The Householder

The Householder This witty and perceptive novel is about Prem a young teacher in New Delhi who has just become a householder and is finding his responsibilities perplexing

  • Title: The Householder
  • Author: Ruth Prawer Jhabvala
  • ISBN: 9780393008517
  • Page: 176
  • Format: Paperback
  • This witty and perceptive novel is about Prem, a young teacher in New Delhi who has just become a householder and is finding his responsibilities perplexing.

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    1 thought on “The Householder”

    1. Having made a trip to India at the end of 2012, I've found myself fascinated with the country and reading quite a few books about Indian life, some fiction and some non-fiction. Although this novel was written more than forty years ago, I suspect that the life of a young, newly married man (in an arranged marriage), holding down a job in a 2nd or perhaps 3rd or 4th rate college may not be so very different today. The adjustment to married life and all its responsibilities is quite a task even in [...]

    2. According to the synopsis of this novel on – this is a witty novel. There is certainly a kind of bittersweet comedic quality to some of it – but I’m not sure I’d call it witty exactly. I’m just being pedantic perhaps – for me, while The Householder is a comedy of manners – I found myself indulging in an occasional wry smile, rather than chuckling into my book. Nonetheless this is a charming touching novel which I found by turn, sad and heart-warming. Jhabvala beautifully depicts 1 [...]

    3. You know, once in a lifetime, you come across a book that makes you keep a hand on your heart and send a prayer of gratitude to the heavens that you weren't the one who bought it. This, my friends, is that book- a book that makes you want to cut off the author's fingers one by one to acquaint them with the sense of torture his/her book has inflicted upon the reader and then shout 'Avada Kedavra' at them. It is a book that makes 'Twilight'look like the best literary creation of all times and that [...]

    4. Ruth Prawer Jhabvala is definitely Indian- she's satirically, humorously, honourably Indian. Her book, " The Householder", documents Indian lowlife in the most detailed way possible, providing startling depth of insight with her sometimes excruciating descriptions. One is not sure whether to call this a book far ahead of its times or to rue the fact that it could possibly be a book written appropriately for its own time- India just hasn't changed any on a socio-cultural level in the last fifty y [...]

    5. It took decades for my mother to pull this book from her shelf, read it, love it, and pass it along to me. That this slim book waited so patiently is not surprising considering its protagonist. Set in New Dheli, THE HOUSEHOLDER by Ruth Prawer Jhabvala follows a few months in the life of Prem, a maddeningly passive newly-wed who wants so much to do right by people that he ends up pleasing no one including himself. It's told in a delightfully ironic third person that provides good comic distance. [...]

    6. I just wish this book had been longer! The characters (Prem, his mother, Mrs Khanna, Hans, the landlord's family) really came to life for me. The story is sometimes funny, often touching. It's interesting to compare the non-Indians searching for inner meaning, while the Indian characters are mainly battling with everyday problems and difficulties. I really liked "Heat and Dust" and will now look for more books by Ruth Prawer Jhabvala.

    7. Ruth Jhabvala is a wonderful writer that to me has mastered the art of dialogue and emotion in a book. I loved every minute of her story and believe that I will be reading more from her soon. So glad I picked this book up!

    8. Insightful, thoughtful, drollwonderful.One of a series of Ruth Prawer Jhabvala novels I've read in the past two years. Each one has been a gem.

    9. This is not my sort of humour, which is why I did not enjoy it more, but it is well done as a mildly satirical look at the transition from boy to man. Very little happens, but that is really the point; to go from being a student in one's mothers house to being a 'householder' -- the head of a household, responsible for a wife (who was chosen by the parents; this is the world of arranged marriages) and potential child, earning one's income -- is not a dramatic process, nor necessarily even a perc [...]

    10. Story of a struggling professor from a small town, working in a private college in Delhi in the 1960s, who is also newly married and coming to terms with all the changes in his personal life. Good description of a simple life and what it took to be a householder back then in India, for a middle class couple. Enjoyed reading the short and interesting novel.

    11. The householder in the title is a young Indian man, only recently married. He was raised in an older culture mindset that leaves him ill prepared for modern adult life.His chief problem in life is himself. He has no confidence, no courage. Second guesses himself constantly then feels frustrated that people aren't giving him proper due and/or taking advantage of him.Normally I would despise this kind of character but for me, this book ends up being a tragedicomedy, as you see him work things thro [...]

    12. Less satire than earlier works but pathos and observational nuance on a par with Narayan. A true psychological study of the life of a newly wed teacher in Delhi and his everyday struggles with adult responsibilities of work,home and family life. The main portagonist also encounters characters who offer him an insight into a possible spiritual world, to friendships of different kinds and to negotiating exploitation by employers and landlords.

    13. The second book from her and she didnt let down. It was a story of a man - actually a young lad pushed into being an adult and taking care of a familyriving to be as successful as his father.

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