakan karakter yang so hard to love begini.

    18. This is a really good historical fiction book. It is about a girl in Victorian times. This is the second book in the series.

    19. wow i loved this book i couldnt put it down sapphire has had to make some hard decisions and it was such a sad ending cant wait to read the next one

    20. Absolutely fabulous. There are no words to describe how I flew through this book with ease and I felt every emotion in this book as if I was living inside the book. Great read!

    21. I really enjoyed this booka nd would recommend it to everyone. I really enjoyed it as a read and found it very captivating and enthralling. I really enjoyed it!

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